Never Tell!

Chapter 11

Callen woke up first; he hadn't slept too well after his talk with Sam. Now he knew he wondered how long it would be before Hetty found out. He looked up as the bedroom door cracked open and Lena toddled in. He sat up and grinned in surprise. "Hey baby girl, how did you get out of bed?" he asked.

She walked over to him with her teddy and security blanket gripped tightly in her hand. He held up her arms and he lifted her into bed.

She snuggled against him, and yawned.

Callen looked over at the clock it was four am.

Dozing, he shifted position breathing in the scent of his little girl and feeling the arms of his wife behind him. He knew this wouldn't last so he closed his eyes trying to make this a permanent memory.

Kensi woke him a few hours later with a coffee as Eva got Lena dress for the day.

Callen walked into the kitchen to grab breakfast as Lena wondered in.

"Daddy look me pretty!" Lena said

He smile, he couldn't believe that soon she would be a one year old. He realized that if at any point they were found out and he was sacked from his job, just being a stay at home dad would be enough for him.

"You look gorgeous baby girl." He said lifting her up and giving her a kiss. He handed her to Eva and then he and Kensi left for work.

Walking into Ops He leaned against the table as Eric filled him in on the death of Corporal Daniel Zuna.

These were taken last night near an alley outside of a night club called Four-Twenty on Hollywood Boulevard." Eric told them scrolling through information on his Ipad.

Kensi smiled. "Four-Twenty has an incredible D.J." she said. She stopped as the room went silent.

Callen smirked and Sam shot him a glare, "What?! A girls' gotta get her freak on now and then!" she exclaimed waving her arms in an exaggerated dance motion. It was all Callen could do to not laugh.

Eric coughed and continued, "Preliminary Autopsy results indicate that he died of massive blood loss."

"He was shot?"

"No. No signs of physical trauma." Eric said and paused for dramatic effect. "But here's the freaky part. He bled out through his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Lance Corporal Zuna was on a two-week leave; Spends a lot of his off time at an MMA gym called the Blood & Guts Warriors."

"MMA?" Kensi asked.

"Mixed Martial Arts." Sam informed her.

Callen looked at the body, as Hetty said, "The victim was off duty having come off rotation at a Bio-Lab facility, but we have been assured that there is no evidence of contagion."

"I'm wearing gloves." Sam smiled.

Kensi nodded and Callen glared at her, "Kensi, sniff around Zuna's gym and his mates see what you can find out, we can bring them in later if we have to, meanwhile Sam and I will be wearing gloves."

Callen and Sam drove to the scene of the crime, Half way there Sam turned to Callen, "She's pretty." He said.

"Sorry?" Callen asked confused.

"Your daughter, she's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up." He smiled.

"How do you handle that?" Callen asked Sam.

Sam smiled, "Mine is only 6," he laughed, "Although I do remind Michelle to tell her that both her parents carry a gun and she should let any potential boyfriends know that."

Callen laughed as well. "If Kensi and I don't keep them in line her Grandfather and Uncle Mike will."

Sam nearly hit the brakes.

"You and Kensi don't have family?"

"Gibbs from DC and his boss Mike Franks." Callen explained.

"Gibbs? The guy who came over with the tech guy?"

Callen smiled. "Yeah he's kinda like my dad; been in my life for a long time."

Sam smiled, "That's nice." He said and he meant it.

He parked up outside an alleyway and they walked down the side of the club under the crime scene tape and stopped in front of a large pool of blood.

"There's substantial pooling." Sam said looking at it.

Callen walked nearer. "More like a lake." He agreed.

"Don't go too close!" Sam warned.

Callen smirked, "You don't have to say bio-hazard twice."

He looked at the body, "It's close to the front door of the club, do you think he was waiting for someone?" he asked.

Sam shook his head, "He didn't have a stamp on his hand, and he probably never even went inside."

Kensi stood outside the Blood and Guts Gym and checked her reflection in the mirror.

She took a deep breath and walked inside climbing the stairs to the first floor gym.

She wrinkled her nose a bit at the smell of testosterone and sweat but stopped as she saw a group of men working out in the back corner. Changing her face to look wistful and a bit sad she walked into the room.

On of the men saw her and walked over, "You wanna train, its 60 bucks a month, you bring your own gear and we don't have no women's locker room so you change in ya car right?"

Kensi appeared to look flustered "Er..yeah…no…I mean hi." She paused as he stopped and looked at her.

"I'm not here to train, I'm a friend…I mean, I was a friend of Daniel's." she said.

"You heard what happened?" he asked.

She nodded, "I still can't believe it. I just thought I'd come and see this place, Danny was forever talking about it." She said glancing around and looking at the other fighters who had stopped to look at her…all but one in the red shorts in the corner.

The 'boss' man looked and smiled, "Well Danny was a hell of a fighter, I'm Victor Janklow."

"Tracy" she replied.

"You his girl?" the blond guy who had been fighting in the red shorts asked, looking her over appreciatively.

She shrugged; "I guess, I mean we only just started dating, but…it was….intense." she smiled sadly.

The others introduced themselves and she stood there taking all the information in.

"This is Corporal Craig Mangold, retired. This is Corporal Dale Johnson, Corporal Nelson Shabazz,

and that's Jason Wyler." He said indicating the blond man who had spoken earlier.

"This is Tracy, Danny's girl." Victor said.

"Yeah?" Jason said still slightly out of breath, "How'd you find out?"

"The police called me, I guess my number was in his cell phone." She replied, there was something about Wyler, he kept her off balance and she didn't like it.

"There were lots of girl's numbers in his phone." Wyler pushed.

"Well I guess mine was just the last number dialed." She retorted.

"Come on Jason, we're all feeling bad,"

"Maybe I shouldn't have come," Kensi said turning away; she needed to see what she could find on this Wyler guy.

"No,no, hey hey hey," Janklow said trying to reassure her. "You come by here anytime ok?" he said.

"Thank you." Kensi smiled.

"I'm sorry about Jason, he's just wound kinda tight."

"It's ok." She said again turning to leave.

Janklow stopped her one last time, "Listen if you ever wanna talk or go out for a drink, you know for Danny"

She nodded and left.

After Callen and Sam questioned Daniel's platoon leader from Fallujah it wasn't long before Callen and Kensi found themselves on their way to Zuna's house.

"We determined that Zuna didn't have a drug problem, but we have to check the house out." Callen said. "Sam's headed in to get the bio's on the others up."

Kensi nodded still thinking about Wyler.

"Lena's going to be a marine like her granddad she's skipping kindergarten and going straight into the core." Callen said after a few minutes.

"That's nice." Kensi said. Then stopped herself, "WHAT?!"

Callen smirked, "I figured you weren't listening babe, what's eating you?"

Kensi shrugged, "One guy at the gym gave me a weird vibe."

Callen pulled over, "Something I need to worry about?" he asked.

Kensi shook her head, "No, I mean I don't think so, he's just so….Urgh!" she slammed her hand on the dash.

"Babe calm down we have a job to do," he pulled over and kissed her smiling as he felt her relax in his arms.

"OK." She said, "I'll focus."

They pulled up outside Zuna's house and Kensi grinned as they got to the door.

"Door has a double barrelled cylinder, I've got this." She said. There were still some things she could do better than her husband and team leader.

He smirked at her, "You saw that coming up the walk." He grinned.

"Pain in the ass aren't they," she said as she smiled sweetly and bent down to pick the lock Callen taking the moment to admire his wife's ass as she bent down, at least he did till she stood up shooting him a look.

"For some," He grinned and stepped back allowing her to enter.

Callen looked around the room, definitely a bachelor pad, "Crappy furniture; Nice TV." He remarked and headed in to check out the rest of the house.

"Laptop, left on not password protected." She said looking at it as Callen went into the kitchen. "Maybe he has nothing to hide?"

"Looks like a pharmacy in here." Callen shot back looking at the vast array of powders and tablets on the counter.

Kensi jumped as she heard a noise behind her.

"OH MY GOD! You scared me!" she said a bit too loudly in her 'Tracy' voice hoping Callen would hear.

He looked through the gap in the door and saw a blond haired man talking to Kensi. He looked around and decided, it would be better if she kept her cover intact so he climbed out of the kitchen window, shooting a look back at the house praying she'd be safe.

"How did you get in here?" Wyler asked looking at her suspiciously.

"Danny gave me a key," 'Tracy' said defensively "what are you doing here?"

Wyler showed her a key, "I live here, Danny rented me the spare room." He said he looked behind her at the laptop. "Danny's laptop?" he asked accusingly.

Kensi blushed, "I emailed him some photos, private photos." She left the idea hanging in the air.

"You and him watching the sunset at Santa Monica pier or the kind where you're not wearing anything but a smile." He grinned looking her up and down.

"A certain kind of person finds photo's like that and they are bound to end up on the internet."

Kensi looked uncomfortable.

"Wow, so x-rated then, no one under 17 admitted," Wyler said trying to look at the laptop behind her. "Well played. Danny said he'd met a girl, said she was hot."

"You think he meant me?" Kensi asked with a shy smile. "I kinda assumed he had others." Kensi said looking around the room.

"Oh, no no no…he uh…definitely meant you, talked about how you two partied pretty hard together." Wyler gulped.

"Yeah you know one thing leads to another and then you know…out come the camera." Kensi smiled.

"Right," Wyler said looking at her hard, like he was interrogating her, "But he said your name was Kate." He moved between her and the laptop increasingly more threatening, "So who the hell are you?"

Kensi shifted track, "I met him at a party, paid him for some stuff and he never delivered." She said hoping he'd buy it.

"I came to pick it up myself." She told him.

"Is that why you're here?" She asked suspiciously.

"No, 'cause I don't do drugs." Wyler snapped at her. "So maybe Danny's connection never came through?"

"You know who his supplier is?" he asked.

"Well, I was hoping it was you." She admitted.

"Or maybe you found what you were looking for before I got here.?" He asked looking her up and down as if he were strip searching her.

"Maybe you found some cash?" He started to back her into a corner. "Maybe you should empty those pockets."

Kensi looked around in a slight panic and let out a breath she hadn't been aware she was holding as the door knocked.

"Did you call for a cab?" her heart leapt at the sound of Callen's voice.

"That would be me." She said brightly stepping around Wyler and making good her escape.

"Thanks for stopping by." Wyler said watching her go down the walk and get into the cab.

Kensi collapsed in the back seat

"Nice save with the cab." She grinned as he pulled up and handed the keys back to the real driver around the block.

"Dirty pictures?" He asked with a grin. "Nice touch."

"Yeah, except it didn't work. Had to switch up to a drug buy." She said sourly.

He looked back at the cab, "That was my snitch money for the entire month." He said ruefully.

"Hetty's gonna blow a gasket."

He watched her, "We could always tell her about us…take some heat off of it."

She rolled her eyes at him and climbed in the car, "I'm driving." She said as they headed back to the mission.

They sat in the bullpen looking over the paperwork, the faces of the men from the gym up on the plasma,

"Yeah, Eric." Sam said as Eric entered the bullpen.

"Whoever Kensi's been talking's not Jason Wyler." He said pulling up the info he had on him. "I've checked every known database. There's only a driver's license. No social security number, school records, immunization, not even a library card. Your Jason Wyler doesn't exist."

Callen looked instantly concerned, "Anything on Wyler?" he asked looking at the blond haired man on the plasma, his eyes flicking at his wife.

"Still tracking his alias." Eric told them.

"Maybe he killed Zuna?" Sam said " He shared his house. He must have known he was blood packing; He could have easily

introduced the heparin." He looked over to his teammates as they listened, "Lieutenant Davis said Zuna had a drug problem in Iraq. Maybe it was a drug deal gone wrong between him and Wyler?" He offered.

"We can't answer the why, until we know who Wyler is." Callen offered as he leaned back looking at the plasma, an Idea formed in his head. "Nate, check for any recent drug-related activity at the gym or involving MMA fighters." He sat up and looked at a note scribbled on his desk. "These guys are all looking to get an edge.

"Methamphetamine, ephedrine, cocaine. All likely stimulants to appear in that environment." Nate said looking at the Toxicology report in his hand, "Not to mention performance-enhancing drugs."

"Check it, anyways." Callen snapped.

"How are we doing on the paparazzi footage?" he asked Kensi who was looking through them.

"Ugh! Literally thousands of shots." She sighed, pulling one up after the other, "I'm still sifting through it. I'm still stuck on Wyler." She said looking up at the driver's license on the plasma.

"Stuck. Smitten. Whatever." Callen quipped.

Kensi shot him an annoyed look, "He's hiding behind an alias, he's carrying a weapon. From the first moment I saw him, he seemed hinky."

Callen leaned in as he walked past her, "You said that about me too." He breathed as she glared at him.

He turned to Sam and Nate who were looking at them, Sam in amusement, Nate in confusion.

"Warriors are down a fighter." Callen said, "You might want to try out."

"I'm gonna need to backstop you." Eric said heading upstairs, Sam followed him.

"Better hurry up, Eric. I got to get that open spot before somebody else does." Sam said following him,

"Sounds like you're headed for the gym." Callen said.

Kensi walked past Callen and headed for the gym. Waiting a few moments he followed.

As he entered he found himself slammed up against the wall.

"What the Hell was that?" Kensi snapped.

"What?" Callen asked bemused.

"Stuck, smitten whatever?" she said sarcastically.

"What? I was only kidding, Nate was there…and you were kinda making doe eyes at Wyler's picture." He added with a grin as she punched his arm.

"I'm going to back up Sam, You wanna check on Lena?" she asked kissing him quickly. "Don't ever do that again." She warned.

He nodded, "Yes dear." He smirked, within a second he found himself on a mat with her straddled over him pinning him down.

"Or that." She said leaning in and kissing him again.

They got up and headed to ops, as Hetty walked out of the shadows.

"Oh bugger." She said quietly.

Sam walked into the gym, "DeMarco Williams." He said introducing himself to Janklow.

Janklow sized him up, "Stand up fighters tend to get their asses handed to them around here." He said,

"I've got ground game too." Sam pushed.

"Really, Is that right?" Janklow sneered.

"Word is your looking for a new man," Sam said, "I'd like to show you what I've got."

Janklow nodded, "D'you ever fight outside of North Carolina?" he asked.

Sam shook his head, "Not yet, but I'm looking to give the west coast a little taste of home." He laughed.

"We've got a spot on tonight's card, let's see how you do." Janklow said.

"Whoa! Did I hear that right?" Wyler asked walking over angrily.

"DeMarco Williams, Jason Wyler." Janklow introduced them Sam smiled and Wyler looked like he wanted to kill him.

"I thought I was getting Zuna's spot." Wyler said ignoring Sam.

Janklow shrugged, "You're still a little green Wyler?"

Wyler pulled himself off anger radiating off him, "So you're just giving it away to some guy off the street?" he asked incredulously.

He squared up to Sam who moved himself into a ready position.

"Hey…Hey wait!" Janklow moved between them. " Williams has a lot of fights under his belt." He argued.

"I did my training I deserve my shot!" Wyler argued back.

"Ok tell you what, fight... winner gets in."

Wyler nodded as Sam looked on uneasy.

Wyler stormed back to training and Sam headed to Ops to get ready.

Callen stared at the screen, "Wyler's seen me, so I'm gonna be watching from the ops center. But Kensi will be in the crowd. This guy doesn't stand a chance going toe-to-toe with you, so he's gonna want to grapple, get you on the ground." Callen counseled Sam.

Sam grinned, "Its okay. I'll sprawl and brawl, stay on my feet and outlast him."

"Outlast? This isn't Survivor." Callen said his voice full of concern. "Look, he tries an arm bar, slam his head. Don't wait."

"In the seals, we learned combat techniques from a variety of martial arts. I know my countermoves." Sam argued.

"Sam, take him out. Take him out fast. The longer this thing goes the better chance he has of getting lucky. Do you hear what I'm telling you?" Callen said.

"G, I'm gonna be okay." Sam said placating him and turning to go, "Trust me."

Callen watched him go, his gut churning and he was full of misgivings, he leant on the railing as Hetty walked up behind him.

"Trouble, Mr. Callen?" She asked.

"He's not ready." Callen said concerned for his friend.

"I beg to differ. But Sam's technique is splendid." She offered by way of appeasing him.

"I'm not talking about his technique, Hetty." Callen snapped, "He's reluctant." He added

"Because he has nothing to prove. There's no joy in a blood sport for a man like Sam who's been tested so many times in battle." She said wisely.

"Wyler's not going to hold back." Callen argued.

"But you think Sam will?" Hetty asked.

Callen nodded, "Sam doesn't want to hurt him and I think that makes him vulnerable."

"Sam knows what he has to do." Hetty replied

"I just hope he does it." Callen sighed watching as Sam walked out of the building with his Gym bag.

"The body versus the mind. There's a fight, indeed." She said taking her leave of him and shaking her head.

Sam and Jason squared up for the fight while Kensi searched the crowd for the rest of Janklow's men.

Janklow was in the back talking to one of his men as Kensi watched keeping one eye on the fight as Sam squared up both opponents equally matched.

Kensi ran over as she saw Janklow get hit by one of his men.

Sam hit Wyler twice and he went down.

"Stay down, stay down." Sam ordered.

Wyler tried to get up again, but in the end Sam won by a knockout.

"That's it he's done." Callen said in relief, Kensi smiled as she heard him in her ear. "He's in."

"That's just the end of round one." Hetty said.

"Fight's over Hetty." Callen told her.


Kensi was waiting in the car for Sam as she watched everyone leave.

"Kensi where's Sam?" Callen's voice came over the comm.

She saw the door open and smiled, "He's coming out now and Janklow's with him," She prepared to turn the key to start the car and pick him up but a movement caught her eye.

Janklow looked at Sam, "Look, make sure you alternate heat and ice on those bruises tonight. We'll see you first thing in the morning for training.

Welcome to the warriors." He said they shook hands and Janklow walked off.

Wyler moved away from the wall his whole demeanor screamed angry and Sam stopped, "I worked hard for that spot." He snarled.

Sam shrugged, "I guess not hard enough."

"Wyler's out there." Kensi said into her comm.

"So how much, How much for you to just walk away?" Wyler asked pulling out a roll of bills.

"No one buys me." Sam snapped.

"Really, coz if ya stick around here you're going to be looking over your shoulder every day." He threatened.

"That supposed to scare me; I already kicked your ass." Sam said.

Wyler turned around ready to take him on.

Kensi went to get out of the car when more movement stopped her, "Uh oh, LAPD." She told the team at Ops.

"LAPD?" Callen's voice came over the comm. "How did they get there so fast?" He asked. "Who called them?"

"I don't know but they're taking them in," Kensi said

Hetty turned to Eric, "Get me the chief of police."

Hours later, after both Sam and Wyler, who turned out to be Detective Marty Deeks had cooled down they were meeting in the boatshed discussing a plan to uncover the Warriors activities.

Deeks kept shooting a look at Kensi and Callen got madder by the minute.

Sam ended up interrupting Deeks again as Callen took his wife outside.

"Are you sure you wanna work with him?" he asked.

Kensi smiled, "Sure I can, Callen, it won't be a problem."

"Maybe it'd be easier if you went home."

Kensi shot him a look, "You wanna keep me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?" she asked.

Callen stopped, "You're not?" he asked incredulously.

Kensi shrugged and smiled slightly. "No I'm not, but I meant….Geez Callen!" she threw her arms up in the air in frustration. "You've gotta calm down."

Callen turned and stood between her and freedom, as she leant against the wall, "He's more your age and blond and he likes you,"

"I like him," she admitted, but then pulled him in for a steamy kiss, "But I love you, you are my husband, remember that."

Callen held her tight, he realized no matter how this thing with Detective Deeks played out, They were still together and she loved him.

"He likes you." He said again.

"Then he's going to be disappointed, because I am married to the Hottest sexiest federal agent I know and No LAPD Detective is going to measure up to that." She kissed him again.

"This thing with Janklow can wait, Take me home." She breathed in his ear.

Callen smiled and walked with his wife to the car, texting Sam as they left.

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