In the name of

Chapter 5

Heading into the mission Deeks kept his head down, he remembered the dressing down he'd gotten from Bates the night before, with the threat of him having his job at the LAPD terminated. He knew he wasn't welcome at Andy's funeral, even though they had been good friends and the entire department blamed him for his death.

The only thing nagging at him was that he did not remember the gunshot that supposedly killed his friend; however the memory of him laughing and looking down at his friends' lifeless body was there every time he closed his eyes.

"Deeks?" Kensi said again as he had stood looking at his desk, "Are you sure you're ok?"

Deeks shook his head, "I'm fine Kensi, just tired is all." he sank down into his chair and pretended to look over a file that was on his desk.

Nell walked in, dropped her bag down at her desk, and looked over at him, "You look lousy Deeks." She said with concern in her voice.

"I'm FINE!" Deeks snapped, he stood up and stormed towards the exit where Sam had just entered and was scowling at him for giving his partner grief.

"Deeks?" he growled in warning.

Marty stopped his hands balling into fists at his side, Martin wanted so much to just snap Sam's neck or put him on his ass. However, the door opened and with the arrival of his targets, he knew he had to keep a low profile so Deeks did nothing, "I'm sorry man, I just had a bad weekend." He said as his shoulders slumped.

Sam patted him on the shoulder, "We heard about the cop that died Marty, I know he was a friend, I'm sorry for your loss ok?"

Marty nodded, he turned and walked, no slunk back to his desk, inside Martin was grinning, and the fools had no idea. "Sorry Nell," he sighed as he picked up the file again. Now was not the time to strike.

G walked down the hallway deep in conversation with Gibbs, as Tony, Tim and Ellie walked into the bullpen.

"So she's coming here?" G said as he dropped his bag behind his desk in his office and switched on the coffee maker his daughter had brought him.

"Supposedly, Vance thinks it might be a good idea, you know just in case…we have a face to face with him, in about 5 minutes." Gibbs said.

G nodded, "Sure…hold on…" he looked over at the team who seemed engrossed in getting the newest visitors settled.

Gibbs and G jogged up the stairs, not noticing Deeks paying careful attention to what they were doing.

Walking into Ops, G turned to Eric, "I need the room secured everyone but you out." He said.

Eric ushered the others out and sealed the room.

"Eric…headphones." Callen said.

Eric smiled and put on his noise cancelling headphones as he switched on the private conference call between Gibbs, G and Vance, then he turned to his computer to keep the call running smoothly.

"Leon." Gibbs said as Director Vance and then Sarah Porter appeared on the screen, "Madam Secretary." He added.

"Gibbs." Leon said, "Glad to see you arrived safely, Gregori, how's it going."

G sighed, he hadn't wanted do this but he knew it needed to be done, "He killed a cop last night, doesn't seem to know much about it only what they fed him."

Gibbs looked shocked, "You know who the killer is?"

G nodded, "Sorry Jethro, we've known for some time, at least we think we know, but we don't want to tip our hand just yet."

"You gonna tell me who it is?" Gibbs growled shooting Leon a look of annoyance.

"Deeks." G said, "We think it's him…I think it's him, the kid they kept under wraps…the last one the factory trained."

"Deeks?" Gibbs was amazed, the surfer cop, he was a stone cold killer like G and his Kelly…he shook his head not liking where his thoughts were taking him.

"I had his GPS tracked all weekend, he went to the beach. Camera does confirm he met someone there and willingly got into a van, then his GPS was blocked, he showed up a day later tired back at his apartment and Bates from the LAPD has a dead cop nearby, I don't think its coincidence, but I also don't think Deeks knows he killed him."

"How do you know it was him?" Gibbs asked.

"Everyone else came to the cookout at my home, Deeks was the only one to beg off…also he fits the profile that was worked up, abused background, no family, ripe for the factories purposes." G said.

"So how do you want to play it?" Sarah asked, "You could just bring him in."

G shook his head, "No…he may be triggered to self harm at capture by us, I can't let that happen, besides the only person it will destroy is Deeks, it won't get the people behind this now…now that she's gone."

"There must have been other people besides Het…Her, running it." Gibbs stated remembering at the last minute that G still didn't react well to the use of Hetty Lange's name.

"There are but we don't know who…not yet," Callen tapped Eric on the shoulder and signed Abby to him, Eric nodded and clicked a link and Abby turned up on the monitor, "You got anything yet Abbs?" He asked.

"I have a picture, it's pretty old but tracking down what you told me about Detective Deeks possibly being the last Factory child, I have a picture of him with a Fern Deeks, it's grainy, but I ran it through facial rec…I got a different name." Abby said to everyone listening. "Allison Davis. Daughter of Mike Davis and …"

"NO!" G gasped, "No…not them…!"

He blinked holding back tears that sprang to his eyes; he was not going to lose it in front of the Director and SECNAV.

"She's not his real mother," Abby interjected, "His mother on record is Valerie Brandel, she was killed when he was eleven. She was addicted to drugs, although there is some evidence that maybe she was murdered. Ducky is having the coroner down there send him the files on the body and that of a Gordon John Brandel, his record is strange too; he had a steady job and was a pillar in the community, until the family moved to Los Angeles when their son Martin was five. Suddenly Brandel was drinking and the mother was doing drugs and they were abusing the boy, it was also about that time that Allison first came into their lives."

"She was planted in there, to turn Deeks." Gibbs stated.

"She went in as Fern Deeks, neighbor and best friend of Valerie Brandel, eventually after Valerie's death and Gordon's imprisonment for child abuse after Deeks shot his father in self defense she adopted him."

"Damn!" G swore. "So they've been working on him since he was five…." He stopped as something suddenly hit him, "Deeks shooting his dad wasn't self defense, it was a hit, His test to see if the programming worked."

Leon and Sarah looked at G, "Are you sure?" Vance asked.

G nodded, "I …" he sighed, "My first kill was at eleven, I failed and was sent…to…to…somewhere to be reeducated. I learned and the second time, I killed without hesitation." He admitted.

"As far as we know, since he was a child…not including his possible but unproven connection in the death of the police officer, Detective Deeks has not killed anyone other than in the line of duty," Leon said.

Gibbs and G nodded in agreement, "That's true, I don't want Allison or Fern to be able to pull him down that path, Deeks is a good guy Leon, we need to help him."

"Agreed, but how do we save him and destroy the factory at the same time?" Leon asked.

"He needs a target." Sarah said pushing a stray piece of her curly hair behind her ear.

"Who?" Gibbs asked.

"Us." Leon said pointing to himself and Sarah.

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