Never Tell!

Chapter 7

For two weeks Kensi stayed away from the hospital. She wasn't sleeping and her mood was not only effecting Lena at home, but Sam and the new guy Dominic had noticed as well.

"Hey Kensi…we got the lockers set up if you want to move your stuff back to the office." Sam said as she walked into the new building.

"It's nice," she said looking around.

"Callen's gonna flip." Sam grinned.

"Who's Callen?" Dominic asked her, Kensi glared and walked off to see Hetty.

Hetty smiled at her, "You'll be pleased to know Mr. Callen gave me all of the completed paper work, you are now a free woman again."

Kensi was shocked and but quickly managed to mask it, "Thank you Hetty, I…I have to go show the new guy around."

"Ah yes our Mr. Vail, he is your new partner, it is good that you are both getting along so well." Hetty said.

Kensi nodded her mind racing. She turned and walked past Dom, "Kensi where you going?" Sam called.

"Doughnuts." She snapped and walked out the door.

Sam turned and started giving the new guy a lecture on how when it was Kensi's time of the month, he had better bring the doughnuts to work.

She got out of sight of the cameras and threw up, He had done it, and he had got a divorce and left her and Lena without any word. The more she thought about it the madder she got.

She climbed in her car and headed straight to the hospital.

Callen was sat with his bag packed waiting for the doctor to come and discharge him, there was still another month before he could go back to work, but he needed to leave and get into that motel he'd found with the awesome beach view that would keep Sam off his tail, and more than that he needed to see his wife and his daughter, he had missed Lena and Kensi enormously while he was in here. He'd called in a favor from a friend of Mike Franks and had a fake divorce written up to keep Hetty off his tail, but he hadn't been able to get a hold of Kensi and this was worrying him.

He looked up as the door opened and his wife stood there, and then did a double take as she looked mad.

"Kenz?" he asked walking towards her.

"Why didn't you tell me? How can you do this to us?" Kensi asked tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Kensi, what's wrong baby?" he asked concerned gathering her up in his arms and kissing the top of her head.

She pulled herself out of his arms, "You divorced us…you didn't even ask how I felt, but this Hetty tells you that you need to get a divorce and you just do it!"

"A…what? Wait! Kensi…I never, they are fake, honey a friend of Mike's did them, it's just for work, I love you baby, I love Essalina there is no way I would ever leave either of you." He promised.

Kensi held him breathing in his scent and warmth, "I…I was so mad, I felt like I was going to die."

"If you left me I would die, Can….can I steal a kiss?" he asked.

She smiled at him, "Honey, they all belong to you," she said turning and kissing him passionately.

The pair of them were so wrapped up that they jumped as the doctor walked in the room.

"Mr. Callen?" the doctor asked.

Callen nodded, "Yeah."

"I have your paperwork, you need to come back for your physical therapy, and I have a prescription for your meds,"

Callen signed the discharge forms and grabbed his bag.

"I'll be over later tonight, after Sam's left, I need to see Lena and be with you." He kissed her again as she smiled at him.

Hearing Sam's voice in the hall she got a doughnut out of the bag and handed it to him. "Just go with it." She hissed.

"So, the new guy Hetty's got in didn't even bring doughnuts!" Kensi said. She quickly sat in the chair as Callen turned to put his shoes on.

"Hey G." Sam said as he caught the end of the conversation. "In his defense Kensi, it was his first day."

Kensi rolled her eyes, "But everyone knows you bring doughnuts for your partner. It's a rule!" she said.

Sam laughed, "You ready to leave G, Kenz you have better head back your new partner is looking lost."

Callen stuffed his doughnut in his mouth before his wife could steal it back.

Kensi shot him a look and grabbed the box, "Fine, you get well soon G, I'll come and see you again, or we'll meet up ok?"

"Ok." Callen replied, unable to resist the glance at her ass as she walked out the door, God he loved that woman! Luckily Sam who was busy trying to tie his shoe laces for him didn't see it.

"So we off." Sam said.

"Santa Monica, got a motel room right on the beach," Callen grinned as he followed Sam out.

He'd been there 3 weeks, Kensi had brought Lena over twice and they'd spent the day on the beach, as a family. Hetty had said nothing about them still being together and from what Kensi had told him; it seemed that Hetty had believed the paperwork.

Lena was growing fast and was beginning to be a handful to Eva, the nanny. But between Eva and Kensi, Lena was growing up fine, Callen hated that right now as Sam insisted on visiting as did everyone else, that he had to stay there, more than anything he wanted to cuddle up with his wife at night in his own bed listening to the sound of his daughter breathing softly on the baby monitor. Not being able to do that made him irritable.

He stared out of the window at the Ferris wheel on the pier, his bed roll on the floor, there was no way he was sleeping in a bed without his wife even though it had been made up with fresh sheets by the maid by accident that morning. It was getting late and the lights were twinkling. Callen jumped as the door knocked.

Grabbing his gun he held it as the handle turned and the door opened.

"Jesus!" he gasped as he quickly lowered his gun. "I nearly shot you!"

Kensi smiled as she shut and locked the door behind her.

"Where's Lena?"

"Eva's taken her away for the weekend to see Grandpa Gibbs in D.C." Kensi said with a smile, "Sam's gone away with his family before work starts up again, and Hetty is on her vacation to the south of France…something about climbing a mountain."

Callen stopped as a smile covered his face, "So we're alone….as in City safe alone!" he exclaimed.

Kensi nodded, "You can take me out on the town." She smiled dropping her bag beside the bed.

"Later," Callen growled and walked over to kiss her passionately and lowered her onto the bed.

A lot later Kensi carefully traced the new scars that covered Callen's torso. "Does it still hurt baby?" she asked.

"Uh huh." Callen nodded.

"Here?" she asked and kissed him.

He nodded with a wry grin, "And here," he pointed to another spot "And here." Kensi laughed and kissed him again.

She suddenly sat up, "So Mr. Callen, you gonna take me out to dinner."

He smiled as he realized with the main team members out of town, he could do that.

"Why yes Mrs. Callen I believe I will. So, honey, shower?" he asked.

Kensi grabbed the top sheet leaving him lying naked on the bed as she walked towards the bathroom. "Coming?" she asked over her shoulder as she walked out of sight.

"Hell yes!" He growled and jumped up to follow her smiling and closed the bathroom door with a grin as she giggled in the background.

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