Never Tell!

Chapter 8

Callen cleared the last of his and Kensi's trash into a bag and threw it down the chute; he'd had one of the most perfect weekends with his wife since they had been married.

Sam was due to pick him up in an hour, Kensi already knew he was due in later she'd left early that morning, heading home to grab a change of clothes before she headed into work, Lena would be coming home later with Eva after their weekend away in D.C.

He jumped in the shower, quickly washed and dressed and packed up the last of his things before locking up on his 'home away from home' for the last time. Dropping the key off with the clerk he headed outside to a street vendor and grabbed his morning coffee. Sat on the wall he drank his first cup of the day and sent Kensi a text on their burn phones.

'Morning beautiful missed you when I woke up, am coming in today, and should be home tonight.' He sent.

He smiled as she sent him a smiley face back.

Knowing that meant both that she was already at work and that she was happy he went to grab his second cup of the day as Sam pulled up in the challenger.

"What's wrong with this place then?" He asked "Too hot?"

"Too noisy, the last one was too hot." Callen smiled as he went to grab his bag.

His partner mindful of his injuries grabbed the bag for him and carried it to the car.

Before long they were pulling up to a ramshackle building, Callen smirked as he climbed out of the car. "Condemned?" he asked.

At the question Sam grinned broadly, "Only on the outside G."

He walked inside and was surprised by the amount of people in the building and how high tech the inside seemed to be. He looked over and saw Kensi on the phone, realizing by the tone of her voice and the few words of Portuguese he had picked up that she was talking to Eva. Kensi saw him and put the phone back down and walked over and hugged him.

"Callen, I though you callously abandoned us for the FBI." She said, "Everything's fine, tell you later." she whispered in his ear.

Callen nodded for a second breathing in her scent and then he released her as memories of the weekend before assailed him. He saw a man he'd never met in the corner messing with a new coffee machine and after finding out that the new guy's name wasn't Green, but that he was a new guy he turned and saw Hetty watching him.

"Mr. Callen, I thought you weren't due back for another month." She said.

Callen grinned he knew he'd thrown her for a loop, and after making him get a 'divorce' he felt he owed it to mess with her a little.

He got his biometrics checked out and grabbed the outfit that Hetty had given him to wear.

Inside the cubicle he sat on the wooden chair and let his mask slip a little.

'Cold yet well-meaning embrace of the welfare system?' Who was she kidding, she was just reminding him he wasn't the same as her other agents, didn't even have a name…Well he made quite sure that that would never happen to his child. He slowly got dressed and hoped that the day would pass quickly because right now he wanted nothing more than to get home to his wife and daughter where they could be a family without any pretenses.

His hopes of a quiet day were quickly dashed as Director Vance came onscreen with a case which took most of the day to handle.

Callen and Sam went to find out why the Naval Commander had been killed, and was surprised to find it had a lot to do with his missing niece Emma.

Kensi had already been to Emma's home once with Nate, it was her own gut feeling that sent her there again, they set up after finding out that she had been kidnapped awaiting a ransom.

Emma's mother walked out onto her patio and with a coffee in hand leant over the railing searching for any sign of her daughter as Kensi came to join her.

"I miss her so much." She said.

Kensi nodded, "They'll find her my team is the best at what they do."

"Really? I hate sitting her I want to be out there looking for her." She said a lone tear escaping as her free hand absentmindedly stroked the tassels on Emma's bike.

"You're better off waiting here."

"Ms. Blye, do you have children?" she asked.

Kensi turned around; Nate was messing with the tracing equipment so she decided to be candid with her. "I do a daughter." She smiled; she pulled out her burn phone and showed her the picture of Callen holding Lena."

"Boyfriend?" She asked.

"Husband." Kensi confirmed, "Callen, one of the men looking for your daughter, and Essalina Rose, our daughter." She said, "Although we really aren't telling anyone for her safety." She admitted.

"You have a beautiful family." She said, "Your husband, will he bring her home?" she asked.

Kensi smiled, "I can honestly tell you he'll work as hard to find your daughter as he would if it were his own child that were missing." She told the woman.

"Thank you."

Finally the little girl was found safe, Callen handed her the phone as soon as Kensi had handed her phone to the mother.

He walked to the corner of the pool and looked out over the impressive view of Los Angeles that the building afforded, listening to Emma talk to her mother he realized how much he missed Essalina and her mother. Sam gave him a look as he noticed the wistful look on his face; he shrugged it off as he knew that Sam would be thinking it was only due to his own lack of a stable parent in his life.

Finally the day was over and Callen was about to leave as Hetty handed him a huge pile of paperwork.

"You owe me some paperwork Mr. Callen." She said handing him the forms, He smiled back non committally, waiting until Hetty left and shooting Kensi a apologetic look, to which he got a grin and a slight eye roll.

Three hours later, Hetty turned to leave the building and she saw Callen asleep on the couch, gently she pulled the blanket on the back over him and smiling softly she walked out of the building.

Callen waited until he heard the large wooden door close then he opened his eyes.

He sat up and grabbed his bag; she couldn't follow him if she had already left. He waited another ten minutes tidying his work station and getting his files in order so that he could go home. Walking around to the main underground garage, he looked around and in the corner under a tarpaulin he spotted it. It had as he'd hoped survived the move, no one knowing who's it was but bringing it just in case.

He grabbed a cloth and gave her a quick rub down, "Hello baby, D'ya miss me." He smirked as he lovingly polished his Indian motorcycle. It had been a gift from Gibbs after the Russian mission where he had saved his life and the two of them had become fast friends. Hetty, he knew would have a fit if she ever caught him riding it, but it was his secret vice, and one of the few things he'd kept with him from his younger days.

He climbed on her; put the key in the ignition and grinned from ear to ear as he started her up.

20 minutes later as he pulled up outside his house, Kensi was standing on the doorstep looking amused at the motorcycle.

"Hetty would have a fit if she saw that." She said.

Callen grabbed her and gave her a passionate kiss that literally took her breath away, "Hetty would have a fit if she saw that too!" he smirked "I won't tell if you don't," he teased.

Kensi pulled him inside and closed the door; Eva put her coat on and headed for the door.

"You are leaving Eva?" Callen asked.

"Eva has her own apartment now, she lives a block away, close by if we get called in, but enough privacy so she can have her alone time." Kensi informed him.

Callen wondered what that was all about but wisely said nothing. "See you tomorrow then." He said as she walked out of the door.

"Where's Lena?" he asked.

He turned and stopped as a small hand grabbed his pant leg, "You learned to crawl!" he grinned picking up his little girl.

Lena grinned and tried to pull herself up; Callen couldn't resist and lifted the small girl into his arms. "Hey baby girl," he kissed her cheek as she turned her head and gave him a slobbery open mouthed kiss on the cheek.

"Yuk!" he laughed and wiped off her baby drool.

"She missed you." Kensi said watching Callen carry her to the sofa and stand her in his lap.

"Did you have a nice time at Grandpa Gibbs?" He asked her in a sing song voice.

Kensi smiled "Eva said she was spoiled rotten, Gibbs sent a ton of things back with her."

Callen nodded having already seen the new toys and things Gibbs had sent back.

"So what's going on with Eva, you were yelling at her as I got to work today?"

Kensi sighed, "While I was with you in the hospital Eva was bringing her boyfriend back here. I just wasn't happy about it and suggested she got her own apartment." She said.

Callen put his arm around Kensi, "That's ok, you guys are still ok aren't you?" he asked.

Kensi nodded, "We're fine, and Eva loves Lena too much to leave this job."

Callen laid back on the sofa his wife in one arm and his daughter in the other, and finally, totally content and feeling safe, he fell asleep.

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