In the name of

Chapter 6

Deeks paced the gym, a few well placed hits here and there on the practice dummy. He wasn't feeling better, the death of the cop and the subsequent treatment by Bates wasn't sitting well with him.

Kensi walked in and watched him work out.

"Do you wanna spar?" she asked.

Deeks shot her a smile, "Nope, think I've had my butt kicked enough thanks."

"I'll go easy on you." she offered.

Deeks stopped and picked up a towel and wiped a bead of sweat that was threatening to go into his eyes.

"I'm good Kens. I gotta clean up and head into see Bates, finish off some paperwork." he said leaving her and heading for the showers.

"You need me call, ok?" she called.

Deeks gave a halfhearted wave and nod as he walked into the mens changing area.

He lifted his bag onto the bench and stopped as his phone vibrated, "Deeks." he said and listened to the person on the other end. "That's doable, no problem."

He got in the shower and grabbed some clothes from wardrobe, clothes that he felt comfortable in.

Kensi shot him a look as he walked out of wardrobe, "You going undercover."

He grabbed his bag, "Nope off to see Bates, big meeting, see you later," he said and headed for the door.

Nell walked up behind Kensi, "Deeks going undercover as Max again?" she asked.

"He says not, but I am wondering," she said shaking her head and turning back into the bullpen.

Laney walked in and gave them a quick wave, "Morning guys, how's it going?" she asked.

"Not bad, Deeks has been called in to LAPD you wanna keep me company today?" Kensi grinned.

Laney shot her brother a look, "You sure Gregori won't mind?" she asked, She stood and walked towards him, "I'll ask."

She walked into the small office and nodded at Gibbs, "Agent Gibbs."

"Agent Comescu." He replied.

"Agent?" Callen asked.

Laney laughed, "I never revoked my CIA status little brother, I just am not active right now, but apparently Kensi needs a partner, it seems Deeks might be going undercover as Max again." she said leaning against the desk knowing it would annoy G.

"He's what?" G looked over at his sister, "Hang on, I hadn't heard anything."

Gibbs looked up at G, "Do you think….now?"

G nodded once, "Give Leon a heads up, I'm gonna check with Bates."

Lieutenant Bates sat at his desk worried, Detective Moreau's funeral had been today, and he hadn't seen nor heard from Deeks.

A report had crossed his desk that morning that had said that Deeks had been seen with Moreau before he went missing, but NCIS hadn't called to say he was missing so he still had hope. He had tried calling him to see if he was ok, Moreau had been his friend and he knew that his death would hit the detective bad.

He filled his coffee mug and stared out of the window at the city below, worried for his officers on the streets as usual. He was pulled from his musing as his phone rang, putting down his coffee cup he took a deep breath as he noticed the caller I.D, was the NCIS offices.

"Bates," he said bracing himself for bad news.

"Bates, it's Gregori Comescu, NCIS."

He sighed, "Oh yes...her replacement."

G bristled at the statement but continued, "Yes I'm her replacement, and like her I would appreciate being informed when you are going to recall Deeks, I need to know if we are going to be a man down." he snapped.

Bates sat down a feeling of worry mixed with confusion washed over him.

"I haven't spoken to Deeks in weeks, he didn't even turn up to his friends funeral...Agent Comescu, what's going on?"

G sat back and ran a hand over his face and sighed, "I'm not sure, He told one of my agents that you had hauled him over the coals over Moreau's death and that you blamed him."

"Never happened," Bates affirmed, "We found the body and tried to call him, he was the last one seen with Moreau at the station, but Andy was a cop, anything could have happened between seeing Deeks and going missing."

"So where is he?" G snapped.

"Good question." Bates replied as he hung up and went to see if anyone had seen him.

G stood up and ran up the stairs, "Eric! Sally!" he called as he ran into Ops.

"Agent Comescu?" Sally replied as she turned around. "What's wrong?"

G walked to the big screen, "I need to know where Deeks is right now and what is he doing?"

Sally looked at her computer, "I can follow Detective Deeks from when he left the mission and track him from there." she said looking up coordinates. G turned and walked to the top of the stairs and let out a whistle.

"What's up G?" Sam called as they turned around.

"Up here, Now." G growled and walked back into the room behind him.

Eric was the first to arrive, "Did someone whistle?" he asked.

"Me." G replied, "We need to find Deeks." he said walking behind Sally to see what she was doing.

"On it." Eric said and joined her in looking up information.

Sam, Nell, Laney and Kensi, followed by the D.C. team all came up the stairs as well.

"What's going on G?" Sam asked.

"Deeks is missing." G replied.

"Missing, I thought he was going to check in with Bates?" Kensi asked worried.

"Now?" Gibbs asked G, who nodded.

"Yeah...Eric open file Comescu 1." he said.

Eric looked and found the file, Pulling it up G turned to the others, "The factory was recruiting kids after Laney, Kelly and I left." He said, he nodded and a picture of Deeks and his birth parents came on the screen.

"Martin Brandel, 5 years old, Mother Valerie Brandel, Father, Gordon John Brandel. Up until he was 5 he was a model child, the family was good and there was no sign of the upbringing we know about, What we do know is that at 5 years old Martin took a school standard aptitude test which he aced. We think this was when the factory recruited him." G stopped as the picture changed. The smiling happy couple and child were replaced with a woman who looked stoned and a angry scowling man and a smaller bruised boy, off to one side was a blonde haired woman looking kindly at the child who was staring at her in hope.

"This is a year later, Martin is 6 years old."

"What happened?" Nell asked shocked.

"The factory happened." Kelly snapped.

G and Laney nodded in tandem, "Yes." they both said.

Sam looked at the picture of the child and was angered that this kid had gone through so much.

"What did they do?" Kensi asked.

"They got his mom hooked on drugs, and his father hooked on drink, maybe drugs as well, they turned them from ordinary parents into….Them, according to my research they both tried numerous times to enter rehab, but each time they failed, eventually Brandel's anger grew to the point where he tried to kill his wife and son, by this time Martin was 11."

"Deeks shot him." Kensi said remembering Deeks telling her that.

"Yes but you need to understand, according to the medical records at the time, Brandel was not only drunk he was on amphetamines as well. The factory turned his family against him, leaving her to step into the void." he pointed at the blonde woman.

"Who is that?" Tony asked.

"Fern Deeks...aka Allison Davis." G couldn't say anymore but Sam saw the look in his ex-partners eye.

"That Davis and her?" He asked as tactfully as he could.

G nodded, "Yeah."

"Er….Sir?" Sally said from her station, "I think you need to see this, I found him….but…"

"Put it up." G said.

They watched as different views of Deeks car came up, he stopped at his apartment and picked up Monty, took him to Sam's house and left him tied to the lawn and drove off.

"If that dog ruins my garden," Sam growled under his breath.

Nell gave her partner a small smile and turned to the screen, "Where is he now?" she asked knowing that Sam would give Michelle a call and would take care of the dog.

"I've got him about ten minutes ago outside a gym," Sally pulled up the footage of the gym, Deeks parked his car down the side and leant against the car.

He sat there for a few moments and stood away from the car as he called someone.

A blonde young woman walked towards him, her sweats showed that she had just left the nearby gym. she waved and walked over to him and continued past him as if to get in the passenger side.

Deeks pulled a cloth from a bag in his pocket and put the cloth over the young woman's face, he caught her as she crumpled.

The team watched horrified as Deeks cradled the girl in his arms and turned to the camera so she could be clearly seen.

"Amy!" G exclaimed watching his daughter lifeless in Deeks' arms.

He opened the trunk and dropped her like a stone inside then he turned to the camera again and held up one finger.

The with a smile he sauntered to the car and drove off.

"FIND HIM NOW!" G yelled as he headed to the door.

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