Never Tell!

Chapter 5

Kensi walked into the LA offices, Callen had left early with Sam to go back to the cover house as he called it.

Eva had Lena and she knew she'd be able to get a few hours paperwork under the belt before her husband arrived home with dinner.

Sat at her desk she watched Macy take a call and pace up and down her office. The more she tried to work on her paperwork the more she was increasingly drawn to Macy. Sure she got agitated before a big case, but this seemed different.

Macy opened her door. "NATE!" she yelled, causing every employee within earshot to jump.

Kensi shrugged Gibbs had just left and Callen had told her there was some tension between those two but this seemed over the top.

Nate ran into Macy's office and Kensi watched as Macy collapsed down onto her desk. Nate helped her to her chair and motioned for Kensi. "You and Renko need to get in here." He called around the door. Mike, at the next desk shrugged and followed her up the stairs.

"Mace, you ok?" Kensi asked concerned.

Mace sat in her chair shaking…. "I have some bad news…Agent Callen was shot in a drive by shooting an hour ago."

Kensi bit the inside of her mouth to keep from screaming Nate noticed her looking shaky and offered her a chair which she gratefully accepted as her tears began to fall.

"Is he….?" She couldn't bring herself to as if she was a widow.

"Sam's with him now, he's in surgery…" Mace replied.

Kensi stood up, "I need to go now."

"Kensi, I know we are all concerned about Agent Callen, but you need to be here now."

Kensi stood up and walked out of Macy's office, "Agent Blye!"

"NO!" Kensi said grabbing her purse, "I'm going to the hospital Mace," she walked past a shocked Nate and out of the building.

Nate looked at Macy who was stunned by this outburst, "The team is very tight knit Mace you should let her go." He advised looking at Renko for support.

Macy sighed and turned as her phone started ringing. "Out." She ordered the two remaining men who only too glad of the excuse to leave hightailed it out of her office to inform the others of Callen's shooting.

"Macy..." she said as she answered the phone.

"Hetty, it's been a long time, it's not a good on right now…" Macy started and then stopped as the tirade started on the other end.

"Hetty… I didn't know!" Macy tried to defend herself, "Yes. Callen told me about the girl following him, I thought…." She held the phone away from her ear as Hetty tore her off a strip.

"I'm being what?!" she couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Transferred…but what about this department…the team?"

She sighed as Hetty filled her in on the fact that she was indeed being transferred to NCIS in Camp Pendleton and that in fact Hetty was moving to take over as director of operations at the office of special projects.

Sam was standing outside the hospital trying to call Macy as he caught a glimpse of what looked like Kensi going into the building.

Kensi saw Sam on the phone but made it past him and into the building. She went up to the nurses' station; the nurse from the other night was there.

"Mrs. Callen?" she said surprised.

"Rosie!" Kensi smiled, she had liked this nurse "I heard Callen's here, I need a favor, I'm known as Kensi Blye to my co-workers, it's important that they don't know we're married." She said urgently glancing in the direction of the door lest Sam walk in.

Rosie the old romantic that she was understood completely, she had seen them when Kensi had been hurt, the way her husband had been in front of his partner, and the way they had both been loving and attentive when no one was around. There was a couple on staff at the hospital that had done the same thing, married in secret and kept a working relationship up so they couldn't be moved to different departments; however when the wife had been killed in a road traffic accident it had all come out and the husband had been devastated.

"It's ok dear; your secret is safe with me." She patted Kensi's hand reassuringly. She looked up to see the annoying partner of Mr. Callen's come in and she sighed, "Try to keep him under control…please!" she begged with a pained grin.

Kensi nodded, "Can you tell me how Callen is?" she asked as Sam walked up behind her.

"We contacted his next of kin and they gave the go ahead for his surgery, we won't know anymore until it is over." Rosie said looking sadly at the worry on the face of the young woman.

Sam and Kensi walked to the waiting room.

"I wonder who Callen's next of kin is?" Sam mused,

Kensi shrugged, "I don't have a clue." She admitted truthfully, she had thought it was her, but obviously Callen hadn't for one reason or another changed it over.

Kensi's phone vibrated, "I have to take this." She said and walked over to the corner.

"Blye," she answered.

"It's Gibbs, I got a call from the hospital about Callen…is it true?" he asked.

"Yeah." Kensi replied keeping her voice stable.

"OK, I can't get back there, I assume his other Next of Kin has been called, she'll take care of everything…"Gibbs said.

"Who is it?" Kensi asked.

"Hetty Lange, She's Macy's boss, just under Leon Vance and Owen Granger."

"Oh, how come she's Callen's next of kin…are they related?"

Gibbs laughed, "Nope apart from you and Lena as far as I know Callen has no immediate family, she's just always been around. You look after that family of yours Kenz; I want my boy back in one piece."

"He'll be back. He won't leave us." She said with absolute certainty.

"I know." Gibbs replied and hung up.

Kensi looked at Sam who was still preoccupied and she called Eva to let her know that there had been an accident and could she look after Lena until she got back from the hospital. Eva said she would and Kensi turned her attention back to the matter at hand.

Sam and Kensi sat in the room for what seemed like hours until another person walked in. Ignoring the two agents sitting together in the chairs she walked up to the nurses' station.

"Mr. Callen's surgeon." She ordered.

"Mr. Callen is still in surgery." Rosie told her.

The small woman smiled, "Call, you will find they finished five minutes ago, tell Matthew that Hetty Lange is here and I need….." she stopped as the surgeon walked out.

"Henrietta…." Matthew Lloyd smiled at his old friend.

"Matthew how's my boy?" she asked.

Matthew looked around is anyone else here for him?

"Mr. Hanna and Ms Blye his co-workers," she said, both of whom looked at each other in amazement; she hadn't even looked at them.

Both of them walked over to the two. "How is he?" Sam asked

"Mr. Callen suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, one was close to his heart, he was stabilized but he will be weak and off work for at least six months while his wounds heal, I would suggest therapy, but well…." He shrugged, "It is Callen."

"You know him?" Kensi couldn't help but ask.

Matthew Lloyd smiled, "I've been patching Callen up since he was a kid, Ms. Lange here…" He stopped at the look she was giving him, "Well let's just say, Mr. Callen and I have had a lot of dealings."

Hetty looked up at the doctor, "Matthew a moment?" she asked and they walked off leaving the two agents alone in the waiting room.

Walking back Hetty stopped and looked over at the two agents. "Mr. Callen will be fine, OSP will be moving to new premises in case Mr. Callen was compromised, you both have a week off, I will inform Mr. Renko, Mr. Getz and Mr. Beale." she told them,

"Hold on!" Sam squared up to the woman, a look from her made him regret doing so. "Just who are you? OSP is classified." He said.

Hetty smiled as if to a small child, "Mr. Hanna, I am Henrietta Lange, Lara Macy's replacement and your new operations manager. Now, you cannot do anything more for your partner tonight. I suggest you go home to your family and get some rest."

Sam paled at the diminutive woman's announcement that she knew about his family, it wasn't something he had told many people about, she unnerved him and he didn't like it, but he turned and walked away as instructed anyway.

Hetty shot Kensi a look as if trying to figure something out, she shrugged and walked away.

"I'll stay Sam, you go home and can take over in the morning, and we don't have to go to work, so we can stay here, make sure Callen isn't alone."

Sam nodded and gave her a small hug and left.

Kensi walked to the ladies room shut the door to her stall and cried, mostly out of worry for her husband but a part of it was relief, he was going to be ok.

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