Never Tell!

Chapter 24

Callen dropped like a stone and without even thinking, Nell fired her gun wounding Dracul as Michelle moved Lena out of the line of fire and Sam swept the legs out from under him.

Nell grabbed him and slapped a pair of cuffs on the man, "Dracul Comescu, you're under arrest," she said.

"You need me; you'll never wake him up without me!" Dracul spat.

Deeks read him his Miranda rights and patted him down removing three vials of an unknown drug from his pocket.

Lena started crying at all the noise and when she saw Callen lying on the ground she struggled in Michelle's grasp. "DADDY!" she screamed, finally breaking free and running towards him.

Sam stumbled as he made his way towards Callen; Michelle supported him as Kensi picked up Lena.

"It's ok peanut, Daddy's sleeping."

"Like the fishes?" she asked with a small sob, her hand reaching out to touch Callen's face.

Kensi quickly scanned her memory to think what she could mean and then remembered the LD50 case.

"No…no baby, not like the fishes. He's sleeping like you do at night, only Daddy's very tired. How about you get ready to go on your trip to Disneyland with Eva and daddy will be awake when you get back.

Lena kissed her father on the head and ran to get her backpack as Eva, who had been alerted by text message, came into the mission to collect the child.

Meanwhile, Hetty had called the paramedics who approached the presumed abandoned building without sirens or lights flashing. She had also called Leon to fill him in on the situation. All the Director knew so far, was that Sam had cuts and bruises, Callen was still out cold and that Deeks had three vials of an unknown drug, which may or may not aid in Callen's recovery.

Leon insisted that they courier the drug to the NCIS Lab in Washington D.C, to find out what was in them, and he also insisted that Callen be transferred to a secured facility. Hetty had to admit she was not happy but she reluctantly agreed with his directive. Although he seemed to recognize Kensi as he passed out, Callen's mental state was indeed in question. Until they found the underlying cause of his situation, and if the paramedics agreed, Leon's advisement that Callen be taken to the boatshed where he could be kept secured, would be carried out.

Dracul Comescu leaned back in the ambulance on his way to the hospital as Deeks watched him closely. He slipped his hand into his pocket and pressed a button on his cell phone.

"What did you just do?" Deeks asked annoyed he'd missed the phone during his initial pat down. He reached over and glared as he took the cell phone from him.

Dracul smiled, "I had a ….how you say… back-up plan?"

"Tell me what you mean…NOW!" Deeks snarled.

"You should ring your little leader…tell her, if she wants Callen alive…she should leave the canisters at the point that Callen will tell you when he awakens…Project MKUltra is still as valid now as when she used it on Janvier's parents in the '50's. She brought this on herself, you make sure she knows this… that Callen knows this…" Dracul smiled, "As soon as he realizes he is separated from myself and his 'father' he will know… Janvier will have his revenge either way."

Deeks glared at him and turned to the paramedic, "You got anything to shut him up?" he asked.

The paramedic sighed and ignored him, knowing that he would not be able to do that, no matter how much they both wanted it.

As they arrived at the hospital, Deeks watched Dracul being admitted and grabbed his phone.

"Hetty, where is Callen?" Deeks asked.

At her desk, Hetty had just watched as Callen had been loaded onto a gurney and was, as she spoke, being transferred to meet a medical team at the boatshed.

"He's just left to meet the medical team at the boatshed Mr. Deeks. Did Dracul Comescu give you more information?" she asked.

"He said to tell you…something about a project you worked on…MKUltra? In the fifties?" Deeks took a deep breath, "I'm not sure what it is, but they used it on Callen…Apparently it is payback for you using it on Janvier's parents."

Hetty sat heavily in her chair, "My God…" she breathed, "They used that on Callen?"

"What is it?" Deeks asked.

"It's a drug, a combination of sodium pentothal, Scopolamine and LSD. It is a wonder he is not completely insane. One of the aims of the MKUltra experiment was to control human behavior to change a man's memories and make him compliant to suggestion. It definitely explains how Mr. Callen fell so easily under Janvier's control," Hetty said. "Thank you for informing me and please stay with Dracul until he is transported by the LAPD and then head over to the boatshed."

"I will, thanks Hetty." Deeks replied and cut the call.

Sam, Nell and Michelle followed Callen's ambulance to the boatshed. Kensi waited behind for Lena to go off with Eva before driving to join them.

Hetty had filled Kensi in on what had happened and caught a ride with her to the boatshed.

By the time Kensi arrived at the boatshed she was livid. As she got out of the car she slammed the door and turned to Hetty, "So you're telling me I may not get my husband back?" she snapped at the older woman.

Hetty stopped and turned to Kensi, "I assure you that you and your daughter will get him back. I do not know what condition he will be in, but I have hope Mrs. Callen. He remembered you as he passed out, so the memories are clearly still there, however, right now they are mixed up with all the 'false' memories that Janvier has implanted."


Both women jumped as Callen's voice came over the monitor that was watching the room. His accent was still clipped and Kensi knew this was not her husband.

"Get out now…I know this isn't a hospital! American healthcare is not this bad, so stop pretending you will not put any of your mind drugs in me!"

He picked up the wooden chair in the corner and threw it towards the door, after the retreating medics, where it shattered into pieces.

The doctor moved out into the main room as a guard locked the door to the room Callen was in.

Kensi watched as Callen paced the room banging on the glass every few minutes. In addition to trying the door, he paced frantically looking for a way to escape.

The doctor walked out of the room and looked over at Hetty.

"We know he has been drugged, but do you have any insight on this Hetty?" Dr. Gopti asked as he walked over to her.

Hetty sighed, "I do. Mr. Deeks informed me that Mr. Callen was injected with the MKUltra protocol," she said knowing that Dr. Gopti, a small (although slightly taller than her) doctor from India had worked on the project with her in the 1950's.

He paled slightly and held onto the table for support, "I thought all files for that protocol were classified."

Hetty shook her head sadly, "It seems we overlooked one thing about Marcel Janvier…he is the child of two of our original test subjects and he worked for a while for the Sluzhba vneshney razvedki."

"The SVR… Hetty are you sure? If they have information on this…" Dr. Gopti shook his head, "Either way, that is your problem to deal with Henrietta. I need to know what combination of drugs they used on him."

Hetty stopped as she recalled the conversation between herself and Deeks. "They used a combination of sodium pentothal, Scopolamine and LSD."

"When was his last dose?" Dr. Gopti asked they had already been there nearly an hour.

"He was last alone with Janvier two and a half hours ago," Michelle said as the others listened in.

Doctor Gopti smiled in thanks and turned to Hetty; "Do you have any more of this combination of the drug?"

"I sent the last that we had to the Lab in Washington for testing," Hetty said.

"If this works the same as it did in the original trials, then Mr. Callen will need another dose soon."

"Why would you want to give him more?" Sam asked, moving a step closer to the small doctor.

"He can't just not take this drug; without the drug in his system he's going to go through a major case of withdrawal and it is imperative that we use the drug to slowly wean him off and it will help him to regain his real memories."

"You can't pump more of that stuff into his system!" Sam said moving to position himself between the doctor and the door to the room that Callen was in.

They jumped as Callen slammed on the glass again, "LET ME OUT!" He picked up a slither of the wood and tried smashing the bullet resistant glass. Throwing the wood down in frustration, he resumed his pacing.

"Agent Hanna, you can see how agitated he is right now. The drug Janvier had him on will mean in a few hours he'll be worse. When we give him the dose he can start to relax and the chance of him having side effects, like a heart attack, will be greatly reduced," Dr. Gopti said.

"Heart attack?" Kensi asked quietly.

Hetty turned to Kensi and placed a hand on her arm, "He is your husband my dear, the choice should be yours."

Kensi looked at the angry man in the detention room; he looked like her husband but did not act like him.

"I want my husband back and Lena needs her father. Doctor, you do whatever you need to do to bring him back to me," she said.

Dr. Gopti nodded, "Very well. Hetty…we need to get new samples of MKUltra. We will start at the same dosage we used in the fifties and we will step down gradually over the next few weeks. Also you will need to get a therapist to talk him through his recovery. Do you have someone who is cleared and knows him well enough?" The doctor asked.

Hetty smiled, "I have just the person."

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