In the name of

Chapter 2

Leon Vance stood looking out of his window as Sarah Porter read the file on Operation Comescu; she'd had the gist of it a month ago and had been horrified.

"I thought this had been resolved, Hetty Lange and her husband are dead are they not?" she asked.

Leon nodded. "She is, however Agent Gibbs was looking through her files…"

"Her?" Sarah looked confused.

"Sorry Madam Secretary, I meant, Agent Kelly Gibbs, also a survivor of the Factory system, She's referred to in the file as Agent Lauren Hunter, it was her name at that time."

Sarah Porter nodded; this was by far one of the worst abuses of power she'd ever heard of. Starting with the kidnapping and relocation and brainwashing of the Comescu twins' right up to the abuse suffered by the NCIS Office of special projects, L.A.P.D. Liaison Detective Marty Deeks. All of this was perpetrated by one of her top people.

"And Agent Gibbs…Kelly Gibbs, believes there are more people out there who knew about this, apart from the names she already gave us?" She asked. "And she believes that someone is planning to restart the factory program?"

Leon nodded. "Agent Jethro Gibbs and his team interviewed someone from the last intake of children into the factory, there is the rumor that a child was taken and programmed before the factory was disbanded. They didn't have a name, but we are hoping that if we can track down the last of the instructors and a few people who escaped the last round up by the FBI and the CIA when they closed down the factory; maybe one of them could find out who was programmed and who their target was." He suggested. "Then they heard the rumors that someone is restarting the factory."

"Are all of these 'children' in NCIS?" She asked.

"No I have been told they found some in the FBI and CIA as well."

"Were these…Well I suppose they are adults now, were any of them programmed to attack high profiled targets?" she asked.

Leon nodded, "Yes, this is why I authorized Agents Gibbs and their team to go to Los Angeles and work with Agent Comescu to bring down the last of Hetty Lange's network. The CIA was able to stop one of the factory children a month ago from killing the secretary of defense, apparently Ms. Lange had deemed him a threat and had programmed the woman to kill SECDEF upon her death."

Sarah looked up horrified, "I hadn't heard."

Leon shook his head, "She didn't make it, she was a good CIA Agent, she had a blossoming career an unblemished record and a two year old child." He said sadly.

"Ok so we are sanctioning this operation, how much is this going to take out of our budget?" she asked.

Leon smiled, "Nothing."

She looked surprised.

"Your new Operations Manager in Los Angeles is bankrolling it out of his families' funds, apparently the Elder Gregori Comescu is insistent that all children involved in this are helped to return to their families where possible and that everyone behind the factory and the kidnapping of his children are stopped." He said. "Also the rumor about the factory restarting, apparently it's happening in Los Angeles, Agent Comescu wants to ensure no child goes through that again."

Sarah sat back and looked at the old and faded picture of Gregori and Ilena Comescu and sighed, she really hoped that the team would be able to sort out this mess.

G woke up and listened to the sound of his wife, as had become habit of late, vomiting in the bathroom. He got up and pulled on a pair of boxers and walked into the bathroom with a bottle of water.

"Hey baby, how are you doing?" he asked gently.

"I hate you…" she said as she threw up again, holding tightly to his hands. "Don't leave me!" she said as he moved to sit on the side of the bathtub.

"I'm not going anywhere." He laughed, He leaned over and held her hair back rubbing small circles on her back, "It's gonna be fine baby," he said kissing the top of her head, "You are going to have two beautiful babies, and we are going to bring them up together."

She smiled up and him and stood up, "I'm sorry honey, it's just the babies are making me ill in the mornings. I have to get in the shower, the daycare will be opening today." She reminded him, "And I hear my boss is a hard taskmaster." She added with a grin.

"Fine….fine…" he mock groused, "I'll make your tea and toast." He said and pulled his pants on and headed to the kitchen.

He put her chamomile tea on the table and started spreading the chocolate spread and peanut butter that she was craving right now on her toast as his children walked in.

"Morning Papa." Ami said as she kissed her father good morning. He smiled, at her and kissed her cheek.

"Morning Dad." Gregori said, "Does Mama still want us to help with the daycare today?" he asked.

G grinned, "Yes, also I want you here to meet the D.C. team, DiNozzo, McGee and Bishop are staying with you, Kelly and Gibbs are staying with us." He said.

Ami smiled, "I've missed Kelly," she admitted and started looking through her bag; she looked up and saw the breakfast on the table, "Is that mama's I'll take it into her." She offered as Gregori poured his father a coffee and handed it to him.

G walked into the office, kissed his wife as she and the kids turned to go to the new daycare suite and dropped his bag behind his desk.

Deeks and Sam were bickering in the office as Nell and Kensi walked in.

"What do you think?" Deeks asked.

"About what?" Kensi asked as she sat at her desk.

"G… He looked tired." Deeks said. Sam shot him a 'don't go there' look and concentrated on his laptop.

There was a whistle and the team looked up, only Eric was not at the top of the stairs.

"What the heck?" Deeks spluttered.

G looked over from his desk and gestured to them to go over there.

"You can't shout?" Sam asked as he sauntered in and sat on one of the four comfortable chairs G had in his office.

"Na…this gets your attention quicker." G smirked.

"So do we have a case?" Sam asked.

G looked thoughtful, "We do…sort of…it's voluntary," he took a sip of his coffee and sighed, seeing as now Anya was pregnant his office was the only place he could drink coffee without her vomiting everywhere.

Sam understanding smiled at his ex-partner.

"So voluntary?" Kensi asked.

"It's basically the fallout from Operation Comescu." He said purposely not looked at the others.

"Are you alright?" Deeks asked.

G nodded and stood up, "The factory has a few supporters trying to resurrect the program. Agent Gibbs and his team are coming over here to help with this case, Kelly has a few contacts that may be able to help, we are being asked to help close this down. Also there is a rumor that there is still one programmed kid out there, someone who may have risen through the ranks, someone who has a high intelligence and may have been programmed to kill the SECNAV."

"No idea who?" Nell asked.

G shook his head, "Not yet, My father is bankrolling this operation, Gibbs now has…as Abby has dubbed it, a fully functioning Bat Cave in his basement, Eric and Sally are not to be read in on this yet, Nell…if you're in you will be able to co-ordinate from here."

Nell nodded, "I'm in." she said the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Ok then, Gibbs' plane lands in an hour and they are heading straight here. I'll let Leon know that we are in, and have Eric move out all other cases to the other teams."

The phone on G's desk rang and he picked it up.

"Comescu." He said.

Sam could not resist a small smile, he used to give every time he heard G's new name. He was pleased his ex-partner had a family now even if it took some getting used to.

"Really Leon? Ok I'll tell them they're here now, I'll let Gibbs know when he gets here." G put the phone down and turned to the others, "It's an official case, Seeing as SECNAV is the target and apparently she really doesn't want to be one."

"Understandable G, so does this mean we read Eric and Sal in on this?" Sam asked.

G nodded, "You give them the heads up," he said as he heard Greg and Ami coming in the main door.

Sam nodded and he and Nell went upstairs.

"Papa?" Ami said walking into his office with a smiled.

G walked over and hugged his daughter, "Are you alright Ames?" he asked.

She nodded, "Mama's got the daycare finished, she just had a few small things to do and she wanted you to let everyone know that they can bring the children there from tomorrow." She said.

Ami slumped into the chair Nell had vacated a few moments earlier, "I have another week before I go back to the academy. I was wondering, can I….please…help out here, it would be great experience for my resume?" she asked looking up at her brother who walked in with two cups of coffee and took Sam's seat. "Thanks." She said and took a coffee too.

G smiled, "Your mother not letting you guys drink coffee either?" he asked

"Not while we've been helping her." Greg said. "God I miss this…" he took a huge sip and sighed.

G laughed, "I'm glad you're here, we have some visitors coming soon." He said as he picked up his cell phone and wandered down the hall to make a call.

The kids sat back and enjoyed their coffee as they waited, listening to Kensi and Deeks' banter as they walked down from Ops followed by Sam; Nell had stayed behind to talk to Eric as he patched Ops through to Abby's Bat Cave.

"WOW!" A voice came from the main doorway, "This place is huge!"

G got up grinning as he recognized McGee's voice from the last time he had been in Los Angeles with Jethro.

"Tim!" Sam said and went over to greet them.

Tim smiled and shook his hand as G went over to greet Gibbs and Kelly.

"Jethro…Kels…" G said and hugged Kelly.

"Hey G," Gibbs grinned, "Still not meeting in a bar,"

G laughed, as Sam looked confused. "Our last meeting was in a park…the blackbird case." He told him and Sam nodded. G pulled out his cell phone and sent a text.

"I talked to Leon; he's made it an official investigation, main targets are to find the last factory kid and to make sure we stop whoever is behind starting that place up again." He told Gibbs.

Gibbs nodded as two people came out of G's office.

"Getting younger agents over here?" he asked.

G smiled, "Nope kids…" he beckoned them over, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Meet Amilena and Gregori Comescu III my kids."

Gibbs looked at them and mentally added their ages and his friends ages…and laughed "I guess you were wrong…" he looked at G and he turned red remembering the birds and the bees lecture he'd had from Gibbs when they got back from the operation in Russia where the twins were conceived.

Gibbs stood back as G introduced everyone to Gibbs' team, Nell, Deeks, Sam and Kensi giving Kelly a wide berth, Gibbs took his turn introducing Tony, Tim, Ellie and finally.

"We know Kelly?" he asked still thinking of her as Hunter, but following G's lead.

"I'm still not that bad Agent Hanna, I'm just not programmed to be a royal pain in the ass anymore." She grinned.

Gibbs watched and smiled, he liked it when parts of his little Kelly shone through and it was happening more and more frequently.

He watched as G put his arms around his children as Sam introduced them to the team, "Ami is going to help with the investigation; she's going through police academy right now. But I talked to her instructors, they are lending her to us for this mission as part of her training," he turned to her, "If you still want to do this?" he asked.

She squealed and jumped into his arms, "Thank you daddy!" She said and then composed herself and stepped back. G smiled, it was the first time he had been called Daddy by either of his kids both preferring to use Papa as had been common in Romania when they were growing up.

"Oh Hell, NO!" A woman from behind them piped up.

"Gregori, net sushchestvuyet sposoba vy otpravlyayete nashu rebenka devushka v tam, ty skazal mne o tom uzhasnom meste, ya ne pozvolyu vam!" she stood there tears leaking from her eyes as G pushed past the others to get to her.

"Anya…wait listen…!" G guided her into his office and sat her down on the chair. "Ami will not be going in there, I promise you. She has a team behind her, she'll be safe at all times, don't worry."

"Mama, please I have to help do this." Ami begged her mother who was clinging to her hand tightly.

"Anya, trust him." Gibbs said gently.

Anya stood with her hands on her hips her rounded belly showing as she fixed Gibbs with a glare that made the others step back. "And exactly why should I do anything you say Mr. Lenkov. Because you are so trust worthy, last time you were in my life my children had to grow up without a father. Now I am supposed to believe you?" she snapped.

Gibbs took a step back much to his teams' surprise.

"I am sorry Anya." He said sincerely and Tony, Tim and Ellie nearly fainted in shock. "You are right last time G and I were in your life we destroyed it."

Anya sat back down her eyes glistening with tears, "I would not say you destroyed it Mr. Gibbs, however you and Gregori did change my life, but you have to understand my children mean the world to me, and Gregori told me all about what happened at that factory place and I do not want Amilena to be harmed."

"Mama, I'm going to be a police officer one day, I want to be an agent like Papa, and I need to do this." She argued.

Anya looked into Ami's blue eyes and realized that her daughter was as determined as her father in that regard. She pulled her in close, held her, and then looked at her husband and the man that had introduced himself as G's father years ago.

She sighed and gave a small smile, "You too had better take care of her," she warned and stood up, "Kelly, It is good to see you again." She said and enveloped the woman in a hug.

"Anya, it is good to see you too, I hear you are having twins again." She said smiling as she caught G letting out a breath he had been holding, she was one of the few people who knew how volatile Anya's temper became when she was pregnant.

The tension in the room dissipated rapidly as the team put their bags down.

"Papa said you are to stay with us." Greg said as he walked over to where Tony was putting down his bag.

"Yeah?" Tony said, "Cool."

"And you Kelly and your father will be staying with us…" Anya smiled linking her arm with her old friend. Because despite the fact that Kelly had been undercover pretending to be her sister in law, Anya had really liked the woman.

"Gregori…I am taking them home, they need to freshen up after their flight, and you have a phone call to return, Ilena called." Anya said, this being the reason she had come into the office in the first place.

G all but ran to his office as the others turned to go back to put their stuff away and sort themselves out. Gibbs shooting him a concerned look, "I'll come back with G." he told Kelly who nodded and left with Anya.


Gregori, there is no way you are sending our baby girl into there, you told me about that terrible place, I won't let you!

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