The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 16

Callista scrubbed up and walked into the operating theatre.

Callen lay on the table, his wounds were being stitched up and he was unconscious.

She nodded to the anesthetist, "Callie, you helping out on this one?" she asked.

Callie nodded, "Yeah, been asked to fill in for Nurse Owens." She said smiling, as she knew Nurse Owens would, when she was found, be on the way to the morgue.

She slipped in next to the anesthetist and looked at Callen's stats. She knocked a plug and grabbed an empty syringe off the side.

"Quick! Get that back in!" the doctor said looking over at them both, "What are you doing?" He said stunned as he noticed his nurse about to inject air into his patient. "STOP HER!" he yelled.

"STOP!" Clara's voice came over them all. "Callista Comescu, step away from my son."

"No…I will kill him…" She snarled as the syringe hovered near his artery.

Clara's eyes flicked back and forth the terror for her eldest son clear on her face. "No…don't please." She begged despite the hatred she felt for this woman she somehow understood where she was coming from. "This feud needs to end Callista."

"It can't while there is a Callen still alive." She snapped.

"Callista, it needs to stop." Another woman's voice came from behind Clara.

"Aunt Henrietta?" Callista's hand shook now.

"It needs to stop, Alexa was wrong, we have been wrong, let it go Callista." She said her gun pointed at her relative.

"No he's a Callen!" she argued as the doctor with his hand inside Callen looked worried.

"He is a Resnikov, he is my grandson and I will kill to save his life, If you die Callie I will be the last Comescu and the line will die with me, see sense child, put the syringe down." Hetty argued.

"No!" She lifted the syringe again.

It was the last move she made as a gunshot rang out and Callista dropped to the ground.

"Nurse! See if you can help." The doctor said.

"She needs a doctor?" the nurse said looking at him for help.

"I can't help…I am holding Mr. Callen's life in my hands…literally!" he said looking frantically at the artery he was holding that had been torn when Callista had pushed the anesthetist aside. "Get those people out of here I don't even know if this theatre is sterile!" he said panicking.

"Stabilize him as best as you can doctor, I will take care of this." Hetty said as she and Clara left the room following a nurse who had removed Callista's body.

Hetty looked at Clara who had turned pale.

"Is it really over?" she asked looking at the body.

Hetty nodded sadly remembering Callista as a small child who had delighted Hetty with her stories and kind heart, she'd never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would die a killer.

Clara sank down the wall, "My children are free?"

A nurse ran over "Ma'am are you all right?" she asked.

Hetty shook her head, "She's in shock…she needs some tea." She said as they helped her onto a chair, "One of her sons is in surgery, the other is in room 405 waiting for his brother to come out of surgery, I think she needs him here." She said.

The nurse nodded and picked up the phone to let the nurse on that floor know so Deeks could come and be with Clara.

Clara say with her head in her hands and tears of relief flooded out of her, "It's finally over!" she kept repeating.

Deeks ran through the doors his gun in his hand, "MOM!" he yelled scared for her.

"Martin…you don't need the gun." Hetty said, "It's over."

Deeks paled looking at the sadness in Hetty's face and his mother's tears.

"No!...No…He can't die…I just…I just found him!" Deeks dropped the gun and sank to his knees in front of his mother.

Clara looked at the anguish on his face. "Martin? Why are you crying, this should be a happy day?" she said confused.

"Hap…?" Deeks croaked out stunned, "My brother is dead and you think that we should be happy? Did you ever love him?" he stood up and backed away from her.

"No Martin wait, Grisha is fine, at least he's still in surgery, Callista is dead, the last Comescu, we should be pleased the feud is over." She explained.

"It's over? So you and G are safe?" Deeks looked from his mother to his boss.

"Yes finally." Hetty said.

Callen slowly awoke to a steady beep as a monitor checked his heart rate and blood pressure there was a quiet murmuring in the room.

"So I think maybe when he's better you should come on a picnic with us." Deeks' voice cut through his foggy haze.

"That would be good." Hetty's voice answered.

"Yeah a real family outing." Clara added, "It would be good to do things again as a family."

Callen groaned as a wave of pain washed through his system.

"Mr. Callen, welcome back." The doctor said he'd been standing at the doorway for a few moments watching this strange little family.

Callen opened his eyes, "Ne…Nell?" he called his throat sore.

Nell moved to his side and gave him some ice chips.

"Hey, you?" she said and kissed his forehead, "How are you feeling?"

"Sore…really sore, what happened?" he asked looking up at the red blood transfusion bag that was going into his arm.

"I need blood?" he asked surprised.

"You are ok Grisha, you need to rest moy syn." Clara said.

"Mom? Mom! Callista…!" Callen tried to struggle under her hands pulling away from her, if she was here? Why was he here…

"It's ok, it's over, and Callista isn't a threat anymore." Hetty said to him.

The doctor finished checking his charts. "Well, apart from the excitement during the surgery which I'm sure your family will fill you in on, everything seems to be ok." He said. "We need to get your white cell count up a bit and then you can recuperate at home for a week or so and then you should be good to go." He said.

Callen was suddenly tired and he lay back on the pillow and closed his eyes, he didn't want to sleep but he was comforted by the sounds of his family around and the drugs in his system.

He felt his mother's lips kiss his forehead.

"Sleep Grisha we will be back to see you tomorrow." She said softly, his hand grabbed her wrist.

He opened his eyes slowly convinced that they had given him a sedative, "You will come back?" he asked groggily.

She smiled, "I will be here in the morning, I am going to take your brother home now but I will be here for when you awake." She promised.

He winced a bit in pain and she pressed the morphine button, "Sleep now moy syn." She said and kissed him again. "I love you." She whispered as she left.

They walked out of the hospital and Deeks lagged behind.

"Is there a problem Mr. Deeks?" Hetty asked.

Deeks shot a look back at the building, "I'm worried, I mean…you're sure that G will be ok?" he asked.

Hetty smiled at Marty's concern for his brother, even though the relationship was new the love Marty had for his big brother was evident.

"He'll be fine we will go back in the morning." Hetty said, "You should get your mother home, feed your dog…relax. I have to contact Director Vance and let him know we will be back on rotation in a week or two."

"A week or two?" Kensi and Nell said.

Hetty smiled, "I have my grandsons' new family to get to know, as a family not as my agents and I look forward to that, if you are willing." She said.

Nell and Kensi smiled knowing that both of their men needed this greatly.

"Sam'll be pleased he can stay longer at Disneyland with the family." Kensi grinned.

The next morning Callen woke up in his hospital room, the sedatives had been dialed down overnight while he'd been sleeping.

He smiled, it had been a nice dream…for a while, he'd had a mother, and a girlfriend that loved him. He looked where the gauze pads were on his body; they covered all the bullet holes from where he'd been shot 3 years ago.

"She was pretty." He sighed wistfully to the empty room.

He sat the bed up a bit wincing at the pain, but anxious to leave before Renko made an appearance, he knew that Mike Renko and Sam were always riding his case when he got injured and this would be the worse one yet. However, he didn't really want to move. He was still stuck in the dream he'd had, his mother, a tall beautiful woman with a foreign accent, he'd had a little brother and there was Kensi…and a redhead. Nell…that was her name. He shook his head as the fog in his brain started to lift.

The door opened and the woman from his dream walked in.

"Mama?" his voice cracked and he moved away in shock.

"Grisha I hope you slept well moy syn?" She said wrapping her arms around him.

He grasped her tight and looked away as tears he wanted to hide fell.


"I….I thought…I thought it was a dream…" he said as he slowly released the death grip that he had on his mother.

"Hey Bro, how are you feeling?" Deeks asked as he opened the door, "Did you sleep ok?"

Callen nodded mutely as his brain caught up with the events of the last few weeks, Deeks was his brother, Clara was his mother, they had taken time off to chase the last of the Comescu's…he had killed them all…except…Callista…no she was dead, they told him that yesterday.

"They're all gone?" he asked.

Deeks shot his mother a worried look, but she nodded in understanding, "Yes my son, they are all gone."

Callen blinked in shock. "So…what now?" he asked, he was worried that now the ever present Comescu threat was gone that his mother would leave and he would go back to being alone.

"Now we get on with our life." Clara said, she moved away and sat down on the chair, "hopefully your doctor will be here soon."

Hetty, Nell and Kensi came in, "You trying to leave yet Callen?" Kensi asked with a smile.

"No." Callen snapped.

Kensi shot him a look and then looked over at Deeks who shrugged his shoulders.

Nell walked over and kissed him, "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"I'm fine." He said, "Now the case is over, when do we go back to work?" he asked Hetty.

"We have two weeks off, mostly for you to recover from your injuries and for us to bond as a family." Hetty replied smiling at him.

"Us to bond?" he asked confused and looked over at Nell for support. She smiled and sat on the edge of his bed and held his hand.

Nell looked at the others and realized what was going through his head; she had sat with him in the nights after he had found his mother and listened to his dreams and worries.

"She isn't leaving G, none of us are, and you have a family now. There are no more Comescu's all you need to do now is heal and get better, bond with your brother, mother and grandmother and get on with your life."

He looked in her eyes and saw the truth of her words.

He pulled her in tight, "I love you." He said quietly into her ear.

"I love you too." She whispered back.

He looked past her to the worried faces of his family and grinned. He had a family.

"So, when can I get out of here?" he asked.

A week later, he sat on the couch in his living room, his mother was cooking in the kitchen while Hetty sat at the kitchen table talking to her. Monty was on the couch with him, the shaggy dogs head was resting in his lap and his hand was absently scratching behind the dog's ear. Deeks and Kensi had gone surfing and Nell had taken Callen's car and gone out, she wouldn't say where she was going but she smiled and said he might like it and she might tell him when she got back.

He listened to the hustle and bustle that was now the norm in his home…no not just his home, his family's home.

He heard a car pull up in the driveway and a crash and Nell swearing from outside, he got up and walked to the door.

"You ok?" he asked looking at the frustration on her face with a small smile.

"Yeah…I just dropped this…" she gestured to a bottle of apple cider on the sidewalk.

"Never mind, I'll clear it up." He said. He looked up to see her with tears in her eyes, "Nell?"

She swiped her eyes angrily. "I didn't mean to drop it." She said as Deeks and Kensi came up behind her.

Deeks saw the broken bottle and Nell's tears and jumped to conclusions.

"G? what's going on…what did you do to Nell?" he asked

"ME!" Callen exclaimed.

Kensi took Nell inside as the two brothers squared up to each other on the doorstep.

"You obviously upset her!" Deeks shouted, he loved his brother but it did look like he'd just yelled at Nell or even worse hit her, and it pushed his buttons.

"I opened the door, how in the hell would that have upset her!" he yelled back.

Clara opened the door and glared at her sons, "Inside…NOW!... potoraplivat'sya!" she snapped.

Deeks stood staring not understanding and Callen had shot inside, "She said hurry up!" he hissed at his brother.

Deeks followed his glaring mother inside and stood shooting annoying looks at his brother who had sat on the couch.

Nell had gone into the kitchen and was tearfully sitting with Kensi and Hetty talking quietly.

"Now, do my boys want to tell me why you were both arguing on the doorstep like pridurok!" she said her hands on her hips.

"Mom! We weren't arguing like idiots, I wasn't arguing, Nell dropped a bottle and she started crying and then Marty comes up and yells at me, I did nothing….GOD!" he snapped, "Maybe I was better off without family, at least I wasn't accused of being abusive then." He stood up and paced the room.

"Women don't cry for no reason Grisha!" Deeks snapped.

Nell nodded to Hetty who walked into the room with her, "You are right, women don't cry for no reason and I have one just not the one you think." She said

Callen stopped pacing and watched as she gave a small smile, "I am sorry G; I didn't mean to let my hormones get the best of me." She looked at him, and sighed, as his face remained blank and confused.

Deeks stared his mouth agape, "You mean….?" He started and then grinned as Kensi nodded.

Clara smiled and hugged the young woman.

"I…I don't…?" Callen stood there, Nell says she hormonal and then everyone's grinning?...Hormonal. he thought about it, you only get hormonal when….

He stared at her, "Are you telling me?"

"Yes Grisha, we are having a baby, your mother is going to be a Grandmother and this child will be raised with it's family."

Callen got up and walked to the kitchen in shock and grabbed his broom, walked out the front door and slammed it.

Nell looked at Clara and burst into tears, "Does he hate me?" she asked.

Clara smiled, "No my child, he's in shock," she laughed a little, "When I told his father I was expecting our first child, he went to the woods and chopped logs for the fire, and it was the middle of summer."

Nell nodded comforted and sat on the couch next to Kensi.

Callen swept the path, he wanted to yell, to laugh to cry, his family was getting bigger, Sam would be insufferable when he found out, there would be advice coming out of his ears.

He wasn't sure how to be a father and he knew he would need advice for Sam from that, and as he breathed and brushed, he felt the tension leave him.

A new Callen was going to be born, and this one would have a name and a family.

He tipped the broken glass into the trashcan and smiled; turning to walk to the house he didn't see the man with a camera in a car down the road taking pictures of him and his family.

He opened the door walked in and grabbed Nell in a huge hug. "Thank you…thank you" he kissed her deeply and looked around at his loving family.

Hetty and Clara laughed and Deeks clapped him on the back as Callen with a smile shut the door to be with his family.

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