In the name of

Chapter 8

Ami groaned as she came to.

Trying to remember what happened she replayed her last few memories in her head, she'd been to the gym and had been heading to the coffee shop when she got a call from Deeks.

She had pulled her phone out and looked at his name on the display.

"Comescu." she said as she answered it.

"Amy? It's Deeks, are you free I need your help?" Deeks' voice came breathlessly over the speaker.

"Marty? Sure are you alright?"

Deeks smiled, this was going to be easy, "I need someone to talk to, someone...not Kensi, someone I can trust….I….I lost a friend…"

Ami smiled, she had a bit of a crush on the blond surfer, although she didn't think he knew.

"I've just left the gym, I'm heading to the coffee shop on the corner, you can join me if you want?" she added hopefully.

'Got ya!' Deeks thought. "Sure I'll be there in ten, I have a few things to do first."

Ami smiled as she closed her phone and with a bounce in her step headed towards the coffee shop to meet Deeks.

Brandel looked for the right spot, dampening down the part of him that was Deeks, that was a growing knot of fear for Ami in his stomach he smirked as he saw all the camera's. Even if Comescu wasn't watching now he would be watching later.

He looked over as Ami waved from across the street, He looked in his car, the chloroform was already on the cloth in a bag in the front seat. He'd gotten rid of Deeks' annoying mutt and left in on the immaculate lawn of that overbearing know it all Sam.

Martin hated Sam with a passion, he was always Mr. Perfect, perfect house, perfect wife, perfect kids….and a part of him had always known that Martin was dangerous, he was never invited to Sam's house, never allowed near his kids...never….

He looked up as a heavily accented girls voice called from across the street, "Marty!" Ami waved smiling as she crossed the street to him.

Martin smiled for a second and then looked sad.

Ami caught up to him, "Deeks?" she asked.

Martin looked at her, "I liked it better when you called me Marty." he lied.

Ami blushed and smiled, "Do you want to go into the coffee shop?" she asked.

He looked away, "Can we go somewhere more private, somewhere...alone, I just wanna talk to you."

She nodded and as he walked around to the front of the car, waited….then something covered her nose and her world went black.

She was in a room, there was a huge bed but no windows, she sat up and looked around noticing there were camera's in the room in the corners on the wall, but the walls themselves were white. There was nothing on them and ….there was no door?

She started to panic she felt in the small of her back for her gun, but it wasn't there.

"Miss Comescu, I hope you are comfortable, you are going to be here for a long long time." A disembodied voice announced through a small set of speakers next to the camera's.

"Who are you?...Where's Marty?" She asked worried.

Allison Davies, aka Fern Deeks smiled.

"He's being dealt with." She pressed a button and Ami looked at the wall as a projection lit up the whole wall in front of her.

Deeks was tied to a chair, he screamed as electricity shot through his body.

Ami's hand flew to her face, "NO!" she screamed, "Marty!"

Outside standing next to Allison, Martin smiled.

"She's going to be easy." He remarked.

"She is a child still." Allison laughed, "Pliable and coddled like all children, but she won't be a child when she leaves here right Martin?"

Martin looked at the woman he called mother, "We going to kill her, that'll hurt G badly."

Fern turned and pulled Martin to her arms and hugged him, she moved her lips to his ear, "No my son, you are going to destroy her...break her like I broke you."

Martin shivered for a second and unknown to Allison a lone tear fell.

A second later he stepped back from his 'mother's' embrace, "It'll be a pleasure." he smiled.

Ami lay sobbing on the bed when the door opened and two men shoved Deeks onto the floor.

"Marty!" Ami screamed moving over to check he was alive,

A man placed food and water and the wall sealed shut again.

The light in the room grew dim and the speaker crackled to life.

" will need it there is food and water, it will be replaced tomorrow."

The speaker shut off with a click and Deeks groaned.

"Marty?" Ami ripped her t-shirt and took a piece of it and soaked it in water to wash the blood from his face.

Martin bit back a smirk, he had known that he was going to get worked over, it was needed for this to happen.

Ami lifted him gently and hauled him onto the bed.

"Where are we? What did they do to you?" She asked him.

"I...I don't know...They...they wanted information, about you...I told them nothing, they mentioned Kensi...I think...she…" he let out a broken sob, "I heard them mention Jack...she was talking to him on the phone, I think Kensi did this….she knows...she always said I'd pay…"

Ami took a swig of the water, it was getting hotter in the room and her throat was parched.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I told her….I was breaking up with her...I….I…" Deeks' eyes fluttered closed.

"Marty…" Ami sighed and wiped his forehead.

"'mi…" Deeks groaned and reached for her face.

Ami smiled, "I'm here're not alone."

Marty sat bolt upright, " can't be here, she'll kill you...she's told your father...he's mad with you too...I told him it wasn't your fault, but he went ballistic, he threatened to shoot us both!"

Ami moved away, "What do you mean?" she asked worried.

"I had to tell him, it's been too hard to keep in…" Marty sat up moving away from her, "I can't help how I feel Ames...Ami…"

She looked at him confused, the room was starting to feel really claustrophobic.

Marty moved forward and grabbed Ami's hand. "I...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make your father mad."

"How did you make him mad? I do not understand….?"

"I told him, I didn't love Kensi anymore, I love you, you are driving me crazy you are all I think about, your blonde hair, your blue eyes, your beautiful smile….I need you Ami...please….please tell me you feel the same?" Martin had moved to his knees and was pleading for her to reply.

"My papa was mad?" she looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Martin nodded, keeping his head down to hide the smirk he couldn't keep in.

"He said he hated you….that you shouldn't be with someone like me, but that it was alright, as he had replacements."

Ami sobbed harder, all she had ever wanted was for her father to accept her.

"No...He'd never ...he… he...loves me…"

Martin snapped his head up, "He doesn't even know you!"

Ami moved back at his change in tone.

Martin stood up and handed her the bottle of water, "Drink this." he said.

She didn't want to, but she was so hot so she drank more and lay back against the pillows as the room started to spin.

"Not true…." she slurred.

"He doesn't want you Ami, you are tainted goods, he knows we slept together, he knows how much of a whore you are, how you knew about me….loved me...hate him….you hate him…"

Ami shook her head trying to fight off the fuzziness, "No...Never slept with anyone...Vir……"

Martin moved closer to her ear and grabbed her arm injecting her with the colorless liquid that his mother had given him. "You have been sleeping with me, you'll do anything I ask, you love me...hate G...your father knows, knows you're a junkie, knows you were never his, your mother hates what you've become, she's even having replacement children….You love only me, live for only me...will die for me...will...kill for me…"

Ami shook her head a tear leaking out of her eye in terror as her whole body and mind became paralyzed.

Martin leant closer to her ear as images started to flash in her peripheral vision, Ami naked tied to a bed, Deeks doing things that she had, she would admit, had dreams about, but not like this….

Images of her father angry and shouting, words she didn't understand, needles, decay...death…. she couldn't close her eyes or put her hands over her ears to shut it out….she wanted to scream but no sound would come out of her mouth.

After what felt like hours the images shut off.

Deeks picked her up and held her as she sobbed.

"It's ok Ames, I'll protect you...I love you." he crooned seductively in her ear.

"You won't let him kill me?" She sobbed.

"You are mine Ames." Deeks promised her.

"Yours." Ami reaffirmed.

Martin Brandel smiled.

Callen walked around looking for the spot where Sally had told him Deeks had last been seen at the weekend. The place where his daughter was had to be close by.

Finally he spotted Deeks' car. Hidden behind a dumpster, he walked over and looked inside, that was Ami's gym bag. she had been in his car.

If she was hurt he was going to kill him.

He turned to look in the empty looking building beside the car when a hand landed on his shoulder.

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