The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 10

Director Vance, on the advice of Tom Morrow from the Department of Homeland Security had put the main team of the office of special projects on stand down for a month.

All he had been told was that Hetty, Nell, Kensi, Callen and Deeks were being seconded for a special project. Vance wasn't on the need to know list just that whatever it was about was linked to Operation Comescu.

At that Vance stopped asking after their last run in with Operation Comescu he really didn't want to know, his only concern was that the team would be safe.

Morrow just turned to him and smiled, "Leon, this is Hetty and Clara's project, I would be more worried about the fate of the Comescu's" he said and walked out of Vance's office.

Nedela Comescu sat in the coffee house sipping her early morning coffee watching the street vendors setting up along Venice Beach, She was due to see her brother later on that day she had her camera with her and she had been following the youngest Callen around she had shots of him on the beach, with the tall dark haired woman that they had yet to identify who she was but the shaggy haired blond Callen seemed totally in love with her.

She looked up as Draga walked in, grabbed a coffee and sat next to her. "'Dela, do you have any information on the tall brown haired woman that the youngest Callen is in love with?" Draga asked.

Nedela shook her head, "I do know she works with him, but all I've heard is he calls her Fern. I have tried asking but no one seems to know of a Fern that is a Federal Agent." She said looking defeated.

Draga looked at his cousin, "Your brother won't be happy with that information," he said, and he was right, Vasilie would demand much more.

"They will be walking past soon, They have been surfing for the last few hours since the sun rose, and they often stop in here for breakfast, Fern is partial to doughnuts." She said as she sat back in the booth.

Deeks put the surfboard back on the car, "We'll have to drop this off at Eric's before we go home." He said to Kensi as she hoisted her own board onto the roof of the car.

"Haven't you told your mother yet?" Kensi asked.

Deeks grinned, "I never told my mother when she was just my mother, what on earth makes you think I'd tell her now she's a CIA Assassin?"

"Good point, so we drop these off at Eric's then." Kensi smiled.

"Coffee shop?" Deeks asked.

"You think she'll be there?" Kensi asked.

Deeks shrugged, "She's been there every day for the last month, Callen's in position and Mom's….around somewhere, and we just have to get her to follow us. Its mom and Hetty's plan and I am not going to be the one to mess it up." Deeks said looking at her and pinning her to the car with an arm on each shoulder. He looked into her eyes and kissed her, "It's going to be alright Fern." He grinned.

Kensi shook her head in disbelief, "You have the same smirk as Callen, how could I have never noticed that?" she said stunned.

Deeks turned around and grabbed a dry pair of jeans and put them on, "You Fern, were blinded by my beauty." He remarked as she laughed pulling her own jeans on.

"Yeah right."

The banter continued as they walked towards the coffee shop, "She's here." He said in her ear as he opened the door for her.

"Doughnuts Fern?" Deeks asked as he walked over to the counter.

Kensi nodded "And a hot chocolate please." She asked as she took a table directly opposite Nedela she glanced at her but paid her no more attention getting her phone out looking like she was playing a game.

Deeks put the food and drinks on the table and looked at her phone. "Really, I get you food and your playing Candy Crush Saga!" he exclaimed.

"It's addictive," Kensi grinned at him before putting her phone down taking her doughnut and dunking it in the cup of Hot Chocolate while Deeks rolled his eyes.

Callen looked up from his cell phone and looked over at his mother, "Nedela and Draga are in the coffee shop, Kensi just sent me a text." He said.

Clara took her gun out of her purse and checked the chamber, "It's good, we just have to get them both, and then moy syn, we need to talk about you not mentioning that your little brother surfs."

Callen smiled, "That is something we will talk about when this is all over Mama, and I have something in mind for that."

Callen checked his Sig, "I'm ready." He said. He looked at his mother, "Are you sure you wanna do this, I don't want you to get hurt." He said pushing his gut feeling down.

Clara looked over at him, she reached out her hand and gave his a squeeze, "Grisha, I never left you on purpose and I won't this time, but we will make sure this is over once and for all, The Comescu's haven't only hurt us as a family, but they are still dealing in Human Trafficking and Arms smuggling. Which is why Director Morrow has allowed us to do this, we are the only ones who will get close enough to be able to stop them."

Callen reached over and hugged his mother, the first time he had initiated a hug, "Be careful mom." He said, he turned and climbed out of the car.

Clara watched him go blinking back the tears in her eyes, she took a deep breath, "I love you too." She said to herself and turned to go in the opposite direction.

In a motel room down the street Hetty and Nell sat looking at the laptop, "Can he hear her Miss Jones?" Hetty asked.

Nell shook her head, "I'm patching Comms in now." She said and hit the commands on her laptop.

"Ok guys, we've got ears on you and eyes too as much as possible, remember I don't have the same resources as Eric, but we will see how it goes can you all hear me?" She asked.

Kensi turned to Deeks and wrapped her arms around him, "I can hear you if Deeks can he will cough." She said into his hair, relaxing as Deeks duly coughed.

"I can hear you too honey." Callen said and Nell grinned as Hetty turned to the Nell and smiled.

"I am so pleased you can Mr. Callen…Dear…" Hetty said.

Everyone broke out laughing as Callen spluttered Kensi buried her head in Deeks' neck as Deeks laughed, Clara let out a small laugh and Nell just put her face in her hands and shook her head.

"Hetty?!" Callen said shocked.

"Yes Mr. Callen I am helping out Miss Jones."

Callen laughed too and walked towards his spot behind a dark blue transit van which was parked in front of an alley.

Nedela finished her drink and looked at her cousin, "It doesn't look like they made us, and we need to get going, I have to get these latest surveillance photos to my brother." She said quietly.

She stood up and Draga followed her out of the building, as soon as they were out of sight, "OK G, they are heading your way." Deeks said, then Kensi and Deeks followed behind them.

On reaching the alley, Callen stepped out in front of them with his gun drawn, "Draga, Nedela." He said.

Draga started to reach for his gun, "Callen." He spat.

Callen motioned for them to move further into the alleyway.

"You won't get away with this, Vasilie will kill you." Nedela said.

"I want the photos." Callen said motioning to the camera.

"No." Nedela said. She went to move and a movement further down the alley caught her attention.

"Clara Callen, I had heard you had come back from the dead." She snapped.

"Nedela Comescu, you heard right now, hand over the pictures of my son." She said standing threateningly.

Nedela sighed and reached into the bag for the Camera.

Callen shifted seeing the emotions crossing the woman's face and moved his gun, "Freeze." He ordered.

Nedela smiled and a loud pop was heard. Callen grunted and then fired at her. Draga turned and pulled his gun as Clara shot him in the head.

Kensi and Deeks rounded the corner to see the two dead Comescu's. Kensi turned and walked over to the van and opened the door. "Get them in quick!" she said.

Deeks looked over at Callen who looked down at himself.

"You ok Bro?" Deeks asked.

Callen smiled, "Sure, I'm fine." He leant over to help pick up Nedela and then he collapsed.

"G!" Deeks said running over.

Callen sat down looking at the blood seeping through a wound on his abdomen. "Ow?" he said, He pulled Deeks in close, "Don't let her see." He said shooting Clara a look of concern, who was busy checking that Draga was dead. "Help me up."

"But you're hurt?" Deeks said looking at the blood on his older brother.

Callen closed his jacket, "it just skimmed me, please, Don't worry her." He said again.

Deeks nodded, "Kensi, Help me with her." He said and they carried the bodies of Nedela and then Draga and put them in the van."

"I'll drive the van," Callen said, "Take mama back to the motel, I'll join you in an hour." He said.

Without saying anything he climbed into the van and drove off.

Deeks walked over to his mother, "G says he'll meet us at the motel, come on mom." He said as all three of them went off.

Nell looked up as Deeks, Kensi and Clara walked into the room putting their gear on the bed.

It had taken them an hour to get back after cleaning up the area, and all three were tired.

"Well that's two down." Deeks said flopping onto the bed, "Three to go, did Callen drop the bodies off ok?" he asked.

Nell turned to him, "I thought you were taking the bodies to the extraction point?" she said.

Deeks shook his head, "Nope Callen offered, he was slightly injured, but said he was ok, so I figured he just wanted to do the easy bit."

Nell picked up the phone, "Kort? Nell Jones, Did Callen meet you with the first two bodies?" she asked. "No?!" Her voice shot up two octaves, "I'll call you back," she hung up on him as all eyes turned to her.

"Callen's not turned up," she typed into her laptop, "Damn, his phone is switched off!" she snapped.

Clara walked over to Nell, "Can you find him?" she asked worried, "Can you find my son?"

Callen had driven off with the bodies and then noticed a car following him, he took evasive maneuvers ignoring the pain in his stomach as the van lurched until the car came right up alongside him and forced him off the road, The van hit a curb and flipped he winced as his injury pulled and he crashed with the van on its roof, he crawled out of the van looking back at the two mangled bodies in the back and looked up.

"G. Callen…" the voice said, Callen shook his head as his vision cleared and he looked up into the faces of Vasilie and Mikhail Comescu.

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