The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 6

Clara lay back and rested as Deeks and Callen walked outside.

"So…" Deeks said looking at Callen.

Callen gave a small smirk, "So…Baby brother." He smiled.

"You ok with that?" Deeks asked preparing himself for the worst.

Callen nodded, "You ok with having me as a big brother…"

Deeks gulped, he really wasn't.

Not that he didn't want Callen to be his brother, but all his life he'd been told that the older men in his family beat on the younger ones and that was just the way it was.

He took a step back, "Yeah…?" he said guardedly.

Callen smiled. "Great so baby brother…food? I dunno about you but I'm starving."

"Fine Callen, as long as you stop calling me that!" Deeks snapped.

Callen opened the door and walked towards the car. "OK…baby brother…"He grinned as Deeks chased after him.

"So what do we do now?" Deeks asked as they sat in the diner eating two specials and coffee.

Callen took a sip from his coffee. "Now?"

"I mean the men who took Mom; we got some of them, but what about the rest?" Deeks asked. "You gonna go all 'Hero' run off to Romania and shoot them again?"

Callen shrugged "Can't see why not." He replied.

Deeks sighed, "Really! You just found her and you're going to do that?"

Callen looked at his little brother and saw the worry in his eyes, worry for his…no their mother and something else, whatever it was Deeks obviously didn't feel like sharing and he wasn't going to push it.

"Marty," Callen said honestly. "I have been dealing with the Comescu's my whole life. They are done for now, we killed one, the other is in custody, Nell is putting word out that mom is dead so that should keep them off her trail for a few years. I'd really just like to see her settled back at home, going back to her normal life and maybe, getting to know her as well as you do."

Deeks looked at him, he looked truthful.

"Deeks…Do you trust me?" Callen asked flatly.

"What?" Deeks replied caught off guard in his musings.

"I said, do you trust me?" Callen asked again.

"I…of course I trust you I work with you every day, I trusted you then why would now be any different, of course I trust you to have my back."

"No…Marty do you trust me as your big brother…a member of your family, because if you don't I can back off, you can go back to your relationship with Clara and we can forget…"

"NO!" Deeks raised voice caused all the other patrons in the diner to look at him. "No," He said again more softly, "It's just I have stuff, in my head from when I was younger things my father said, I know mom said that they are wrong, but it just picks at me and I wonder…" His voice trailed off.

"What do you wonder little brother?" Callen asked, really wanting to know, he wanted to know how his brother felt about things, what he thought, what his interests were, he wanted to know him, not as Deeks the LAPD liaison who goofed around in the office making them laugh or staring doe eyed at Kensi when he thought no one was looking, but as Marty, his little brother, the man who had grown up with his mother and shared the same DNA as him.

Deeks shook his head, "its ok, it's silly, just because you know that you're my brother now, doesn't mean that you'll…" he shook his head again, "You want me to pay the bill?" he asked.

"I want you to answer the question." Callen prodded.

Deeks sighed, "When I was a kid, Brandel…he said. Well he said I should be glad that you weren't alive, because all older brothers beat on their younger siblings. It was expected." He said.

"But your sister, you never beat on her?" Callen asked.

"No, she was two minutes older than me." Deeks confirmed.

"So you really are the 'little' brother?" Callen smirked, "Listen Mom's house is a state, it needs cleaning up before she goes home." He said

"She won't go back there ever," Deeks said with certainty.

"She won't?"

He shook his head, "She killed a man there, it was her sanctuary, I'll need to find another place for her, she won't stay with me…I live to close to the beach."

"What about my house, if she says yes I have the room, you and Monty could stay too for a while, it might help her having her family under the same roof." Callen offered.

Deeks looked at him to make sure he was on the level, "we could ask her, I wouldn't make any decisions without checking with her, I could stay for a while, but…Callen…please…don't tell her about my surfing, mom'll rip me a new one."

Callen smiled at the sentiment, "I supposed we had better ask her, I have no furniture so anything she wants will fit, will you help move it?" he asked.

Deeks stood up and left some money with the check, "Come on then." He strode to the door. "Well?"

Callen got up and followed him, heading back to the hospital they checked on Clara who was resting comfortably as they arrived.

"Hey mom." Deeks said as he walked up and kissed her on the head.

She smiled, "Martin, I thought you boys had gone home for the day?"

"We did but we realized you get out tomorrow, and I assume you weren't planning on going back to the house?" Callen said.

"Where else would I go, it's only a mile from Martin's house, I need to be near him just in case." She said.

"Well, I know that but, I have a house, it's practically empty and has spare rooms, we thought….if you wanted…that you and Marty could stay with me, until you found somewhere new."

She looked at her eldest son, "But I have so much stuff, there would not be enough room?"

Deeks laughed, "His house is empty."

Callen shot him a look and Deeks laughed even more. "Well it is!" he exclaimed.

"Mama?" Callen asked.

Clara looked at the hope in her eldest son's eye, "Of course I will, maybe you and your brother could pack my things and move some stuff over to your house and when they let me out of here I will cook you all a family dinner."

Callen grinned, he couldn't help it, his mother and brother were coming to live with him and they were going to be a family.

They stayed for an hour Clara quizzing her youngest son on how he'd managed to work for a federal agency without letting her know while Callen stepped outside to make a call.

Two hours later they pulled up outside Clara's home, to find Eric, Nell, Sam and Kensi all waiting for them.

"Ok so why are we here?" Sam asked.

"Mama's moving into my place, and so is Deeks for a few months."Callen told them.

They all smiled, "That's great!" Kensi said.

"Yep, so we gotta move mom's stuff to Callen's so she has furniture there, and maybe TV?" Deeks added hopefully.

"I have a TV." Callen retorted

"You do?!" everyone but Sam replied.

Sam shook his head, "A ten inch black and white portable is not a TV." He stated as the others laughed.

"It gets the weather channel and the baseball."

"You need cable," Eric announced and got his tablet out and sat on the wall outside Clara's house.

Deeks took a key out and opened the door, he walked inside and looked around, "OK, Kensi, we'll take mom's room, get her bed and clothes and stuff. Callen you and Sam take whatever you think you'll need for the house, include her food and cookware, mom loves to cook. Nell, can you get anything else you think she'll need please."

They all nodded and headed off, "G, you wanna take this end of the couch?" Sam asked trying to lift it.

Callen grabbed the other end and between them, they took is out the door, past a muttering Eric and onto the truck.

Callen stopped as he walked past Eric again, "What's wrong?"

"I'm having trouble with your mom's internet; it's just slow, like someone or something is using up power." He said punching the screen with his finger a few extra times.

They went back inside, where Nell was unhooking the TV. "This'll be ready to move in a minute," she said she tried to pull out the TV stand and Callen leant over and helped her.

"Thanks." Nell said

"What's that?" Callen asked pointing to a small door in the wall behind the TV.

"I don't know…DEEKS!" she called, he came out to the living room


"Do you have a key for this?" she asked.

"No… What is it?" Deeks asked.

Kensi came in, "Here let me." She said, she picked the lock and opened it, inside was a locked box, and a laptop."

"They look important, we had better bring them." Callen said.

Within an hour they had all the basics and a few extra's packed up.

Heading back to Callen's house the team helped unpack, remake Clara's bed and get her room ready for her arrival tomorrow.

Deeks had turned up with some things for his room, plus Monty's bed and bowls and a bag of clothing.

"Put me up Bruv!" he smiled; he walked into his room and stopped.

"It's PINK!" he exclaimed looking at the room.

Callen laughed, "It was Alina's, she loved pink. I never changed it."

Deeks looked at it horrified.

"But it's your room so I suggest if you wanna change it you'd better go paint shopping."

"What color is your room?"

"Cream, it was the foster kid room, so needed to be generic." He explained showing Deeks his room.

This is the smallest room in the house, why did you pick this one as yours?"

Callen took his brother to the closet and opened the door, "See that?" he asked as Deeks nodded. "This has always been my room."

Deeks looked at the carved name and year on the door and realized that there was a huge part of his brother's life he needed to learn about and that there was a lot about him he'd need to share.

Deeks sighed and grinned at Callen, "So…Pink it is." He said and walked into his room to unpack.

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