Never Tell!

Chapter 22

Callen stalked off to his room, holding the picture of Lena and checking his gun for the umpteenth time.

Janvier knocked on the door, "Son…your cousin is here…he has come to help," he said.

Marcel watched as doubt crossed his son's face for a moment.

"I do not remember having a cousin," Cal said to his father.

Marcel smiled, "On your mother's side of the family. Dracul Comescu has come to help rescue your daughter. They will arrange safe passage out of the country for you both." He stood aside and a blond haired man walked in.

"Cal!" He smiled as his arms opened wide, "I have missed you my cousin, welcome back."

Callen looked at him, "You are my cousin?" he asked taking a step back.

Dracul looked at Marcel with pretend confusion, "Uncle Marcel?"

Marcel smiled and patted Dracul on the back, "Cal does not remember that the American's hurt him. Son, your mother was Clara Comescu before she became my wife and she taught you the language you speak –Romani," he prompted.

"I do?"

"Fiul, discutați cu vărul tău, ai fost amândoi prieteni ca copii," Marcel said with a smile.

"Dar ... tata Eu nu vorbesc limba romani!" Callen protested and stopped as Marcel laughed.

"Fiul meu, Tu vorbești română, am sugera că pentru a opri americanilor ascultare în planurile tale, vorbești doar în acea limbă pe raid ... eu nu încredere deplină în acel Quinn," Marcel said to his son.

"You don't trust Quinn? But Isaac trusts her?" Callen said shocked.

"Isaac is a fool, you should only ever trust family," Marcel snapped back.

"But…" Callen's argument got cut off as Marcel backhanded his son. Callen glared at him but nodded as his father had gotten his point across again.

"WHO DO YOU TRUST?" Marcel screamed at his son.

"You papa, only you…" Callen said. He had no idea why he was cowering when flashes of him as child ran through his mind. They were of older men screaming at a small boy who was alone and scared. Unable to help himself, a few tears slipped out. "I am sorry papa. I forgot what the Americans did to me…I just remembered some of it."

Marcel stopped, walked over and stood in front of Callen a moment before pulling him into a hug, "I am sorry also my son. I forget sometimes that you didn't have the life you should have had when that Hetty woman stole you from me and killed your mother."

Callen looked confused, as something his father just said did not sit right with him. "You said Mother was killed by a Comescu?"

"I said nothing of the sort!" Marcel snapped at Callen. "I said Hetty killed your mother. Why would your mother be killed by her own family?"

Callen shook his head, "I don't know papa…I…I just think that maybe, I don't know something seems off."

"My son, the Americans lied to you for years and it wasn't until I rescued you that you even knew something was wrong."

Callen looked down abashed, "I…"

"No, you listen to me son; I searched for you for years. Hetty changed your name and hid you in the system where you went through years of being controlled, abused and groomed for the job she wanted to do. I finally get you back and you start to not trust me….DO YOU WANT TO BE WITH THEM?" he yelled. "DO YOU WANT TO BE ALONE AGAIN?"

Callen shook his head, "I…no Papa, I don't. I'm sorry." He collapsed into the chair and Marcel sat next to it and held his son as he sobbed, "Please Papa, don't leave me again."

Marcel calmed him as he put the next injection into his son, "Shhh…it's ok Cal, you are wanted, and you are loved and you are home, do not forget that."

Callen lay against his father and as the drug did its work, he closed his eyes.

Dracul walked over to Marcel as Callen slept. "Are you sure this is going to work?" he asked.

Marcel nodded, "Yes, when Cal awakes you will meet up with Quinn, go to 'rescue' Essalina and on the way out, you can kill Quinn. We will take the canisters for ourselves and you may have Callen as promised. What you do with the child will be up to you and I trust this will clear our debt."

Dracul nodded, "Alexa is pleased with the plan." He also admitted, "The idea of raising a Callen brat and selling her on the market has some appeal to my mother."

Marcel nodded, and bent down to his bag, "Everything you will need is in here. If you manage to kill that diminutive operations manager then that would be a bonus."

Dracul laughed and poured himself a drink, "I am in awe of you Janvier as you have managed to pull off the con of the century."

"No…not yet. When I have the nuclear material and you have the Callen's, that is when I will have pulled it off."

Kensi sat in Ops with Lena napping on her lap.

"Is she ok?" Nell asked watching the child sleep.

"Yeah, I think so. She doesn't know her father is back so I sent Eva back to her apartment. She's grabbing some of Lena's things and is going to meet me at the boatshed.

"So you're not staying here?" Nell asked.

"I know Hetty means well, but I need to make sure Lena is safe." Kensi gulped as tears pricked her eyes, "I've asked Eva to take her away and not to let me know where they are for one month and then she will contact you and if it is safe, call me."

Nell looked shocked, "You're giving your child up?"

"Yes, to keep her safe."

Nell gave Kensi a hug, "You are brave and we'll do all we can to help." She walked over to a cupboard, typed a code into it and pulled out a spray. "I can tag her with overwatch if you want me too?" she offered.

Kensi shook her head, "If I know where she is, they may make me tell." The fear was evident in her voice.

Nell nodded and placed the small silver canister back in the case and locked it away again.

Kensi nodded up at the dark screen, "How is he?" she asked not wanting to use Callen's name in case Lena heard.

"He's good. There was an argument earlier but we couldn't understand the language. It wasn't Russian, maybe Eastern European. I was hoping that Hetty could translate it," Nell said.

Deeks walked in and looked at Kensi sitting with Lena on the chair.

"You guys ok?" he asked quietly so as not to wake the sleeping child.

Kensi nodded, "Yeah, I'm just spending some time with her before she goes with Eva."

"Eva is taking our little Lena for the weekend?" Deeks asked looking at the child who in the last few years had become the team's mascot.

Kensi shook her head sadly, "She's taking Lena for a month and if she manages to keep her safe then she'll contact me and hopefully this nightmare will be over."

Deeks looked at his partner as she was kissing Lena's head and breathing in the child's scent as if she were never going to see her again. "Hey, Kens… it'll be ok. You wait and see, you'll be tucking in the little munchkin in her own bed before you know it," he said optimistically.

Kensi just hugged Lena tighter when the child woke and yawned, "Mommy you're squishing me!" she complained.

Kensi smiled. "I'm sorry baby," she said and loosened her grip a little.

"Uncle Marty!" Lena looked up and smiled at him, "I'm going on holiday with Eva today."

"That's nice munchkin. You'll be good for her won't you?" he asked.

Lena nodded. Eva had promised to take her to Disneyland for a week and then on a long driving holiday so she could take pictures with her new camera.

Lena bounced off her mother's lap. "Can I go and see Uncle Sam?" she asked.

Kensi nodded, "I'm not sure if he's in yet. Don't go anywhere other than the bullpen ok?"

Lena nodded and skipped out of Ops, her call of "Uncle Sam!" being heard by nearly everyone in the building.

Kensi smiled apologetically to one of the support staff that had been startled by the noise.

"So what's really going on?" Deeks asked Nell.

"We had some audio from earlier, unfortunately we have lost the camera in the room." Nell further explained, "We don't think it has been discovered, just covered," she said showing the light blue hue that came from where the camera had been placed in Callen's room.

Kensi smiled. "His boxers. He wasn't really very tidy until we got married and had a place to call home," she said her voice cracking on the last word. Deeks placed a comforting hand on her arm.

"So what did you get audio wise?" Deeks asked.

"Nothing in English," Nell said showing him the transcript, not wanting to play the audio in case Lena heard her father's voice.

Deeks looked at it, "It's Romanian."

Shocked, they both looked at him and in unison said, "WHAT?"

Deeks smiled weakly, "With the number of languages you all speak, I thought I'd learn one that you don't," he admitted.


Son talk to your cousin, you were both friends as children.

But dad, I don't speak Romani

My son, you are speaking Romanian and I suggest that to fool the Americans you talk in that language only on the raid. I do not fully trust that Quinn.

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