The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 11

Sam watched as Michelle and his daughter climbed onto the teacup ride at Disneyland, he had jumped at the chance of taking his family away, when Vance told them that they had this downtime, after all they had been through in the past few years they as a family needed this time.

He smiled and waved back at his daughter as she whirled around on the ride.

He shivered as a cold breeze came over him and a heavy feeling hit him. He shook his head, there couldn't be anything wrong. Callen was spending time with his mother and brother. The others he knew had the time off too, so they would probably be pursuing their own projects as well.

He stopped as his phone vibrated on his belt; looking at the caller ID he stopped dead and moved away from the crowd to a small alcove.

"Hetty? What's wrong?" he asked.

He listened as she filled him in on the mission that they had been on, "He said…" Sam growled, "He told me that they were having family time, what he didn't tell me was that for G, Family time means murdering people!" he exclaimed quickly lowering his voice as a few families with children moved away from him.

"Hetty is there any chance Eric can find him?" he asked his voice more controlled.

Hetty explained that they were working under the department of Homeland Security and as such did not have access to Eric.

"I'll call him, I'm in Anaheim with my family, I'll head back as soon as I can….and Hetty, if you see G. tell him I'm gonna kill him." Sam growled and cut the call off.

Hetty turned to the others in the room, "Sam's going to call Eric and head back here." She told them.

"I'll bet he was pissed." Deeks said, "He was talking all week about taking the family to Disney world."

"We will make it up to him later, if G's hurt he's gonna need Sam around." Kensi said.

"I do not understand?" Clara said. "Why would Grisha need Sam?"

Hetty sat Clara down, "A few years ago Mr. Callen was shot badly. Sam was there when it happened and he spent hours talking to him while he was in a coma, sitting with him when he came out of ICU, pushing him not to give up when he felt that no one cared if he was alive or dead. For over five years Sam was the only person Mr. Callen could call family."

"But we are here now?" Clara said, "I can help him." She looked over at Hetty who gave her a small smile.

"I know you love your son Clara, but Mr. Hanna…Sam is the anchor that Grisha has depended on, he may be the difference we need if he is hurt."

Clara sighed and nodded as Deeks walked up behind her and hugged his mom, "I understand, I missed so much." She said.

Nell jumped as her phone rang. "G?" she said not even looking at the caller ID.

"No sorry it's Eric, Sam called me, I found the van and some footage, I'm sending it to you…Nell, He's not dead, but it's not good." Eric warned her.

"Thank you." Nell said

She checked her email and opened the file Eric had sent.

They crowded around the small laptop and watched as Callen's van was side swiped and it double flipped and he crawled out of the wreckage.

"Who are they?" Nell asked.

"Vasilie and Mikhail Comescu." Hetty said grimly.

They watched as Callen weakly got to his knees and passed out in front of the two men. Vasilie and Mikhail dragged him to their car and dumped him in the trunk.

Vasilie walked back to the wreckage and looked stricken at the two bodies within; he walked back to his car and took a can of gasoline out of the trunk and poured it over the van and set light to it.

He roughly wiped his eyes throwing the canister into the flames and walked back to the car and drove off.

"That's all Eric has so far, it looks like Callen was hurt in the crash. He's looking for the car and will keep us in the loop." Nell said.

Clara stood there her hands tightly clasped over her mouth and tears spilling down her face.

"Ma…Mom…don't worry, Callen'll be ok, we'll find him." Deeks said reassuringly.

Clara shook her head, "I know Martin, I am CIA trained, I know he will be fine, I've seen this a hundred times before, but somehow this has effected me differently." She said.

"This time it is your child." Hetty said.

Callen slowly opened his eyes, his stomach felt like it was on fire and his head was throbbing, he could feel movement and winced as he realized he was in the back of a car.

He moved his arms, nothing broken… at least he thought not. He felt in his pockets. He grinned as he realized that he had his phone still on him.

He pulled it around to the front.

"Nell?" he said as he heard her voice.

She wanted to break down in relief but she was in work mode. "Leave your phone on we'll trace you help is on the way." She said.

"No." Callen said, "Vasilie and Mikhail have me, it's too dangerous, just track them and then stick to the plan."

The car went over a bump and Callen groaned as he dropped the phone.

"G? G!" Nell's voice could be heard as darkness enveloped him and he passed out again.

Nell listened as the car ground to a halt; she was frantically typing parameters into her laptop tracing his phone.

"Is he dead?" she stopped as a thickly accented Romanian voice came over the loudspeaker.

"Not yet, but soon, it looked like maybe my dear sister finished him off after all, he is losing a lot of blood, poetic justice do you not think Callen?" Vasilie looked down at the unconscious man, "Maybe I shall help."

Nell listened as she heard Callen being beaten. He groaned as Vasilie hit him in the stomach. "Mikhail do you have a cloth, I have Callen blood on me." He said disgusted.

There was a scraping sound as his body was lifted from the trunk.

"Vasilie!" Mikhail's voice came over the speaker, "He had a phone on him."

There was a crackling noise as Vasilie picked the phone up, "So…Pixie, is it? Are you still there?" a mocking voice came over the phone,

"Yes." Nell said her voice cracking, "please…please don't hurt him?" she pleaded.

"Who are you?" Vasilie asked, "A playmate perhaps?"

"I'm his girlfriend…please…I don't know what you want with Greg…he's only a shop manager!" she said shooting a look at the others.

"Well Pixie, he is much more than he told you…" there was a pause as Vasilie looked through the phone, "my my my…you are a very pretty thing and so….Imaginative in the bedroom," Nell blushed as she realized what he had found, "When I'm finished with Callen I will be coming to pay you a visit, little pixie."

"Leave her alone!" Callen's voice came from the background, followed by a grunt and a hacking cough as Callen was attacked again. "Nell run…!" Callen coughed.

"No Nell is it, if you want to see your boyfriend alive again, come to the address I will text you, alone within the hour…and …wear something interesting." Vasilie smiled and hung up the phone.

Nell turned to the others with a huge smile on her face. "We've got him!"

She sent Sam the address that Vasilie had sent her and then turned to the others. "It's time for Callen's plan N."

"Plan N?" Hetty asked.

Nell smiled "Apparently it's short for plan Nell."

She sat back and filled them in on the plan that she and Callen had worked out a few days before.

"We knew there was a chance that after the killings someone would be nearby and follow him, so Callen was going to take the van and hopefully outsmart them. In the event that Vasilie or someone else took him we had a plan." She looked at them. "Callen had my number as an emergency contact and he took some…er…provocative pictures of me on his phone," she looked away embarrassed, "In the hope that Vasilie would think I was a totally innocent bystander and get me to come to his rescue, I'm going in armed and you guys will be my back up." Nell said.

"So he planned all of this?" Clara asked amazed at her son.

"I don't think he planned being shot." Nell admitted, "But we need to get there in an hour, I need to get changed into my outfit," she pulled a small outfit from her bag and Kensi covered Deeks' eyes.

"Where on earth are you going to hide a gun in that?!" Deeks exclaimed.

Nell grinned and turned to go into the bathroom, "You'll see Deeks, just get ready, we're going to get Callen." She said confidently and shut the door.

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