The Empty glass of truth

Chapter 9

Callen, Deeks and Clara entered the kitchen as Kensi walked out of Callen's bathroom, her hair still wet from a shower.

"Kensi?" Callen said with a smile.

"Oops…I …sorry I thought you'd all be out there longer. I just needed to get all the water out of my hair after…."

"Nope that's fine Kensi." Callen cut her off, although he was planning on getting his mother over her beach phobia later, right now he didn't want to upset her by having her learn that Deeks surfed. "Mama doesn't know about the surfing," he said quietly. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell her till Marty and I can." He asked.

She smiled, "Don't worry Callen your secret is safe with me,"

Callen smirked, "And yours with me."

"Mine…I don't have a secret?!" Kensi looked confused.

Deeks walked over and stood behind his brother, "What's going on?" he asked.

Callen looked over at him a smile just threatening to break out, "That's what I was going to ask you two." He said sternly.

"I…What?" Deeks stumbled looking at Kensi for a clue.

Nell walked up behind Callen and head-slapped him lightly, "G, that's enough, your mother has invited Kensi and I to stay for dinner so I suggest you stop picking on your brothers girlfriend and start paying attention to your own." She winked at Kensi who along with Deeks stood there with their mouths open.

"You….you and….you?!" Kensi said shocked.

"How long?" Deeks asked.

Callen sighed "Not long." He said walking into the kitchen.

"Two years," Nell admitted.

"Two…G!" Deeks ran after Callen as Kensi and Nell went to the sofa.

"G!" Deeks stopped him in the kitchen as Clara went through the cupboards looking for the perfect thing for a meal.

"You and Nell?" Deeks said grabbing a beer and tossing one to Callen.

Callen smirked, "You and Kenz."

He blushed, "Er…yeah….It won't affect work, Honest…"

"Hey, if Nell and I can keep ours a secret for two years I'm sure yours won't affect your working relationship. Just…make sure it doesn't….do you love her?" Callen asked as a moment of concern for his brother and junior agent swept over him.

"Yeah…" Deeks sighed, "She's just….my everything ya know?"

Callen looked at Nell as she laughed at something Kensi said.

"Yeah I know?"

Clara who had been standing behind her sons smiled as they both looked doe eyed at their girlfriends, "So marry them and make babies."

"EWWWWW MOM!" both boys said at once.

Clara laughed, "Set the table, we need to eat and have a family meeting, that includes your girls." She ordered.

"Yes Ma'am" they both moved like it was an operation and within minutes they had the table dressed and set ready for the meal.

Deeks walked into the living room with drinks for the girls and Callen walked over to his mom.

"Are you sure involving them in this is wise mama, I mean I've been living it my whole life, Deeks has been free of it…"

Clara put the spoon she was holding down, "Grisha Alexsandr Callen-Reznikov…If I ever hear you trying to exclude your brother again... we will NOT have any more secrets in this family we are all Callen's and we will be there for each other no matter what, secrets and lies have done too much damage to this family and enough is enough it will stop."

Callen hung his head and looked every inch the chastised schoolboy. "Yes mama."

He couldn't stop the grin that started to spread over his face.

The other walked in, "Everything ok?" Nell asked wrapping her arms around Callen.

He nodded, "Yeah I made a mistake, I am sorry mama." He said grinning.

"And to your brother." She said her face not as stern, but still he grinned.

"Yes, Mama…Sorry Deeks…er Marty." He said his face getting happier by the moment.

"Why are you smiling?" Kensi asked looking at Callen's face.

"She told me off…I got told off by my mother." He smiled.

"I don't understand?" everyone, Clara included looked at him confused.

"Guys! I got told off by my mother…for the very first time, not a foster mother, not a house mother but my mother!" he grinned.

Nell hugged him, then Clara did and the others joined in, soon the small band broke up as Clara went to the stove, "Now my children, we will eat and we will plan."

Hetty sat at her desk looking at the information that she had found, she had been contacted by a friend in the CIA as Clara's name had come across his desk and she knew that this time there would be no stopping them.

She had protected Callen for as long as she could and there was no way she was going to let it happen again. Agent Bailey had intercepted chatter that Callista Comescu had been watching the hospital and the last remaining five members of the family were planning on avenging their grandmother Alexa.

She sipped her tea and looked over the file Agent Bailey had dropped over. "Oh Bugger," she snapped and closed the file, there was nothing for it, even though she knew this might drive a wedge between them she was determined not to fall down in her duty to this family again.

Grabbing her purse she headed out the door.

Relaxing after dinner, all the plans, such as they were, had been made and there was nothing they could do that evening, Clara, Kensi and Deeks were all on the sofa, Kensi leaning in Deeks' arms and Callen on his chair with Nell in his lap all watching America's Next Top Model, both boy's trying desperately to not get bored out of their mind as the door knocked.

"Thank God!" Callen said, Deeks nodded his assent as Clara went to answer the door.

"Stay I will get it." She said.

Clara opened the door "Hetty!" she exclaimed in surprise as she motioned for the woman to enter.

Kensi shifted away from Deeks and Nell fell off the chair. "Ow!" she glared at Callen as he stood up and shot a sorry look in her direction.

"Oh Mr. Callen, Miss Jones, did you really think I didn't know about your relationship?" Hetty smiled, "I am glad you both found each other and you have done an excellent job in keeping it out of the workplace, I am sure Mr. Deeks and Ms Blye will be following your example." She said.

"Er…Thanks Hetty." Callen said

"Not meaning to be rude but why are you here?" Deeks asked.

"I need to talk to your mother…in private."

"There is nothing I keep from my boys." Clara said, "But come in Henrietta and we will talk together."

Hetty nodded and came in, sitting down at the table Hetty came straight to the point, "I have had word from Langley, They have identified the last five remaining Comescu's,"

Clara looked at the list and the set of three pictures, "We do not have all five images," Hetty told them.

Nell got the laptop, "I'll see if I can find the rest." She said and started typing.

"There is something else, It seems that the Comescu's know all about all of you including Mr. Deeks. They have decided that now would be the right time to take the last of the Callen's out."

Both Nell and Kensi looked at each other worriedly.

"Draga, Vasilie, Mikhail, Nedela, and Callista Comescu have decided that the blood feud is in high gear, Callista is the one who had information on you, but we do not know how she managed to find out about Mr. Deeks as well?"

"I have a picture." Nell said turning the laptop.

"It's her!" Callen and Deeks exclaimed.

"Callie?" Clara said, "No…She couldn't be a Comescu?"

"There's more." Hetty said sadly, "I have a list of names as well…" she sighed. "Mr. Callen I am sorry…."

Callen cut her off, "We know about the foster parents and the judges."

Hetty looked shocked, "Mama had a list of names on her laptop, but had no idea why the Comescu's were paying money to these people. They paid the social workers to place me with foster parents that the Comescu's paid to 'deal' with me." Callen said in a matter of fact tone.

Nell looked over at him sadly, reached for and held his hand.

"They are second to the Comescu's; unless there is a way of arresting them we are going to take them all down."

Hetty smiled at them, "I think I may have an idea," she said looking around the table with a slight smile, "And this will be sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security."

Callen smiled, "I knew there was a reason I loved you Hetty."

She smiled, "And it wasn't my winning personality?" she asked.

They laughed as Hetty looked at them all, "I've have a message for you from Director Morrow. Go get them Callen." She said.

Callen nodded, "We will Hetty, it's not one Callen they are facing now, it's three." He said.

"Five." Kensi said, "Nell and I are in this too, we may not be Callen's by blood, but we are by heart and we'll be right there with you."

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