Never Tell!

Chapter 2

Callen woke to see Kensi asleep on the bed, her hair falling across her face. She turned and opened her eyes slowly. "Hey," he said with a smile.

Kensi smiled, "Hey yourself." She replied.

He reached over and moved the lock of hair that was draped across her face and kissed her again, "Kenz, I don't have any regrets about last night…do you?" he asked.

Kensi sat herself up and looked at him; she could see the worry in his face.


"I'm your superior; I shouldn't have done that…I can move to the other room, I…." He started to disentangle himself from the sheets.

"Callen...G!" Kensi said stopping him.

Callen looked at her, "I've not regretted a single thing, if you want to stop this now, I will walk away, you don't need me to complete the mission, and you can tell Steve we had a fight or something, this doesn't need to come out to anyone." She told him.

"And if I don't?" Callen asked.

"Then…" Kensi smiled, "Can we do that again?" she rolled over to sit astride him as Callen's grin and his interest grew.

3 hours later, Callen holding his….Girlfriend, partner, what? In his arms sighed.

"You ok?" Kensi asked.

"We're going to Vegas tomorrow…." Callen said.

"Uh um." Kensi said

"I know you've only known me a month and a half and we've been….whatever this is for a day…but I love you Kensi Marie Blye, will you marry me for real?" Callen asked.

Kensi smirked, "Naked, in bed, after a mind-blowing sex session, how can a girl say no?" she laughed.

Callen looked down, "I supposed when you say it like that…" he smirked.

Kensi kissed him, "I know I haven't known you long, but when it's right a girl just knows…Yes G. Callen, I'll marry you…tomorrow in Vegas."

"You know we will have to keep this to ourselves, or they'll move us to different teams." Callen said.

Kensi nodded, "I have no intentions of telling anyone."

That weekend in a small chapel in Vegas, Kensi Blye and G. Callen were married.

Walking into Steve and Louisa's hotel room they showed off their rings to the one couple whom if they told they could say it was part of the undercover act. Steve was thrilled and took them both out for a meal to celebrate. He also booked them the honeymoon suite at the hotel they were staying in.

Carrying her over the threshold Callen closed the door and placed Kensi gently on the bed. "Hey Mrs. Callen."

"Hey, Mr. Callen." She replied with a slight smile.

He took her in his arms and made her forget the whole world, lying with him afterwards she looked over at the clock, "G, we need to check in with Sam and Eric."

Callen groaned… "Now?"

"Callen!" Kensi said grabbing her clothes.

Callen rolled over and opened his bag, grabbing his blue shirt and jeans they plugged in the laptop and waited as Eric called them.

"Hey Callen, Kensi." Eric said, "How's it going?"

"Good, Steve and Louisa have come to Vegas; I think they are meeting with a buyer tomorrow." Callen said.

"Good Callen," Macy said coming into view. "You need to be at that meeting."

Callen smirked and shot Kensi a look, "We will be, it's our honeymoon, Steve's turning the meeting into a party."

"Callen?" Macy asked.

"We slipped away for a few hours to check in with the local PD, so we told them we got married. Steve's getting his contact to meet us, some guy called Ian."

"Ok, but if this falls through I want you guys back home afterwards." Macy warned.

Callen nodded and closed the laptop.

"CALLEN!" Kensi said looking horrified.

"Kenz, if Macy checks the camera footage and Eric sees us going into the chapel, we'd be toast, and this covers that." Callen smirked.

Kensi flung her arms around her husband. "You. Are so clever." She grinned and kissed him again.

The next evening, Kensi was dressed in a figure hugging black dress and Callen was doing up the cuff-links on his Tux when Steve walked in his hands over his eyes, "Katie….Greg…you two decent?" he called out.

"Steve yeah we're fine." Callen called as he walked out of the bedroom.

Kensi followed him and Steve looked her up and down appreciatively, "Wow…if you weren't married…." He left the sentence hanging in the air as Callen wrapped his arms around his wife.

"So who are we meeting for dinner…?" Callen asked.

"It's a friend his name is Ian Donaldson." Steve said.

Callen grasped Kensi's hand a bit tighter…this looked like it, finally.

The meal was a subdued affair; Steve kept looking at his phone and jumped when it finally rang. "Freeman…" he answered.

Callen looked up his eyes on Kensi but his ears on the conversation.

"You can't make it…ok…Oh, you're going to D.C… ok call me when you get back, we'll make the exchange then." Steve said and closed the phone.

They finished the meal up as Steve told Callen the man they had been due to meet had to go to D.C.

Callen gave a sigh of relief; he hadn't wanted this mission to end just yet.

Finally arriving home they checked in with Macy, "It was a no show, but we have a name, Ian Donaldson. If Eric can find anything on him get Sam and Mike to check him out."

Macy nodded at the screen, "Keep on it, you have another month of this op authorized, Director Sheppard wants you both in place for the foreseeable future."

"Great!" Callen feigned disappointment.

"Sam and Mike are holding down the fort here, G. Nate says you can give him a call if you need anything."

"Sure." Callen laughed and closed the connection.

"Well Mrs. Callen, it looks like we will be here for a while." He said smirking at Kensi.

Following Steve in his work Callen managed to gather a load of information, Kensi had gotten quite a bit from Louisa as well, she had no idea what her husband was up to and she let a lot slip during their fitness sessions.

A month after the wedding, Kensi stopped out of breath as Louisa passed her on her morning run.

"Katie? Are you ok?" Louisa asked concerned for her friend.

"Yeah, I think I ate something funny." She said taking a breather.

"Yeah?" Louisa smirked. "You sure?"

Kensi nodded. "I don't feel so great, do you mind if we finish up early?" she asked.

They jogged slowly back to Louisa's house, Just as Kensi was about to get into the car Louisa called her, "Katie, hold on a sec." she walked into the house and came out with a small bag. "You might need this." She said handing Kensi the bag.

Kensi smiled and looked inside and her face fell, "No…!" she breathed in horror, "You don't think….?"

Louisa smiled, "Honey, would it really be that bad?"

Kensi sank to her knees, "Yeah…Greg has a new career with Steve, and we have the house to pay for, we can't afford this." She said internally she was thinking Macy would kill her.

Louisa patted her back reassuringly. "Go home, take the test and talk to your husband, I'll call Steve and get him to send Greg home early."

"No…Don't, please…" Kensi begged.

Louisa smiled and waved as Kensi drove home.

The first thing they she did was run upstairs to the bathroom and take the test, by the time Callen got back she was sitting in the living room staring at the tiny piece of plastic that was sat on the coffee table.

"Katie!" Callen called.

"G…Greg…." Kensi stuttered remembering that there were microphones in the living room.

"Are you ok honey?" Callen asked dropping to his knees by her, "Katie, you're crying?"

Kensi pointed to the stick… "I need to lie down; Greg and we need to talk."

He followed her to the bedroom and closed the door, "Kenz you're scaring me, what's wrong?"

"G….I'm….we're pregnant." Kensi said and burst into tears.

Callen looked at the small stick with the two blue lines and sat heavily on the bed.

"How are we going to keep this from the others?" Kensi asked.

"I don't know, I will think of something. It'll be ok Kenz…I promise." He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder.

"We…I mean, you do want this child don't you?" Callen asked warily.

Kensi nodded, "I do, G, I know how much family means to you…I just don't want to lose my job or you."

"You won't lose either." Callen promised his wife.

There was only one thing he could think to do, sitting next to Kensi he grabbed his cell phone and called the one person he could trust and the one person he knew could help.

"Gibbs…I need you." Callen said.

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