In the name of

Chapter 9

Gibbs looked into G's eyes, flinching inwardly at the coldness he saw there.

"You are not going in there alone," He said, "I couldn't save my daughter from those monsters but we will save yours."

G looked at Gibbs, he understood his friend's need to help. The frustration of not being able to stop Ami from being taken by Deeks wore heavy on him. More than anything he felt like for the second time in his life. (Third; if you counted the mess in Romania.) He had failed his child.

As if Gibbs was reading his mind he reached out and turned around the man he had known since he was a teenager.

"This is not your fault, no more than what happened to you was your father's fault. You can't change what has happened all you can do know is control what will happen."

G checked his gun, feeling the familiar weight in his hand, "I know what will happen, I will kill anyone who has hurt her."

Gibbs smiled, "I we talking, or going?"

For a moment G looked worried, "No matter what happens, I don't want Deeks dead, this isn't his fault, he just needs to be freed from his programming." G ordered.

Gibbs gave a curt nod and they headed for the door where G had watched a man with a radio walk out of earlier.

Gibbs took point and walked inside.

"Damn!" he swore.

They had expected...well not this, the inside of the building was empty. Nothing was there but some tire marks and an oil stain on the floor.

Ami opened her eyes as sunlight streamed in from a large picture window, she could hear the waves and smell the ocean. She looked up as the door opened and Martin walked in.

"Hey babe." He grinned he walked over to her and sat on the side of the bed pulling her into a deep kiss.

"Eww…" Ami laughed, "You're all wet!"

Martin smiled, "It's a beautiful day, I went surfing."

Ami frowned, "What day is it?" she asked.

Without missing a beat he replied, "Thursday, you've been asleep for a few days on and off how are you feeling?" There was a hint of worry in his voice.

"Thursday….but….?" Ami looked at the clock in worry, "I'm late for work?!"

Martin smiled and held her tight, "The doctor said this would happen, it's ok Ami."


Martin shot a quick look at the hidden camera's he knew were in the room.

"Ami, you know what year it is?"

"2015 of course." She stopped as he looked sad. "Marty?"

"Martin." He corrected, "I stopped using Marty when our son was born." He stopped and looked away, the devastated look on his face looked so real that Ami's heart broke.

"S...son?" She looked around, there were pictures of both of them with a blond haired boy in various stages of age, a baby, about 18 months and a year old...but nothing after that. "Where is he, what's his name."

Martin sighed deeply and moved to pull her into his arms.

"His name was Marty Junior."

"Was?" Ami looked worried, "Was?!" she started to panic.

"'s ok…" Martin held her stroking her comfortingly up and down her back as she started to sob. "The doctor said you had some sort of breakdown, he said you might forget, but I'm here for you."

"What about Mama, Papa...Greg?" she asked.

Martin shook his head, "You don't remember? I'm sorry sweetie. Your mother died in childbirth, your father blamed us for worrying her, he and your brother haven't talk to us since they found out we were getting married."

Ami burst into tears.

Martin moved so he could see her face, "Did you take your meds this morning?" he asked.

"I'm on medication?" Ami looked confused, "From your doctor, Dr. Allison Davies, she's the best in her field and a pretty good therapist as well."

Ami looked around the room, it was light and airy. There was a wedding picture of the two of them, with no one else in the picture. There were no family photos save for the ones with Marty Jr.

She didn't see a uniform or a badge either.

"I'm not a cop am I?"

Martin shook his head, "No… your father put the word out, you weren't accepted to the police academy. Your brother still runs Comescu Enterprises and he and your father are wealthy."

"What do I do?" she asked looking around.

"You're a painter." He said gesturing to some of the pictures on the wall. "And you're pretty good."

"Why don't I remember this?" Ami groaned in frustration.

"When Marty was killed…" Martin stopped as Ami looked up in shock.

"Our baby was killed?" Ami's eyes filled with tears.

Martin nodded, "He was killed...he was kidnapped from daycare and killed by enemies of your father." A look of anger swept across Martins face and he stood and walked to the large window and looked out across the ocean.

"What are you not telling me?" Ami asked softly.

Martin looked every inch the broken man as he placed his hand flat on the glass leaning with his head forward.

"It was my last case, I was working out my notice as LAPD Liaison awaiting a replacement. Bates had insisted as the last liaison had quit suddenly I was needed to fill in until a new one could be found.

Marty was beautiful, G hated that we were happy...especially after your mother died. You were pregnant when we went to her funeral, he blamed you and he lost his temper and pushed you. I hit him and we took out a restraining order keeping him away from you." He turned and saw he had her, she was rubbing her thumb and forefinger together reminiscent of her father and was listening horrified about how her father had behaved. He turned away suppressing his smirk, this was wonderful.

"Marty went missing from daycare, your father refused to let us investigate. Even after someone called Janvier had been involved. He knew Ami, He knew where our son was but left it to LAPD.

Martin collapsed sobbing to his knees and within seconds Ami had her arms around him.

"Janvier delivered our son's body to the LAPD in a box." he sobbed. "Your father had told him….told him that he didn't care as Marty wasn't really his grandson."

Ami got angry, "I hate him!" she snapped, "I hate him so much!" she started pacing the room as Martin stood up and stopped her.

"Ami, honey...calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down! How can he be so heartless... Oh I know because he has never loved me, hell he didn't even meet me till it was 26 years old. He never cared enough to look!"

She clung to him as she sobbed. Finally she calmed down and looked at the ring on her finger and the matching one on her 'husband's' finger. "It's not 2015 anymore is it?"

Martin shook his head, "'s 2018."

"I wanna see him!" she said.

"You can't?" Martin replied curtly. "You haven't been able to go further than the house and the beach since Marty died, you don't even talk to anyone other than me and Dr. Davis."

"I don't?" Ami looked surprised.

"Do you want to try honey?" Martin offered.

Ami shook her head, "No...I...I don't think I can...But I wish I could have visited our son's grave...and my mothers."

"I'll talk to Dr. Davis, we'll see what she can do."

Ami smiled up at Martin and relaxed with the love she saw in his eyes. "I'm going to go have a bath you give her a call for me."

He kissed her and handed her a robe and smiled until she closed the door to the bathroom.

Then he picked up the phone. "Mom, it's's all going good but we have a small problem."

G looked at Gibbs in desperation, "They said he was here!" he looked around.

Gibbs looked around, leaned over and picked up a piece of paper, "They were here. I'm not sure what they are planning but it looks longterm." He showed G the paper, it was a calendar marked 2017.

"Dammit!" G shouted his voice echoing in the cavernous space, "I can't tell Anya her daughter's missing, this'll destroy her."

"You can't hide it either Gregori, you have to tell your wife." Gibbs said.

G looked over at his friend and mentor and sighed, "Not if I can still find her first."

Gibbs shook his head, knowing this was the wrong move.

"We need to head back to Special projects and hope that Sally and Eric found something."

" need to call Anya." Gibbs prompted again.

G gritted his teeth and crossed his arms across his chest for a second, then he huffed and turned away totally missing the smile that crossed Gibbs' face.

… or not…

"What!" G exclaimed not turning around.

Gibbs laughed as they headed to the car, "You remind me of a son I once had…" He opened the door, climbed in the driver's seat and waited as G climbed in the passenger side. "He was stubborn too, but always knew I was right."

Begrudgingly, G admitted that Gibbs was right. He needed to head to NCIS daycare and tell his wife. Knowing her temper though he was worried that she might kill him before he could find their daughter.

Anya was furious, her hormones were out of whack anyway, her babies were keeping her up most of the night and Gregori knew that. So having an Agent turn up to her office, during Nap time for the little ones, when even her staff knew that she would herself be having a rest would be unforgivable.

Yet Sam had come over to daycare and arranged for cover as the operations manager himself had asked her to come to his office.

"I do not understand Sam, Why can't Gregori come and talk to me himself, or just call me?"

Sam shook his head, "I don't know Anya, G won't talk to me, he just said he needed to talk to you."

Sam had an idea of what had happened. He had watched as his ex-partner turned boss had hightailed it out of the building with Gibbs on his heels. He had talked to Eric and knew that Gibbs' team had been sent to the airport and that Director Vance and SECNAV were heading into the office. Also there had been a time when Nell was looking for G, but no one would tell him why. Then about ten minutes ago G and Gibbs had walked into the mission G flinging his bag behind his desk and grabbing his cell phone he stalked off to the rear of his office, leaving Gibbs to tell Sam that G needed to see his wife.

"Gregori!" Anya snapped when she headed past Gibbs into the area provided for G's office and she spied the coffee sitting on his desk. "You promised me you were not drinking this, you know how it makes me…" She stopped at the look on her husband's face. "Gregori...G?...Dimi…?" Her voice became small and afraid she bit her lip and wrapped her arms around herself as she reverted back to the name she had first met him with.

"Anya…" G strode across the room and not caring who saw wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her head, tears he had held back fell freely while she couldn't see.

"What's happened?" Her voice shook as she asked.

"Sit down honey." G said, moving her to his chair.

"Your father? Alexa?" Anya's mind was reeling and she wasn't sure but she would have sworn her husband was scared.

"Honey...I…" He shot a pleading look at Gibbs.

He moved to crouch in her eyeline, "Anya, Amilena is missing. We are doing our best to find her."

Anya's hands flew to her mouth and tears fell freely from her eyes. "It is this….'Factory' thing isn't it?" she snapped.

G jerked back.

"They will not keep my daughter, you will not allow it Gregori, you must have everyone find her." She ordered.

"I can't, the teams are tasked up with jobs. but…"

"YOU CAN'T!" Anya stood up, her pregnant belly all the more evident with her hands on her hips in temper. "WHAT IN THIS OFFICE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FINDING OUR CHILD!"

Vance and Sarah Porter standing behind her coughed.

"Would protecting The Secretary of the Navy count?" She asked.

Anya looked at the tall, dark haired woman, straight in the eye.

"No it would not!" She snapped her Russian accent even more evident.

"I assume you are Mrs Comescu." Sarah said extending her hand, "And you are quite right. While The Director and I are here, finding Amilena Comescu must be a top priority."

"It is my top priority, but I won't be using the teams, they don't have the right training."

"Laney?" Anya asked and relaxed as G nodded.

"I'll help too." Kelly said as she and the D.C. team walked in the door, "Sam called me." She explained.

"I don't understand why not use your team Agent Comescu."

"They aren't trained in factory methods, and ..." G paused looking at the capable agents apologetically, "They aren't tough enough. If the Factory fight back they are not going to respect rules, they will slit your throat and ask questions as you bleed to death. With all due respect Ma'am they took my daughter, I have no intentions of bringing them to justice. I am going to kill them, and if Deeks has touched a hair on my child's head I will kill him too!"

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