In the name of

Chapter 4

By the time 7 pm rolled around, Gibbs was in the backyard, the grill was on and the steaks were slowly cooking. Anya had made a salad, she and Kelly were sitting on lounge chairs in the back garden and were catching up on when the twins were younger, and they had been able to sit like that.

Tony, Ellie and Tim were admiring Callen's garden. Ellie was telling Tony about her husband's attempts to plant vegetables last year and Tim was telling them about his sister's first attempts at gardening, Sam had walked over to join them and was telling Ellie about Michelle's gardening; as she stood in the new Sandpit G had built for his children. Even though they would not be able to use it for a few years, Sam's daughter was getting a lot of use out of it now along with Sally's four-year-old son, Harley.

Eric and Nell were sitting on the decking chatting with Kensi, Ami and Greg. In fact the only one who hadn't turned up was Deeks.

"Where is he?" Nell asked Kensi as she sipped her drink.

Kensi shrugged, "I'm not sure, apparently he had to go and see Lieutenant Bates, something to do with an old case." She said "He sends his apologies and said he'll try to get in later on."

G turned to her, "Don't worry, we'll save him some food and fill him in when he gets here." He smiled.

Ami got up as Ilena walked out onto the deck. "Aunt Ilena!" she grinned, "Papa never said you were here." She ran over and hugged her tight with Greg following suit.

"I got in last night, your aunt Alexa and grandfather sends their love. I am staying with Papa for a while to help in the investigation." She smiled slightly as she saw Anya relax slightly at that statement.

Ami turned to Gibbs who was at the grill and pulled Laney over with her, "Grandpa Gibbs? Are the steaks ready yet?" she asked,

Both Gibbs, G and Anya stopped and looked at her, "What?...Papa said that you were his father for a while, when he met mama….Does that not make you our grandpa too?"

Gibbs smiled and pulled the young woman into his arms, "Yes Ami…if it's alright with your mama and papa, it does." He looked over her head, his eyes shining as both G and Anya nodded.

Ami looked up with a grin, "So Grandpa…steaks?"

Gibbs laughed, "Soon."

Deeks sat at the beach, staring at the waves trying to quell what was going on in his head.

He kept hearing the screaming that had been getting louder since they had got back from Romania and Hetty had been killed, he could not remember whose screams he was hearing.

"Martin Brandel." A man in a dark suit stood behind him on the beach.

"What?!" Deeks looked up shocked he had not been called that in years.

The man smiled and held out his hand, "Simon Stanley, Come on we have work to do."

Without thinking, Deeks grabbed the man's hand and he was hauled to his feet.

Following the man off the beach, Deeks felt his insides pull at him, this was wrong, he didn't know why but it was wrong. He had no idea who this man was and just following him blindly screamed at him, "Who are you?" he asked.

"I just told you, Simon Stanley…we met a long time ago."

Deeks shook his head, "I don't know you."

Stanley smiled, "Sense memory Deeks, Your body knows me and it will follow me where I tell it to and do what I tell it to do, don't worry you'll remember me soon enough."

"Are you crazy?" Deeks asked as they stopped by a dark van.

"Get in…" Stanley smiled as Deeks tried not too but he climbed into the van and sat in the grey plush seat.

"What's all this about?" Deeks asked his voice shaky.

Simon Stanley smiled. "You are our secret weapon." He grinned. You are going to help us complete our plan and get our revenge against Gregori Comescu."

"Greg? He's a kid, why would you want revenge against him?" Deeks asked.

"Not the young one, Gregori Comescu II, you knew him as G. Callen. He destroyed our operation and we still have plans in place that need completing."

"What makes you think I won't go to G the second you let me go and tell him what you are planning." Deeks pushed.

"Oh, Mr. Brandel, you don't think that you'll actually remember these meetings do you, you haven't the last three times you've been with us?" Stanley smirked, "You will be spending this weekend getting retrained and then on Monday we will be putting you into play. Now Sleep." He said. He touched Deeks' arm and instantly he fell asleep.

He woke up in a white room, strapped to a table.

"Let me go!" he yelled straining at his bonds.

"Now, now Mr. Brandel…please don't struggle we go through this each time…" A woman with dark hair said as she entered the room.

"Who are you?" he asked trying to keep her in sight as she walked around the table he was strapped to.

"Martin, you remember me….I'm Fern." She smiled at him and he stopped dead.


She sighed, "Yes Martin, I'm Fern, your handler." She pulled up a chair and sat next to the table, "Before you start to remember who you are, I will, as usual go over the same things we always talk about."

"I've never met you before." Deeks snapped.

"Martin," She admonished, "I'm the nearest thing you have to a mother, I've been in your life since you were eleven, you live a mile from my house and regularly check to see if I'm ok…and out of here, you call me mom."

Deeks shook his head; he did not want to believe her, although her words rang true.

"No…you're not my mom, she was blonde…I remember that…she died…"He bit back a sob.

Fern smiled, "Yes she did, some of my best work….let us start again, Martin I am Fern Deeks."

Deeks blinked as things started to slip back into place for him again.

Images of him growing up with her and feeling her hold him as he cried over the death of his mother, her pride as he graduated law school and the strange resistance he felt to actually telling any of the team about her.

"Fern?" he asked.

She smiled and reached over to untie the straps. "Yes dear, welcome home."

He looked up as a panel slipped away and his room was reveled, he was home, the facility was a mile away from the apartment the factory had set him up with when they had decided that he would do better for them as a cop, rather than an attorney. He sat up and looked around, "It's been a long time mom." He said, "I thought you weren't going to activate me again."

Fern got up and Martin followed her to her desk where she had a pot of tea ready.

"Martin, we had hoped we wouldn't have to but with the way things stand right now, you are needed to keep this facility, your home safe, you want that don't you?" she asked.

Martin looked angry, "Mom? Who would want to damage our home?"

"Gregori Comescu II, and the new SECNAV and the team she sent from Washington and your team."

"Why?" Martin asked.

"They want to rip our family apart, they are poison, like your father was, remember how he killed your mother, right in front of you…remember the abuse he heaped on you…" she waited and watched as his hand shook against the teacup.

"I…" Martin stopped as Fern stood up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright Martin, we saved you from all that, we gave you a purpose, we gave you love, we know you will fight to protect us…you have already, you didn't reveal the existence of this facility after Hetty Lange died.

"I couldn't, its home."

"Exactly Martin." Fern smiled and walked towards the kitchen, "Would you like me to make you some dinner, it's late, I have Mac and Cheese in the oven." She called.

Martin found himself smiling that was always the first meal she would cook him, the first one she had cooked him while he was recovering at the factory after he shot his father. It always gave him a feeling of safety.

Simon Stanley walked into the room, "Hello Martin, welcome back."

Martin smiled, "Hey pop. How was work?" he asked opening as soda and passing Simon a beer.

"It was frantic, I hear you're back for training." He said laughing inwardly to himself.

As far as Martin was concerned; Fern was his mom and Simon was his step-dad, both of whom had treated him well, the factory was home to him. Martin would fight tooth and nail to keep the only home and parents he'd ever felt safe in intact, after all…Martin thought, The factory did good work, taking out those who would cause harm to the US.

He trained all weekend, learning all he was taught about his targets, fighting harder than the team had ever seen him fight, breaking the bones of new recruits in the ring as he had once broken his own bones. He stopped as he looked down at the body of Detective Andy Moreau, he knew this man, he had watched as the man in the ring had recognized him, begged for mercy and finally screamed, until Martin snapped his neck.

Fern watched all this with a smile. She knew he would have no trouble in dispatching his targets, so she handed him the file.

He sat and looked at the pictures of his targets, Deeks inside his head screaming as he saw his team, Gibbs' team, Ilena Comescu, Anya Comescu and the twins all spread out before him, on top of that was Leon Vance and Sarah Porter.

Martin looked up at Fern, "All of them?" he asked.

She nodded, "They want to stop us Martin, they want the Russians and the Romanians to flood into America and they want me dead."

"Mom?" Martin stopped looking at the pictures and turned to her, "I will see them all dead before that happened." He promised.

Fern smiled, "I know you will, they were responsible for all that happened to you in your childhood, we gave you peace and they want to take that," She pointed to the pictures of Leon Vance and Sarah Porter, "Get them here, they are the two who made your father the way he was, they must die first." She knew his head was getting confusing messages, which was the point; Martin was off balance and had to stay that way. "They have to die, if they don't you know you have to make sure the existence of this place needs to stay secret, if they found me or Simon…they would torture you, you have your orders."

Fern handed Martin a cup of tea and he drunk the drugged brew, soon he found himself nodding off, Fern carding her hand through his hair.

As soon as he was asleep, she pressed a button on her desk and two men came in.

"Take that back to his apartment, implant the subliminal message in him, he's been undercover all weekend, a cop was killed, he was hurt slightly in the fight, Lieutenant Bates is mad with him as he was to blame for the cop being injured. He's been told not to go to the office for a week while they deal with it." Fern said.

Simon walked in as they carried Deeks out, "Is he ready?" he asked.

Fern nodded, "As soon as all the players are in position, Martin will wipe the Deeks programming and become the cold blooded killer we trained him to be."

Deeks woke up to a pounding on his door, "WHAT!" he yelled holding his head as he shuffled from his bedroom to the door.

He opened it and saw Kensi standing there holding doughnuts and coffee.

She smiled as he opened the door, which turned into a concerned look, as she looked at all the bruises on him.

"Deeks?" she said looking at him.

Deeks turned and walked back inside. "They told you already?" he asked looking down.

"No…what happened?" she asked, she placed the coffee and doughnuts on the coffee table and sat holding his hands as he stared at a spot on the carpet.

"I was partnered with a rookie detective, Andy Moreau, he was a good guy, and we were going to bust a drug cartel. I went undercover…I was supposed to have his back, I should have had his back, he was beaten to death and his body dumped in an alley, his neck was broken. Bates is blaming me, I didn't watch him." Deeks looked distraught.

"It isn't your fault; it's the fault of whoever killed him." Kensi said.

"I killed him….I wasn't watching his back, Bates has suspended me…unofficially, but I've been told not to report in for at least a week."

Kensi sighed, "Come on Deeks, you may not be welcome at LAPD, but you are needed at work, so get showered and lets go." She prodded him in the direction of his shower.

As he walked into his bedroom, she called G to fill him in on what had happened and hoped that it wouldn't make any difference to Deeks being their LAPD liaison.

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