Never Tell!

Chapter 13

Callen never slept much that night, Kensi woke up a few times to see him looking out of the window, Lena was still away as although the threat against NCIS had been neutralized there was still the matter of where Keelson got his information. Brooding he hit the shower and was dressed as Kensi walked into the kitchen, he handed her a mug of coffee.

"Are you alright?" She asked worried for her husband.

Callen turned and pulled her close holding her tight, "I was so close Kenz…He knew…he knew my name…everything and I killed him, now I'll never know, he can never tell me."

She held him just as fiercely, "You'll still find out G, I know one day all your questions will be answered."

He smiled as he breathed in her scent getting his mental balance back. "We need to go, the quicker we sort this, the quicker Lena can come home." He said.

Walking up to the warehouse Eric had pinpointed they used the keycard that Callen had taken from Keelson and entered.

"Is this place what I think it is?" Callen asked.

"Everybody's dirty little secrets including Taylor, A... whoever he is. Document boxes; Alphabetical by surname and initial." Kensi said looking over at her husband.

"Must be hundreds of them; Huh...Lots of big names. I'm gonna need the code number or an angle grinder." Sam called from behind a shelf.

"Damn." Kensi swore looking at the password icon on the computer screen.

"What? You think someone who makes a fortune buying and selling information's gonna make it that easy?" Callen smirked at his wife who shot him a dirty look.

"We're gonna need Eric." She admitted.

"G!" Sam called from behind the stacks and Callen came around to look at what he had found.

There was a file behind a sealed case with Callen, G. on it. Callen reached his fingers through the grill

"See if they've got one on you... or Hetty." Callen suggested not taking his eyes off the file.

Sam looked and then came back. "Nothing on me, two boxes on Hetty." He said.

"Guys...You're gonna want to see this. 'File burn'." Kensi called from behind them worried.

"It must be automatically erasing the hard drives." Callen said looking to see if he could stop it.

"It's not gonna affect the hard copy files. Unless... We gotta get out of here now!" Sam yelled. "Move!"

"Oh, that kinda burn." Kensi said rapidly grabbing the boxes and paper off of the desk, grabbing anything she could salvage. "Okay, okay, uh, I got it."

"G, come on!" Sam called as he ran. Callen stood staring at the box, which held all the answers to every question he'd ever had.

He kicked, punched and pulled at the grill with desperation trying to get it to break so he could get to the box. "G, come on!" Sam practically screamed at him.

Finally Callen ran as the building blew up behind him.

"After you powered up, what did you press?" Callen asked his wife, his voice dark as the emotions of what he had just lost powered through him.

"Nothing. I didn't even touch the keyboard." She went to touch his arm and he glared at her. Kensi looked at Sam a look of pain and hurt flashing through her face.

"Maybe we triggered motion detectors?" Kensi said

"I didn't see them, and I was looking." Sam said.

"Okay, a... a timer. If Keelson's not back by a certain time... boom." Kensi offered

"And if he's stuck in traffic?" Callen sniped.

"Cell phone. Dials up, punches in the code, deactivates...I didn't do anything!" Kensi said as Callen pushed past her and walked off.

Sam walked over to Callen who was staring at the smokey shell of the building.

"If you could turn it off with a cell phone, you could turn it on." Sam said behind him, "Maybe Keelson isn't the lone wolf we thought he was."

Callen sat at his desk staring at the file Taylor A. Kensi walked over to him standing just shy of putting a supportive hand on his shoulder.

"Eric's gonna see what he can dig up on Keelson's warehouse. Phone records, utilities, all the usual to try to turn up another name." she said looking at him concerned; Sam walked in and she shot him a look, this was killing her but she wasn't going to back down.

"We good?" she asked.

"Yeah…Yeah, sorry." He knew he shouldn't have snapped at her and he knew it wasn't her fault, he tried to smile and she looked at him full of love, and he knew he needed to make it right with her.

"This is the file he was working on." Callen said pulling the file open and picking up a book inside.

"Surveillance." Sam said looking at the photos of a man and woman,

"They're arguing." Callen said looking at Sam.

"Probably married." Sam added smirking at Callen.

Kensi chose to ignore it, "Taylor…Wonder what his dirty little secret is?" She said.

Callen opened the small brown notebook.

"Great." Kensi sighed, "450 A. Taylors in Los Angeles alone." She said looking at her laptop.

"Gonna need a first name to..." Callen trailed off as he read the words in the book.

"This is where he got the addresses!" He said as if talking to himself, forgetting that anyone else was there flipping the pages faster and faster.

"What addresses?" Kensi asked worried that their address was in there and Lena's safety had been compromised.

"Every foster home I ever lived in... Keelson gave me a printout, but...this is... this is where he got 'em. They're...They're all handwritten." Callen said shock flowing through his body as he recognized each and every address.

"What's it doing in this file box?" Sam asked,

"Well, uh, he left in a hurry. He could have put them in there by mistake?" Kensi suggested hoping.

"Keelson didn't make mistakes." Callen said still distracted by the book, "There's five more addresses here in the back. I don't know any of 'em." He said

"Maybe this is our connection with Taylor?" Sam figured, hoping this was a lead, "Any of those five new addresses located in a 6000 block?"

"No." Callen said looking at the list.

"We find a Bart's Mart located on a 6000 block, at least we got a place to start looking." Sam said sending Callen a small smile of encouragement.

Up in Ops Eric pulled information up onto the screen.

"Bart's Mart, 67 stores in greater Los Angeles, but only one on a 6000 block. 6464 Woodman Avenue, Van Nuys." Eric said with a flourish.

"That's the apartment block from the photo." Callen said as he recognized it.

"List of tenants, Eric. Looking for Taylor, initial 'A'." Sam said and Eric looked up the information, one name appreared on the screen.

Stephen John Taylor.

"Close." Kensi said

"Data search on Steven John Taylor, same address." Sam ordered.

"Steven John Taylor aged 45. No criminal record. Divorced. Ex-wife's name's Amy." Eric said as the information came up.

"A. Taylor. He's a she." Kensi said looking at Callen.

"Age 42. No children. No current address listed. Still using her married name. That's unusual." Eric commented.

"What's her maiden name?" Sam asked.

"I have to go right back to the marriage certificate. And her maiden name is... Callen." Eric said as everyone in the room looked at Callen who stared at the name on the big screen in shock.

Callen took point out of ops and the trio headed down the stairs,

"Mr. Hanna, Ms. Blye, Taylor's apartment. Mr. Callen, my office." Hetty ordered and turned to go.

"Hetty...!" Callen exclaimed, he looked back at the others as they lingered just in case. "Go." He said in a resigned voice, Kensi reached out and stroked his arm reassuringly, and Sam gave him a pat on the shoulder looking concerned they left.

Callen walked into Hetty's office like a child being called to the principal's office.

Hetty sat at her desk writing in pencil on a report as he stood glaring down at her, "I much prefer a good HB to a Bic. Press firmly enough, and people don't have to read between the lines to get the message." Callen was mad, she knew it and he knew it.

"The answer is no, Mr. Callen."

"Hetty, you don't even know what the question is!" He exclaimed he knew he could have been asking her about anything.

"It's no to all of them. Is there any mention of this in your classified file? No. Was I aware you had a relative? No. Am I surprised? No. Should you stay on this case? Definitely no. Is there any possibility that this is a coincidence?" She asked looking up at him as his anger started to dissipate.

"Keelson didn't think so." He admitted, "He had my details in her file."

"But he could be wrong." Hetty prodded.

"Could be…" Callen grudgingly agreed.

Hetty sighed, "I'm sorry, Mr. Callen. You know the rules. It would seem that while Keelson is dead, there is still the possibility that your true identity may have been compromised, along with the integrity of this unit."

Callen thought the sick feeling in his stomach down if he was compromised, he might never be able to see or hold his daughter again. "This is the second time you've taken me off the Keelson case." He said hoping she'd change her mind.

"Let's make it the last." She said hoping that he would come clean about the other reasons he had for wanting to pursue this. Namely his relationship with Ms. Blye.

"Should I read something between the lines?" he asked almost challenging her. He wasn't going to tell her now; he shook his head to clear his thoughts and stormed off.

Hetty picked up her pencil her thoughts also in turmoil, she needed him to come clean with her before there was a problem, but he was mad with her that much she knew and there was no way he'd open up to her know, she pressed down with her pencil and the lead snapped. "Oh... bugger." She said watching him walk off and wondering when it was he had stopped trusting her.

Callen snuck up to Eric and got the information he needed and headed out to investigate anyway.

After discovering that his only lead, Browning was dead and that the Taylors apartment had been trashed, Callen decided to head back to the mission, he snuck in noticing that Hetty was deeply engrossed in a phone call and sat at his desk looking for all the world as if he hadn't even left.

He stared at the photo of Amy, looking for any resemblance to him, or even Lena…maybe she had inherited something that Amy had and he hadn't been given.

Hetty walked up to him looking through the lattice work.

"I'd send you home, but I know that would just move you from that chair onto that sofa." She said hoping he'd open up to her a bit and at least tell her about the house that he and Kensi owned, she had decided she wouldn't push him, but eventually he would have to tell her.

"I'm still looking for a place." He lied and she sighed with a short nod.

"I just got a rather officious phone call from a mid-level...timecard puncher at the CIA." She stopped and stared at him, "He wanted to know why we had requested access to a classified file of an ongoing operation." Again she paused and he looked up at her with a totally innocent face, which in her book meant he knew something. "Have you ever heard of a Karim Akbari?"

Callen thanked God for Gibbs rule 7, "I don't know anything about him." He lied honestly.

"That's not what I asked," Hetty said she knew about rule 7 and knew what Callen was trying to do, "Mr. Callen." She pushed.

Sam walked into the bullpen with Kensi behind him, "That was me, Hetty. Akbari was given to us by a CIA operative. I got Eric to run it; we got red-flagged."

"Sounds like the CIA is stonewalling us." Callen said smugly.

"I know a lot about stonewalling." Hetty said staring at Callen again hoping he'd just say something. Callen leant back his body language screamed openness which is when Hetty realized more than anything Callen was scared; he was scared that whatever this truth was that they were searching for that it would bring his hold charade concerning himself and Kensi down like a house of cards. "After I finished with the, uh, time card puncher, I called the director of the CIA, who offered to brief us on Karim Akbari. The agent's name is Trent Kort." She said staring at Callen who was now totally ignoring her and writing on a piece of paper on his desk. Her frustration that he wasn't sharing was etched on her face, "Sam and Kensi-boathouse in a half hour." She snapped as the frustration got too much and she stormed out.

Sam watched her leave and turned to Callen, "She knows. You can't go." He said. Callen stood up abruptly and walked out. "Where you going?" He asked concerned.

"To shoot someone." Callen answered back.

"Well, I think you killed him…And his entire extended family." Nate said watching Callen as he pulled the target down and looked at it in the shooting range, Callen cleared his chamber and made his gun safe and turned to Nate.

"You wanted to see me?" Callen asked as he looked at his friend.

"No. You said you wanted to see me." Nate looked worried.

"You're our operational psychologist, Nate. I've got some personal stuff going on in my life, so you have to see me. That's your job." Callen said looking Nate right in the eye.

"I'm missing something, aren't I?" Nate said

"What to tell Hetty when she asks." Callen admitted.

"Okay, what's Hetty going to ask me?"

"Why you came to see me."

"And the real reason is...?" Nate asked hoping it wasn't anything about Kensi or Lena, Nate had known about her right from the start, Callen had confided in him one day by accident during a session, Nate always hoped that Callen would tell Hetty and Sam although it did seem by the way Sam was acting that he might know about Callen's family. Hetty knew about Callen's marriage not being annulled, at least that was what Nate thought, but he was bound by the tenet of his job not to divulge anything either Callen or Kensi said to him.

Callen handed him a small brown leather note book.

"Shouldn't this be in the evidence locker?" He looked around panicked this was not what he had been expecting. "Aren't we breaking, like, the... chain of evidence or...?" Nate turned and looked at Callen as he figured it out. "You're off the case, but you need to know the...Could I go to jail?" he asked worried.

"Have you done something wrong?" Callen asked.

Nate looked at him as if he could see into his soul, "I think I'm about to." He admitted, he looked at the book again, Then at Callen who stared at him, "I could do some handwriting analysis." He said as Callen started to give a small smile.

"You recognize any of these addresses?" Nate asked.

"It's every orphanage and foster home I ever stayed at." He admitted.

"And these five addresses at the back?" Nate asked.


Callen watched as Nate ran his search pulling up the address to the old Allingham street orphanage, and the other addresses which had all been County run institutions until the last one which had been a home. Callen thanked him and left. Nate watched him go, hoping that his friend found the answers he was looking for.

Callen stood outside the house in Torrence, a big ball of nerves where tightly wound in his gut as he knocked on the door, suddenly flashing back to his childhood and having to wait and see what the woman who had possible been his sister's foster mother was like, he hoped more than anything that she had been a kind woman.

He jumped slightly as the door opened.

"Hi. Can I help you?" The thin older woman who answered the door asked him.

Callen suddenly felt as nervous as when he met prospective foster parents in his youth, "Hi." He swallowed nervously. "I-I'm sorry to disturb you. I was just hoping you might be able to help me find someone who possibly stayed here a long time ago." He handed her the picture, "Her name's Amy." He said hoping this wasn't a dead end.

"Oh, of course." She said and he looked up hopefully, "I remember Amy. Such a beautiful woman now. And you are?"

For a second Callen wondered if he should tell her he thought he was Amy's brother, but he didn't know her and he sure didn't trust her no matter how nice she seemed so he lied. "I-I work for a law firm. We believe she may have inherited some property, and I just need to confirm her identity."

The woman looked at him, "Mm. Well, then you'd better come in." she said stepping back and allowing him access.

"Thanks." He said, he walked into the room and checked it out, it was obvious the woman didn't foster anymore, but still kept in touch with those who had left, the house was tidy, warm and welcoming he glanced in the spare bedroom, it was clean and the bed kept ready but nothing to show a current child staying there. He walked into the living room and stopped.

The wall was covered in pictures of smiling children. All of them had been happy while they were there, there were no forced smiles or sad faces amongst them, he leaned forward looking at each picture trying to see if Amy's stood out from amongst them.

The woman looked at him, "Such a long time ago. 25 years, at least. She's here somewhere." She looked at the photo's searching for the one she wanted, 'My' children." Some of them not for long, a few days. Others a few weeks, months. Amy was one who stayed a long time." She stood back and watched the man in front of her, something in him struck a chord with her, the lost child look, that a kid who had been in the system for a long time never seemed to lose when they were looking back. "Hard to believe, huh? So many. Most of them from broken families. Some orphaned." She watched as he flinched, it was barely perceptible but it was there, so that was it…

"Is, your photo up here?" She asked wondering if by some chance he was one of hers and she had forgotten.

"Not here." Callen said distractedly, kinda wishing he had been here. "But someplace." He admitted.

"Many places?" she asked.

"Thirty-seven." Callen replied.

"Oh, here she is." She said pulling the picture of Amy off of the wall. "This is Amy. She must have been about 15 at the time. She stayed almost two years. She...She was a troubled girl something in her past; I think that she kept to herself. She still sends me a birthday card every year. Not all of them do anymore." She walked over to her desk and started looking through a drawer. "I used to worry when I would just suddenly stop hearing from someone. And then one day I realized...they probably just found their way. At least that's what I hope." She picked up an envelope and handed it to him, "That's the latest one," she said, she watched as Callen took it and stared at the address he was so close.

"Powerful emotion- hope." She said.

Without taking his eyes off the envelope he answered her, "Yes, it is."

"Hmm..." the woman looked at him.

"Amy ever talk about her family?" Callen asked.

"It was a long time ago to remember something like that." The woman said looking at Callen with understanding in her eyes,

"That's okay." He said and turned to go. "Thanks for everything." He said, not just for helping him, but for her being there for the woman who might have kept his sister safe.

"Yeah…You know, Amy... Um, Amy was an orphan. But I do remember. She said she had a brother." She said half wanting to give him the information if he was legitimate and half following her own instinct and calling him out.

Callen looked like a deer in the headlights, but the woman smiled at him, "Do you have children?" she asked.

Callen nodded and the woman smiled, "A girl I'll bet, I noticed the way you looked at the little girls on the wall, she's young?" she asked.

"Just turned one." He admitted.

The woman smiled as they walked to the door, "Find Amy, your daughter could use an aunt and maybe you'll all come back to see me when you're all together?" she asked.

Callen nodded and shook the woman's hand, she pulled him into a hug, "Thank you." He breathed he smiled as she closed the door and he left.

Driving up to the location the woman had left him he parked up, the driveway was empty and he sat and waited, he picked up his phone and called Evie, after being told that Lena was ok and was happily playing in the playpen in Eva's house. He listened to her talk as the phone was held to her and he grinned as she called him Dada. He looked up as a car came down the street and pulled into the drive, "Eva I'll call back later," he said, he blew a kiss down the phone at his daughter and hung up."

He carefully walked down the drive keeping out of sight and entered the house from the rear.

"Get off me!" A man yelled as Callen slowly opened the back door.

"Federal agent." He called, "No one move!"

The men shot at him and ran out to a blue van driving away at speed; Callen got in his car and followed him. He sped up and followed the van up the highway, it turned and he hit the Bluetooth on his phone. "Eric, south on Lincoln, blue van. I am in pursuit. Need LAPD backup." He needed the help and he would suffer the consequences later.

"I'm on it." Eric replied sending out an alert and tapping into the camera's as he watched Callen's pursuit down Lincoln, the van sideswiped Callen's car and Eric watched in horror as Callen lost control and his car hit a parked car and flipped over in midair, he watched in horror as the car rolled three or four times, the axle on the front of the car breaking and the wheels hanging uselessly from the sides, Eric paled as he wondered of the state of his friend inside.

"Crap!" Eric cursed as he picked up the phone, "Hetty, you need to come up to Ops... now."

People were milling around outside as Callen stirred, he did a quick mental inventory of his injuries and turned his head as he heard a noise, one of the Iranians was walking towards the car, he drew a gun, but Callen was faster he shot the man and climbed out of the car heading to the van. He looked in the window and saw a man tied up in the back.

"Did you see it?" A woman asked

"Someone get an ambulance!" Callen called.

"Okay, no problem." The woman replied and started calling for help.

Callen checked Stephen Taylor's pulse and took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed the last number.

"Steve, where are you?" A frightened voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Is this Amy Taylor?" Callen asked.

"Who is this?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"I'm a federal agent." Callen said not wanting to give anything away. "Amy, you need to listen to me. Your ex-husband has been injured. If he knows where you are, he told someone, and they are coming for you."

Callen commandeered a car and headed in the direction that the others had headed off in.

"Eric, check this number." Callen said using Stephen Taylor's phone, "I need the location of the cell phone last dialed."

"Okay, call was to a cell phone in South Central near the river. Callen, I can only narrow it down to a four-block radius bordering Allingham Street." He said.

Hetty walked over to the phone.

"Mr. Callen?"

Callen hung up.

He pulled up outside the derelict building; found a hole in the fence and climbed through.

Walking into the empty building he could almost hear the voices of children who had lived and moved on within these walls. Remembering pieces of his own past in places just like this.

He picked up the phone and dialed the number again…this time the woman never picked up the call but he heard the ring tone and followed it.

He saw a woman sitting on the wire frame of a child sized bed. "Amy?" He asked.

"Who-Who are you?" she said looking fearfully at him.

"I called…I'm the federal agent. My name is Callen." He looked at her his face searching hers for answers.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm your sister." She said looking at him.

"I don't have a sister." He snarled, "Now, who the hell are you?"

The woman looked at him and sighed, "My name is, uh, Hannah Lawson and until the age of about 11, I... I lived in Iran with, uh, my... father. His name was Michael Lawson. My mom-she died when I was three, so my father was...He was just everything to me. Oh, a while after we got back here, um, my father showed me this-this hiding place in the house that we were staying at." Hannah explained, "Inside it was this-this leather satchel. I don't know why he showed it to me, but he said it was our... secret. And a couple of days later, some men, they forced their way into the house. They were, uh, Iranian. And they turned the television on really loudly,"

Callen nodded knowing where this was going.

Hannah continued, "and they... tore the lighting fitting. Eventually, the, uh... all the lights blew out, and...they couldn't see me in the dark, and...I ran away, I just lived on the streets. Finally... welfare picked me up,and this is wh...where they brought me." Although he wanted more information he waited knowing she needed to tell him her story.

"I barely spoke for months, 'cause I was so terrified that those men would come and get me. I just wanted a...a different name."

Callen couldn't stay silent anymore. "Why my name?" He asked.

" had a sister. Her name was Amy, and she...she slept over there," She said pointing to the bed opposite her, "and she was my friend."

Callen felt the tears forming, "I don't have a sister." He reiterated.

"She told me about you."

"No." he resisted.

"Yeah. She said she used to push you in-in a little cart, like, a little red cart, and you used to squeal to go faster and faster."

His mind whirled as long buried images came to him, an older girl with blonde hair pushing him.

"And one day, it crashed and you hurt your arm." Hannah said.

A single tear fell and he looked down at the small scar on his wrist.

"And Amy cried, and you didn't. And then she swore that she would always... always protect you."

He heard voices in the distance and sister or not he decided he would protect her. "Come on." He said he grabbed her hand and they ran.

They got turned around, Callen shot two of the Iranians and hit the third going for his gun that was on the floor, as he reached for it, Karim Akbari, stood on Callen's hand and kicked him holding a gun on him.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger a gunshot sounded by his ear, Hannah stood shaking by the large empty swimming pool shaking in fear but determined to save the man she thought of as her baby brother.

Akbari turned and with an evil grin started walking towards her smiling as she shot, each shot going wide of its target.

Kensi and Sam entered the building and with a look of fear at each other ran towards the sound of the gunshots.

Akbari raised his gun at her as Callen managed to find his feet and shot him from behind. Akbari went down landing dead in the bottom of the pool as Kensi and Sam got into position and shot him from the front.

"G?" Sam called worriedly.

"I'm good." Callen called as he glanced at Akbari and ran towards Hannah who was sliding in shock down the wall whimpering in fear.

Kensi looked on staring at the woman who could be related to her husband and she picked up her phone and dialed ops.

Eric picked up the call, "its Kensi." He said to the room."

"Eric, we're secure. Callen and...Whoever she is, are both fine." She said watching as they both clung to each other.

In Ops Hetty and Nate smiled with relief.

Hannah sat on a small stage as Callen paced up and down trying to get his emotions in order. "What happened to her?" he asked.

Hannah gave a small smile, "We used to sneak out at night...down to the river. This time she slipped. I tried to save her, and it just...just swept her away. So I hid in her bed. And they thought Hannah Lawson had gone missing. Both blondes, both the same age-they... didn't really know us, and they didn't really care. It was easy to pretend. And about a month later, they found her body and she was buried with my name. Hannah Lawson. And I lived with hers. Amy Callen."

Callen stared at her in the space of a day he had gained and lost family. All he wanted to do was to gather his family up in his arms and keep them safe.

Callen took her to the boathouse and watched as she signed the forms for Trent Kort and the CIA to get what it was that they needed. As Kort left Sam and Kensi followed, Kensi shooting him a look to make sure he was ok, he nodded and it was just the two of them.

Hannah looked over at Callen, "She loved you so much. You know, she cried herself to sleep every night, 'cause she couldn't be with you."

He was left with one burning question he hoped that with all she knew she would know the answer to this one, "What'd she call me?" he asked as she was going out of the door.

"Baby brother." Hannah said confused.

"No, I...I mean..." He found he couldn't voice it.

"Just baby brother." She said and left.

Callen had taken a while, he had walked along the marina trying to get his head around everything and he knew that more than anything he had to face the music for his actions.

Kensi met him outside the mission and held him for a moment, "You ok?" she asked.

He smiled sadly "Ask me after Hetty has torn me a new one."

She checked for anyone around and pulled him into a corner for a kiss, "Go, see Hetty, do what you need to do and tonight you come home to me and Lena, come home to your family." She said.

"I love you," he said kissing her back, he looked into her eyes and sighed "wish me luck." He grinned as he walked into the mission.

Looking contrite he walked over to Hetty's office, she was sharpening yet another pencil and she stopped and looked up at him, "You disobeyed my directive-I can't let that stand." She said taking the pencil out and examining the point.

"And you wouldn't have done the same thing?" Callen argued.

"Oh...I know my family, Mr. Callen." She said sitting in her chair and looking up at him. "Believe me when I say, sometimes I envy you not knowing yours." She said.

She wrote an address on a piece of paper and handed it to him, "I'm standing you down...

"Hetty, come on...!" Callen exclaimed, he knew he'd done wrong, but he didn't think he needed to lose his job over it.

"...for one day." She finished, she looked pointedly at the paper in his hand, "Use it wisely."

Callen looked at the address on the paper.

He nodded and left.

Walking around the cemetery he saw her grave, looking at the headstone he knelt down, remembrances of his sister running through his head, "Hey Amy, I'm your baby brother," he said quietly, "You're an auntie now, I'm sorry I didn't find you, but maybe you can look down on me and be proud of me," Callen looked over at the flowers on the grave.

'For my sweet daughter always in my heart.' It read. Callen looked at the card shocked, Hannah said her father died! That meant…maybe his mother…or father…? He looked up in hope and saw a man taking a photograph.

Callen jumped up and chased after him, too late he watched as the man jumped into a car and drove away.

He may not have caught up with the man but he held the card like it was a lifeline, he had family out there…somewhere of that now he was certain. But right now he needed to go home to the biggest secret he had, the family he held dear, his wife and child.

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