Never Tell!

Chapter 19

Kensi woke up early; it was Lena's fifth birthday. She pulled her knees to her chin and sobbed for a moment, still missing her husband. She kissed the photo of him she had by the bed and whispered good morning to him, and grabbed her journal. This had become her ritual. Where possible she wrote in it morning and night, telling him about her day, the new things Lena had done or said, she'd taken a picture, after the first month she had taken a picture a day of Lena, doing her hair and making her look pretty so G didn't miss a single day of her life.

She went into the bathroom, wiped her face and showered quickly hearing Lena start to stir. She was finding it hard as a single parent.

She wrapped a towel around herself as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a second towel for her hair, she stopped as she walked in the bedroom and smiled, Lena, wearing her father's blue shirts, was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her face a picture of concentration.

"Hey baby girl, what ya doing?" she asked

"Shh mommy, I'm thinking." Lena said.

Kensi nodded and carried on drying her hair and got dressed.

"You finished thinking and ready to talk honey?" Kensi asked.

Lena opened her eye a crack and looked around, "Not yet mommy." She said.

Kensi got Lena's clothes out for the day and walked back into the bedroom.

"Lena, you gotta get dressed baby,"

"You'll be late for school honey." Kensi said.

Lena opened her eyes and a tear fell down her cheek, "its not fair mommy." She cried.

Kensi gathered her baby up and hugged her, "What's not fair Lena?" she asked.

"My teacher said I should make a wish for my birthday…and I wisheded real hard but it didn't happen." She said sobbing into her mother's arms.

"What did you wish for baby?" Kensi asked her heart breaking for her child.

"I wisheded for daddy to be back home with us…does daddy not like us?" Lena asked.

"Daddy loves you very much and I know he wants more than anything to be here with you right now, but daddy's working and can't make it home." Kensi said trying to explain to the now five-year-old why her father was not around.

"Andy says that my daddy is dead like his daddy…mommy is my daddy an angel?" Lena asked sniffing past her tears.

"No…your daddy isn't dead, he is away, but he will come home one day." Kensi kissed the little girl on the head and got her dressed and let out a deep breath as she heard Eva call from the living room.

"Where's the birthday girl!" Eva's voice called out.

Lena sat up a squirmed in her mother's lap until Kensi let her down, "I'm here Auntie Eva…I'm this many now." She ran out of the room holding up her hand showing all five fingers.

Kensi smiled as Lena's squeal of delight was heard throughout the whole house.

She gave a deep sigh, "Please…come home G, we miss you." She said softly to the picture of Callen and grabbed her bag following her daughter out of the room.

Callen woke up. Janvier was in the room, his hand over the dish that held the syringe full of the drug Callen had been doped up with for years.

"Papa?" Callen said through the fog of his mind. His head hurt and like a dutiful father when Callen sat up Janvier handed him a small glass of water.

Janvier smiled, it was the first time Callen had called Janvier that, it was finally time. It had been a slow process, but the eventual payoff would be worth it.

"How are you feeling my son?" Janvier asked.

"Foggy…what happened?" Callen asked.

"You were injured, what do you remember?" Janvier asked prodding.

Callen sat up and looked around, "I had a team? I think…they worked with me…stole my…Lena…they found out about you and took my daughter?" Callen asked his mind still confused, "Is she ok?" he asked.

"I have had word from the woman who is in charge of the group, her name is Hetty Lange…do you remember that?" Callen nodded to Janvier's question.

"Well, she has your daughter she's still mad that you didn't tell her you were my son, you kept it a secret from her." Janvier continued.

Callen remembered her face, Hetty Lange, small and angry he had kept something a secret from her and she had been furious, she had mentioned something about his daughter and he remembered a huge fight and him leaving mad, calming down and going to get Lena…

"I remember Papa." He said.

Janvier gave him a picture of Lena in her little pink dress taken that morning, "They sent us this, and it's her birthday today." He said running his finger over the picture looking every inch the grieving grandfather.

"Can I see?" Callen asked.

Janvier smiled, "Of course Cal." He said

Callen looked at him something was wrong, "What?" he asked taking the picture.

"That is your name, Cal Janvier…" He said.

"I thought it was G. Callen…?" Callen said confused.

"That was the name they gave you when you were stolen from me at five years old." Janvier told him.

Callen looked at him strangely, his brain was still foggy but things kept making sense. Janvier handed him a small brown book holding in a smile, the money he had paid Eugene Keelson was well worth it.

"It's all the foster homes I ever lived in…" Callen said with awe in his voice.

"I kept track of you my son, but I could never get close enough to find you." Janvier said his voice dripping with sadness.

"What did they do with my daughter?" Callen asked worried.

"One of your ex-coworkers a Kensi Blye has fostered her." Janvier said, "She is accompanied by Agents all the time, they are hoping to lure you back from me."

Callen looked confused, "Why?" he asked.

"They know you're going to come back for her…they want to take me down…" Janvier said, "Hetty Lange has hated me ever since you were small, she killed your mother."He said flatly.

"What?!" Callen was shocked, he had worked with Hetty he remembered good times with her, but not once had she mentioned that she knew his mother."

"Your mother Clara worked with Hetty at the CIA. Your mother was on assignment in Romania. We met there and fell in love and we married; her father George Callen had enemies, enemies that Hetty was aware of. She told them of your mother's whereabouts and I found out, I was dealing with a crime family called Comescu, I didn't know about their feud with your mother's family son, I really didn't…Clara talked to Hetty and mentioned the name. Hetty was mad, as Clara would not go back to the CIA; she had information that would incriminate her with that family, I don't know what it is, Clara never told me." He admitted sadly, "But they found out and as you were on the beach with your mother, they shot her, Hetty took you off the beach and back to America to train you, to make you a spy like your mother, to catch and kill me."

"I couldn't kill you!" Callen exclaimed looking at his father. "She won't win, I will get that canister you need and rescue my daughter."

Janvier smiled, "I will help you my son, and we will get our revenge against the woman who arranged for your mother's death."

Janvier held out an old photo of himself and Clara, it looked worn and tattered, and his father did not have the scar he had now. Both people in the photograph looked like they were in love and Janvier's hand was over his mother's stomach.

"That was taken in 1969, you are in there too." Janvier said pointing to Clara's stomach, "Your mother was pregnant in it." He smiled sadly.

Callen smiled, she pretty and the man in the picture was definitely Janvier, younger but definitely him.

He got up pulling his shirt on and standing up shakily.

"Let me help you son." Janvier said helping Callen out of the room and down to the dining room.

Callen sat down and watched quietly as his father made him something to eat. He looked at the picture of his parents and his daughter, running a finger lightly over Lena's picture.

"Don't worry baby, Daddy's coming." He said softly.

Janvier put a bowl of broth in front of his 'son'. "Eat this; you will need your strength up, if we are to rescue my granddaughter." He said.

"And get revenge on Hetty, trust me when I've finished she will wish she had never met me." Callen swore as Janvier smiled at the venom in his voice.

"Eat up, my son; we have a plane to catch." Janvier said, it was a short flight from Mexico where they were to LAX but they needed to be in Los Angeles for the next stage of his plan."

Kensi got into work as Deeks looked up from his desk. "Morning Mrs. C…" he grinned.

"Deeks." Kensi grinned rolling her eyes.

"I got something for Lena." Deeks said putting a wrapped package on her desk.

Kensi gave a small smile, "You ok?" Deeks asked as Sam arrived for work.

"Yeah…She's five now, Callen should be here." She said sadly, as she took the coffee that Sam handed her.

"Michelle is still planning that party for Lena, if you're up for it." Sam said.

Kensi nodded, "She's looking forward to playing with your daughter later," she admitted, "I had to call the school earlier; a kid at school told her that her daddy was dead and she was wishing for him to be there for her birthday."

"Ouch." Deeks said. "They gonna sort that out?" he asked.

"Yeah, they have a program for kids whose parents are in the military, they talk to the kids whose parents are deployed they know it's not the same thing, but they think some parts of it should help Lena cope with her father's absence." Kensi told them.

"That's good," Sam said, "some of the schools around here have great programs, Kamran was in one when I was deployed, she was only six but it helped a lot." He told her.

Kensi smiled. "I hope so."

Hetty walked into the bullpen and they stopped to look at her, "Mrs. Callen, a word in my office please."

Kensi shot the others a look and followed Hetty to her office.

Hetty gestured her to sit in the chair and Kensi did albeit reluctantly.

"I have some news and you need to be the first to hear it…" Hetty said.

Kensi looked up worried; the last thing she wanted to hear was we have found a body and that is what she was expecting.

"Mr. Callen has been captured on camera…this morning flying into LAX with an arms dealer Marcel Janvier."

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