Never Tell!

Chapter 4

Kensi had been back at work a month when they came across the case of PFC Chandler. He'd been caught with a large amount of money and after Sam and Callen had interrogated him, he had admitted that an arms dealer had insisted he bring the money and help him get his hands on some missiles.

That morning Kensi and Sam were on surveillance detail of Operation Blackbird, as Macy had dubbed it.

Callen had got up and had taken Lena for her first set of baby shots. He'd taken the morning off, telling Macy he had a meet with a possible informant. Thinking it could be linked to their current case she'd allowed it. Lena had taken her shots like a pro, on her way to stake out PFC Chandler Kensi had taken the call from Callen to let her know her daughter was like her mother when it came to needles, brave.

With a smile Kensi put the cell phone in her bag and turned the corner, spotting Chandler and his silver briefcase across the street. With a nod to Sam they picked up the Petty Officer, first class's tail.

When the first shots rang out Sam grabbed his gun and whirled trying to find Chandler and the shooter, losing them both he saw a car barreling directly towards Kensi who leapt over the hood of another car and out of harm's way.

"You good?" Sam asked at Kensi who nodded.

Mace, watching in the situation room, looked over Eric's shoulder. "Any sign of Chandler?" she asked.

"Negative Mace, Blackbird has flown, repeat Blackbird has flown." Sam said re-holstering his gun as Kensi looked around in defeat as the empty briefcase spewed its contents of money all down the road.

Kensi and Sam got back to headquarters, Kensi was sent to the ER to get checked out, it turned out she was sideswiped by the car and she had a nasty bruise on her torso.

Callen called, he checked in with Macy, let her know his lead might pan out but he'd be off grid for the rest of the day. He thought he had a lead with a two-bit arms dealer called Max Talia.

She, knowing how good Callen was at his job let him run with it. She had let slip about what had happened earlier and the fact she'd sent the junior agent to the ER.

Pulling up outside the medical center, Callen rushed into ER. "I'm looking for Agent Blye."

"I'm sorry, she's with the doctor right now, are you family?" the nurse asked.

"I'm her partner, and next of kin." He informed her.

"Mr. Callen?" she asked.

He nodded, "Does she have anyone with her right now?" he asked.

The nurse shook her head, "Ms Blye is alone, and does she have family we can call?"

"I'm her husband, is there anything wrong?" he asked a tight knot forming.

The nurse ushered him into Kensi's room.

Callen walked over to Kensi and held her tight, "You ok babe?" he asked.

Kensi smiled, "Sam's not with you then?" she asked

"Mace has got him filling out after action reports, and he's pissed, thinks it's his fault you nearly got killed."

Kensi rolled her eyes, "For goodness sake, I wasn't nearly killed!"

Callen lifted Kensi's shirt to look at the large purple bruise forming on her ribs. "I think I'll be carrying Lena for a few days till that heals."

After the nurse returned with Kensi's painkillers and she was free to go Callen took her home.

Eva took one look at Kensi and shook her head, muttering something Callen didn't understand but Kensi did and she shot her a look as she went into Lena's room.

Essalina lay in her crib, smiling as her parents came into view.

Callen stood behind Kensi wrapping his arms gently around her as they gazed at their four month old daughter. She lifted her head and gave what Callen called the 'stop looking and pick me up' look.

Lifting her up Callen carried his daughter to the living room and lay her gently on Kensi as he went to make dinner.

"Don't you have plans with Sam?" Kensi asked.

"Na, he thinks I'm moving again." Callen smirked. "Told him it's too hot. So I've taken a room on Ocean Front Road in Venice, at a small motel, gonna text him to pick me up from there in the morning."

"Eventually we are going to have to tell him." Kensi reasoned.

Callen put a plate in front of Kensi and lifted Lena up and positioned her so he could feed her from her bottle.

As they ate Callen thought about telling Sam, but with the line of work they were in he decided against it for now, "We can't tell them Kenz, Mace'll split us up and Sam…Well, I'd hate to think what the big guy would do,"

"If he had a family I doubt he would tell us." Kensi said.

"He does a wife, daughter and son. He mentioned them but I don't think he knows I know, he was talking to Macy." Callen said.

Kensi nodded, with the painkillers and the comforting feel of her daughter on her she fell asleep. Callen took Lena to her crib, changed her and got her settled and then carried his wife to bed.

Early the next morning Callen was awoken by his cell phone ringing. "Callen." He said half asleep.

"G, it's Gibbs, I think we have a case that intersects yours, PFC Chandler, we found him this morning, I'm on my way to LA with an agent, he's just grabbing the tickets now, I may have time before we have to start work, thought I could meet up with you and you could give me some photo's of that lovely granddaughter of mine.

Callen smiled. "Sure thing Pops. Usual place?" he asked

"Yeah." Gibbs replied and the phone went dead.

"Kenz, Gibbs and a DC Agent are on their way here. Apparently they found PFC Chandler. Gonna need you in place while I make contact with Max Talia today, how's your ribs?" he asked kissing her awake.

She stretched, "Sore but good, I can work Callen, you need to go if your meeting Sam."

"Change of plan, I have some things to do, I'll stay with Lena for a while then I'll leave. Don't worry I'll be there for the op with Talia."

"You'll freak out Mace again." Kensi smiled as she jumped in the shower.

Callen just grinned and went to get his daughter up.

Gibbs looked at the photo's that Callen handed him of Lena, she had grown so much in the last few months, he could see a lot of Callen in her, and also Kensi's smile and her color hair.

Callen yawned, he'd been up four times with Lena last night, "So is there a reason we're meeting here and not a bar?" Callen asked.

"Yeah, it's ten am." Gibbs replied.

Callen smiled, "So," Gibbs continued, "You still looking?" he asked referring to his search for his family.

Callen nodded, "Still looking." He replied, more than ever now he had a family of his own did he feel the pull of finding out about his own family, just something he could share with his wife and daughter.

Gibbs stood up and they headed back in, Gibbs to OSP and Callen to his pre-arranged meet with Talia.

Finally after a long day, as many of the suspects as possible were rounded up, Callen had taken on the persona of Liam Doyle an Irish arms dealer and his contact, Nick Quadiri had turned out to be none other than Mossad operative Michael Rivkin having sent him on his way, with the help of Gibbs. Callen returned to his 'home' on Ocean Front road in Venice, he figured an hour here and then he'd head back to his real home.

Sam smirked at Callen as he pulled up to the corner next to the fruit stall, as Callen leaned back considering letting his partner into his secret.

"So G, when are you going to settle down, you know find a nice girl?" Sam joked.

Callen smiled to himself as he got out of the car. 'If only you knew Sam.' He thought to himself.

He let out a smile at the pretty blonde Russian girl who had been trying to get his attention for the last few days, he'd felt guilty for the way he and Gibbs had brushed her off in the park earlier that day and with Sam's question ringing in his ear he walked towards his rooming house.

Sam smiled at his partner, in his mind nothing would ever be strong enough to tie down the lone wolf that was G Callen. He looked up as he started to drive off and his blood ran cold as the dark blue van with a man holding a machine gun drove past at speed.

"G!" Sam screamed realizing the danger his partner was in. His heart stopped as the shots rang out, five of them hitting their intended target.

"I need an ambulance, Ocean front road, Venice." Sam yelled into his phone.

Callen groaned, his voice but a whisper, "Kenz, Lena…." He murmured.

"Come on G! Hold on!" Sam yelled rocking his lifeless partner in his arms.

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