Never Tell!

Chapter 21

Cal woke up and stretched, his father was sat in the room holding his medication. He opened an eye sleepily and groaned. He looked over at his father and the dreaded needle.

"Still?" he asked. "Surely I'm well enough to do without the vitamins now." He said.

Marcel smiled at his 'son'. "I wish it were so, but you were hurt badly by these people and you are still not well enough to do without your vitamin shots. And remember today is the day we get your daughter back."

Cal sat bolt upright in the bed, "Essalina….I remember her name." he smiled, "Papa I remembered." he noticed a dark look cross his father's face, "Did you not want me to remember?" he asked.

Marcel froze he had not meant for Callen to see that.

"Of course I want you to remember my son, I just fear that as you get your memories back, well, that not all of them are nice ones…Tell me my son, what do you remember."

"I remember…." Callen trailed off as he thought and focused on Essalina. "I remember a room…She's on the bed with something wrapped in white…a shoe…and …ew…she filled my shoe with toothpaste…someone else was there…I…I don't know but I remember Papa…Essalina filled my shoe with toothpaste, she was cleaning it." He smiled and tears of happiness fell down his face.

Despite his hatred for the man Marcel smiled, he remembered his own daughter at that age. "Yes you did something similar when you were a boy," he said.

Callen sat on the bed with his legs crossed, "Tell me!" he asked expectantly.

Marcel sat for an hour telling him stories of things he did as a child until he was five. Actually, they were Adeline's stories, but he turned them a bit from his daughter to fit his fake son. However, the light of a parents love was there and Cal was convinced he lapped them up.

By the time Marcel stood up and injected the 'medication' into his son, Cal was convinced, the little bit of nagging doubt he had woken up with was gone.

"So, What's the plan for today?" Callen asked as he grabbed his pants and shirt and pulled them on.

"We are meeting with Isaac Sidarov for breakfast, we were supposed to meet them for dinner last night, but the jet lag took you my son and you slept through the meal. He has information on your daughter and the other things that NCIS took from us."

"And I'll get them back." Cal finished with an evil smile.

Marcel nodded.

Walking into the restaurant Callen looked around, not sure what he was looking for but something set off his senses.

There were not many people in the restaurant, Isaac and Quinn were waiting for them at a table, and an old couple sat a few tables away having breakfast together. A middle aged couple with a six year old sat near the door and a young man with blond hair and a red headed short woman sat directly in Cal's line of sight, looking very much as if they belonged together.

Isaac stood up and extended his hand. "Isaac Sidarov, I have been looking forward to meeting you."

Callen took the hand and shook it, "Callen Janvier, Nice to meet you." He turned and looked at the dark woman at Sidarov's right.

Michelle smiled at him, but he showed no recognition, "Quinn," she said.

Callen looked her up and down, she was pretty, "Pleasure." He said kissing her hand.

Marcel looked at his son, "Cal…sit." He said.

"I'm sorry, my son is quite the playboy." Marcel said shooting his son a look, Cal smirked back at him.

"Like my Papa, No?" he grinned.

Marcel smiled and nodded.

Isaac was amazed there was no residual doubt in Callen's face he one hundred per cent believed that Marcel Janvier was his father.

Quinn looked concerned, but only for a moment then she turned to gaze at Sidarov, to try to see what he was planning.

Isaac pulled a manila envelope out of his briefcase and handed it to Callen. "These were taken this morning, your daughter did not make it to school." He said as Callen looked at the pictures, "I called the school it seems your daughter has a stomach bug."

Callen looked at the pictures, "Essalina looks a lot bigger in these pictures, how old is she now?" he asked

"Five years-old." Marcel told him.

"Is the woman with her an agent?" Callen asked spitting on the word agent.

Isaac nodded, "Her name is Eva, we had done some checking she lives with another Agent, a Woman, Kensi Blye, I believe they are living as a couple."

Callen looked up at that, "And they have left a child there? No…They have left my child there." He growled. "We need to save her." He said his hand clenching on the knife in his hand at the table. Marcel covered his hand, "Cal…we will save her, and today. The only problem is that they have moved her to their headquarters."

"Where is that?" Callen asked.

"I don't know, but we have someone who does." Sidarov said.

Quinn suppressed a shudder; this was what she had been waiting for, ever since she had heard that Sam had been taken last night.

"When can we see him, are you sure he will give us the information?" Cal asked.

"He may need some persuading, but first we will eat."

Two hours later, they pulled up outside a warehouse and walked in to see two men guarding a room.

"Anything from our guest?" Sidarov asked.

The men shook their heads, "Nothing, he won't talk." One guard said.

Callen opened the door and saw Sam strapped to a chair, electrodes running around his chest, he was tired and sweating.

"G?" Sam said confused.

"Let me talk to him." Cal snarled.

Sidarov nodded as Michelle bit back a scream at the sight of her husband in so much pain.

As Callen walked into the room Sidarov turned to Janvier, "Are you sure he doesn't know who he is?"

Sam screamed as Callen cut him deep with a knife and Marcel smiled.

"I don't think so." He said.

"TELL ME!" Cal's voice floated through the door.

Sam couldn't take it anymore, and he knew that to get Callen back he needed to hear it, so he told him the address.

Callen threw the knife down and turned to Quinn, "You, woman…patch him up, I'm taking him along with us." He said.

Sidarov shot Janvier a look.

"Why bring him with us son?" Marcel asked.

"If they won't give me my daughter, I'm going to shoot their agent." Callen said coldly.

He walked over to the table and took his gun out of his jeans; he started cleaning his weapon as Quinn patched Sam up, "So Isaac…" Callen started as he took the magazine out of his gun, "Apart from getting my daughter, my father said that the NCIS agents have something you need?" he asked.

Isaac nodded, "Four canisters of nuclear material, they took it when they took your daughter." He admitted.

Cal looked over at him, "You making a bomb?" he asked.

Sidarov nodded, "I like to think of it as homemade protection."

Cal laughed, "Fine…just don't let it off near my kid."

"If everything works out alright, that won't matter; we will be far far away my son." Marcel told him.

Quinn walked past with the first aid kit and went into the room where Sam was slowly bleeding out on the floor.

"Sam?" she whispered, he opened a bloodshot eye.

"Michelle?" he groaned.

"Shhh Quinn, my name is Quinn."

"What?...Callen…He….he stabbed me?" Sam groaned.

"It's ok…he didn't do any permanent damage, you need to stay awake, you need to get him to Ops. Remember your mission, save Callen." She said as she patched him up.

"Love you…" Sam mumbled.

For a second her face softened and she stroked her husband's hand. "It'll be ok." She whispered at him.

"Save Callen." Sam said before he passed out.

Quinn stood and walked into the other room, "Your man is out cold, so you may want to wait a while, but he'll live." She said.

Sidarov gave her a curt nod, "Quinn I want you to go with Cal as back up, he may need an extra pair of hands." He said.

Quinn walked over to him and held him, kissing him softly. "Sure no problem," she grinned.

"If he turns, shoot him and then the child." Sidarov hissed in her ear.

"No problem." Quinn lied.

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