Never Tell!

Chapter 28

Callen walked outside the boatshed and stopped to get his bearings, he didn't have a car, so he started walking towards the road to look for a cab.

"G!" Sam called from behind him.

He turned, "What!" he snapped, his patience thin from waiting.

Sam stood in front of the Challenger holding the keys, "We have a car." he said lazily twirling the keys on his finger.

Callen strode up and snatched them, "You had better get in then Cue-ball." he smirked and climbed into the drivers seat as Sam stood there speechless.

Kensi climbed in behind her husband letting Sam take the passenger side.

Callen put his hands on the steering wheel, this felt wrong, he looked over at Sam sitting in the passenger seat for a moment and shook his head.

"What's wrong G?" Sam asked looking over at him worried.

"I don't drive this….you do...don't you?" He stated looking over at Sam as a flurry of memories shot back at him, mostly of Sam and himself sitting in the car, laughter and Sam making paper...things out of tootsie pop wrappers.

Sam smiled, "I do...but I don't know where we are going, and you drive sometimes."

Callen flinched as another set of memories assailed him, Sam in the passenger seat and them being shot at. Callen swerving the car and the back window being shot out, him driving and being hit from behind….him driving and the car flipping and him shooting someone from an inverted position.

He sat back from the steering wheel and took his hands off the wheel.

"G?" Kensi looked at him worried.

Callen got out of the car and stood looking at it. "I...I can't drive...not now…" he looked worried.

Kensi who had got out of the car with him wrapped him in a hug, "Are you ok, Is it the drugs?" She asked concerned with his sudden exit from the car.

"Yeah…" He lied not looking at her, "I don't think I'm safe enough to drive, he….Sam? Sam should do it." he announced. Throwing the key over the roof of the car at him.

Sam deftly caught it and walked round the back of the car, "You sure you want me to drive G?" He asked worried. Callen pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, he'd already written the address down so he wouldn't forget. He handed it to Sam. "Get us there quick...Lena need us."

He climbed into the car, put on his safety belt and stared out of the window.

Sam looked at the address, "OK, let's go." he gunned the engine and they roared off.

All the way there Callen didn't talk to the others, the practiced banter that was going on between Kensi, Deeks and Sam seemed familiar and he felt relaxed around it, but he wouldn't relax until he had gotten revenge on Janvier.

Prodding his own memories little things were coming to the surface, Comescu….Blood feud...Romany Gypsy...Callen...Clara...he gasped as he realized how his mother had been killed by a Comescu, it had been him they were after. Not Hetty. He was the target of the feud, He...and now Lena were the last of the Callen's.

The others stopped talking at the gasp, but he paid them no mind.

He pulled out his weapon and checked it was ready.

"G...we're here." Sam said as they pulled up, he reached over and put a hand on Callen's shoulder and he flinched and pulled away, unbuckling his belt he got out of the car and headed to the main door.

Turning the them he held up a hand, "Wait...let me go first." He holstered his weapon in the small of his back and walked to the door.

Pressing the intercom he waited as Janvier replied.


Callen looked into the camera knowing that he could be seen, but the others although they could hear him couldn't see him.

"Papa? It's me Cal!" he called.

Kensi moved to go pull him back, but Deeks held her arm and shook his head, "Let him play this...either way Kenz we know where he is...just trust him." Deeks said softly.

"Cal?" They could hear the confusion in Janvier's voice, "I thought they had you."

Callen laughed, with an inflection that made Sam shiver, "You think they could keep me there?" He looked directly into the camera, "You gonna let me in Papa?" he asked again.

"Of course son." A buzzer sounded and the door slid open.

As he walked in Callen took a spare magazine clip from his pocket and laid it down by the door to stop it closing properly.

He walked inside as the door closed up behind him.

Climbing the stairs he took the gun out from the small of his back and checked it again and headed to the suite of offices that Janvier had turned into his headquarters.

Janvier turned as Callen walked into the room nodded and looked out of the window at the city.

"I like this location do you know why son?" He asked nonchalantly.

"No…" Callen sat down in one of the two armchairs that were in the room, placing his gun in his lap and crossing his leg over to hide it.

"I like this location because I can see anyone who comes into the estate…." He turned slowly and Callen tensed at his movement.

Janvier lifted his gun and aimed it at Callen, "You thought I didn't see you coming with others in the car?"

Cal smiled and sat back, moving his hands behind his head, "Of course I did, how do you think I convinced them to let me go. I figured we could hold them for ransom, more chance of getting the nuclear material from that little witch." He laughed.

Janvier lowered his gun an inch. "I thought they had turned you…" he said looking for any sign of deception in his face.

Callen shook his head, "We are family Papa, I would never turn against you...The witch even tried to convince me you had kidnapped my daughter and had hurt her." He clenched his toes, in frustration, knowing that that was one tell that Janvier couldn't see.

Janvier looked shocked, "She told you I kidnapped her!" he turned and opened a nearby door, Callen had to hold himself back on seeing his little girl curled up asleep on the small bed.

"I rescued her, they had hurt her and she sobbed all the way here." Janvier explained, he closed the door quietly and turned back to find Callen holding a gun to his head.

"They did turn you…" He shook his head in mock sadness, inside he was furious.

"No...Papa…" Callen spat the word. "I remembered…"

Janvier walked to the small desk and took a small black leather case out. Opening it he moved it so Callen could see, "You haven't been having your medication son, they lied to you."

"I know what that is...I'm not touching it, I know who I am now…." He stood up and aimed his gun at Janvier hearing the sounds of the others working on the door he had locked behind himself on entering.

"Who are you?" Janvier spat. "Do you know...Really?!"

"I know enough, I know I am a husband and a father, I know that little girl means more to me than my life, I know I have friends and a family." Callen said his voice even and steady.

Janvier blanched as he realized that Callen had locked the main door.

"Know what else I know?" Callen asked sarcasm dripping in his question.

"I know you don't know your name….I can tell you, do you know that?" Janvier asked hoping Callen would falter.

And falter he did, just for a second, then he smiled sadistically, "Yeah I know my name." he pulled the trigger and walked over to the surprised looking face of Janvier, who was now laying with a hole in his forehead, blood, bone and brain matter spread up the wall like bad abstract art. "My name is daddy." he whispered to the corpse.

"G!" Sam's panicked voice could be heard behind the door.

Callen, but it wasn't that that had him moving and dropping his gun, it was the cry of his little girl in the other room.


Callen ran for the door, wanting to make sure that Lena didn't see the body on the floor.

He opened the door and scooped her up in a hug and took her back over to the bed.

Sitting on the edge he held her close as she cried, stroking her hair and rocking her as the rest of his memories flooded back.

"Shhh….it's ok baby, daddy's got you." he said repeatedly as he held her not even bothering to stop his own tears as he held her safe.

Having finally kicked the door in, the team cleared the room as fast as they could. Kensi breathed a sigh of relief that the body on the floor wasn't her husband, but where was he, had he taken Lena and left?

Her heart in her throat, Kensi cleared a room which turned out to be a kitchen.

"Kenz…" Deeks said quietly as he opened a door.

She moved to the door and stopped as she saw her daughter and husband both holding each other.

"G….?" she entered slowly keeping her voice down, but the look on his face and the blood on his arm and shoulder made her think Lena was hurt, she shook in fear as she looked at their child.

Callen looked up at his wife and saw the fear and worry on her face. "She's ok Kenz….our baby is ok, she's just a little scared."

Lena rubbed her eyes and looked up with a smile as she heard her mothers voice.

"Mommy, I found daddy!" she said with a huge smile.

Trying not to run Kensi came over and fell to her knees and pulled Lena into her arms. "You did baby?" she laughed as she realize that apart from a small bruise on her cheek Lena was unharmed. "Clever girl." Praising her daughter both parents were rewarded with a huge smile.

Deeks poked his head around the corner, "He's covered you can bring her through now, I've called Eric to deal with the….him…" he said not wanting to say anything in front of the child.

Callen shivered as another residual jolt went through him. He grit his teeth and stood up, "We need to get her back to the boatshed, get her checked over by the doc."

Kensi nodded, she looked over at Sam and Deeks, "You guys be ok here?" he asked.

Deeks stood up, "I'll hold down the fort, Sam can run you guys back to the boatshed. She needs to be checked out."

Kensi nodded thankfully, she grabbed Lena's hand as she tried to run out of the door.

"Uncle Sam!" Lena pulled at her mother to go to her favorite uncle.

Sam picked her up and put her on his shoulders, "Duck down jelly beana, you can pony ride me to the car." he shot Kensi a wink as he had her looking forward and not backward as they left the room the five-year-old squealing in delight as she rode on her uncles' shoulders down the stairs.

Kensi looked at Callen concerned he was going to disappear on them, as he was sat on the bed still, his body trembling slightly and his eyes unfocused.

"Callen….are you with me?" she asked worried.

He nodded, slightly unfocused. "Kensi?...He wasn't my father was he? I didn't just…" he leant forward, fighting the urge to vomit, as the last of his missing real memories merged with the old ones and his head began to hurt.

"Come on honey, let's get you back to see that doctor too." she held out her hand and he pulled her tight to him breathing in the scent that was uniquely hers.

She ran her fingers through his hair in a comforting gesture, "Come on baby, lets go and find our daughter."

Wordlessly he nodded and took her hand.

Leaving the room he followed stopping for a second and looking at the sheet covered body of Janvier. But he allowed himself to be pulled along and away from his body, away from the horror of that life and back to the stairs, towards his partner and daughter.

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