The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 2

Hetty paced ops looking at the face of Marty's mother, ignoring the concerned looks she was getting from Eric and Nell.

She did his background check, she knew about his father, she knew about the abuse he and his mother had suffered while he was a child, and she knew about his father's incarceration….How had she missed this!

She knew when she told them, both her agents were going to flip. She worried that this would break the team dynamics that one Agent would go 'lone wolf' while the other would harbor the blame for this.

She sat heavily in Nell's chair.

"Hetty, are you ok?" Nell asked concerned.

Hetty nodded, "I fear my dear, that we are in for some tough times ahead." She admitted. "I need you to clear OPS, when the others get back send Agent Deeks up to me, then when I call send Agent Callen only." She ordered.

Nell and Eric confused, nodded their assent and went downstairs.

Hetty turned to the screen, "Oh Clara, what have you done." She sighed, looking into the scared face of the woman on the big screen; she stared intently trying to see similarities to both her agents and couldn't see how she'd missed it.

Deeks sat in the back of the car scowling, his mother was, God knows where and Hetty had insisted that they all come back to ops and worse of all they had two CIA agents following in the car behind apparently charged with making sure Deeks didn't run away.

He couldn't get his head around this, His mom, his blonde haired blue-eyed mom, with the quick smile and the sad eyes, who would send prayers up to her lost babies every night and would hold Marty as a child telling him her was precious to her and she tried to protect him every night from his father, who would hurt his mother and scream at her for loving her other family more than him and how he felt like a second class citizen in her life, was missing.

Deeks let a tear slide down his face as he remembered how when strangers would come to the house she would make him hide, she was, he knew a brave woman, but she was so sad and so scared of losing him.

He jolted back to the present as Sam pulled the challenger up outside the old water administration plant. Not waiting for the car to completely come to a stop he jumped out, with the CIA Agents on their heels all walked into the building, the two CIA Agents stopping briefly as the difference between the condemned outside of the building and the fully functioning interior hit them.

Nell stood on the stairs to Ops, "Deeks is to go up first, Agent Callen you are to go up when Hetty calls me."

Deeks not waiting bounded up the stairs, Callen turned on Nell, "What's going on?" he asked.

Nell shook her head, "I really don't know only when we pulled up the footage of Deeks' mom, and she looked shocked and shaken."

"I'm going up Nell." Callen said and tried to step around her.

Nell stood in his way, "Callen…Give her this time, I don't know what is going on yet, but I have never seen Hetty look this venerable." She said resting her hand on Callen's arm to placate him.

Callen let out a deep breath; you keep an eye on the phone." he said wanting her to be ready to call him.

Deeks walked into ops, he stopped seeing the picture of his mother on the screen, "Mom!" he took a step, "Hetty why isn't Eric in here, he should be tracking that van, and finding them…." He stopped and looked at her shocked face, "You…you haven't already?…she isn't…?" He couldn't ask.

Hetty turned and looked at him for the first time since he'd entered, "No, Mr. Deeks, As far as we know she is still alive."

She pulled out a chair, "Tell me about your mother?" She asked.

Deeks shrugged he didn't know how this would help find her, but following Hetty's lead he went with it, "She's a strong woman, but sad, she's seen too much, you know…she's always been overprotective of me, little things like always knowing where I am, she taught me how to defend myself, she's kinda paranoid, but not crazy…I mean, I don't tell her I surf, she's terrified of the beach, she never let me go as a child. She won't go to a mall, but she says it's to support small businesses. She doesn't like hospitals, she won't go to one, and she sees this local holistic lady….Why do you want to know all this Hetty?" Deeks asked.

"So your mother lives off the radar?" Hetty asked her voice neutral.

Deeks shrugged, "You know my past, and she has a right to be cautious," he responded guardedly.

Hetty nodded, "Those Agents Hetty, they say mom is a k…killer. I mean look at her, she's barely 5'8, she has her secrets sure, I know I had bigger brothers and sisters, she talked about them, they died, so of course she's overprotective, I mean I don't know if my father killed them or they died as babies, she never tells me she just got really sad, so I never asked. Hetty what is going on?" Deeks asked again.

Hetty turned to Deeks, "I am sorry, Marty, You are about to find some things out that you didn't know about your mother." Hetty said,

Deeks shook his head and backed away from her, "There is no way my mother was a trained assassin…She lived with my father for crying out loud, she wouldn't have put up with that if she could have just killed him."

"I think your mother loved your father, and was protecting you."

"From what?!" Deeks asked, Hetty shook her head sadly and Deeks' voice rose and was heard down the stairs, "HETTY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" he shouted.

Callen ran up the stairs whatever was going on with Deeks wasn't good. But he didn't need to be yelling at Hetty for it.

He ran into ops and stopped as he looked at the picture on the screen, the hair was different to his picture and the woman was older, sure. But his heart stopped as he skidded to a halt…. "Mom?" he breathed and realized that Hetty was looking at him apologetically and Deeks looked confused.

"Deeks…" Callen turned and stared at the detective. "Who is that…to you?" he said his voice calm, but his hands balled in fists like he was ready to strike.

Deeks looked at Callen like he'd lost his mind, "It's my mother, Clara Deeks."

Callen's eyes flashed with what was to Deeks a familiar anger and he took a step back as Callen whirled on Hetty. "You told me she was dead, you said you had proof….I saw her!" He yelled.

"What's going on?" Deeks asked as he watched the senior agent get angry, not with him as he'd expected, for yelling, but with Hetty.

"I…I didn't know." Hetty said softly ignoring Deeks' question.

Callen took an angry step towards Hetty, "There is nothing you don't know, I know you knew and you didn't tell me…Why, why didn't you tell me?"

Hetty looked sad, "I assure you both I didn't know, I swear had I known I would have told you both."

Callen walked to the door, "Let me out, I'm going to find her and Deeks is coming with me." He ordered.

Deeks looked totally confused, "Callen?"

Callen turned to Deeks, "We either stay here with her and the CIA or are you coming with me to find our mother."

Deeks took a step back, "Our….?"

Hetty walked over to Deeks, "Your mother, Clara Deeks was once Clara Callen."

"No…" Deeks shook his head, "No…I was there with you Callen, we went to Romania, you said your mother was shot there, you said she had died….My mother never leaves her house, she only goes to the grocery store, she's never been more than five blocks from her house…EVER! She's never taken me to the beach, she wouldn't allow me to go as….a…child…because…" Deeks' voice trailed off as he remembered her, the one time she had raised her voice to him as he'd wanted to go with his friends to the beach…..

"But Mom…Please. Everyone's going, it'll only be for a few hours and I'll be back by dark." He argued.

"NO, you are not going to the beach ever! Do you hear me Martin?" She said her deep blue eyes staring into his the fear radiating off of her face.

"I won't even go in the water mom. Please!" he begged.

"NO…Martin Aaron Deeks, you promise me right now you will never go to the beach." She said grasping him by the shoulders.

12 year old Marty looked at his mother, he had seen her afraid before but this was terror, he hadn't seen her so upset since the night he'd shot his father and the police had taken him away.

"I'm sorry momma…but why? Why can't I go with my friends?" He asked.

"Because…" Clara said.

"Because?" Callen asked jogging Deeks back to the present.

"Because that's where her babies died….." Deeks said looking at his mother's face on the plasma all color draining from his face as he realized Callen was his brother.

"I'll give you two a few moments…" Hetty said moving past them.

"Call Eric, we need to find out where they took her." Callen said moving into Agent mode.

For the few moments they were alone Deeks looked at Callen. "Callen, I…I'm sorry, if I had known I'd have told you, you know that right?" he said.

Callen nodded, "We will find her Marty…I promise."

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