Never Tell!

Chapter 18

Kensi marched into Rose's office. "Where is he?" she snapped.

Rose looked up, "Kensi?" she looked confused.

"Callen walked out of the mission a week ago, I haven't seen him, he hasn't been home, so is he with you?"

Rose shook her head confused, "No…why would he be with me?" she asked confused.

"He's the father of your baby, isn't he?" Kensi growled looking at the bulge in her stomach.

"Wait?... What?... What! ...No!" Rose looked at her surprised. "Why…why do you think that?"

"He said he wasn't sure, you spent the night together and now you're pregnant."

"We spent the night together, but we didn't sleep together, I slept with Nate the night afterwards. Callen had been talking to me, waiting for Nate to turn up, he got drunk, spent the whole night talking about how much he loved you and Lena, He said he had upset you…said he had called you Tracy, felt bad, he hates her you know…Tracy that is, but she unsettled you and it stuck on him how he should have told you about her before you found out, like that. He got drunk and passed out on the bed; I had nowhere to sleep so I slept next to him. But honestly Kensi…Nothing happened."

"Nothing? So that's not Callen's child?" Kensi asked again.

"God! No! This is Nate's child." Rose said looking Kensi straight in the eye.

Kensi sagged forward and Rose caught her, "Are you ok?" she asked.

"You were my last hope, he hasn't been in touch, I didn't want to find him here with you, but no one has seen him and he hasn't even contacted Lena…"

"I wish I could help," Rose said.

Kensi smiled, "You have…knowing he didn't cheat on me helps so much."

"Had I known that he thought, even for a second that we had slept together. I would have told him…" Rose was totally shocked, she knew that up until the last week Callen had been there for her since she found out about the baby, he had sat up nights talking to her, listening to her talk about Nate, She had thought it was out of friendship for both her and Nate, now she knew it was guilt, he had thought it was his child.

Callen opened his eyes, another morning, he got up hauling the chains he was shackled in over to the open toilet in the room. He had been here six months now; he had long given up on anyone in his former team rescuing him. He knew when he stormed out of the mission that he had burned his bridges, but he thought that the team would have buried their animosity towards him and would have tried to find him.

Kensi had probably filed for divorce by now, and Lena…his little Lena…probably didn't even remember who he was. He closed his swollen eyes as a tear; one of many he had shed for the last few months escaped him.

His captors opened the small grill in the door, "Alimente…ce mananci acum," a gravelly voice came from the other side of the door.

Callen took the 'food' such as it was, it was a watery porridge, sloppy and grey but he ate it as fast as he could his stomach making a growling noise at the small amount of nourishment going into it.

He knew there were drugs in the food, he knew this, he had resisted for a week, a whole week until he was so hungry and thirsty that he couldn't help himself. No one had been in to see him, there was no window, just the voice in Romanian who gave him food and water, both drugged once a day and the toilet and the bare thin mattress next to the wall he was shackled too.

Today however was different, the door opened and bright light flooded in, Callen tried to stand firm but he squinted. "Finally…Room service." He quipped.

"You come with me." This man's voice was different, Callen couldn't see his face, but his voice sounded French.

The man unlocked his cuffs from the wall his hands were still bound, Callen's shirt; the same one he had worn on that fateful day was full of holes and tattered. He was taken into a room and shoved roughly into a chair.

"Who are they?" he said showing him a picture of Kensi and Deeks out walking with Lena.

"I don't know." Callen said his eyes drinking in the sight of his wife and little girl. She had gotten so big, she was holding Deeks' hand with no sign of the stroller she had been in a few months ago. Her bright eyes and happy smile melted his heart.

"So you don't mind if my men kill them."

"No!...Don't…I don't know who they are honestly, but that's a kid." Callen argued.

"I know you are NCIS Mr. Callen, I know that is your wife and daughter, I do not know, nor do I care who the man is, maybe someone your wife has chosen to replace you, what I want to know is where are the rest of the canisters, if you do not tell me, well, it would be a shame if that little girl didn't get to grow up." He threatened.

"What canisters?"

"We had some canisters of nuclear material, you confiscated 3 of them, now tell me, where does your little secretive band of agents keep their secrets."

Callen shook his head, "I don't know…" Callen snapped.

"You will tell me…and Mr. G. Callen… by the time I am finished you will help me get the items back…" he laughed and plunged a needle into Callen's neck, he focused on the face of his daughter until he passed out.

As they had, every morning for the past six months, the team came in, dropped off their bags and headed up to Ops.

This morning Sam was first, "Eric, anything?" he asked.

Eric shook his head, "Nothing." He said sadly, "How's Kensi today?" he asked.

"I saw her last night, she's pretty much the same, still blaming herself and blaming Hetty, I wish he would call," Sam was mad. Callen had quit in front of them and by the time that Sam had made it to his house to talk to him Callen had been gone.

They had looked for him for two months, no hits on his credit cards, no pictures of him on Kaleidoscope, nothing. As Hetty had said, Callen was adept at becoming a ghost, maybe he had just moved on.

Kensi had cried and screamed, in her heart she knew that wouldn't have happened, fight or no fight Callen wouldn't have left his daughter, or Rose's child if it were his and although she knew now that is wasn't his, she also knew he didn't know that. No…she was his wife and something was wrong and she knew it. She went about her job every day dealing with cases as they came in, Sam, team leader supported her as much as he could, but she still wouldn't talk to Hetty. Hetty had tried to get her to open up, she had even called Nate back to talk to her.

Kensi had her credentials changed to Kensi Callen, there was in her opinion no way there wasn't going to be a Callen at the office, and she wore her wedding ring openly now as if in defiance, a way to tell Hetty that even if she had driven him away he was still her husband and she loved him.

Hetty would drink her tea and watch the broken team from across the bullpen, she would check her contacts every day for signs of Callen, but after six months there was nothing. She worried that her actions on that day had lead to Callen doing something stupid to himself; she prayed that this time she was wrong and he was merely on a beach somewhere and licking his wounds.

He wished more than anything he could remember that night with Rose, he had woken up, both clothed he had to admit, wrapped around each other on Rose's bed, he hadn't wanted to bring it up with her and she hadn't talked to him about it. In fact she hadn't mentioned that he was or wasn't the father of her baby, but he didn't remember Nate being around at that time and he knew he had been there one night. He just wished his memory of that time wasn't so full of holes like Swiss cheese…mind you that wasn't all that was like Swiss cheese.

The Frenchman laughed again as the faces went round and around on the screen.

He looked at the people on the screen again…Sam…Kensi…Deeks…Nell…Eric...Hetty...Lena...Eva...his mind went round and round in circles trying to remember them.

He screamed as the fire of the drug the Frenchman placed in his system burned through his brain.

"They hurt you…they have what you need Callen, you need to get it." The Frenchman smiled, the scar on his face twisting evilly.

"I don't know who they are…" he croaked out…this time he was beginning to believe it…he was forgetting who they were…all except the child. Whenever he started to forget her, the frenchman reminded him.

"The child is yours, your little Essalina, your Lena…these people stole her, they stole her because you lost a canister, a canister that we needed, and it has medicine in that can cure her." The Frenchman said, gently wiping the sweat off his brow with a cold cloth.

"Why…why won't they help her?" Callen cried as the pain waved through him.

"Because…because you were their friend and you betrayed them, you double crossed them to work for me,"

"Why? Why would I do that?" Callen asked his brain pounding.

"Because, I am your father." Janvier smiled, his scar twisted again as Callen looked him in the eyes. Callen had destroyed his life a long time ago and he was hell bent to get his revenge on the man who cost him his face, he would destroy all that he loved and according to the Keelson file he had paid a lot of money for the two most important things he loved were his wife and daughter. And if that meant he could get his hand on the canister of Nuclear material that Isaac Sidarov was searching for and lose Callen everything he held dear, then it would be a plus. Also he found himself warming to the kid, not the Agent…but the man himself, stripped of his morality, The boy seemed to be a lot like the man Keelson had pegged in his files for the father.

"I wouldn't betray my country." Callen snapped sure that he wouldn't.

"It is not your country, I am French, your mother was Roma, you are French…Basque French and I work for ETA. The American's want us dead my son."

Callen's head shook in denial; this wasn't right, he wouldn't betray Hetty, never…wouldn't betray Kensi…or did he already?

Janvier injected him again and his head swam. "Sleep now my son, tomorrow we will talk more."

Callen's head slumped to one side and Janvier turned to the man behind him.

"Call Isaac, soon it will be time. and Vasilie, inform your cousin as promised the last Callen will soon be hers." Janvier said and turned his attention to the pictures on the screen.

Sam…Kensi…Deeks…Nell…Eric...Hetty...Lena...Eva... Soon they would be dead, the canister would be theirs and all by Callen's hand.

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