Never Tell!

Chapter 6

Callen woke up, the pain dulled, but he knew he'd been shot. He looked over to see Kensi sitting in a chair watching him.

"Kenz?" he croaked and she held his hand tighter.

"I thought I had lost you." She said letting a tear fall.

"I'm sorry…I didn't know…I take it everyone knows now." He asked.

Kensi kissed him gently, "No your secret is still safe, No one knows about us, we had the same nurse from the other night, she kept our secret."

"So not fired then?" he said with a small grin.

In spite of herself Kensi smiled. "No, Macy has been."

"Why?" Callen asked, he pressed the button on the bed that raised the head a little and looked at her.

"Dunno, I think they thought she hadn't done her job properly as you were compromised. Some little woman has her job now, scary woman, she unnerves me."


"God, G. She's about four feet tall and scarier than one of Nate's psych evals!" Kensi said straight faced.

Callen burst into a tired smile, "Hetty…." His face fell, "We're doomed."


"If anyone will figure out we are married it's her." He sighed.

"Not if we don't tell her…how can she?" Kensi asked stroking his hand.

"Hetty knows everything; I've never been able to hide anything from her." Callen admitted.

"So you know her?" Kensi asked.

Callen nodded. "For a while, she recruited me to NCIS…well she's been about for most of my life, I asked her once, she said she was just looking out for me, she thought I'd make a good agent. She said I had potential."

He looked at the clock in the room, "Where is Lena?" he asked concerned.

"She is with the Eva; she will be fine, once you come home and recuperate…"

"I can't come home." Callen interrupted her, "Sam will be on me like a dog with a bone. If he finds out I have a house, a wife and a child…I can kiss my partnership goodbye."

For a second Kensi turned away, this hurt, she wasn't going to pretend otherwise. But she understood where he was coming from. They had after all both agreed this would be best, she turned back to find Callen grinning at her.

"You know this is going to be fun seeing how long we can keep this from Hetty."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "I suppose you're right, we have time off anyway, all active cases have been transferred to San Diego."

"What just because I got shot?" Callen asked incredulously.

Kensi looked at him with a sigh, "No dear." She said and Callen smirked. "But we don't know who shot you and you might have been compromised, Macy's been transferred and we are moving the whole operation to a new secured site."

Callen smiled to himself, Hetty was totally being Hetty. "Yeah she always did like to err on the side of caution."

The door knocked and the woman herself entered.

"Ms Blye, Mr. Callen I hope I'm not intruding?" she asked,

Callen smiled, "I'm not going anywhere Hetty, and you can come in."

Hetty smiled and entered the room walking over to Callen's bed and holding his hand, "How are you feeling?" she patted his hand gently like a mother.

"Like I got shot five times." He smirked.

"It is good to see you can keep your sense of humor." Hetty smiled taking the seat that Kensi vacated.

"I…I should be going…" Kensi said shooting Callen a look.

Hetty smiled, "I would never dream of taking you away from your husband my dear."

Both Kensi and Callen looked like frightened rabbits.

Hetty smiled again, "I did think that the wedding certificate I received in both of your names looked genuine."

"We can explain." Callen said quickly. "It was an accident, we were undercover and ended up in a wedding chapel with our suspects who insisted we tie the knot there and then, we have applied for a divorce. We never consummated the marriage Hetty; it's just taking a while for them to process our divorce papers." He said quickly shooting Kensi a look.

"That explains a lot," Hetty said. "So you are still in the process of looking for somewhere to live?" she asked him.

"My stuff's in the corner." He pointed with the one arm that wasn't attached to an I.V across the room to where his 'go' bag and bedroll sat.

"Still travelling light I see." She replied. "Ms Blye if you wish to go home and freshen up I will stay with Mr. Callen for a few hours." She said.

Kensi looked at Callen who gave a small imperceptible nod.

"Thanks Hetty I will, I'll see you tomorrow Callen, get some rest." She said mouthing "I love you." Behind Hetty's back.

Callen smiled and lay back onto the pillows and closed his eyes for a second.

"Are you sure you want to get a divorce?" Hetty asked softly after Kensi had been gone for about 5 minutes and Callen hadn't opened his eyes back up.

"Of course, she's a junior agent it would be inappropriate for me to have a relationship with her." He responded.

"You both make a nice couple."


She smiled and sank back into the chair she was currently occupying, she knew she had shocked them which in her opinion served them right as she had been shocked when her contact had told her that Callen had gotten married.

She watched as yet again he dozed in a medicated sleep. She had been watching him for years, only making contact with him at fifteen, when his life was starting to go down the wrong path. Then two years ago, just as he'd been facing being fired from the DEA she had stepped in again. He'd broken cover during an operation to save a child who'd been placed with a suspect as a foster child, having watched this child get beaten night after night and having begged his boss to get the kid out of there Callen had taken it upon himself to storm the house where the child was getting his nightly beating and had threatened the foster father with a gun, apparently to the shock of his teammates smiling as the suspect wet himself and had carried the half conscious boy, past his screaming boss and all the way to a local medical center for treatment.

His boss had threatened to drum him out of every law enforcement agency in America until Hetty had stepped in albeit unknowingly on Callen's behalf and then had proceeded to track him down and offer him a job at NCIS. Which he had begrudgingly accepted.

The boy, although Callen had never asked officially, had recovered well and was adopted by a nice family who treated him well. Deep down though, Hetty suspected that the Mr. Gibbs who sent the boy a card on his birthday and a present each year at Christmas and who donated to his college fund every year was the same man who currently lay asleep in front of her.

Watching him sleep she sighed, she knew working with him was going to be a challenge, more so for her than him, seeing Clara's boy every day and not being able to tell him what she knew about his past, knowing how desperately he wanted to know was going to be a challenge.

Realizing he would be asleep for a while she walked to the door and into the hallway before picking up her phone.

"Jethro…Hetty." She said as the other party answered.

"He is going to be fine, I've just seen him. He will be off for a few months as he recuperates. It was very close Jethro." She sighed as she listened to him on the other end.

"Yes…I'm taking over from Ms. Macy, I need to be close to him, to make sure this doesn't happen again." She said.

Listening as Gibbs sent his regards to Callen and instructions for her to keep him in the loop she looked at the phone as he hung up on her. She smiled; Jethro Gibbs was the only one with the balls to do that.

Kensi arrived home as Eva was putting Essalina to bed.

"How is Mr. Callen?" Eva asked handing Kensi her daughter.

"He's going to be ok, but it will be a while before he can come home."

"That is a shame, Lena will miss him." She said turning to pick up the few toys Essalina had dropped during the day.

Kensi nodded, "You just finish up, I'll stay with Lena this evening." She told her.

Kensi lifted her daughter to her shoulder and walked into her room and sank down on her and Callen's bed holding the little girl close to her.

Slowly she stroked Lena's hair and allowed her tears to fall, Callen had spent nights away from her before, but this was different he would have to spend nearly all his time away from her to keep their cover intact. "I'm sure daddy will come and see you as soon as he can though." She whispered to Lena through her tears. Her biggest fear, the one gnawing in her gut was the way he'd told Hetty that they were getting divorced and that everything was a cover she wasn't sure that he'd hadn't been telling the truth when he said they were putting in the paperwork for the divorce.

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