The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 15

They all sat around Hetty's table, as she and Clara handed out drinks for them all, tea and coffee.

Callen took his coffee and took a welcome sip, he was still feeling groggy but they were so close to ending this, he didn't want his mother or his grandmother sidelining him when they were so close.

"Callista has holed up at the hospital, my people tell me she hadn't left for days." Clara said.

"Your people mom?" Deeks asked.

Clara smiled, "Martin, you and Grisha are not the only ones with contacts, mine are a bit older than yours son, but their information is just as reliable." She said.

Both of her son's shot each other a look and smirked in unison.

Kensi and Nell smiled at the brothers interacting.

"We need to get in there." Callen said standing up and taking his mug to the sink.

"How?" Nell asked as Callen sat heavily in the kitchen chair.

"Well…" Callen lifted up his top and the other's gasped. "I'm still bleeding and I really could use some stitches," he admitted, "If my family come with me, Callista may watch you guys but not worry about me, I will be past reception and should be able to get closer to her." He said blinking rapidly as his head swam.

"G?" Nell moved closer and talked quietly to him, "How bad is it?" she asked.

"I can get to Callista." Callen replied, "But…with the original injury and what Vasilie gave me…Nell…I think it's bad, but don't tell mom or Hetty, I don't want to worry them." He whispered back.

Nell nodded, "We'll call the paramedics and I'll go in with him, you guys follow on as family and make sure Callista doesn't leave." She said picking up her phone and dialing.

"911, my boyfriend has been injured, he was….Oh my God, he was working in the garden and he got cut on something, he's bleeding so bad!" she exclaimed sounding every in the worried girlfriend, which in reality she was.

"My address?" she gave them Hetty's address and relaxed as they promised they were on their way.

"Nell, I have to take your stitches out." Callen said suddenly remembering she'd stitched him up earlier.

"But you'll bleed out?!" Nell grabbed his hand as he took a knife from his belt to cut the stitches with.

"Only until the medics get here." Callen argued, he cut the stitches that Nell had done and pulled them out by hand.

"Callen!" Kensi said in horror.

"Grisha!" Clara, "Stop, you will hurt yourself."

"It's just pain mom, its temporary it never lasts long, I'll be fine." He said trying to reassure her even though now the blood loss was making him feel faint.

"G, you can't do this!" Deeks argued looking at the horror on his mothers face, "Come on Bro, there's gotta be another way." He said breathing out in relief as he heard sirens in the distance.

"Gotta…." Callen swayed and collapsed onto the floor, "Gotta save mom and keep you safe little brother." He said.

Deeks held his head as the door knocked and Hetty let the paramedics in.

Callen knew what he had to do, but the edges of his vision were getting dim, "Nell?" he croaked. She ran over and grabbed his hand, "I'm here." She replied kissing him gently.

"Love you….don't lose my gun." He said as he allowed the darkness to claim him.

The medics dropped their bag and leant over him, checking out the wound, "What happened?" one asked.

"He is a federal agent; he was injured at work and didn't tell anyone." Hetty said stepping in.

"What's his name?"

"Grisha, G, Callen…" they all said together.

"Ok, you wanna pick one?" the medic said as he took a gauze pad out of his bag and proceeded to patch him up for the ambulance ride.

"Callen." They all said together.

The paramedic patched up the wound and checked his blood pressure, "There's almost nothing here? How long has he been injured?" he asked.

"Three days….I think?" Deeks said.

"And you didn't seek help before?" they said loading him onto a gurney.

"We didn't know, Callen didn't tell anyone he was injured."

They did up the safety straps, "Anyone coming with?" The paramedic asked.

"Me, I'm his girlfriend, Nell." Nell said and grabbed her bag, almost feeling the full weight of Callen's gun tucked in the small of her back.

"Which hospital are you going to?"

"Cedars-Sinai." He said as they walked Callen to the ambulance and got him started on a fluid IV drip.

Nell nodded to Deeks as they closed the doors.

"Ok, so it's showtime, remember Callista doesn't know that we know about her, Callen's a little bit more out of it than we or even he expected, but he's gonna be fine mom." Deeks said looking at the worry on his mothers face. He was worried too, but this had been his brother's plan and he was going to back him to the hilt.

Clara nodded but did not say anything, he mind flashing back to the man she'd killed in her kitchen, how he'd looked just as pale as her son right before he died. "I can't lose him again Martin; I don't have it in me to mourn him twice." She said as Deeks stepped over to hug his mother.

"G won't die, he's indestructible Ma." Deeks grinned.

Clara shook her head, "No…no Martin, no one is indestructible…this feud needs to end now, and my children…my remaining children need to live out their lives safely…." She shot Hetty a small smile and grinned at her son as she picked up her purse, "And give me lots of grandchildren."

"MA!" Deeks said grabbing the keys out of Kensi's hand and ushering her to the car.

Hetty and Clara followed along behind.

Arriving at the ER Callen was whisked through to the trauma unit and Nell followed along.

"Excuse me Miss?" A voice came, "Did you just come in with the patient in room 4?" she asked.

Nell turned but managed to hide her surprise as she came face to face with Callista.

"Yes I did…" she said her voice sounding shaky and it was no act, Callen had coded once in the ambulance on the way and although they had brought him back she had no idea how she was going to tell his family they nearly lost him. She burst into tears and Callista put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"Sit down we just need to fill in the form with his details on it," Callista held out a pen as Nell dried her eyes.

"What's his name?" She asked.

"Grisha Callen." Nell said noting Callista's slow attempt to hide her surprise.

"Address…?" She asked focusing again on the form in front of her.

Nell answered all her questions and then asked if she could find out how he was.

Callista nodded, it was a question she wanted an answer to as well, "Do you have anyone else here with you?" she asked.

Not thinking Nell nodded, "His mother, brother and grandmother are coming,"

Grandmother? Callista thought, this was a surprising development. "I'll get the doctor to come out and see you, why don't you head back to the waiting room." She said showing her the way.

Callista walked with Nell as far as the doors and turned to go and get the doctor.

Halfway there she stepped out to try to ring Vasilie again; he would need to know this. Concerned as he yet again didn't answer his phone she left a message and went back to find out if Callen was dead yet.

Shaking Nell walked into the waiting room her tears flowing and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Nell?" Kensi asked spotting her first as the others came over to her.

"Nell, is my son alright?" Clara asked her voice shaking.

"He's in surgery, he lost a lot of blood…he…he died on the way here…" she sank to the floor all thoughts of the mission gone. Then a thought hit her. "Callista…she knows he's here…she talked to me…I…oh God! I told her he was here!" Nell dissolved into tears as Deeks took the gun from the small of Nell's back.

"Stay here," He said to the others and headed back to the trauma room.

He looked back as he went through the doors to see his mother's eyes full of worry looking back at him; he shot her a smile and walked through, the door shutting quietly behind him.

Deeks looked around and saw Callista going into a theater; he knew he could not go in there and that Callen was safe for now so he headed back.

He had stopped a doctor on the way out, enquiring about Callen and the nurse that helped his sister in law.

The doctor had been helpful, and had explained that although Callen's heart had stopped it hadn't been from major damage rather the lack of blood in his system; they were repairing the wound and in an hour or so Callen would be in recovery. They had to give him a blood transfusion as well, so they would be keeping him in until his vitals stabilized.

Deeks had thanked the doctor and slipped back out to the others.

Nell was sitting; her shaking hand around a cup of sweet tea that Hetty had procured for her and Clara was looking at her own drink in her hands and silently praying for the health and well-being of both her sons.

"Mom?" Deeks said standing in front of her.

"Martin?" Clara looked up.

"She's gone into theater, apparently to assist with an old lady who's having a heart bypass, she's out of reach for a few hours." He said that as he got back to them.

"Did you hear anything about Grisha?" Clara asked stilling the imperceptible shake of her own hand.

Deeks smiled, "They say he's gonna be ok, he's having his wound repaired and in an hour or so they should be wheeling him to recovery, He's got to have a blood transfusion as well. But seeing as he's a federal agent injured on a case, we will be allowed to have someone watch over him once he's out of recovery." He told them.

"You will keep him safe." Clara told him, he looked up surprised, she hadn't used that tone of voice with him since the first time he had snuck out to the beach and she had caught him and told him never to go there again.

He answered her the same way as he had done then, "Yes Ma'am."

There was no arguing with his mother when she had made up her mind and apparently watching her eldest son put his life in danger for them had flipped a switch in his mother, she seemed more determined than before.

"You will stay inside the room and I will wait outside in the corridor, if Callista tries to harm any of my children….she dies!" she said with a steely determination in her voice.

Hetty nodded, realizing that Callen got a lot of his inner strength from his mother and seeing it in Deeks; she wondered yet again how she could have ever missed that they were brothers.

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