Never Tell!

Chapter 15

Lena woke up and padded gently from her bedroom to the kitchen she was now 2 years and 3 months and was walking so much better than she had been, Kensi jumped as her tiny hands grabbed her mother's legs.

"Morning sweet pea." She said lifting her daughter up as Callen walked into the kitchen, his hair still we and with one shoe missing.

"Hey honey," Callen kissed his wife and his daughter, "That's mine," he laughed grabbing his boot from his daughter hand.

"Are you playing with daddy's shoes?" Kensi asked with a smile.

"Dada…shoes…mama…shoe…" Lena giggled.

"Oh you've hid my shoes too?" Kensi grinned.

Lena shook her head, "Mama shoe present." She said as Callen walked into their room and burst into laughter.

"Kens, you have to see this!" he called.

Kensi carried Lena to their room to see Kensi's shoes wrapped up in toilet paper on the bed.

"Birfday mama." Lena grinned, her five teeth shining in the morning sun.

Kensi kissed her daughter, "For me?" she asked as Lena smiled. "I didn't even know it was my birthday, thank you baby." She unwrapped her shoes as Callen got his pants on, put on his socks and finally went to put his boots on.

"Ewwww!" he jumped as his foot his something squishy inside the boot.

"Lena clean dada boot." She smiled.

He looked inside…"Toothpaste?" He looked at Kensi who was stifling her laughter, "Toddlers…honey I think we just hit the terrible twos."

"Poor Eva." Kensi laughed, "We should warn her." She said as she sat on the bed putting her shoes on and then got a clean pair of socks out of the drawer for Callen.

"Thanks." Callen pulled the socks on.

Lena laid down on the bed playing with the rag doll Uncle Nate had sent her for her birthday.

"Mama…dada…Nattie sleepy." Lena said and tucked the doll into her parents' bed and kissed her goodnight even though it was first thing in the morning.

"Hello!" Eva's voice came as she entered the house.

"In here!" Callen called as he pulled his shirt on.

"Dada no dressed…Dada stay home!" Lena said her little lip trembling.

Callen sat on the end of the bed and lifted Lena onto his lap. "Baby, Dada and mama have to go to work with Uncle Sam."

Lena shook her head, "Dada poorly…dada stay Lena." She sobbed as Callen held his daughter close.

Kensi looked over at her, "You ok?" she asked.

Callen nodded, "You go pick up Deeks, I'll be in as soon as she gets settled with Eva." He said rubbing their daughter's back.

Kensi kissed him and then lent over and kissed Lena's head, "Bye baby, you be good for Eva." She grabbed her bag and headed out her heart constricting at the sound of the daughter's sobs.

Deeks stood at a large cardboard box playing 3 card Monte. "Watch me close. Watch me close. Choose the two or the three, you lose. Choose the queen, win some green."

Joe the tech support guy sighed, "All right, fifth time's a charm." He picked his card which was a three, "Ah, man!" he sighed as Deeks grinned.

"Sorry, son, you picked the wrong one."

Callen walked in reading a text from Eva on his phone, he smiled as he read that Lena had calmed down and she and Nattie the ragdoll were enjoying a leisurely breakfast of mashed banana.

"Hey, Dr. Seuss, keep it down." Sam said from over by his desk looking at something on his laptop.

"What? The kid is nice." Deeks argued.

"The kid is corny." Sam said, Callen looked over at him confused, Nell had sent him a text about what she and Kensi wanted to do but he was still confused by what Sam had said, "Deeks is flimflamming the support staff." Sam clarified.

Callen grinned as Deeks looked affronted.

"No, no. What I found was an entry point to a drug ring through a low-level thug with a gambling problem. And what I'm doing...sharpening my skill set. Set the trap. 'Cause you got to captivate the mark's eyes and ears with what you're doing with your mouth, but also with your hands." Deeks argued as Kensi listened carefully and Callen grabbed a fold of money from his back pocket.

"Captivate, not irritate." Sam snapped.

"I'm game." Callen grinned; he'd been good at this as a kid.

"Oh. Money on the wood makes the bet go good. Money out of sight, take a hike." Kensi leaned closer.

"This I gotta see." Kensi said giving Callen a wink.

"Uncle Marty throws 'em fast; Uncle Marty here to last." Deeks said.

Callen turned to Kensi, "Uncle… Marty?" He asked with a smirk.

"Beyond creepy." Kensi laughed.

"What you got?" Deeks asked.

Callen pointed at a card, it was the Queen.

Deeks looked surprised, "Okay. Okay. Beginner's luck. That's fine." Begrudgingly he handed over the money Callen had won.

Callen smirked at him, "You know, I'm feeling lucky. Double or nothing." He said handing him all of the money in his hand.

Up on the landing, Nell had a camera and was filming the cards, Callen winked at Nell and she smiled back.

"Doub... double...double want to...All right. Let's do it." Deeks said getting over his initial nervousness and realizing there was no way Callen would win again.

Kensi smiled, as she saw the wink her husband sent Nell's way, "Okay, no, no, no, no. I... I want in on this. Let's see. We have one, two..." she counted out her money, "You know what? I'm all in."

"You're going to... you want to bet all that? Because that's a lot of 20s. All right. Okay. You know what? Let's do it… Ho! Comin' at you hard and I'm comin' at you fast. Uncle Marty bringing the hurt. Uncle Marty 'bout to take your shirt." Deeks said with renewed enthusiasm he clapped his hands, and turned to Callen, "What you got? Hmm?"

Callen stood and looked like he was thinking about it, he glanced at Sam who discreetly raised 3 fingers and Callen pointed to the third card.

"You sure?" Deeks asked.

Callen nodded, satisfied with his choice.

Resigned Deeks turned the card over.

"Oh, yes!" She raised her arms in victory, "Oh, yes, it is."

"Thank you." Callen grinned as he grabbed the money and walked off.

"Who is the loser? Who is the loser?" Kensi taunted Deeks who stood there looking confused.

"But didn't...I threw it to the...?" He said confused.

Up on the balcony Nell laughed quietly.

"Are you the loser?" Kensi asked him grinning from ear to ear.

"How did you not know that it...?" Deeks asked Callen

Hetty walked into the bullpen, "You may want to try hustling upstairs instead of each other. There's a situation downtown. And I don't appreciate you coercing Ms. Jones into your shenanigans." She said pointing at Callen.

Callen pointed innocently to Nell, "X-ray was her idea."

Hetty arched an eyebrow at him, "Uh-huh." She said disbelievingly. Nell grinned and disappeared back into OPS.

"Oh...All right, all right, yeah. Yeah, joke's over. I need the money back, 'cause obviously, everybody's in on this but me, which makes it super... not-awesome." Deeks said walking after everyone up the stairs.

Callen couldn't shake a knot of uneasiness that had settled in his gut as he climbed the stairs. He lent against the table and waited for the wonder twins to deliver today's bad news.

There was a news channel playing on the TV. Callen turned to Eric, "What are we looking at, Eric?" he asked as the others moved around the table to look.

"Looks like a protest situation at a Navy recruitment center downtown." Eric said tapping his tablet.

"Human barricade." Deeks said looking at then people standing in the window with their hands tied.

"Protest just turned into a hostage situation." Sam said reiterating what Deeks just said.

"Well, here come the sharks." Kensi said with a slight grin as she saw the journalist speaking into the camera onscreen.

"Downtown hostage, and in fact, I think that we see the SWAT team is now just getting into position." The journalist said.

"What do we know about the guy who took the hostages?" Sam asked turning his attention from the journalist to Eric.

"Not a guy. A woman." Eric said pulling up a photo of a woman.

Callen stepped forward his face and body language screamed astonishment.

"You know her?" Sam asked concerned.

"You could say that." Callen nodded absently.

"The woman has just been identified as a Tracy Keller, a Valley Village soccer mom. The number of hostages is still unclear." The journalist said to the camera

"Well, this is weird. According to the military database, there's no Tracy Keller listed as next of kin." Eric said punching through his database.

"That's because the name's an alias." Callen said the knot in his gut getting tighter.

"An alias for who?" Kensi asked not wanting to really know the answer.

"My ex-wife." Callen stepped away from the table and Kensi; he could feel the waves of hurt coming off her.

He looked intently at the screen unable to meet his wife's eyes.

"We were in the CIA. We went undercover as husband and wife." He felt awful he knew he had to get Kensi alone and talk to her; this could break their whole marriage apart.

"Anything we should know?" Sam asked glancing at Callen and then Kensi.

Callen took a deep breath, "She's smart. Not just good grades. I mean other level intelligence. IQ's over 140." He waited to hear any reactions behind him.

"Mmm, not that smart. She must have missed the sniper awareness course." Nell said as Tracy showed herself on screen. "Yeah, Nell's right. She's putting herself at risk of a sniper's bullet with all that window gawking." Kensi gave a small smile.

"Almost like she's posing for the cameras." Sam interjected.

"She seems way too hot for you." Deeks said, Kensi gave him a filthy look, "What? I'm...I'm just saying!"

"You keep in touch?" Sam asked.

"No. She retired last I heard. That was five years ago." He said honestly.

"Undercover agents don't retire." Hetty said as she walked in the room, "They just go deeper."

"You guys ever consider putting a bell around her neck?" Deeks whispered to Kensi.

Kensi just smiled, knowing that Deeks' comment did not go unnoticed.

"Many people have tried, Mr. Deeks." Hetty deadpanned as she walked towards Callen.

"How does she hear that?" Deeks breathed.

"Shh." Kensi hissed.

Hetty looked at the big screen and then turned to Callen, "The question is, if she retired five years ago, why is she using her old alias?"

"Because that's a Navy recruitment center, and somehow she's figured out I'm NCIS. She's trying to contact me."

"Or she's taken a recruitment center hostage." Sam suggested.

Callen shook his head, "No. "Tracy Keller" was her alias only when we went undercover."

They left to go to the recruitment center, as they passed the file burn room Callen felt himself get pulled in by the arm.

"Kens," he said.

"How could you not tell me?" she hissed.

"It was a long time ago," Callen said, "Before we even met, the marriage was on paper only, for the op; I don't have any feelings for her." He turned and looked her in the eye, "I don't love her Kensi…I love you and Lena."

He wrapped his arms around, her, "I need to deal with this Kens and get her out of our lives,"

Kensi kissed him, "We'll do this, I love you G and I know that what happened with her is in the past, it's just…it was a shock, you know?"

Callen smiled, "For me too babe." He kissed her again and turned to go and meet Sam and Nell.

"Hey G?" Kensi asked as he took a step towards the door, "You don't have anymore ex-wives out there?" she asked with a smile.

"Na…only woman I loved enough to marry for real, is still married to me." He grinned. He walked out the door to catch up with Sam as Kensi followed looking for her partner.

Callen hadn't talked in the car at all, as Nell got out and went to do her part of the plan. Callen turned and walked towards the LAPD officers under a situation tent.

Sam caught up with him, "So, Tracy Keller. What's her real name?" He asked.

"I only knew her as Tracy." Callen admitted, he'd never been given their name when they were partnered.

"What happened between you two?" Sam asked

"Long story." Callen asked watching Kensi as she walked across the police line with Deeks.

"Give me the short version." Sam pressed.

Callen didn't say anything, he hadn't even told Kensi everything and he wanted her to be the first to know.

"If she wasn't central to this case, I'd let it go, but since she is, if there's something I need to know..."

"Let's just say she's the kind of person that chooses the mission over her partner." Callen snapped. He turned his attention to Deeks and Kensi as they caught up to them.

"All right, well, let me get the lay of the land; see what I can dig up. Maybe "Uncle Marty" can hustle LAPD into letting us take over. I'll take Kensi." Kensi shot Callen a smile and walked off with Sam.

"Okay, cool, but I just need to get some of that money back that I..." Deeks started as they walked off.

"Never going to happen." Sam called back as Kensi laughed.

Callen and Deeks walked over to a policeman who looked busy.

"What do you want, Deeks? I'm busy with a situation here." He snapped.

"This is Agent Callen, NCIS." Callen leaned over and shook the cops' hand.

"My men are already in position." The officer told them.

"I may have some inside information on the suspect. At least let me make first contact." Callen asked, hoping they'd say yes.

"She's not communicating. As soon as I get the orders, we're going to breach." Callen turns, if they breached Tracy could get hurt and he'd never forgive himself for that. He looked at Deeks and gestured to the policeman.

Deeks walked over and whispered in the officer's ear.

"You got ten minutes. If you're still in there when we breach, I'm not responsible." The officer said shooting Deeks a nasty look.

"Done." Callen said.

"I owe you." Deeks said to the officer and held out his hand which was ignored, he shook it off and jogged up to Callen, "Yep."

"What did you say to him?" Callen asked interested.

"Ah, there's this little rule about not dating the captain's daughter." Deeks grinned.

"He broke it?" Callen asked.

"All over the captain's desk." Deeks laughed as they walked up to Sam and Kensi.

"Hey." Kensi said.

"Hey." Deeks grinned at her.

"Tough perimeter to enforce. Plenty of holes if we want to get in." Sam said looking around to see if he'd missed any.

"No need. Deeks came through." Callen said with a grin.

"The kid is nice!" Sam exclaimed in surprise.

"Condescension noted." Deeks grinned.

Callen took a few steps and handed Sam his gun.

"It's for her protection, not mine. I'm still upset over her getting the dog in the settlement." Callen said walking a few more steps away.

"What's the distress word?" Sam asked.

"Buddy. I always loved that dog." Callen said shot Kensi a smile and headed towards the building.

Callen entered the recruitment center, finding Tracy there he needed to find out what she was up to. Having been informed by Eric that Tracy was being targeted by snipers, they got out and headed to the boatshed to await, Sam, Kensi and Deeks who had been chasing down a tip Tracy gave them on the group who was chasing her.

Sam walked into the boatshed, having seen Callen's getaway as a ZNN reporter, "Nice move. You run into any resistance?" He asked.

Callen shrugged, "Just from her; A little reluctant to give up her weapons." He said gesturing to a pile of weaponry on the table.

"You sure know how to pick 'em. She was right about one thing. Somebody wants to take her out." Sam looked at Tracy sitting in interrogation. "How do you want to handle it?" he asked.

Callen grinned. "Like a hostile divorce hearing."

Sam walked in with Callen following him, keeping his partner in-between them both.

"Last chance. You either tell us everything or we turn you over to the FBI." Sam said as he sat on the chair opposite.

Tracy crossed her arms, ignoring Sam she looked directly at G, "I already told you everything. I want my stuff back."

"You know, for a person with such a high IQ, you're not being very smart." Sam said, Callen still didn't say anything.

"Have it your way. Sam, call Agent White. Tell him where he can find her." Callen turned and walked to the door opening it and starting to leave the room.

Sam started dialing the FBI Agent's number.

"Wait. The FBI was running an undercover sting based on a tip that they received." Callen closed the door again, "But it was bigger than anyone realized. The Brotherhood was trying to buy a shipment of stolen Spike missiles from an arms dealer."

"James Thomas Mason." Sam said using the Intel he had acquired earlier.

"Mason acquired the Spikes, but he didn't have the computer-coded SIM cards needed to activate them. Without the SIM cards, the Spikes are useless. With them, they're worth millions…The agents running the sting pulled some strings to get the missing SIM cards. Plan was to sell them to Mason and retire with the money." Tracy said desperately.

"How many agents we talking about?" Sam asked.

"At least three." Tracy told Sam.

"And you know this how, Tracy?" Callen snapped at her.

Tracy glared at him but said nothing.

Callen smirked, "You know me. I will stay here all night."

"One of the agents was Walter Stone. My ex-partner. He engineered the whole thing." Tracy said

"Why didn't you tell us this...?" Callen asked annoyed.

In the other room Kensi was watching with Deeks on the monitor.

Kensi was immersed in her own thoughts when Deeks spoke.

"Hence the ten-year rule." Deeks said.

"Hmm?" Kensi asked as her thoughts were interrupted.

"You should always know your partner for at least ten years prior to marrying them. You date me for a decade; you deserve my hand in marriage." Deeks said with a grin.

"That sounds so much more like a punishment than a reward." Kensi laughed with her partner.

"How long was it before you…..ya know?" Deeks asked he didn't want to say the Marriage word incase Hetty was listening.

"Three months." Kensi admitted. "I found out I was pregnant."

"Still good?" he asked worried for his partner in this case.

Kensi smiled and looked at Tracy, "Yeah, we are still good. She's no threat," she said.

Deeks smiled glad that this hadn't upset his partner.

Callen put both hands on the table and faced Tracy.

"Did it just slip your mind to mention that your FBI boyfriend was involved in an illegal arms deal?" He asked her.

"Hey, I was trying to figure things out. I know how this looks. I just needed time to think." Tracy tried to touch him and he moved away.

"Where are the SIM cards now?" Callen asked as he looked at her.

"Walter had them. I found them in a warehouse they were using as a meeting place. As I was leaving, I was attacked and I had to shoot my way out. I didn't know who to trust, so I turned to you." Tracy said looking him straight in the eye.

"Need the names." Sam said.

Again Tracy sat back in the chair and crossed her arms defensively saying nothing.

"All night, Tracy." Callen sighed.

"Agent John White. He was the one who shut down the investigation into Walter's death." Tracy said.

"You got proof?" Callen snapped, it wasn't the first time she'd set up another Agent and he didn't trust her.

Tracy laughed, "My word isn't good enough for you?" she asked sarcastically knowing he didn't trust her an inch.

"White needs the SIM cards to complete the arms deal." Sam said.

"Where are they, Tracy?" Callen asked.

"They're in a safe place. They're the last bargaining chip I have, Callen." Tracy pleaded.

Sam tilted his head towards the door. He and Callen walked out of it and stood in the hallway.

"If White needs the SIM cards to complete the deal, why try to kill the one person who knows where they are?" Callen said, he didn't trust her at all.

"Assuming she's telling the truth, White either found the SIM cards, or he panicked and tried to take her out before she started talking." Sam said reasoning with him; they couldn't afford to not believe her.

Eric's voice interrupted over the earwigs. "Hey, you guys got a moment?" he asked.

"Little busy, Eric." Sam said and moved to the main room where Eric popped up on screen.

"You're gonna want to see this. I grabbed the security footage off...a database that you guys are better off not knowing about. It's taken from the roof opposite the recruitment center." Eric said.

Sam was still smarting over being accused of killing an LAPD sniper, he didn't want to revisit that issue again, but Kensi walked up to the screen.

"That's the LAPD sniper." They watched as the sniper aimed at the Navy Recruitment Center and they watched as someone walked behind the sniper and shot him, the camera zoomed on his face and they all saw who the killer really was.

"It's Agent White." Deeks exclaimed.

"She was telling the truth." She said to Callen who was thinking, she placed a hand on his arm to comfort him.

"That'd be a first." Sam snapped.

"Guys, hang on. White doesn't know we're on to him." Callen said thinking again.

"Need to draw him out. The code cards get us White." Sam said starting to follow Callen's train of thought.

"White gets us Mason, the arms dealer." Callen said.

"Mason gets us the missiles." Sam smiled.

Sam and Callen walked back into the interrogation room as Tracy paced up and down.

"Let's say we buy your story." Sam said skeptically.

"You have proof…Surveillance cameras." Tracy snapped.

"You're going to contact White. Tell him you have the code cards and you want to make a deal." Sam told her.

"Convince him you gave us the slip." Callen offered.

"Done." Tracy said instantly.

"And then you're going to tell us where the cards really are." Callen said with a smirk as he handed her the cell phone.

Callen groaned as he sat on the edge of the beach, waxing a surfboard as Tracy lay a hundred yards from him singing and looking out over the sea.

"I've been lonely," She sang, "For such a long, long time"

Deeks and Kensi looked up from the beach towel they were on listening to Tracy sing over the radio as Sam sat in the car park working on a motorbike.

"Tryin' to find someone…To call my own… Someone with sweet love and affection… To give my heart..."

"What is she singing?" Kensi asked annoyed with the sound of Tracy's voice.

"Our wedding song. Lee Williams and the Cymbals." Callen groaned.

"You got married to Lee Williams and the Cymbals?" Sam gave a small laugh.

"Hey, it was a fake wedding, okay?" Callen snapped. He felt bad as he hadn't had a reception in his real marriage and he knew even though she said nothing he had really wanted all that for Kensi.

"Getting pretty sunny out here. You want me to, uh...?" Deeks started.

"You can't put any sunscreen on me." Kensi snapped.

Callen's head shot round to look at them and he glared at Deeks. "Deeks." He growled in warning.

"How did you...?" Deeks asked shocked.

"Guys, heads up. Here comes White." Kensi said as he came over the dune on an ATV and came to a stop near Tracy who stood up to face him.

White glared at Tracy and pulled a gun on her. "Keep your hands where I can see 'em. You miked?" He asked.

"No." Tracy lied; White stepped up and started searching her.

"Wow. I usually only get to frisk, like, meth heads and dirty hookers!" Deeks exclaimed.

Kensi rolled her eyes at him and concentrated on the two of them.

"I've been going over this whole thing in my head." Tracy said trying to get White to talk.

"Get in the water. Now!" White ordered.

Tracy walked to the sea, and stood fully clothed in the water, White gestured her to squat down in the water, and Tracy rolled her eyes at him, but did it anyway.

Callen watched from the beach his gut churning.

"There goes her mike!" Sam said

"Yeah, but her hotness meter just went up, like, a bazillion points." Deeks said and both Kensi and Callen glared at him as Tracy walked back out of the water leaving her useless microphone floating in the sea.

"Do we have a laser mic?" Callen asked staring at the couple by the surf.

"It wouldn't work. Too much distortion from the crashing waves." Sam replied.

"Kensi, can you read 'em?" Callen asked hoping his wife's lip reading skills would help.

"I lost the visual. I'm moving in." Sam said pulling his gun and moving closer to Callen.

"You and Timmons killed Walter so you could keep the money." Tracy said accusingly to White.

White smiled, "It's an interesting theory. Actually, Timmons was next. You took care of that for me. It's too bad Walter never told you where we were meeting Mason. You could have retired in comfort. Where are the damn codes?"

He moved pointing his gun at Tracy's head; Callen, Kensi, Deeks and Sam grabbed their guns and rushed the couple.

"Federal agent!" Sam yelled.

White raised his gun and Sam shot him, as they moved in Tracy grabbed White's gun and looked him right in the eyes aiming the gun at him.

"No!" Callen shouted at her.

Tracy fired twice in the chest, dropped the weapon and raised her arm

"What the hell, Tracy?" Callen yelled at her as they surrounded her and the body.

"He killed an FBI agent and a cop. World's a better place." Tracy argued back.

"I disarmed him. There was no threat." Sam snapped.

"Walter said he always carried a backup in an ankle holster. You can believe what you want, but he was going for that gun." Tracy offered in her defense.

Kensi searched the body and looked at Callen showing him the gun; he nodded understanding that she had found the gun, but that she wasn't really sure that had really been Tracy's intention.

"You're wrong." Sam snapped.

Callen glared at her frustrated, "With White dead, there goes our meeting with the arms dealer."

"Maybe not." Tracy said she searched the body and pulled a cell phone out of his pocket, "Here. San Pedro, container yard, 3:00. We've got an hour if you want to recover those missiles before they figure out how to use them on some federal building."

Callen turned to Sam, "We better hurry."

"Now that's the man I married!" Tracy smiled but took a step back at the nasty look Callen gave her.

"What do you have in mind?" Kensi asked seeing Callen get tense.

"We go in as Walter and Tracy." Callen said still glaring at Tracy.

"How do we know Mason hasn't already seen these guys?" Deeks asked worried.

"Walter said Mason was unpredictable. He didn't trust anyone. Identity was a concern, so they handled all communication electronically." Tracy said with absolute conviction.

"It's a risk we're going to have to take." Sam sighed.

"Works for me." Kensi said brightly trying to soften Callen's mood.

"Not you." Callen snapped staring at Tracy, "Just like old times."

Kensi stormed to the car, Tracy giving her a strange look as Callen ran off to drive with her.

"Deeks looks like you and Tracy are with me." Sam said.

Deeks sighed, "Again!" he grinned and held his arm out for Tracy, "Coming?" he asked.

"What's with them?" Tracy asked.

"Domestic." Deeks sighed and they headed to the boatshed.

"What?" Callen asked as they pulled out of the parking lot.

"What do you mean what?" Kensi said, "You are choosing to work with her over me?"

"I'm not choosing her over you Kens, I never would." He pulled over as Deeks, Sam and Tracy drove past. "I love you if this all goes wrong and I get hurt, Lena still has you." He said.

"She needs you too, you said that our being parents would never interfere with our work," Kensi said.

"It isn't." Callen turned to look at her.

"You can honestly say this isn't because of Lena?" Kensi asked.

Callen sighed, "I always think of Lena and you when we are on an op, but in this case, it is more because Tracy knows the merchandise and I know there is something going on there that she isn't telling us."

"You think she's playing us?" Kensi asked.

"I think there is more going on than she is saying." He admitted.

"Do you regret it?" Kensi asked suddenly.

"What?" Callen asked.

"Not having children with her, divorcing her?"

Callen grabbed her and kissed her, "Never, it was just a cover, the only thing I regret was losing the dog." He sighed and turned on the engine, "I loved that dog."

Kensi laughed as they drove off to the boatshed.

"OK I'll talk to Deeks you can deal with the Ex." She said.

Sitting on the table Kensi went over the layout of the container yard with Deeks.

"The service road from the south is the likeliest entry point. It runs parallel through the entire property." Kensi said to him.

"Okay. Fanning out from the east is gonna give us the best shot to cover the yard." Deeks looked out of the window and saw Callen putting on his jacket.

Callen looked at Tracy's naked back as she did up her dress and turned to him, Deeks moved to stand in the way of Kensi's view. "Hmm. It's a maze. A lot of pockets to cover, but it's possible." Kensi said pulling Deeks' attention back to her.

"It's fully operational."

Callen stared at Tracy remembering their time together; He turned and saw Kensi and Deeks staring at him. He looked away embarrassed and then they looked away as Callen grabbed a tablet and tested his mic.

"Testing. Testing."

"Care to help a girl out?" Tracy asked him, showing her naked back, Callen turned and slowly zipped her dress up as Kensi and Deeks watch from the other room, Kensi's hands balled into fists and Deeks had his hand on her arm.

Sam walked in with a box in his hands, "The coded SIM cards to arm the missiles were where Tracy said they would be."

"Impressive." Kensi said with a slight sneer in her voice. Tracy looked at her questioningly.

"Now we just have to keep them out of Mason's hands." Sam said.

Tracy turned to Callen, "Can I talk to you for a second?" she asked, he looked to Kensi and then gave Tracy a short nod and they walked to the far end of the room.

Kensi walked over to Sam, "Is he gonna be okay?"

"You worry about Deeks…G's cool." Sam said looking over at her partner drooling at Tracy.

"What?...I'm cool, too!" Deeks exclaimed.

"I appreciate you trusting me back there." Tracy said quietly to Callen.

"That's what partners do." Callen replied flatly.

"I never stopped caring. I tried to reach you. You never let me explain." Tracy tried to explain.

"You made it pretty clear where your head and your heart were at." Callen told her.

"I was young...ambitious. I made a mistake. One that I regret." Tracy argued, hoping to melt his resolve.

"It doesn't matter anymore." Callen whispered, turning away from her. Her betrayal had hurt him deeply, but he was glad that he had found Kensi and she mattered to him more than anything.

Tracy reached up and put a hand on his neck and stroked his cheek.

"Remember when we used to talk about getting away from it all? Just you and me on some remote island..."

Callen grabbed her hand and moved it away from him, "Buddy hated the beach." He turned to the others, "Mason knows his stuff...restricted airspace, no's a virtual blind spot."

"Be sure to have some heavy-duty muscle backing him up." Kensi said looking over the maps again.

"He'll want to verify the codes work." Sam said.

"Which means the missiles will probably be someplace close." Deeks said.

"Nobody makes a move until we've confirmed he's got them." Callen ordered.

He moved to go and Sam stopped him, "We good?" Sam asked Callen about him and Kensi.

Callen nodded.

"Let's go, Tracy." Callen said and they headed for the car.

Dealing with Mason, went ok until he got the missile and went to fire a test one aiming it where Sam had taken position.

"I want to give this a real test." Mason said as he aimed at the container, Callen's heart jumped in his throat as he saw Sam's head move slightly. Tracy moved aside as Mason swung the launcher right past her.

Mason pulled the trigger and the container to the side of Sam exploded in a huge fireball, He ducked and covered his head as Kensi called from her position behind the containers, "Sam, what's going on?"

"I'm okay. Hold your position." Sam said quietly.

"You see that?" Mason laughed, "The containers on either side are barely charred. The targets vaporized!" he exclaimed.

"You happy? Would you like to do another million-dollar test?" Callen snapped at Mason as Tracy moved to stand beside him.

"Quite happy." Mason grinned. He typed his account number into a laptop. "I do hope Agent White is able to tie up his loose ends. Here you go." He showed them the screen that had the money transfers to the offshore accounts on it. "Money transferred to the agreed account. Pleasure doing business with you." He smiled.

Tracy walked over to him and handed him the SIM card box, "Likewise."

"You two make a cute couple. Oh, uh... let's just try one more, shall we?" Mason said as he took a random SIM out of the box and prepared to fire another round.

Callen leant over and whispered in Tracy's ear, "I switched out the SIM card for fake ones."

Mason turned to them, "Oh, dear. There seems to be a malfunction. I'm disappointed." He said as he aimed his gun at them.

"Federal agent!" Sam yelled.

The man fired at him, Sam shot him and the second man used two weapons to fire at Sam. Callen kicked him, he fell down, and Tracy kicked him, then he fainted.

Mason ran to his car and started to drive away

Both Callen and Sam lined up to take the shot at the car.

"Federal agent! Stop the car!" Kensi yelled raising her gun at Mason's car.

Mason backed up and turned the car around heading right for Callen and Sam.

"Tires or driver?" Callen said leveling his gun at the car.

"Tires." Sam said.

They both shot the tires out of the car and it swerved hitting a container. Deeks and Kensi caught up to them.

"Out of the car!" Sam yelled. "Put your hands behind your back!"

Deeks handcuffed him with a grin.

Tracy moved to the side, and walked over to where Callen was standing.

"So, what happens now?" Tracy asked.

"We try and recover the money." Callen said looking over at Kensi to make sure she was unharmed.

"Offshore account. Good luck with that. You have to let me walk away." Tracy argued moving into his line of sight.

Callen turned his attention to her, "You know I can't do that." He said.

"Come on. You got the missiles. I got closure. Not a bad settlement. I let you walk out of my life once. You owe me."She argued.

Callen nodded, she had let him go and to be honest she did want him gone.

He was amazed as Tracy leaned in and kissed him and then walked away.

Callen turned to find Deeks and Sam looking astonished and Kensi looking mad.

"Can't wait to hear Hetty's debriefing on this one." Sam said looked where Tracy had gone.

Callen sighed, "It's not Hetty I'm worried about." He admitted.

In the Grand Cayman Islands Tracy walked happily on her yacht, she'd called it Buddy hoping Callen would track her down and join her in the sun spending all the money, she knew if he came it would only be a matter of days now.

She stopped with a smile as Callen sat on the yacht drinking a beer.

"Never vacationed in the Caymans. Always working." He sighed taking a sip from his bottle.

"Working now?" Tracy asked waiting for him to say no and sweep her away as he had done all those years ago.

"Afraid so." He said standing next to a suitcase full of money.

"How?" Tracy asked. He had figured out that she was behind it all, yes she had left a trail to her whereabouts, but she thought she had covered up her own involvement in the crime.

"White's cell phone. The one you took off his body. We dusted it for prints. White's weren't on 'em, yours were. You switched them. We've been tracking you since you left the scene; just needed enough time for you to clear the cash." He said taking another sip.

"You know...I never did apologize for what happened." Tracy said sidling closer to him.

"Forget about it." Callen shrugged.

"When we tripped that alarm and you offered to hold the guards off, I thought we were on the same page." Tracy said

"So did I; why do you think I searched for you? I went in worried you were dead. Imagine my surprise to find you at the safe house, sipping tea." Callen snarked. He had thought he was over it, and he was but that had annoyed him.

"We both knew that that mission was bigger than either one of us." Tracy argued

"Not for me, it wasn't. I never would have left you." He admitted.

"It was the only way." Tracy countered.

"No, there's always another way." Callen told her, Kensi had taught him that.

"Well, I guess that's the difference between you and me…You know...we could start over. My real name is..."

"Rossetti." Sam countered as he walked out from inside the boat, "Nice boat."

Tracy looked on defeated, she knew then it was all over.

"You didn't think I'd keep my partner from a free trip to the Cayman Islands, did you?" Callen grinned as they both drank their beers.

"Callen, we could take him and try again?" Tracy went for a last ditched attempt.

Sam laughed, "G, I don't think your wife would like that."

Callen grinned, "I dunno, she didn't kill Tracy while she was in Los Angeles and Lena would love a holiday on a boat."

"Lena? You're married; you married a woman called Lena?" Tracy was almost laughing.

Callen's next words wiped the smile off her face. "I married Kensi, Essalina is our daughter…You see Tracy, you are not and never were the girl for me." He turned her around "Tracy Rossetti, you're under arrest." He snapped the cuffs on her and waited as the local authorities took her away.

Sam watched as they drove off, he turned back to find Callen listening on the phone a contented expression on his face as he listened to Kensi talking to him and Lena singing happily in the background.

Yeah, Sam thought, his partner had married the right woman.

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