In the name of

Chapter 3

G waited with baited breath as the phone rang, his gut knotted in worry, he was scared that his father had taken a turn for the worse.

"Bună ziua, Comescu acasă?" Alexa's voice came as the receiver was picked up.

"Lexi, it's G, what's wrong?" he said worried.

In Romania, Alexa Comescu smiled at the sound of her baby brother's voice.

"Wrong, Gregori? Nothing is wrong." Alexa replied slipping into English as she knew it was easier for her brother.

"Anya told me Laney called, is papa alright?" he asked.

He looked up and noticed Sam hovering in case he was needed.

"Ilena called your cell phone yesterday; she couldn't get you so she left a message with Anya. Papa is fine, he knows about the operation that you are planning and he's happy to pay for it. Laney got upset about it and she's taken a commercial flight to Los Angeles."

"She's what!" Callen stood up and yelled down the phone. He looked up as Sam took two steps towards him, but he shook his head. "Alexa…Ceea pe pământ este Ilena gândire?!" he said switching to Romani for privacy.

"She is thinking that she needs closure too." Alexa said curtly.

"Și tata permisă acest lucru?" he replied.

Alexa huffed down the phone at her brother, "She is older than you Gregori, and she knows what she needs to do to heal the same as you do, that's what dad was thinking." She said.

G sat down and sighed, "So when does her flight arrive?" he asked resigned.

"Now" came the reply, but not down the phone but just outside his office.

"I'll call you back." G said hanging up the phone on his older sister who was smiling and made a note to mention the conversation to their father.

G stood up and looked at Laney, he put the phone down and ignoring the smiles from his old team and some confusing looks from the support staff he ran across the space between them and wrapped his arms around her, "Laney. My Laney, I've missed you so much!" he sighed holding her tight.

"G…I missed you too." She said.

Sam walked over with a smile, "Ilena, it's good to see you again; G never said you were coming?"

"G didn't know." He growled, with a smirk as he walked back towards his office.

Sam turned to Laney, "So unannounced visit?" He asked.

Laney nodded, "I got wind of what G was planning, Tata told me, and I want in." she said.

Sam nodded, "Fair enough, G's just sent the D.C team home with his kids,"

"It is not fair enough Sam, she shouldn't be here." G snapped walking up behind them with his bag.

"G she went through the same things you did, of course she would want to help make sure it doesn't happen again." Sam argued.

"I understand that, but she should have stayed home with Lexi and our father, I can't keep you safe here." He said turning from Sam to Laney.

"You…you can't keep me safe?" Ilena said incredulously. "G!"

"What?!" G looked over at his sister, he was a Comescu and he needed to protect his family, if she went back to the factory, no matter what state it was in, she might get hurt and he couldn't lose her again, better to make her think she was mad with him and make her leave. Even if she never spoke to him again at least she'd be alive.

"I had the same training you did remember…I can take care of myself." She retorted.

"Yeah, you've been living soft for the past few months, you've probably lost your edge." He snapped back.

"Gym now!" Laney said.

G gave a curt not and followed her to the gym, Sam, Nell, Kensi and Deeks followed.

Twenty minutes later, G walked out to find Laney warming up on the mat.

G was still furious, he had to beat Laney there was no way his father would survive, if his youngest daughter was killed.

His face was as dark as thunder as he walked onto the mats and they started circling each other.

Laney matched him move for move.

If anyone had seen their original sparring match, the one from when they were teenagers; they would have sworn they were watching the same match again.

Laney circled around her brother, she got him in a choke hold which he quickly slipped out of and reversed on her.

She dropped and kicked his legs out from under him, pinning him to the mat, he wriggled and pinned her.

She was determined this time to win and instinct told her to poke him between the third and fourth rib.

"NO!" he gasped, and wriggled out from her, "That's not fair."

"Who fights fair, fratelui." Laney grinned.

G punched the mat and got up.

"Fine!" he snapped, "You can stay, but you call Tata and tell him, if you get killed it's not my fault." He stormed off to the showers to change and the others walked over to Ilena.

"That was great!" Nell grinned.

Laney smiled sadly watching her baby brother walk over to the showers, "Thanks, I didn't mean to embarrass him." She sighed.

"Are you kidding?" Deeks exclaimed. "I've never seen anything like that; it seemed to be choreographed, I've never seen G move that fluidly."

Laney shrugged as she picked up her towel to wipe the sweat off her skin, "It was factory training; that was everyday basic."

Something inside Deeks nudged a memory, and he found himself standing and watching her walk, he tried to grab onto the fragment that ran through his head, high pitched screaming and pain then, in an instant, it was gone.

"Deeks?" Kensi asked looking at the flash of pain on his face.

He shook his head, "Yeah?"

"You ok there, you kinda zoned out a bit." She told him.

"Yeah, I'm fine…" he said still slightly spaced out.

Kensi followed him back to the bullpen.

"What was it?" she pressed.

Deeks shrugged, "Nothing…I don't think, nothing important anyway." He said as he sat down and picked up a file.

G walked out past the bullpen, "Team dinner my house tonight, tell Eric and Sally." He said and walked to his office and grabbed his bag.

He picked up his keys from his desk and smirked as his sisters voice came from around the corner, "I'm coming, I'm coming…" she called running to catch him up for a lift to his home.

"Seven p.m." G called to the team, "And finish your paperwork first." He called as he and Laney walked out of the door.


Hello, Comescu household.

What on earth is Ilena thinking?

And dad allowed this?

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