Never Tell!

Chapter 26

After Nate excused himself so he could speak with Hetty, Kensi looked around and realizing she was alone, she quietly slipped into Callen's room.

She sat in the chair Nate had occupied only minutes before. As Kensi intently watched his face as he slept, she was unaware of the tears falling down her cheeks.

A lot had changed about him, but not his ability to know when he was being watched. He carefully opened his eyes to see the woman he had been dreaming about sitting next to him, crying. He wanted to pull her into his arms and soothe her pain, but he was not sure who the beautiful woman was.

"Please remember me G. I miss you so much," she said softly as he drifted off to sleep again, the drugs pulling him away from the sight in front of him.

His hazy mind wanted to grab onto her voice, hold it tight and never let go. Despite being drawn back into the drug-induced sleep, his hand slowly reached out to hold hers, "Stay."

"G?" Kensi asked, hoping he was waking up.

Callen's hand tightened around hers, "Papa…don't leave me…please stay," he moaned in his sleep.

He moved and as she gently stroked his face, he moved his head towards her hand and accepted the comfort of her touch.

"Kens…" he sighed still sleeping.

She smiled, but the tears still fell as she continued to watch him sleep.

Janvier was furious.

He had been trying for hours to get a hold of Dracul and Callen. Finally, he was forced to admit that something was wrong.

He picked up the phone and made a call, "It's me…Have you heard from Dracul or Cal?" he asked.

Listening to the negative response on the other end, Janvier sighed. "I need to move to phase two…I will need some of your men Issak." His face grew darker as the man on the other end tried to get out of his end of the deal, "You want your nuclear material, then give me men, competent ones…not idiots." Janvier slammed the phone onto the desk and walked over to the window.

He stared out of the window over the Los Angeles skyline, "I will have my revenge Agent Callen, you will lose all that you love."

Callen woke, his head pounding and felt a hand in his. "Papa?" he asked.

He looked up groggily, trying not to move but knowing he had to see who was with him.

"G…you're awake, are you ok?" Kensi asked worriedly.

"I am fine," he replied, rubbing his head gently.

He stood up and bent his knees a few times, "I feel a little…off." Seconds later he was doubled over in pain.

The doctor and Nate came in, with Hetty close behind. "Lay him down, he needs another shot."

"No! No! You are not injecting me with your drugs!" Callen said as he pulled away from Nate and Kensi. It only took a few seconds for him to lock his eyes on the petite form of Hetty Lange. His anger-laden voice spewed the accusatory words, "You are trying to kill me!"

"No Mr. Callen, I am trying to save your life."

Callen pulled away, "No! You have my daughter…I just want to see her…" he yelped as the doctor pierced his skin with a needle.

He felt a wave of dizziness wash over him, "She is safe, G…"

"Disneyland…" he said as Nate lay him back down on the cot where he quickly fell asleep.

"Yeah…"Kensi said as his eyes fluttered closed, "She's safe with Eva at Disneyland."

Hetty's face clouded over and she turned and walked out of the room.

"I want to stay with him," Kensi said to Nate and the doctor.

"It would be a good idea," the doctor agreed. "MK Ultra is a suggestible drug. This version, made by Ms. Sciuto from Washington, D.C., will wean him from the addictive effects, but it still leaves him open to suggestion.

I suggest that you use this to reintegrate him into his life, tell him the truth about himself."

Kensi sat next to Callen stroking his forehead as she began to tell him all about their family and how they met.

Nate closed the door quietly behind him, followed the doctor into the main room, and went over to find Hetty who was talking to Eric on the monitor.

"I need that footage, I know he wasn't told about it," she snapped.

Nate looked over at her concern filled his eyes, "Is everything ok?" he asked moving to stand beside her.

"No Dr. Getz it isn't. I fear something is very, very wrong," she admitted.

Lena ran happily through the grounds at Disneyland, pulling Eva on every ride she was tall enough for. She, like her parents, had no fear and enjoyed riding on everything.

"This one!" she squealed as she got up to a ghost train.

"Are you sure little one? This is a very scary ride," Eva said looking at the ghosts painted on the front.

"THIS ONE!" Lena pulled Eva's hand harder.

Eva laughed at the look on the face of the person minding the ride as five-year-old Lena strapped herself into the ride.

"You sure you aren't going to be scared?" the woman asked.

Lena grinned her father's smile, "No. My mommy and Daddy are Fed…ral Agents. I'm not scared of anything!" she proclaimed, pulling out a plastic water pistol, "And I got my own gun." The ride operator forced a smile as Lena giggled.

Eva laughed and wrapped her arm protectively around her charge. The pair of them laughed as the car holding them entered the spooky tunnel.

Lena took her little plastic gun and aimed it at the plastic skeletons and zombies that were leaning against the wall. The heads from the haunted mansion movie started moving and Lena laughed along with them.

Suddenly the lights went out and Eva started screaming as she felt Lena's warmth suddenly disappear as the few background lights flickered off and left the riders in complete blackness.

"Calm down!" one man called, "You'll scare the children; it's probably just a power outage."

"No…LENA!" Eva screamed, "They've taken Lena…she's been kidnapped!"

A flashlight was put on and the other people on the ride saw a terrified woman and a space with a small bunny sitting in the seat, but the little girl who had gone into the tunnel with them was missing.

"I need to call her mother," Eva insisted.

"Call 911," someone else shouted.

Parents held their children tighter as the house lights came on and a woman screamed.

Eva had not noticed that she was bleeding, or that she had been shot. Her only thought was to find the child she had watched over since the month of her birth.

Hetty viewed the footage from a few days before, "How did he know?" she said to herself.

"What are you looking for?" Nate asked.

"How did Mr. Callen know that his daughter was going to Disneyland?" Hetty asked.

Nate shook his head, "Maybe someone mentioned it," he answered.

Hetty shook her head, "Lena mentioned she was going away but never said where. The only place it was discussed was when Mrs. Callen mentioned it in Ops."

Now it was Nate's turn to look worried, "Ops has been compromised?" he asked worriedly.

"Worse…Miss Callen may be in danger. We need to send Mr. Hanna and Mr. Deeks to Disneyland as soon as possible to pick up Eva and Lena and keep them…" she stopped as her phone rang.

"Hello?" She said apprehensively as she saw the unknown number.

"Grandma?" Lena's voice came over the speaker and Hetty looked up at Nate turning the phone to a speakerphone.

"Lena…sweetie are you alright?" Hetty's voice wobbled as she talked to the child she had come to think of as a granddaughter.

She sniffed as if she had been crying, "The man took me off the ride, and he made Eva's shirt funny."


"Like with my water gun. He used his and she had red stuff on her top. I want my mommy," she said. "Is mommy there?"

"Mommy is with daddy right now. Is the man who took you, there with you?" Hetty asked, her knuckles grinding into the table.

"I am here Miss Lange." Janvier's voice came over the speaker.

"I wanna talk to Grandma." Lena's indignant voice cut across the adults.

There was a noise and a thud and Lena dissolved into sobs.

"If you've hurt her…" Hetty warned, her voice menacing.

Janvier laughed, "This is nothing compared to what will happen to the child if Agent Callen does not deliver my nuclear material…I know you have him and I know you've turned him. I will keep my promise to kill all he loves. His only chance to see his child again is if you acquiesce to my demands."

The phone cut off and Hetty and Nate looked at each other both filled with a sense of foreboding.

A small sob came from behind them and they turned to see Callen with his arm around Kensi who was also sobbing quietly.

"He lied to me," Callen said in a dangerous monotone.

He had had enough of being lied to. He was getting his family back and nothing was going to stand in his way.

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