Never Tell!

Chapter 12

Callen woke early, Lena was snuggled between them and she hugged her teddy as he moved gently dropping a kiss on her head.

Kensi woke up and looked bleary eyed at him, "You ok Hun?" she asked.

Callen nodded, "Yeah, just restless I'm going for a walk along the beach front, do you want anything?" he asked.

"Doughnuts?" she asked hopefully. He grinned at her, "Sure I'll pick up a paper and then head there before work, and I'll meet you there."

"Lena has a play date today so I'm heading back early today, Eva, Lena and Sally from her toddler group are going to the park" Lena looked up blinking, "Play 'ally?" she asked sleepily. "Dada come?"

Callen smiled, "Daddy's gotta work baby, but mommy will meet you at the park, you go with Eva ok?"

"Ok dada, 'ove you." She yawned and grabbed the duvet and lay back down.

Kensi sat up and kissed him, "I love you too baby, I'll see you at work."

Callen nodded and left.

It was a sunny morning on Venice beach he walked into the room he kept at a no star motel for appearances and drank a coffee moved some stuff around to make it look like he had been there and then walked downstairs. He had waited for the shift change in the lobby so the clerk on the desk saw him leave. Nodding to him he walked outside; he took a deep breath and sighed. He walked to the newsstand and said good morning to the seller there. Made a quick joke about him selling insurance to keep his cover intact and started walking.

He stopped for a fraction of a second then kept on walking, he was being followed. A fear for a second tightened in his chest, what if they had followed him from his home, were Kensi and Lena safe?

He walked on a bit longer, stopping a woman to ask for directions to Kensi's favorite bakery he turned as she pointed behind him getting a good look at the man who was following him. He thanked her and walked on, as he rounded the corner he ran, across the road and down an alleyway ducking out of sight he watched as the dark haired man followed him.

He stepped out and looked at the man. "Hey." He said.

The man blanched and ran; Callen followed until the man ran out in front of a car and got hit.

The driver got out and looked down at the man on the floor.

"God…He-He, He just ran in the street. I… Did anyone else see that?" the driver asked shocked.

Callen lent over the man.

"Cal…Callen?" the man breathed and died.

Callen stepped back in shock, He'd been made…but when?

He ran towards the ocean, taking his phone out he sent two texts, the first to Kensi, 'I love you and I love Lena, never forget that.'

The second text he sent was to Hetty,

Sam and Kensi were sat in the bullpen, Kensi musing about her 'date' with Callen last night.

"So, last night, I'm having a drink at the place Macy took me after my first shootout." Kensi said." I Just wanted some alone time. But this guy walks over." She smiled as she remembered Callen's attempt at picking her up,"Attractive,well-dressed, bonus points for taking the lead, You know the drill."

"All too well." Sam sighed, having had Callen talking to him on the phone at the time.

"Guess what he used as his opener." She said smiling,

Sam sighed he had put the phone down at that point, he and Michelle had been married for years and they were half as bad as this, "Hi. My name is Mr. I Have No Idea What I'm In For? Can I buy you a drink?"

"See? Now, there wouldn't have been anything wrong with that." Kensi said honestly.

"But that's not what he said." Sam surmised.

"Hey there, noticed your boots. Takes a girl with a unique style to pull that off."

"Unique style, as in weird; as in ugly?" Sam asked.

"The boots were completely normal!" Kensi exclaimed, she knew Callen had liked them, it was the reason she had brought them in the first place.

"The boots don't matter." Sam said, "He was running game on you." He told her.

"What?" She asked.

"Game; The art of seduction." Sam explained, "He offered to buy you a drink, he'd be looking to get your approval, but he turned the tables on you."

"Yeah, putting me on the defensive." Kensi complained.

"And trying to earn his approval on a subconscious level. It's game." Sam said with a grin.

"That stuff doesn't work on me." She insisted.

"At least you didn't give him your number." Sam grinned, not that Callen had needed it, "Right?"

"Oh, boy."

"Have you seen Callen today?" Kensi asked noticing his bag wasn't there

"This guy buy you a drink?" Sam asked

"Told me he'd let me buy him a drink." Kensi grinned.

"Game." Sam said triumphant.

"Kept checking his phone like he had better places to be."


"Leaned in for a kiss 15 minutes after meeting me." She grinned; it had turned into a bit more than a kiss.

"Definitely game." Sam said, "At least you didn't let him."

Kensi smiled and fished around in her bags.

Hetty let out a loud whistle and walked into the bullpen.

"Mr. Callen is in trouble," she said shooting a look at Kensi.

Kensi clenched her hand but kept silent.

"He enacted the Beauregard protocol via text message; his current cover has been blown." Hetty said.

"How did this happen?" Sam asked taking Hetty's attention

"That's not clear for the moment. The only thing we know for certain is that our operations have been breached. As of this moment, we are not to make contact with him... that means you, Mr. Hanna." She said staring at him.

Eric showed them the footage from that morning the man running out in front of the car and then Callen looking down at him, stepping back in surprise and running away from the scene.

Callen stopped into a shop to change, pulling on his new disguise he broke up his credit cards and threw them in the bin, handed a watch to a homeless man and emptied his wallet; he stopped as he pulled out a picture of Kensi and Lena. He stopped in a shop brought a stamp and envelope and wrote his address on it, he kissed the picture slipped it into the envelope and mailed the picture to himself. He wasn't going to lose that if he could help it.

He walked to a shop and brought a burn phone, walking outside he was stopped by the shop assistant.

"Hey, Buddy…weirdest thing happened, I just got a call from a guy says he wants to speak to my last customer, that's you." She said showing him the way back to the store.

Callen shrugged and followed, maybe Eric found him already. He knew the younger man was good, but this would be a record even for him.

"Yeah." He said picking up the phone.

"Mr. Callen, Or do you prefer Special Agent Callen?" A man with a British accent said.

"Sorry, buddy. Wrong guy." Callen said his heart racing.

"The pay phone on Ocean Walk and Sunset. You got three minutes and Mr. Callen; I know what the "G" stands for." The man said and ended the call.

Callen nodded to the woman, walked out of the door and then ran.

Sam walked down a corridor and saw Kensi on the phone in the file burn room. "Thanks Eva, I owe you one, I'll let you know when it's safe, tell her mommy and daddy love her." She said she wiped an eye as she closed the phone.

"Are you ok?" Sam asked.

Kensi nodded, "Lena is staying with Eva until it's safe for her to come home again." She said he throat rasping with emotion at the worry that she or Callen would never see Lena grow up.

Sam held out his arms and Kensi leaned into his hug, "I miss him, what if…what if he doesn't come home?" she let out a small sob.

"We'll make sure he does come home to you both. How do I explain this to Lena?"

"You won't have to." Sam promised.

And he was right, at the end of the day Callen stood over Keelson's body, looking down at the man who knew all his secrets including his name, but he also knew the one secret Callen was willing to kill for, he had known about his wife and daughter. He was going to let him go, let him run until Keelson had in the last moment threatened her.

He checked Keelson's pockets and pulled out a white key card, that he would deal with tomorrow, first he had something more important to do.

He walked into his house, it was strangely quiet. "Kenz?" He said pulling his gun.

The house was dark, candles were lit but none of the lights worked. He looked in Lena's room and it was empty.

He opened the door to his bedroom and stopped.

"Kenz?" he breathed looking as she lay on the bed rose petals strewn all around.

"I thought I had lost you today." She said softly.

He looked at her as he shucked off his shoes, "I thought so too once or twice." He admitted, he looked in the direction of Lena's room, "Lena?" he asked.

"With Eva for the night, I didn't know how safe things were." She admitted.

Callen smiled at his wife, "In here….not too safe" he grinned,

Keelson could wait till tomorrow. Tonight, he would show his wife how much he loved her.

"Come here." He growled as he turned and shut the door.

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