Never Tell!

Chapter 3

Gibbs woke up to his cell phone ringing, he was surprised to hear Callen on the other end and even more surprised when Callen told him the problem he'd gotten into.

"Damn it Callen, that's why we have rule 12!" he snapped down the phone to his friend.

"Gibbs!" Callen replied sounding defeated, "I'm not dating her, I married her." He admitted.

Gibbs let out a small chuckle, "Well my friend you finally have the one thing you've always wanted, a family."

"Gibbs, we need to keep this quiet, If Macy or Shepard find out both our careers are over." Callen explained the situation to him.

"Give me a day, I'll be there." Gibbs said, he closed his phone and called DiNozzo telling him he needed to go away and for him to cover for him. After promising him that he wasn't in trouble and that no one would end up dead he went to the airport and booked a ticket to Los Angeles.

The next morning Kensi was making friends with the porcelain bowl as Gibbs knocked on the door.

"I'll get it Katie." Callen called, he opened the door to see Gibbs standing there.

"Hey Dad!" Callen said pointing to the door and signing bugs to Gibbs.

"Hey son, how are you?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm fine, thanks for coming over, I have that molding I wanted you to take a look at in the bedroom, did you want a coffee first?" He asked.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow and Callen laughed. "Katie, Dad's here to look at that broken piece of molding, I'll bring him up in a sec." He called to his wife.

He poured Gibbs a coffee and the two of them walked upstairs and Callen relaxed as they shut the door. Kensi in a tank top and sweatpants sat hugging herself on the bed willing the nausea to go away and smiled at Callen as he gave her saltines and ginger ale.

"Thanks." She said taking the items gratefully.

"I talked to Jenny," Gibbs said and the pair of them looked at him scared.

Gibbs smiled, "It's ok, I didn't tell them about you two. Just that I had a job in Mexico, with a Portuguese contact and that I needed someone who speaks fluent Portuguese. I told her you were on a job but that we could work it out and I had already talked to you both."

"W...What did she say?" Kensi asked her hand ghosting over her abdomen silently protecting the child they now knew was inside.

"She thinks it may tie into something she's running, but she's okayed it...Truth is your going to stay with Mike Franks."

"Mike?" Callen asked incredulously as Kensi looked on confused. "Can he keep this a secret?"

Gibbs smiled, "He has more secrets than you do."

Callen shrugged, "Not my fault." He moaned.

"Anyhow, Jen's gonna call Macy, how far along are you?"

"About 2 months, I don't need to go I?" Kensi asked holding tightly to Callen's hand.

Gibbs nodded "As soon as possible, your file will list you as being pulled to a deep cover assignment. Callen's assignment here is nearly over according to Jen so you need to go before anyone else figures it out. You need to pack now and come with me."

Kensi burst into tears and held onto Callen who kissed her gently, "It's going to be ok Kenz. I love you don't forget that, we can keep in touch via Gibbs."

"I can't do this alone." She sobbed.

"Mrs. Callen, you will not be alone, Mike will protect you and your child with his life, your secret will be kept." Gibbs said.

Kensi nodded and walked into the bathroom to change and freshen up.

Gibbs sat on the bed and looked at the man he had come to trust and care for as a son. "G, she'll be ok." He said noting the worried look on his face.

"She's all I have Gibbs, her and the baby I can't lose them." Callen said quietly.

"I owe you Callen and I will always have your six." Gibbs said, "Mike and I will protect them...I'm going to get another coffee, you need to say goodbye to your wife."

Gibbs went downstairs as Kensi came out of the bathroom. Callen sat on the bed as she ran into his arms, "I don't want to leave you." She sobbed holding him tightly.

"Kenz, I trust Gibbs with my life and both yours and our child's life. You'll have the baby and then we'll work something out, I promise." He kissed her forcefully putting every ounce of his love behind it and held her tightly as she cried. Helping her pack he walked to the door and watched sadly as Gibbs left with her knowing he would not see her again for at least seven months.

With the Freeman case wrapped up, Steve and Louisa being arrested along with Ian Donaldson, Callen had gone back to work. He was moody and temperamental but Sam shrugged it off as Callen being Callen, the only time his moods changed was when Gibbs rang him and they talked in Russian once a week about how Kensi and the baby were doing.

Early one morning Callen was walking around their house when his cell rang.

"Gibbs, what's're not due to call until tomorrow." Callen said flustered.

He waited as there was silence over the end of the phone then a small laugh.

"Congratulations Callen, it's a girl...Kensi gave birth to a 6lb 8oz girl this morning, Essalina Julia Callen has arrived." Gibbs grinned as he delivered the good news.

"Lena's here!" Callen could barely believe it, "How are they, How's Kensi?" he asked

"Mother and baby are doing well, Mike found a nanny for you, her name is Eva, Mike's known her for a while, and she's coming back to America with Kensi and your daughter."

"When?" Callen grabbed the worktop looking around their house and walking towards the empty room with the barest of baby things inside it.

"They'll be here in two days; you got a case right now?" Gibbs asked.

"No, so I can take time off, I'll tell Sam I'm apartment hunting again." Callen said.

"Well, daddy you had better get that room sorted, you haven't done it yet have you?" Gibbs asked.

"Er...No, I didn't want to jinx it." Callen looked at the clock, "Gibbs I have to go, I'm meeting Sam outside my latest motel in 20 minutes can you tell Kensi and Lena that I love them?"

Gibbs made a noise that sounded like a laugh, "Sure G," he said and hung up.

When Sam picked him up 20 minutes later Callen, bedroll in hand was sitting outside whistling and couldn't keep the grin off his face. "What's up with you?" He asked

"I heard from Kensi, her mission finished she'll be back with the team in a few days, I have to go to D.C. to debrief her before she comes back, Shepard's orders so I get to visit the capital, never been before, hence I'm smiling." Callen explained.

"You've NEVER been to D.C?" Sam asked.

Callen shook his head, "Nope," He lied.

Sam shrugged, "So I guess this means I have to put up with Eric and Renko by myself for a few days."

"Yep but then we will be a full team." Callen grinned.

"I suppose..." Sam trailed off, Callen was keeping a secret again, but then again Callen was team leader, when did he not keep secrets.

Standing at the door to their home he grinned as Mike Franks pulled up with Kensi and Essalina in the truck and a smaller car pulled up along behind. Callen had used the 3 days to fix up the baby's room, buy as much baby stuff as he could think of and fixed up the spare room for the nanny.

Kensi climbed out of the car and looked at the home Callen had picked for them appreciatively, so far she had only seen it in pictures. To see it for real as she arrived home was something else.

Callen ran down the porch steps and swept Kensi up in a passionate embrace and kissed her fiercely and then put her down and looked at the car seat that held his newborn daughter.

Crying unashamedly he stroked the side of her face, "Hi baby girl, I'm your daddy." He breathed looking at her in awe. "My God Kenz, she's just beautiful, she looks just like you."

Kensi let out a small laugh, "My hair, your eyes and your attitude, she doesn't sleep."

Callen ushered his family into the house, Mike gratefully took the coffee Callen offered as he walked in. "So Probie says you guys are keeping this a secret?" Mike said to Callen, he'd heard the story from the others but not him.

"Yeah, I have too many enemies if they knew about my connection to Kensi and Lena it would put them in danger and Kensi would be taken off my team, she worked too hard to earn this spot, and I won't destroy this chance for her." Callen said flatly as Kensi sat beside him and snuggled into his warmth.

"So back to work soon then?" Mike asked Kensi.

She looked at Callen for confirmation and he nodded "Yeah, Eva's going to look after Lena and Kensi will be back at OSP tomorrow."

Eva walked in and motioned to Kensi. "O bebê se acalmou, se você não precisa de mim para qualquer coisa Eu irei e desempacotar?" she said.

Kensi nodded. "Obrigado Eva, espero que você vai ser feliz aqui conosco." She replied then turned to Callen, "Lena is settled and Eva is going to unpack." She translated loosely for him.

He smiled at her and walked Mike to the truck, "Thanks for all you've done Mike. Kensi and I talked about it and Gibbs is going to be her grandfather seeing as neither of us has parents and I wondered if you'd want to be her Godfather?"

"I'd be honored." Mike grinned as he started the truck up.

Callen waved at the truck and turned to go back to his house and his family.

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