The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 12

Nell stepped out of the bathroom and Deeks wolf whistled while Kensi covered his eyes.

"WOW! Nell!" Kensi said, "That's one heck of an outfit…Where have you put your gun?" she asked

Nell just looked down, "Oh it's here along with two knives." She smiled. "Can I use your car Hetty," She asked.

Hetty nodded, "Tell Mr. Callen, you are driving it home." She said handing her the keys to her Aston Martin. "Ms Blye, Mr. Deeks you will follow at a discreet distance, watch Miss Jones enter the building and then when she and Mr. Callen leave provide adequate cover for them both, if you please."

They nodded and followed her to the door, "Miss Jones?" Hetty said stopping her.

"Yes?" Nell asked.

"Maybe you would feel more comfortable wearing a coat over that, at least until you reach your destination." She offered.

Nell blushed and grabbed her coat pulling it on quickly.

"Bring him home to me." Clara said to Nell who nodded and then grabbed Deeks' hand as he walked towards the door and pulled him into a hug, "Be careful my son." She said and kissed his head, "I love you."

Deeks looked uncomfortable but kissed his mother back, "I love you to mom, don't worry I'll bring Grisha home." He turned and left following the others.

Callen lay curled up protecting his wound. His body was shaking, he figured he'd lost about a quart of blood and knew even though he hated it that he'd have a visit to the ER in his future.

Vasilie and Mikhail were arguing in the background and Callen was drifting in and out of consciousness.

"I will deal with this 'girl' of Callen's when she turns up," Vasilie said, he grinned and leaned over Callen as he moved away from him. "I will enjoy you watching her suffer."

"No!" Callen tried to move away and Vasilie laughed.

Callen passed out as another wave of pain shot through him.

He woke up again as the large metal door to the building they were in scraped along the concrete.

"Hel…Hello?" A nervous voice came.

"No…Nell…No!" Callen rasped, he'd forgotten the plan all he could think about was that she was walking into danger; he could see the Mikhail Comescu come up behind her and grab her from behind.

Nell screamed as Callen tried to pull himself up. "Let her go!" he snarled as he swayed from side to side.

Vasilie grabbed Callen and dragged him over to a chair and threw him in roughly.

He tied Callen to the chair, "You will watch." he whispered in his ear and then walked laughing as Callen struggled towards Nell who stood holding her coat closed shaking in the corner.

"No please don't..." her voice shook, "Please let him go." she begged.

He backed her up against the wall and as she turned her face away he licked up her neck and her face.

"NO!" Callen yelled struggling against his bonds fighting to stay conscious as a wave of pain crashed over him, "Nell, fight him..."

"You fight me and he will die." Vasilie snarled.

Nell shot Callen a look and turned put her hand on Vasilie's face and kissed him. he whispered in her ear and she nodded tears running down her face. she dropped her coat and showed him the outfit she suppressed a shudder at the obvious tent in his pants.

"Do it." he snarled pushing her to her knees.

She looked over at Callen, "I don't love you anymore, look at him Vasilie is all the man I'll ev...ever need." she sobbed.

Callen tried to struggle again, but passed out as he heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Vasilie looked over at Callen in triumph. Then looked down in shock at the sound of a gun being cocked.

Kensi and Deeks cursed as they got stuck in traffic, "Damn, Nell's turned the corner already!" Kensi cursed as she watched the car turn the corner.

"Come on...Come on!" She cursed as the traffic went past, finally she hit the gas and turned the corner speeding after Nell.

They pulled up outside the warehouse that Callen was supposed to be in, Hetty's car was in the corner.

"Damn! she didn't wait for us!" Deeks exclaimed as they got out of the car.

They walked sliently around the building, "Can you see anything?" Kensi asked.

Deeks shook his head, "No, there's a door back here though." he tried the handle and grinned at her as the door slowly opened.

The offices were empty, a few old files and bits of trash strewn across the floor, Kensi stopped as she heard a raised voice, holding up her hand for Deeks to stop as well.

"No! Nell...Fight him!" Callens voice was heard and Kensi and Deeks shot each other a look at the obvious fear in his voice.

They moved closer trying not to make a noise.

Then they heard it, two gunshots and a loud scream.

Kensi kicked the door down, "NCIS Freeze...NICE!" she grinned at the sight before her,

"NO!" Deeks replied looking down at the man rolling around on his back his hands covering the bloody remains of his private parts, "Not nice Kenz...not nice at all!" he exclaimed.

Nell dropped the gun looking at the body of Mikhail who was lain on the floor behind the unconscious body of Callen dead and Vasilie was still screaming.

"Shut up." she snarled and shot him between the eyes. she turned to them and sighed, "He was giving me a headache." she shrugged.

She looked past Kensi who looked at her shocked. "G?!" She ran to Callen and dropped to her knees beside him, "Grisha...are you alright?" she stroked his face, " to me..." she begged.

He opened his eyes his head swimming, "No..." He pulled away from her and passed out again.

Deeks leant down and looked at him, "We need to get him to a hospital." he said and went to get his phone out of his pocket.

"Wait!" Nell took the phone out of his hand and dialed a number, "Kort, Nell...Callen can't talk right now, we have two more for you..." she rattled off the address they were at, closed the phone and turned to Deeks, "We should take him back to the motel, I have a first aid kit there, the hospital isn't safe."

She walked over to her coat and put it back over her outfit.

"Deeks...Stop staring and help me get him to the car." Nell snapped.

Clara looked up with a gasp as the door was kicked open and Deeks and Kensi carried Callen into the room and laid him down on the bed.

Nell walked over to the closet and threw her coat in turning around with a large first aid kit in her hands.

she opened the bag as Clara sat by her son and held his hand.

"You need to hold him still, I need to cut his shirt off." she said.

Deeks moved and took one side and Clara held her son's other arm, Callen even in his unconscious state groaned as she started to cut away the material from the skin, his blue t-shirt was a dark brown color where the red blood had seeped through the material.

"No...No more..." Callen groaned.

"Grisha...G, It's Nell, I have to do this to clean your wound."

"No...please it" Callen groaned, "'m sorry...don't blame Jason...please no..." Callen started to thrash..."Lemme go...No...JASON! NO!" he slumped back onto the bed exhausted.

Clara had tears falling down her face at her son's distress.

Nell cleaned the wound, anesthetized it and expertly stitched it up.

"Where did you learn that?" Deeks asked amazed.

"Scouts." Nell lied with a small grin.

She took a bandage out and placed it on the wound, and injected some antibiotics, "He should be ok now, let him sleep."

She said, she leant over and kissed him, "I lied, remember the plan, it was a lie, I love you. I have always loved you, I will always love you, now heal and come back to me. Your mother and brother are here, you have a family and we are missing you." she said in his ear.

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