Never Tell!

Chapter 9

It had been a few months, Kensi and Callen were back at home together, Lena was slowly finding her feet and walking a few steps at a time, and Eva had after moving out settled into her apartment down the block.

Back at work they had settled into a routine and even Hetty had taken the paperwork and believed that they had finally gotten around to a divorce.

"Cowboy bar on Sunset." Sam said as they sat around the bullpen.

"With the mechanical bull?" Callen asked leaning back in his chair.


"No, Hetty plus mechanical bull, plus tequila equals bar fight. Trust me; I've been there... Dom? Is that a doll?" Callen asked with a barely disguised grin.

"Uh, no." Dom said uncomfortably, "This is one of only 500 Alpha Centauri, Imperial Class, Guardian Bobble-heads in the entire world." He said "It's... not a doll."

"You're playing with an alien doll?" Sam asked incredulously. "At work?"

Dominic looked over at his team mates as a junior member of the team he was used to getting hazed, but this, this he was passionate about and he was going to stick his ground. "There is a difference between dolls and bobble-heads. And Imperial Class Alpha Centauris' are only part alien. The other part is cyborg, I mean, everyone..."

"How about Disneyland?" Sam interjected desperate to change the subject from dolls.

"I hate Disneyland." Kensi said.

"Kensi hates Disneyland." Callen said at the same time.

"The happiest place on Earth?" Sam asked stunned.

Kensi looked affronted, "I have issues with grown men in furry costumes." She stated.

"Unless it's Thursday night." Callen said, not thinking but remembering the last Thursday night.

Callen himself was looking forward to the team night out, Eva had offered to baby-sit and he was looking forward to some alone time with Kensi.

They continued talking about it until Hetty came in.

"Mr. Callen you have had an Email." Hetty said walking into the bullpen.

Both Callen and Kensi looked over at her quizzically, "Or rather, Jason Tedrow has received an Email."

"Tedrow?" Sam asked.

"An old alias." Callen said, not wanting to elaborate any further.

"I don't remember it?" Sam said confused.

Callen smiled sadly as he remembered, "You were on assignment in Afghanistan." He said and walked out following Hetty.

Kensi watched him go and bit her lip worried, but quickly turned her attention to her partner and his 'bobble-head'.

Callen walked out of Christine Donnelly's house looking back at the small blond haired boy in the window.

He turned back and frowned looking at Sam leaning on the side of the car Callen had driven to Christine's house.

"You know, I spotted your tail a half mile into my drive." Callen said walking over to Sam

"If you spotted me, you would have tried to shake me." Sam said confidently.

"Uh-huh. It was that, uh, leapfrog maneuver on Olympic that gave you away." Callen smirked

"You wish." Sam said and fixed Callen with a deep stare.

"What?" Callen said moving uneasily and trying to walk to the car.

"You got involved with Jon Donnelly's sister during the case." Sam said.

Callen looked affronted, "She was never a suspect or a witness, okay? It was deep cover. I just used her to gain the trust of her brother's crew." He said justifying himself to his partner.

Sam looked at him and scoffed, "Okay..." Callen said holding his palms up in surrender. "So I got close to her. She doesn't know my real name. The man she fell in love with doesn't even exist." He reasoned.

"What about the kid?" Sam asked, the kid in the window did seem to look like Callen, same blond hair and bright blue eyes.

"He was never a suspect, either, but he did seem a little shifty." Callen joked nervously.

"Who's the kid's father?" Sam asked

"I don't know." Callen said and climbed into his car.

He was glad Sam had let him go; he needed to clear his head. Was Michael his son? If he was how would he explain this to Kensi?

He pulled over and got out his cell phone, "Kens," he said ringing her burn-phone with his.

"G, is everything ok?" she asked worried,

"Yeah…I…I just needed to hear your voice, where are you?"

"I'm at the prison, I'm about to meet with Corby and Montrell, Did everything go ok with you finding Jon Donnelly?" she said leaning back in her car as she saw Corby's car pull up.

"Yeah, yeah it did…kinda, Kens, we need to talk." He said, he couldn't keep this from her.

"Are you ok?" she asked stopping in mid-stride worried.

"Yeah...yeah, we just need to talk later ok?" he asked.

"OK, I'll talk to you later, I love you." She said

"I love you too," Callen said in his car, he cut the call and closed his eyes in shame and worry.

Kensi looked at the phone for a second and then got out, heading purposefully for the prison determined to beat Corby inside.

Kensi walked back into the office and smiled as she saw the flowers on her desk.

She looked surprised to see a card, Callen wouldn't, would he? Not here in the office.

Eric walked over and told her the origin of the flowers,

"I hate flowers." She said and dumped them in the bin next to the desk. But, they were nice flowers. Maybe…?

"I thought you hate flowers?" Callen snapped walking back into the bullpen and going straight on to ops.

Kensi frowned and picked the flowers out of the trash can and put them on the shelf behind her desk.

She grabbed her bag and headed over to the lawyers office where Corby was pleased to see her.

"This isn't a social call." Corby said as Kensi entered the office.

"How did you guess?" She asked still feeling bitter at Callen's comment.

"The flowers weren't nice enough to warrant a same day visit." Corby said with a smirk.

"I hate flowers," Kensi admitted, "but the gesture didn't go unnoticed."

"What branch of NCIS are you with, anyway?" Corby asked, "I made an inquiry and got hit with the kind of clearance requests you'd expect from Langley."

Kensi ignored him, "There's been another shooting. Jon Donnelly. And we think Montrell Perez may have had something to do with it." She told him,

"May I ask why?" Corby asked starting to sweat a little, but still keeping his cool.

"I can think of about five million reasons." Kensi snapped.

"A less tactful attorney might suggest your efforts are better spent trying to locate this alleged hit man rather than assigning blame to a prisoner already serving his time." Corby argued.

"Perez is a legitimate suspect and if you still want us to support his appeal, he needs to tell us everything he knows." Kensi warned him.

"Oh, he told me he'd talk to you anytime." Corby smirked, "So long as it's face-to-face."

"And they say chivalry is dead." Kensi quipped dryly.

"Just run it through my office first, okay?" Corby said.

"Of course." Kensi replied sweetly, something about Corby unsettled her. "Thank you for the flowers." She continued.

"You said you didn't like flowers?" Corby said confused.

"I kind of like that you sent them." She smiled, more for the fact that maybe it would annoy Callen that this lawyer was coming onto her.

They worked the case, and finally the end of the day was coming up, Kensi went to meet Corby as with Callen and Sam as back up, by this time it was obvious that Corby was the man behind the killings and probably the only one to know what had happen to the money.

Kensi found herself sitting in a railroad station with Corby, she was surprised to find the he had been waiting for her, she stilled as he showed her the gun under his newspaper, one false move on her part and Lena would be without a mother.

Trying to still the shaking in her body she focused on what Corby was saying.

"I started considering all the possibilities with Tedrow, and I landed on this one. There's this story, it's passed around the JAG guys. NCIS has an undercover operator who can turn himself into anyone at any time for any reason. Gets his man, then he's gone; like some urban legend; doesn't even have a real name. Just... 'Callen.' Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of urban legends. I know there was an undercover NCIS element involved in the case four years ago. I think... Jason Tedrow and Callen are the same guy. Which means you are wearing a wire...and he is listening to every word of this?"

Kensi went pale as she realized he was right, Callen was listening.

"So, either he shows his face right now or I pull the trigger and leave you bleeding out all over that seat." Corby said.

Callen stood, he couldn't help himself, and Sam shot him a look and moved in too.

Suddenly Boyd, Christine's boyfriend was there, trying to help.

Within moment, Boyd and Corby had a confrontation and Boyd was injured, and Corby was dying.

"That's him….isn't it…Callen…" Corby said as Sam looked at him, he didn't confirm it and watched as the light left Corby's eyes.

Callen shot Kensi a look of concern, desperately trying to make sure she was unhurt, she gave him a small nod and he relaxed.

They arrived home tired after their day and night out, He had arrived late at the Karaoke Bar but she'd listened as he sang a song, she'd held her own and with a few drinks inside them they had taken a cab home.

Lena was asleep as they arrived home; As Eva left Callen grabbed Kensi's arm "I need to talk to you." He said the drink loosening his tongue a bit more than he'd intended.

"About today?" she asked sitting on their couch and taking her shoes off.

Callen nodded. "Kristen Donnelly, I…slept with her."

"Today?" Kensi asked her heart dropping.

Callen shook his head, "God, No. Five years ago, when I was on assignment, I used her to get close to her brother." He admitted.

"Sam said about a boy, is…is he…?" she couldn't ask.

"She said no?" Callen said.

"But you don't know?" she pushed.

Callen shook his head, "But I can't find out, I have to believe her." He looked at Kensi, afraid to move.

She saw the sadness in him, the thought that he could have fathered a child out there and not been there for him was painful to him, and she got off the couch and walked over to him wrapping him up in her arms.

"I love you Kensi Callen, I will never cheat on you I promise," He breathed into her neck.

"I know," she replied, she kissed him and they headed to bed.

As he turned the light out he turned back to her, "Did you hear from Dom this evening?"

Kensi laughed, "Nope. Maybe he was kidnapped by alpha Centuri bobble-head aliens."

She lay back laughing as Callen climbed into bed wrapped his arms around his wife and forgot Kristen Donnelly ever existed.

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