Never Tell!

Chapter 20

Kensi's head shot up, "Are you sure it was him?" she asked.

In the last two and a half years since she had seen him, there had been numerous sightings and at first, they had chased down every lead. Some of those leads had been incredibly close-up pictures of Callen being taken from a van or car, under gunpoint or in chains between buildings. There was never any footage of the person who had taken him. A different man had been with him each time. After a year Kensi had stopped going with Sam, Deeks and Nell Jones, a System Analyst, who had worked her way up to Agent. As they followed each lead, finding empty rooms hurt too much and having to go home to look Lena in the eyes, the eyes that looked so much like her father's, was something she just didn't have the strength to do anymore.

Hetty had sympathized and had given her as much leeway as possible to try and cope with the situation. She did this by giving her extra time where needed for Lena and understanding her need during the first year to 'grieve' for the loss of her husband. She knew he wasn't dead, but his absence in her life was as keenly felt as if he was.

She and Eva had tried to keep things as normal as possible for Lena and although the child missed her father greatly, she had gained a whole new family of aunts and uncles, and after two years when Kensi finally relented and stopped blaming Hetty for Callen leaving, a Grandmother.

But this photo, which Hetty had gently placed in her hands, was the first piece of proof, actual definitive proof, that her husband G. Callen was alive.

Kensi couldn't hold back the tears that fell at the sight of him. He was thinner, so much thinner that when she had last seen him. However, he looked well. But he wasn't a captive?

"What the hell has he been doing?" Kensi asked Hetty, her voice a harsh whisper. "Is he undercover?" She wouldn't put it past Hetty to tell her now that Callen had been working undercover all this time.

"No. I honestly have no idea what he is up to," Hetty told her, her face open and honest.

Sam's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and mouthed, 'Michelle' to Deeks, then took the call.

"Hi honey," he said with a small smile forming on his lips.

He stopped and went pale at what Michelle said to him. "Callen? Are you sure?" he asked gob smacked.

His stomach knotted at her response.

"Where is he?" Sam asked. His face clouded over as he strode towards to Hetty, "It's for you… it's Michelle."

Hetty nodded to Kensi and took the phone, "Mrs. Hanna." She listened as Michelle reiterated what she had told Sam.

"Is your information correct?" she asked her voice full of concern. "Very well. I will inform the team but please allow us to deal with this first before you inform your superiors." She stated. Michelle caught the I'm not asking" tone in Hetty's voice.

Her shoulders relaxed a little as Michelle agreed. She handed the phone back to Sam.

"Mr. Hanna I need your team in Ops." Hetty said before she turned to head upstairs.

Callen threw his bag down in the hotel room and called out to his father, "I'm hitting the shower Papa. Can you order some food? I'm starving."

"Sure son, anything specific you want?" Marcel replied.

Callen shook his head, "Food…just food." He grinned and walked towards the bathroom.

He stood under the shower, the hot water feeling really good. It had been six months since the morning that they had decided to try working together as a father and son team. It seemed on Cal Janvier's part to be a pretty rock solid partnership - they made money dealing with traitors. This man was the father he wished he'd had growing up. Although he hadn't gotten much of his memory back, there was more of it coming back each day. Truth be told, most of it was what his father told him, but it was more than what he had before partnering up with him.

They had looked at pictures and plans and Cal had spent most of his free time working on how to free his baby girl from the woman who was pretending to be her mother. He had, strange dreams involving the woman, some really intimate and he wondered if it was just because she was beautiful. Beautiful or not, she had taken his baby and would pay, as would that Hetty woman who had taken him from his father.

"Cal!" Marcel's voice broke through his musings as he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself.

"Yeah?" he called back.

"Room service is here, it's your order, so you tip them."

Mike Renko smiled at Janvier, "I don't mind waiting."

"That's good, my son won't be long." Marcel said before returning to his laptop.

Callen came out in a pair of pants and a light blue cotton shirt. He glanced at the server who was patiently waiting for his tip.

"Thank you," he said as he handed Mike a $20 bill.

Mike looked at him for a second, "Will there be anything else sir?" he asked.

Cal shook his head, "I don't think so, Papa?" he asked.

Marcel shook his head, "No, you eat son. We have a meeting in a few hours and you need to be rested."

Cal turned to Mike, "No we don't need anything else. Thank you."

Mike walked out of the door and spoke into the empty corridor, "I made contact with Callen. There was no recognition in his face, and if he's undercover he's good."

Hetty's voice came over the earwig. "Understood Mr. Renko and thank you. Stay close to Mr. Callen where you can, just in case."

Mike walked to the elevator and pushed the down button.

In Ops Kensi had watched the exchange in shock. There hadn't been a hint of recognition on her husband's face as one of his best friends walked in the room.

"Is there any chance that man is his father?" Kensi asked.

"I don't know," Hetty admitted. "I knew the name of his mother, but not the name of his father."

"So maybe he's found his father and is working with him now. It's possible, right?" Kensi watched the footage from the bug in the flowers that Renko had placed. Callen, freshly showered and looking relaxed, made her very angry.

"Why hasn't he contacted me?" she snapped. "Or at least Lena, he's not being held against his will."

They watched as he ate his food and walked freely around the apartment.

Marcel picked up the phone and the group in Ops went silent as they listened in on Janvier's call.

"Isaac, it's Marcel…I am in Los Angeles with my son. Yes my son!" He snapped. Callen yawned and walked into the other room closing the doors behind him. "No Isaac, he's not my son, but he doesn't know that," he whispered with a evil grin forming on his lips, "He's got a plan for getting the Nuclear material we have been missing. We will meet for dinner in our hotel room.

The bug picked up Isaac's voice as Marcel moved.

"Can't. Have my girl Quinn with me. We'll meet you in the restaurant. Safer and they do a really good steak." Isaac's voice carried around the room.

"Good. My son will be pleased to meet your Quinn. I hear she is a fiery lady. I've been trying to get him to see some women since I got him back but he's been reticent, something his holding him back. If you don't want to share your Quinn, maybe she has a friend?"

Isaac laughed, "Quinn's only friend is her gun Marcel. We will meet you at 7pm."

"You have what we need?" Marcel asked.

"I have the blueprints for the Office of Special Projects and Wood Green Elementary School." Isaac replied with reassurance.

"Cal will want to be there when we do the school run, when is that planned?" Marcel asked.

"Tomorrow at lunchtime. I saw the child today. She is looking quite healthy. I have current photos for your son - if he wants them."

"It is still a good plan Isaac. He gets us what we want. We kill anyone he has ever cared about and then I kill his daughter in front of him." Marcel laughed as he hung up the phone.

In Ops Kensi went cold and collapsed against the table. "Hetty…they're planning on killing Lena," she said with horror etched over her face. G is with them willingly. He's being played and doesn't even know it!"

"We will keep your daughter safe Mrs. Callen, and we will bring your husband back. I promise you that." Hetty turned to Eric, "Call Mrs. Hanna and have her meet us here."

Eric nodded and went to do as she asked.

"I have to call Eva and get Lena out of school; they need to go to a safe house," Kensi said reaching for her phone.

"No! If we tip our hand now we may never get Mr. Callen back," Hetty paused a moment before saying the next word, "Alive."

"NO?" Kensi asked incredulously. You expect me to take my baby girl to school tomorrow and leave her to the mercy of that man?" she yelled pointing her finger at a picture of Janvier on the screen.

"I expect you to allow your sitter to collect Lena as she usually does and then your child will suddenly have a fever tomorrow and you will have to keep her home."

"But Hetty, if Callen is working with Janvier, then he knows where we live. Lena won't be safe there and I don't want to scare her." Try as she might, Kensi couldn't stop shaking. She wanted to run to the school, grab Lena and keep running until she knew her baby was safe, but then she looked on at the hotel room camera as the door opened.

"Did Sidarov get the blueprints?" Callen asked as he walked out.

Marcel smiled, "Isaac will be bringing them tonight and he sent me this." He handed Callen his phone and Callen's face softened into the man that Kensi knew and loved as he viewed the photo of his daughter.

"She's beautiful," Callen said looking at his child. Again, he racked his brains, but still nothing. "Papa?" he asked

Marcel smiled at his son, "It must be time for your medicine." He took a black pouch from his case and in Ops Kensi watched amazed as Callen sat down and rolled up his sleeve.

He held his arm still as Marcel injected him with the medication, "Essalina, your daughter's name is Essalina," he reminded him as Callen leaned towards his father and Marcel embraced him.

His eyes fluttered, "Essalina….Kens…" he murmured as he fell asleep.

Marcel lifted Callen's feet, put them on a footstool, and draped a blanket over his lap.

"Rest now son." He smiled and walked over to his laptop. He had work to do and having Callen out cold right now was an advantage.

In Ops, Kensi had walked towards the sight of her sleeping husband and jumped as he whispered her name.

"I love you," she breathed staring at the screen.

"Hetty we have to bring him in, I need to know what is going through his head."

"Patience Mrs. Callen, we will apprehend him soon enough. I need to confer with Mrs. Hanna about Sidarov's involvement in this matter first as there may be forces at play that we do not know about right now."

Kensi nodded, "I need him safe and I need him home Hetty. Can you promise me that?" she asked.

"I fully intend to see your family reunited," Hetty said honestly and turned towards the door.

Hetty didn't say anything to Kensi, but the lack of a reaction by Callen to the sight of Mike Renko worried her. Usually Callen would get a small smirk, imperceptible to anyone who didn't know him, but to her, the small tell always rang out, and today it hadn't been there.

She was concerned that whatever the drug was that Marcel Janvier was giving Callen, it was stopping him from remembering who he really was. If Callen wasn't playing a role and really thought that Janvier was his father, ripping him away from all that could be more damaging than if he was merely undercover.

She also worried that if he really did not recognize the team; would they be in danger from him? Was he was fixed with the single-minded determination to kidnap his own child?

She walked to her office and sipped a cup of tea.

"Oh Bugger," she sighed.

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