The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 3

Deeks stood behind the table in OPS as Callen waited for Eric and the team to arrive. Hetty walked back in, with Sam and Kensi behind her.

"I take it you are both ready to go with the CIA Agents." Hetty said looking at Callen and Deeks.

"No." Both of them said as one.

Hetty smiled, "I thought not."

"Where's Eric?" Callen asked.

"Here…I'm here!" Eric called as he ran up the last few steps and into OPS.

"So what do you have?" Deeks asked; if his big brother could be professional about it, he could too. Any falling apart he needed to do, and yeah he needed to do some, would and could be handled later when their mother was safe.

Eric brought up the footage again.

"She's pretty," Kensi said to herself.

Callen and Deeks both smiled at her.

"So the van was outside for half an hour, three men entered two left…" Eric said, Deeks nodded knowing Clara had dispatched one in the kitchen.

"I have been checking the traffic cameras in the area, we have a sighting on the van at 06.21 it headed towards the PCH and we lost it near San Diego,"

"Well find it!" Callen snapped.

Kensi and Sam gave him a look; but wisely said nothing.

"Do you have anything on the people who took the van?" Kensi asked.

"Nothing, the van was reported stolen from two blocks away from Deeks' mothers house."

"We know who took the van and we know why…" Callen snapped. "What we need to know is where she is?"

"Mr. Callen a word." Hetty said and led him from the room by his arm.

She led him to the hallway, "Mr. Callen if you can't keep your head I will insist both you and Mr. Deeks go into protective custody."

Callen felt guilty, he knew his urgency in finding their mother was causing him to snap more than normal. "I can do this Hetty, I can't let Deeks down…please, I need to stay on this."

"Very well, Mr. Callen; However I will be keeping an eye on you." She informed him.

Callen walked back into OPS and immediately apologized to Eric, "I'm sorry Eric, you're doing a good job; do you have anything else for us?"

As he asked Eric's computer beeped.

"We got a hit, it was on the old PCH the 101, he's parked up at a shack near the beach," Eric said sending the GPS co-ordinates to their phones.

At that both Deeks and Callen moved and ran for the door.

"Mr. Callen….Mr. Deeks!" Hetty called.

The two CIA agents stepped out from by the bottom of the stairs.

"Agent Callen, Detective Deeks, we have been ordered to take you both into custody."

Callen shot Deeks a look and he nodded, as one, as if they had been doing it for years they both punched one agent each and carried on towards the car.

Sam stopped and looked at Kensi, "What is wrong with those two? And when did we switch partners?"

"I fear Mr. Hanna in this they are unstoppable, you and Ms Blye should follow them, they will need your help." She stopped as she heard a car start, "And I suggest you take Ms Blye's car Mr. Hanna, it looks like Mr. Callen has stolen your car again!" She gave him a small smile as he felt in his pocket for his missing keys.

"Hell!" Sam cussed as he and Kensi raced to follow them.

Eric and Nell sat in ops joined by Hetty as they watched first Sam's challenger and then Kensi's car peel out of the parking lot. Nell reached over and barely hiding a smile got the first aid kit and headed downstairs to the rest area to deal with the two injured CIA agents.

"Callen, the car's pulled down a dirt road; you're about five minutes behind them." Eric said and watched as the dot that represented the challenger sped up.

"Over there!" Deeks yelled his voice cutting through the quiet of ops, "Callen…the van!"

He saw the van parked up by and old fish cannery building. As they pulled up Sam and Kensi screeched to a halt behind them.

"My car…G, you took my car!" Sam groused as he climbed out of Kensi's car, "I don't know what's going on with you two, but I am not riding with her again!" he moaned.

Callen smirked at his partner's moaning, then went back to the task at hand, "Eric…?" he asked,

"There are four heat signatures inside, three together and one apart." He replied.

"That's her." Callen said looking over at his little brother.

Deeks grabbed his gun and checked it. "We kill 'em?" he asked

Callen turned to him, "No, you don't shoot anyone, if it is the Comescu's the blood feud only applies to Callen's not you, I don't want you involved, you stay back, when we get your mother out she'll need you."

"G?" Deeks said.

"Kensi, stay here, make sure he stays back." Callen said drawing his gun and heading to the warehouse with Sam on his heels.

"CALLEN!" Deeks yelled in a harsh whisper, while trying to pull himself out of Kensi's grip as Callen and Sam headed towards the building.

"What was that about?" Sam asked.

"Nothing, ready?" Callen said holding up his hand and counting down to going in.

Sam nodded, forgetting his questions for now and focusing on the mission.

They entered the building and the three men, were gathered around a table.

"He should be here soon, we have been told to let him enter and then to box him in and kill her in front of him, he must suffer before he dies."

The elder of the three men and the stockiest walked out of the room; Sam stepped behind him and knocked him out. He took a zip-loc tie from his back pocket and tied him up, smiling at Callen as they locked him in an empty closet.

The other two men looked over towards their hostage on hearing a small noise and grabbed Clara, her hands still bound and they took her out of a door at the back.

Hearing the door slam and Clara scream as they pulled her by her hair, Callen took off running towards the sound, with Sam on his heels.

"You think you are going to be saved?" The taller of the two men snarled his thick Russian accents cutting across his words.

"Let me go, I'll kill you," Clara snarled at him twisting and trying to get away. He eyes grew big as she realized they were herding her towards a beach. "No…NO! can't!" she pulled away from him.

"You messed with the wrong family. It is time we finished the job, the Comescu's paid handsomely for you."

"Alexi, I think someone is coming," The smaller of the two Russians said.

Deeks saw them coming out of the side of the building and pulled his gun, "Kenz, we need to go now," he said heading in the direction of the three figures."

Deeks ducked behind a stack of crates as Dmitri the smaller of the two Russians turned at a sound. He couldn't see anything and shook his head as they walked over with her.

Alexi pulled Clara onto the beach smiling as she couldn't stop her tears from falling, "So was it this sunny when the Comescu's killed your babies?" He laughed as she leant forward and wailed.

"NO!" she cried. Her fingers desperately fiddling with the knots on the rope they had used to tie her hands.

Dmitri pulled his gun and held it to her head. She squinted in the sunlight as she turned her head to face the man with the gun, "You can kill me, but you will look me in the eye." She insisted.

She pulled herself up onto her knees, ignoring the pain in her shoulders and back from where they had beaten her as they had thrown her into the van.

"Your death will not save your boy, we will find him, and he will die."

Clara looked at him, her resolve crumbled, "No please, you have taken enough from me." She pleaded.

Dmitri smiled, "I think not." He leveled his gun as Callen and Deeks made it to the edge of the beach.

"NO!" Both Deeks and Callen yelled and shot the man dead.

The other man stepped away dropping his guns and raising his heads. Sam walked up to him his gun trained on him as Deeks and Kensi ran to Clara and cut away her bonds.

Callen, for his part couldn't move. He stood a little way up the path and stared at her, he watched as Sam took the other goon and placed him in handcuffs and then Callen watched with a heavy heart as Clara grabbed Marty and pulled him into a hug.

"Martin…I was so worried I had lost you too!" her voice carried on the wind and for the first time in over 30 years Callen heard his mother's voice.

"Mom…" Deeks hugged his mother, "its ok we're safe."

Clara shook her head, "They found me, I will have to disappear again, and it's been so long I had hoped they had forgotten about me."

Callen smiled at the hint of an accent in his mother's voice.

A tear crept down his face, and then he looked at himself, what he had done in the years without her…he couldn't do this, she had Marty, and she didn't need him.

He turned back to look, Clara was hugging her son; he smiled at how much she loved him. She had another son now, and he was scared, she hadn't been to find him in years, maybe she had known where he was all along and just hadn't gone to look for him.

Maybe Deeks was all she needed; she had after all remarried and had another family.

She looked up and locked eyes with him as he turned a sad smile on his face and he walked off.

"Grisha?" she said and shook her head.

"Mom?" Deeks asked not hearing what she had said.

"Nothing, I…I thought I saw a ghost." She said shaking her head.

Deeks looked around "Where's G?" he asked. Kensi pointed to further along the beach.

"G!" Deeks called after his brother.

Clara looked at her son confused, "Marty what is wrong?" she asked.

"Callen….he…." Deeks started.

"WHO?" Clara grabbed her son, "Who is he! What did you call him?"

"Mom, he's your son…"

Clara grabbed her chest and "Fiul meu, băiețelul meu..." She breathed and fell to the ground.

"NO... MOM? CALLEN!" Deeks screamed watching the woman he loved most in the world faint onto the beach.

Callen turned on Deeks' scream just in time to see her fall.

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