Never Tell!

Chapter 23

"What do you mean you speak Romanian?" Kensi snapped.

Deeks' answer was pulled up short by Lena's tear stained face as she went into Ops, "Mommy…I can't find Uncle Sam, has he gone like Daddy?" she asked.

Kensi knelt down and looked over at Deeks. "Sam's not back?" she asked.

Deeks shook his head, "Hetty didn't want to tell you that Sam went on a mission to get information on someone," he said, hoping Kensi would get that he was talking about Callen. She nodded and he continued, "Well we haven't heard from him since the day before yesterday, but we aren't worried ...yet."

"Uncle Marty…Is Uncle Sam coming home soon?" Lena asked.

"I should think so sweetie. He's just a bit busy. Have you been to see Grandma Hetty yet? I hear she's got a new bag of Tootsie Pops," Deeks said with a grin.

"Why thank you Mr. Deeks. You are as usual, correct. Now Essalina, if your mother says its ok, you can come have a Tootsie Pop and tea with me."

"Cherry?" she asked with a big smile.

Hetty smiled. "So like her father," she thought. "Yes, Miss Callen, all of them are Cherry flavored."

Kensi nodded, grateful for the out. Lena grabbed Hetty's hand and they headed to her office.

"So Romanian?" Kensi prodded again.

"It was the only language that I could think of that no one else around here speaks," Deeks replied.

Nell grinned, "Callen speaks it."

Deeks rolled his eyes and sighed, "Apparently."

"It's good Deeks, you're bettering yourself…you never know when it'll come in handy," Kensi said with a grin.

Deeks gave both girls a bow and turned around, "That's me…small and handy….no…NO!….wait…I…." He sighed dramatically as Kensi and Nell fell about laughing.

As he turned the corner, he couldn't help but smile knowing that he'd made them both laugh.

Callen and Dracul opened the door to the van and as Quinn watched, they threw Sam in the back.

"Get in with him," Callen ordered Quinn.

Quinn shot him a nasty look but climbed in anyway.

After Dracul got in the front seat, Callen turned and pulled his gun on Sam, "Address, now!" he growled.

"You have the address," Sam groaned.

Callen smiled, "Now you're sure that was the truth?" he asked.

Sam nodded, "Yes…God…Yes…please…let me go."

Callen's sinister laugh filled the vehicle, "As soon as I get my daughter and the things you stole from my father, I'll let you go." He turned back to face Dracul, "I don't know how I know but he is telling the truth."

Dracul nodded in agreement and they headed to the mission.

Quinn sat in the back, her hand brushing Sam's thigh to let him know she was there. He looked dazed and that worried her.

"Are you ready for this cousin?" Dracul asked.

Cal nodded, "Of course. Papa will meet us afterwards, Lena and I will get on a plane and you and papa will have the canisters to do with as you wish."

Dracul smiled, knowing that Callen himself would never make it out of the country.

As Dracul drove on, Callen laid back and closed his eyes. The little girl and shadowy figure filled his thoughts. He still didn't know who she was but it was a she and most definitely called to him in his dreams.

They pulled up around the corner from the mission. "OUT!" Dracul snapped at Sam and Quinn.

Callen pulled his gun and handed the semi automatic to Dracul.

"Get us in there!" Callen barked.

Sam shook his head, "No!"

Callen moved behind him and grabbed Quinn around the neck placing the gun at her temple. "I don't know why, but she loves you. I saw the looks and touches you two have been giving each other. If you don't get us in there I'm gonna plaster her brains all over you."

"G…NO!" Sam begged.

"That's not my name…it is what that murdering witch called me!" Callen shook his head. This building was setting off all sorts of alarms in his head.

He knew this place and it unsettled him. "My name is Cal Janvier."

"No it's not. It's….NO! STOP. WAIT." Sam raised his hands as Callen's finger moved on the trigger. "Ok, you win. We'll go inside."

Sam opened the door and his heart dropped as he heard Lena's excited squeal, "But I had two!" she laughed as he walked down the corridor.

Deeks stopped on the stairs as he saw Sam coming down the corridor. The look from the usual confident brown eyes that Deeks was accustomed to was now one of panic.

Just as Deeks was about to send an agent in distress code, Dracul sprayed the ceiling with gunfire.

"EVERYONE STAY JUST WHERE YOU ARE AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT," Callen directed, his clipped accent reverberating in the sudden silence.

In Ops Kensi's heart dropped. He was here already and Lena was away from her, downstairs.

Her dark, fear filled eyes met Nell's concerned hazel ones. The silent communication between the two women conveyed what needed to be done. Pulling their weapons, Kensi from her back holster and Nell from the top drawer of her desk, Kensi led the way out of OPS stilling their movements on the other side of the doorway.

There, at the end of her sightline, Kensi could see down past the staircase and to the man she (still) called her husband. Kensi's eyes went wide when she got the first look in years, at her husband. He was thinner than when she had last seen him and the look in his blue eyes was that of haunted one. The visible scars on his skin paled in comparison to the look in the eyes she once could have stared at for hours.

"DADDY!" Lena called running towards her father.

Callen dropped to his knees and held out his arms, "Come here baby, you're safe now." He scooped her up and held her tightly for a moment as Kensi, Nell and Deeks took the stairs two at time to the bottom, guns aimed at the man who had ventured to the other side of the law.

"G…please let her go," Kensi said her hand shaking as she skidded to a stop near her husband.

"You don't get to keep my daughter anymore Agent Blye," Callen said with a cold look on his face. He handed his daughter to Quinn and pulled his own gun.

"G…" Kensi's voice shook, "Don't take her…don't go…please…don't leave us again," she begged.

Callen looked at her, "Us?" he asked.

"Nu ascultă la vărul ei, ea este încurcați cu mintea voastră." Dracul hissed and Callen nodded.

"He's lying!" Deeks yelled. "Kensi is not messing with your mind, she loves you and her daughter."

Callen shook his head as a few stray thoughts passed through his mind.

"I want the canisters you have in storage, the nuclear material." His voice sounded like a pre-programmed robot.

"I'm afraid we can't give you that Mr. Callen," Hetty said as she rounded the corner.

Callen shifted his stance, "Henrietta Lange. My father told me about you." His voice was cold and angry.

"I'm sure he did. Would you talk with me Mr. Callen?" she asked.

Callen looked confused for a second and then shook his head, "No…You killed my mother. You kidnapped me and then stole my child. Why the hell would I listen to anything you have to say?"

"Because you disappeared. We did not kidnap you nor did we steal your daughter. She has been safe with her mother, here, all of this time," Hetty informed him.

Callen's hand waivered as she told him that her mother was here. "Who…who is her mother?" he shook his head, "No…you're lying, my father told me you killed Lena's mother."

Lena looked over at Kensi, "Mommy?" she asked, she wasn't sure what was going on but she knew something was wrong."

She wiggled in Michelle's arms. "Stay still baby," Michelle whispered in her ear

Lena did as she was told. She wasn't sure what was going on but she trusted her Aunty Michelle completely.

Callen looked at his daughter who was looking at the two who women were standing at the bottom of the stairs -Agent Blye and a smaller, red headed woman.

"Which one of you lied and told my daughter you are her mother?" he snapped.

"I didn't lie. I am her mother and your wife," Kensi said bravely. She walked towards him, placing her gun on a desk she passed. "I can prove it."

Cal looked at her, "I know your mind games Agent Blye. My father told me all about you. How you don't even like men," he spat. "You are living with a woman called Eva. You are corrupting my child."

"Eva is our child-minder. She lives down the block, you bought her an apartment." Kensi turned away from him ignoring the fact that he had a gun and pulled a folder out of her desk drawer. "You don't believe me? Then believe this!" she exclaimed handing him an envelope. "It's our marriage certificate and photos of our life together."

Cal dropped the envelope on the floor, "No…you are trying to trick me. I just want the canisters and my daughter. The moment we are away from you, everything will be fine."

"No it won't," Deeks snapped. He moved to stand next to Kensi, "Your 'father' is not your father. Janvier sold you and your daughter to the Comescu's who are your family's enemy. I can prove it; you just have to listen, Cal." He used the name Janvier gave him.

Callen looked at him confused, "Why do you not call me G like the rest of them?" he asked.

"Would you listen to me if I did?" Deeks asked.

Cal shook his head.

"I have a recording of you, Dracul and Janvier. You only heard part of the conversation and I think you need to hear this, the unedited version. You can listen to the whole thing to prove it. Dracul intends to kill you, sell your daughter and Janvier will sell the canisters and the only losers in this will be you, and your family," Deeks said looking him in the eye.

Callen shook his head, "You are lying."

"Try me," Deeks replied, his face straight.

Dracul stepped beside Callen, "Do not listen to their lies cousin. Let's just get the canisters, your daughter and get out of here."

"No!" Callen shouted. "No…I need to…Hetty, she killed my mother and she must pay."

"So shoot her. We get the canisters, you shoot her and we leave." Dracul said as though it was something that happened every day.

"Oh Mr. Comescu, do you really think it's that easy?" Hetty said looking up at them, "Mr. Callen won't shoot me, he can't. No matter what you have done to him, you, Janvier and his base memories know I am a friend and that I have always had his best interests at heart.

"I…" Callen dropped his gun and held his head.

A million, now familiar images, passed through his mind at once, overwhelming him.

"No…stop it…I…I can't…Kens…" he said softly as he met her gaze moments before he fainted and fell to the floor.

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