Never Tell!

Chapter 17

"NO!" Deeks pushed himself away from Kensi and stepped back. She looked at the floor and then turned away from him.

"I...Deeks...I'm sorry..." she said a tear slipping from her eye.

"Why did you come here?" Deeks asked his voice hoarse.

"I...I was G. He's not been here...I mean he's been spending a lot of time talking to Rose and he...last time we...he called me Tracy." Kensi slumped on the couch looking totally bereft.

Deeks made two cups of coffee and handed one to her. "Kensi...I care about you, but I like Callen...I can't be with you, I can't break up your family, Lena needs to have two parents who love her not two parents who are sniping at each other and handing her off once a fortnight." He said.

"You kissed me first." Kensi said accusingly.

Deeks nodded, "That I did." He smiled, "You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He admitted. "But you are my friends wife, what you are Fern is my partner and I hope, despite this my best friend?" he asked.

Kensi gave a small smile and nodded.

She took a drink of her coffee and realized that her heart hurt at the thought of actually hurting Callen like she was going to do.

"Has your sitter got Lena?" Deeks asked.

Kensi nodded, "She's taken her for the night. G said he was working late, but I doubt he's still in the office."

Deeks took the cup and put it on the coffee table, "Go...Kens, Go and see him. Talk to him. You need this, you both need to get past this, those of us that know you're together...we can see how happy you are together, this isn't the end of the world Kens, think of it like an undercover assignment, we now know you can kiss me and it'll mean nothing if we have to do it on the job." He grinned and Kensi punched him in the arm.

Deeks watched as Kensi walked to the car with a huge smile on his face, as he closed the door the grin faltered.

He would never tell her how much she had captured his heart or how much he had wished she had never stopped. But for her he would stay quiet on the sidelines and fight for her happiness.

Kensi pulled into the mission, it was quiet, it was after all after midnight, the only car she could see belonged to Callen.

Callen was in the Gym, putting liniment on his shoulder, Hetty was fast on that wall and there was no way he'd ever admit to anyone that she had beaten him.

Kensi walked up silently looking at the scars on her husband's back. A reminder of how close she had been to losing him and raising Lena on her own.

Something about yesterday's case was bugging her though and she needed to talk to him about it. She picked up the liniment and started rubbing it on his neck and shoulder.

"Did you cheat on me?" she asked.

Callen turned his head, "Kensi?" he asked, they never talked about stuff like this at work…never.

"It's ok no one else is here, but I need to know, you spent last night with Rose…did you…did you sleep with her?" she asked the sadness coming off her in waves.

Callen dropped the shirt he had been holding and turned and pulled her into his arms, "God…NO!" he said wrapping her in his arms, "I was helping her, she missed Nate…I miss being able to talk to Nate…and…well It's been 2 months since Nate and Rose were together…Kensi…Rose is pregnant, with Nate's child. She was scared and afraid, so we talked."

Kensi stepped back, "but… ever since Tracy…you've been distant, you've been drinking…even at work. You don't think I didn't notice." She said looking at him her hands on her hips.

Callen slammed his shirt on the bench and turned to her, "For God sake Kens, and you think I haven't put up with the puppy dog eyes you've been giving Deeks all day!" he snapped.

"Yeah and Nate's been gone four months, so if Rose is pregnant WHO is the father?! YOU?" Kensi shouted.

Callen took another step back as Kensi screamed at him… "I…I…" He couldn't deny that he could be, after he had got back from the Caymens things had started to go rocky and there was that one night, he hadn't told her about, the one night when he and Rose had gotten so plastered that they both had no idea how they had ended up in bed together, although they had promised not to talk about it.

"I don't know." He admitted.

"YOU DON'T KNOW?" Kensi threw a punch at him tears rolling down her cheeks.

Callen slumped to the ground, "Don't leave me Kens…please…" he begged.

"What about Lena…remember her, your daughter…!" Kensi snapped.

"Daughter?" Hetty said having silently watched the couple have their fight.

Both of them snapped their heads around, "Hetty?" Callen said, he was sure she had gone home.

Hetty looked furious, "You have a daughter Mr. Callen." She said.

"We do." Callen said glaring daggers at Kensi, if she had kept this conversation at home, they wouldn't be here like this.

"WE?" Hetty voice dropped.

"Yes my wife and I have a child together," Callen snapped pulling on his t-shirt and standing in front of Kensi as if trying to protect her from Hetty's wrath.

"And how long have you both been married?"

"Three years." Kensi said not looking at the small woman.

"So…." Hetty said glaring daggers at them both, "Which one of you do I have transferred." She snapped and walked out.

Kensi looked horrified at Callen, if one of them got transferred, they could end up miles away from each other.

Callen's heart melted at the sight of his wife's distress. He walked towards her, "It'll be ok Kens…I know it will." He said, he knew he would…well he hoped he would be able to talk Hetty round.

"It'll be ok?" Kensi whispered her eyes red and her voice horse, "Hetty knows, I'm gonna be transferred because she won't transfer you…I'll have to leave…I'm not leaving Lena with you and Rose…" she turned and walked to the bullpen.

"KENSI!" He yelled running after her.

Sam had been called in early as had the team had had a hit on the missing Nuclear medicine canister, he caught Callen yelling and running after Kensi.

"G? What's wrong." Sam asked

"Hetty…Hetty knows…" Callen wrenched his arm away and caught up with Kensi in the bullpen.

"Kensi! You can't take Lena, I won't let you." Callen said oblivious to the fact that the rest of the team was walking into the building.

"Why not?" Kensi snapped, "You'll have your new kid…" she snapped.

"It isn't my child!" Callen snapped as Sam's face went dark.

"You don't know that," Kensi snapped back, "Besides now you've told Hetty we're married I'll have to leave anyway, so you can keep your bachelor pad Hetty got you and actually move your stuff there." She grabbed her bag and turned to see the others staring opened mouthed at her.

Sam pulled Callen over by the shoulder, "You had an affair?" he asked, "You cheated on Kensi?"

"I…I,… I don't know I was drunk…she was drunk and she's pregnant, but it might not be mine." Callen argued holding his hands up in his defense.

A resounding crack echoed across the floor as Sam punched Callen in the face.

"Who…Who did you cheat on Kensi with?" Sam yelled at him.

Callen looked at them all, there was no way he was telling Sam, if Rose was as he suspected carrying Nate's child then he wasn't getting her in trouble.

Everyone was looking at him like he was the bad guy, he sighed, this wasn't what he wanted, even Hetty was mad with him.

He grabbed his bag and stormed towards the door.

"Mr. Callen….Where are you going?" Hetty called.

"Give Kensi the job, I…I quit!" he dropped his gun on his desk and threw his badge at Kensi. He turned around and walked out of the door.

Kensi dissolved into sobs as Deeks caught her she collapsed. Eric and Nell looked uncomfortable and Sam stood his hands balled into fists.

Callen walked into his empty house, his eyes wet with unshed tears, this wasn't how it was supposed to be, he knew.

He wanted to go home to curl into Kensi's arms to kiss her senseless, to prove that he wasn't the father of Rose's child, to make it all go back to how it had been a month ago.

He stood up ready to go back to her and grovel, do anything he needed to to get his wife and his child back into his life.

As he did a blinding pain shot through his head and he crumpled to the ground.

A blond haired Romanian man picked up the phone, "Your information was right, I have Callen." He smiled as he trussed him up and carried his unconscious form to the back of the car.

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