The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 4

"MOM!" Callen yelled and ran up the beach towards her.

"Mom?" Sam and Kensi said.

Callen skidded to his knees beside her, "Mom…mama please don't die…I'm sorry…" he found he couldn't stop the tears from falling as he grasped her hand and looked up into Deeks' eyes as he knelt the other side of her.

"Eric we need an ambulance." Sam said into the earwig.

"Already on its way, Hetty is sending the CIA guys for your prisoner, if you want to go to the hospital with them." Eric replied.

"Mama please…wake up…" Callen said.

Deeks reached over and grasped his hand. "It'll be ok."

"She can't die…I need her…I need to know…" he stroked the hair from her face.

"Callen, she still has a pulse, she's not going to die." Deeks said trying to stay calm.

"But she did last time…I saw the blood and the hole….there…" his fingers found a scar on her temple. "They took her away they said she was dead…they…they left me…" Callen was lost in a whole new flood of memories as the ambulance pulled up near the track and two paramedics came down.

"Callen…" Deeks said trying to move him.

"No…NO…ne umiray , ne ostavlyay menya snova ..." he sobbed caught up in his past.

Clara moved and opened her eyes, "Moy syn, Grisha, …nikogda… ostavit vas." She gasped grabbing his hand.

Deeks stood stunned, "Mom?"

Clara blinked and looked at Deeks, "Martin…What happened?" She asked.

"Ma'am you have to lie down, we need to get you to a hospital and get you checked out." One of the paramedics said,

Deeks stood up as the lifted her onto a gurney, "Will she be ok?" he asked.

"You are?"

"I'm her son, please…" the paramedic nodded.

"Would you come with us, we will need information on her." He asked.

Deeks followed the paramedics up to the ambulance and got inside turning looking for Callen as they went to shut the doors.

But he couldn't see him.

Sam and Kensi peeled their eyes from the scene and went to take Alexi into custody. "Where's G?" Sam asked looking around.

Kensi shrugged as they reached her car and placed Alexi in the back, "Dunno, your car's gone though so I assume he's following Deeks to the hospital,"

She shut the door so that Alexi couldn't hear what she was about to say, "Did you hear Callen…He called her mom?"

Sam shrugged, "Maybe it reminded him of something, I mean he told us his mother was shot in the head. You don't bounce back from that!" he said.

Kensi looked at him, "But he said Mom…Do you think, maybe…?"

Sam shook his head, there wasn't a lot he knew about his partner, hell, there wasn't a lot his partner knew about himself. But he did know his mother had died on that beach in Romania.

"I don't know, lets drop this guy off and we'll head to the hospital and catch up with Callen and Deeks." Sam said walking to the driver's side, "And I'm driving." He added grabbing the keys from Kensi.

Clara woke up to a smell of antiseptic and the soft beep of a heart monitor. She slowly opened her eyes and pushed herself groaning into a sitting up position.

"Good Evening Clara." Hetty said sat there quietly in the corner.

"Henrietta Lange, I thought you would be dead by now." She said with no hint of emotion.

"I thought you were dead." Hetty replied.

"And that's why you allowed my children to die." Clara looked away she wouldn't let Hetty hurt her again, "How did you find me."

"I work with your sons." Hetty said.

"You work with Martin….NO! He would have said, he works for the LAPD. He knows I wouldn't let him work for a federal agency." Clara said glaring at the small woman who had been her friend.

"He is our LAPD liaison officer." She said,

Clara turned and tried to sit up fully. "NO! You already took my children from me, I was rescued from the beach with a head wound and I trusted you to be there to save my children. You weren't, my Amelia and Grisha….They died, Nikolai ended up in a labor camp in Siberia, I ended up in a hospital in America alone with no family and then I find out you never arrived…my children were killed." Clara burst into tears.

Hetty walked across the room, "They did not die in Romania," she told her. "It is true I was ordered not to arrive, another extraction team was sent in, apparently. Your children were brought to America, split up and placed in the welfare system."

"They are alive?" Clara looked hopeful.

"Amy, died in an accident, she drowned at 11 years old. But your son; Mr. Callen, Works for me."

"Grisha! He's alive!" she lit up with hope.

"Grisha…" Hetty tried the name, "it is not a Romany name?"

"Of course not, it is Russian, like his father." Clara said she laid back on the pillows the emotion wearing her out. "Where is he, where are my sons…Do they know that there are brothers?"

"They found out this morning. Has Mr. Callen talked to you yet?" Hetty asked.

"Why do you call him by my maiden name, he is Grisha Alexsandr Callen Resnikov. Why is he using that name?" she was confused.

"He was found in an orphanage in Los Angeles at five years old, he couldn't remember his name, and he had a bear, it had G. Callen on it."

"I had G. A. Callen-Resnikov on it. I wrote it myself."

"The bear was a bit tattered and I assume the label had been torn."

"Mikhail was his favorite bear, I am not surprised he kept it, Hetty please I need to see my boys." Clara begged.

Hetty walked to the door expecting to find Callen and Deeks outside, Deeks was sitting worried in a chair, but Callen was nowhere to be seen.

"Mr. Deeks, your mother would like to see you; she is going to be ok. She was told that your brother and sister had died in Romania so seeing him was a shock to her system, she did not have a heart attack, and where is Mr. Callen?" Hetty asked looking around.

"I don't know, I left him with Sam and Kensi." Deeks said. Turning his head as Sam and Kensi walked in.

Deeks got up and walked to them, "Where's G?" he asked looking behind them for his brother.

Sam looked around, "I thought he was here with you, he left just after the ambulance did."

Hetty looked at Deeks concerned.

"Hetty what the hell is going on?" Sam asked.

"He has had a bit of a shock I assume he's gone somewhere to process this." She said, "Mr. Hanna I suggest you ask Mr. Beale to help you find him."

"Hetty…I can't go in there and tell her we've lost him." Deeks said. "I need to find him…" He started to head towards the exit.

The door opened and Deeks heaved a sigh of relief as Callen walked in. "Where the Hell have you been, Mom's been asking for you."

"Is she going to be alright," Callen asked his face set in a mask.

"Yeah, it was just shock, she thinks you're dead."

"Maybe it should stay that way." Callen said turning again.

"NO!" Deeks yelled as grabbed Callen's arm much to the shock of his co-workers.

"Marty…she has you, you were a lawyer, you are a great cop and you will be an awesome federal agent, I'm a screw up, I was a street kid and I don't think she needs me."

"So she really is your mom?"Sam asked.

Callen nodded, but didn't say anything; He took a step back trying to get away.

"You said your mother died in Romania, you said she was shot in the head?" Sam said.

Callen shrugged, "Maybe they lied to me, maybe she took Amy and left and they didn't want me…I don't know and I don't think I want to."

"Callen, she's in there, just the other side of those doors, are you telling me you don't want to go in there and find the answers to all those questions you had." Sam said.

"I…I do, but…" He turned leaving his brother and team mates staring at him in shock.

"Don't go…" Clara's voice cut through all the thoughts in his head and he found himself turning back, everyone else in the room disappeared as he focused on the one person he never thought he would see again in his whole life.

"Mama?" his voice cracked on the one word and he was shaking.

"Grisha…moy syn." She held her arms out and it didn't matter that he was a seasoned federal agent, it didn't matter that he was in a hospital corridor, it didn't matter that his team mates and his boss was watching.

None of that mattered.

His mother was alive and she was there and she had just asked him not to go.

He ran the few steps that were separating them and he held her, tears freely flowing from both of them.


"Moy syn."

Nothing mattered; finally he was holding his mother, the person who knew him, who knew who he was. He sank to his knees with her in his arms. For the first time in his life, at least in the life he remembered, he felt loved.

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