In the name of

Chapter 7

G ran into the office, he needed a second to get a handle on the guilt he was feeling, he couldn't call Anya, she wouldn't understand that he had known it was Deeks who may have been the 'factory' kid they were looking for, but his friendship with the younger detective had clouded his judgement.

Now his daughter was in danger.

"Gregori...Stop." Laney leaned against the long wooden post that held up the corner of the internal roof structure.

G stopped as he felt her hand on his arm.

"You can't just rush in, you don't know the situation." she said calmly.

G looked at her with so much pain that she actually felt it, "I know the situation, I was just lax. I thought if it was him that I would be able to get to him first. I put my baby in danger, if I tell….When I tell Anya, it's going to break her, I can't cause her anymore pain."

Laney looked over at the others and moved G to the back corner of his office as Gibbs and Kelly walked in to back her up.

"What did you already know?" she asked gently.

"I had an idea that Deeks was the person we were looking for, Kels said that he was chipped like us, but...he was so much younger, and there were no signs, I hoped they had just not activated him." G slumped into a chair his head in his hands, "I can't just stay here Laney, you saw him he was calling me out."

He hid his face as a tear escaped, he needed to get a reign on his emotions and he couldn't show weakness, not now.

"I need you to find Greg, and stay with Anya, Laney you need to keep them safe for me." he said.

Laney put her hand on her twins shoulder Gibbs was amazed as the change in Gregori's demeanor the second she did so.

"I'll watch them, I will keep them safe." she promised.

He nodded, "Don't tell Anya, not about, Ami not yet, the stress might hurt the babies, at least if she thinks Ami is here she will be ok."

"I won't not yet, not till we have to." Laney promised. She went to G's desk and took out his spare service weapon, "Can I?" she asked.

He nodded wordlessly the more firepower she had the safer his family were.

Gibbs moved into G's eye-line as he watched his twin leave.

"I put a BOLO out on Deeks' car." he told his friend.

"Good," G got up and walked to the armory where the team were, he walked past them and opened the drawer that Hetty had used in her day to store things in.

He took out another Sig and ammunition and tucked it in the back of his pants.

"You have a plan G?" Sam asked.

G looked at them blankly, "There's a plan, I need Gibbs' team to head to the airport, pick up the Director and SecNav, take them to this address." He leaned over and wrote an address down for them, "It's one of the new safe-houses, keep them there until you hear from us." He said.

Gibbs nodded in affirmation and the three DC team members headed off to collect the two incoming travelers.

"And us?" Sam asked.

"Need you and Nell, to go and liaise with Bates at the LAPD, I need to know if he shows up there," he turned to Gibbs, "Need you to partner with Kensi, check out Deeks' place see if there are any clues," he ordered.

Gibbs nodded and turned to go. He stopped at the archway and turned back, "And you?" he asked.

"Operations manager, I have to sit here and worry, it's my job." he sighed.

Gibbs gave a curt nod and G watched as they all left to do as they were asked.

G jogged nonchalantly up the stairs as Eric came down past him.

"Everything ok?" Eric asked.

G nodded, "Yeah it will be thanks, we have a great team Eric, trust them." he smiled.

He watched as Eric headed down the stairs and turned and headed back to Ops.

"Sally?" G called.

Sally stuck her head up from behind her desk, "Sorry sir, I was just changing a fuse." she replied.

He smiled, knowing it would disarm her, new as she was she still hadn't got out of the habit of calling him sir when they were alone.

"G or Gregori please, I need a favor." he asked taking Eric's seat and sitting down. He was nervous and fidgety but unless you knew about his habit of rubbing his forefinger and thumb together when agitated.

But Sally didn't know this and she sat down waiting for instructions from her boss.

"Any luck with locating Deeks?" He asked conversationally.

"Not yet," She admitted "but I am trying."

He smiled and nodded, "I know you are, it's ok, I was just wondering, when Deeks went missing the other day, I know you were running down the van that took him, do you have any more leads on that?" he asked.

She smiled, "I do, I have a rough area that I think he went if that will help?"

G grinned, "That is more help than I expected, thank you." he said as he took the address from her, "This is now classified, no one else is to be given this address, do you understand?"

She looked concerned for a moment, but his calm face and demeanor disarmed her, "Of course, Si...Gregori." she smiled as he smiled at her.

"Thank you, I'll be in the armory if anyone needs me." he told her.

He jogged down the stairs, feeling the comfortable weight of the gun in his back.

He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Sam and Nell arrived back first, Bates had had no idea what was going on with Deeks but had handed them the file on the murder of Detective Moreau.

They walked into the mission finding the building quiet, Sam looked around for his former partner but there was no sign of him.

"Hey Beale?" Nell smiled at Eric as he walked past.

"Hey you, you done already?" He asked.

Nell nodded, "I need to brief G, do you know where he is?" she asked.

Eric shook his head, "I talked to Sally earlier, he said he was going to the armory, maybe he's gonna clean his gun?" he suggested.

Nell looked worried, she wasn't as knowledgeable about the inner workings of Gregori Comescu II's mind as her partner but she knew if it had been her she wouldn't be cleaning her gun in the armory.

"Ok, thanks." she replied and turned to Sam as Eric headed up the stairs.

"Somethings wrong." Sam said Nell nodded in agreement.

"I think so too."

They both headed to the armory Sam wasn't surprised to find it was empty.

"Where is he?" Nell asked looking around.

Sam sighed, "He's gone on his own again."

He slammed his fist on the table in frustration and turned leaving a confused Nell behind him.

G had slipped out through the file burn room, knowing this was a way to avoid the camera's, he slipped into the sewer and walked for about a mile until he figured it was safe to emerge. Carefully he lifted the grate and climbed out of the sewer.

He patted himself down, grateful for the current drought which had meant the water in the drain had been minimal, he pulled some clothes from the bag he had grabbed before he had left and went into an alley, looking for a concealed spot to change in.

Five minutes later, his dirty clothing dumped behind and old trashcan, his disguise set Gregori Comescu set off.

He pulled the baseball cap down over his head, making sure he looked away from ATM machines and street camera's as he made his way to the area Sally had said that the van that took Deeks had last been seen.

He stopped in a shop bought a few things and then he headed to a coffee shop, he sat in the back and opened the bag he had and pulled out a pad and pen and while eating his sandwich and drinking his coffee, he wrote a letter.

Sealing the letter up and putting on a stamp he took the rest of the pad, the envelopes and pen and handed them to a kid sitting with his mother drinking a juice and doodling on a napkin, "Here kid I don't need these." he said handing them over.

"Thank you!" the mother smiled at the strangers generosity.

G smiled, "You're welcome." He left looking away from the camera on the door, walked up to the mailbox on the corner and placed the letter inside.

He smiled sadly and turned heading to the industrial area that Sally had pointed out to him earlier.

He knew this was not going to end well, but they had crossed the line, they had gone after his family.

He was after all a Comescu, no one touched his family and lived.

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