Book One: The Bride Of Uchiha


"You have the chance to set everything right! Why are you just standing there?!" Tears rushed down Eve's face as she sighed. "I'd rather have everything be wrong so long as I have him..." Eve didn't expect to find herself in the Naruto world, and she most certainly didn't expect to be 'fake' married off to a man who had killed many, she didn't want this, but as time goes on, things make a turn. Will this turn be for the good or worst?

Romance / Adventure
Salora Corrine
Age Rating:

You Make Me Sick

To say that her situation was scary was a complete understatement. She didn’t understand anything about what was going on; being honest, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Nothing was making much sense to her, was this some sort of punishment? Sure she had made her mistakes, but could this really be her fate?

“Eve, are you okay...?”

Forcing her cyan blue eyes to look up at the two women who stood before her, Eve could place the worry in their eyes. Eve couldn’t really focus on it, her urge to vomit was just too strong. Unfortunately, she had been born with a relatively weak stomach that cause strong waves of nausea when under large amounts of stress.


Born under the name Eve Jeanetta Lynch, she was a seventeen year old who lived in an almost country like area, or more like she used to. Eve had cyan blue eyes that were almond-shaped, olive skin that was blemish free besides a beauty mark underneath her right eye and two on the upper parts of her stomach near her small chest. Her waist length hair was a dark chocolate brown color; she kept it in a high pony-tail more often than not. For now, it was in a frazzled mess as it hung free to cascade down her back.

“You don’t look so good…”

Shizune mumbled worriedly, adding a little pressure to her hold on Ton-Ton, who oinked in protest.


It was all that Eve could get out as her chest began to feel like it was on fire from all the acid in her stomach acting up. There was nothing that could be done to settle her restless stomach, at least not something Eve would be willing to try.

“We don’t like this any better than you do, but you need a place to stay and he is the only one who we can trust not to tell anyone about where you come from...”

Tsunade sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose,

“He’s one of our strongest Shinobi, so your safety should be guaranteed.”

The blonde haired woman tried to mitigate the situation, but it was who she was assigning Eve to that was making her stressed.

“You’re assigning me to someone who has killed his brother and Orochimaru, a legendary Sannin…”

A little throw up came up, but she swallowed it to keep talking to the best of her abilities,

“I am no different, just weaker… Much weaker...”

Her stomach had had enough, and gave warning that it was going to empty itself rather she liked it or not. Looking around in a frenzy, Eve finally rushed toward the window, opened it, and emptied herself of what use to be Momma’s biscuits and gravy. The brown-haired teen let out a pathetic whimper as she finally pulled herself away from the window as she wiped her mouth on the inside of her shirt. Eve wished that she hadn’t run out of her medication the day before, but what could she do about it now?

There was no use brooding over it, she would just have to make do until she was able to get some more.

“You’ll have plenty of time to rest... He won’t be coming until after nightfall.”

Shizune had began rubbing the girls’ back, a concerned look on her face. The black-haired woman worried that the girl would throw up again. Eve found that those words weren’t enough to soothe her nor her stomach. She hadn’t seen Naruto for a long time but during her time of watching, she had learned the basics of whom to avoid and who to interact with had she found herself in a situation like this. Eve was a dreamer, so she left it as that; a simple dream that would only come true in fanfiction.

“Get yourself together as best you can Eve, we’ll be heading over to the hospital. There you can rest and I’ll do my best to get you the perfect medication for your stomach.”

Tsunade stood from her chair, a tired look in her bright hazel eyes. How she wished that she could rest too, but there was much to do and little time to do it.

“We don’t have much time to waste. Let’s go.”

The blonde didn’t leave much room for discussion as she walked out of the room, expecting them to follow. Shizune let out a groan of frustration, quickly leading Eve after her boss.

“She didn’t even wait for us!”

She grumbled angrily.

Everything had been a blur for Eve, it was almost as if she had blacked out yet could still move her body and get around. The only thing that she remembered clearly was when she had woken up in the bed, Tsunade standing to the side with a clipboard in hand.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.”

The blonde haired female hummed, placing said clipboard underneath her arm.

“What time is it?”

The blue-eyed female asked as she looked around, confused.

“Well, it’s four in the evening. Hopefully you feel a little better now.”

The blonde haired reached over and felt Eve’s head; Tsunade hummed again as she moved the clipboard to her hands to write something down before looking at the girl.

“Lucky for you, you’re as healthy as a horse now. You’ll be able to leave with Sasuke.”

She patted Eve’s shoulder, offering a tiny smile.

“So it wasn’t a dream…”

Eve muttered as she held her stomach, feeling it ache numbly at the thought of leaving with him. She only had to go with him because Tsunade thought it would be best. Eve appreciated that greatly, but she wished she would have chosen someone different.

Maybe Kiba, or Rock Lee, hell, she’d settle for Shino if it would just get her out of this mess! She knew arguing with the older woman would do her no good though; they could go at it all night but Eve Lynch would still become Eve Uchiha. She would be going to live with Sasuke Uchiha and pretend to be his lawfully wedded wife.

“Are you sure that I’ll be safe with him...?”

Eve finally spoke as she looked up with a fear-stricken face; Tsunade felt horrible when she saw that, but she had to do what she had to do.

“I understand that this isn’t something you’d prefer, but we also have to put your safety into the equation too. I know that I wouldn’t choose Sasuke either, but he’s the only one who will really be able to protect you and keep this a secret between us.”

Sure, Eve understood where the Hokage was coming from but she still felt horrible.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yes… I’ll be fine…”

Tsunade let out a sigh; while she didn’t want to rush it, Sasuke was going to be back soon.

“Why don’t we get you up and dressed? He won’t be here for a while and I bet you’re hungry.”

She offered a soft smile, however cyan blue eyes darkened at the mention of food. Even if it had been a while since she had eaten she was in no mood to eat. It would come right back up regardless.

“I’d rather not eat, but thank you…”

Eve groaned softly, looking sick to her stomach. Tsunade blinked before chuckling.

“I understand, then let’s get you dressed and at least get you some water.”

Since it wasn’t as bad as the mention of food, the blue-eyed female reluctantly gave in. It wasn’t long until she found herself standing in front a mirror, dressed in a way that she never knew possible. It was a beautiful dress, one like she had never owned or felt the touch of in all her life! Back home she had no time for dresses as nice as this one. Eve was a working girl, after all.

There was always work to be done, and she wouldn’t stain something for nothing.

“It’s so pretty...”

It was a navy blue, as dark as the night sky, the neckline was off the shoulders. The skirt was an asymmetrical style one that went down a bit below her knees in the back with it stopping at the bottom of her thighs in the front, and with it they had given her a pair of ninja sandals. They made her feet feel cold. They had made her hair look nice. It was in a loose pony-tail cascading down her back.

There was no make up to be seen though, as per Eve’s request.

“He doesn’t care for looks, what’s the point of all this?”

Eve turned to Shizune and Tsunade before they could even say anything to her about how she looked; while it looked nice, she just didn’t get the point of it. Sasuke never cared for looks; not in the Manga, not in the Anime, and it was never mentioned in any of the data books that she had read. If it did, she was sure that he would have had a real wife by now.

“It’s just for show. The villagers will care about how you look considering you’ll be with Sasuke. If we can keep up appearances, then we can keep this secret away from the villagers; there’s no telling how they’ll treat you even now, so imagine if they find out this is all a lie?”

Tsunade stated, a deep seriousness in her eyes. Eve looked down with her hands tightly clenched together; the thought of the villagers sickened her. No matter how many plot holes there was in Naruto, she still harbored a deep hatred for the villagers. They couldn’t understand something about someone, so they had to make that person’s life a living hell.

It was one of the many reasons she stopped watching Naruto. They only accepted people once they could do something for them. Though Eve would never say it out-loud, she wanted a lot of them to burn in hell.

“I understand…”

She pursed her lips as she felt her stomach drop.

“How much longer, then?”

Eve had came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much that she could do besides play her part. She wished it wasn’t the only option, but what could she really do about it?

“The sooner this is over, the better.”

She kept her head held high and her face blank despite feeling sick to her stomach still. She had to be strong, or at least pretend to be. An Uchiha needed a wife that wasn’t weak; they needed someone who could match them on some sort of level. Eve couldn’t let her weak stomach give her away, because it wasn’t just her who was at stake. Eve was sure that Sasuke was already in hot water with the village because of all he had done.

Eve blamed the village. They never helped him when he needed it but then turned on him for doing what he had.

“In just a few moments, come on. We’ll meet him at the gate.”

Tsunade gave a small smile as she ushered the girl to follow her. Every second was a second closer to being with her fake husband. It was like a race against time to get her to the gate, going this way and that way, making a turn here or a turn there; it made Eve dizzy! She was completely certain that she wouldn’t remember her way back to the hospital; Eve once more clenched her hands together in both anticipation and anxiety.

“Here’s to the end of my freedom…”

A sigh left her as she pushed a string of hair out of her face; perhaps she was being a bit overly dramatic. She wanted to get that out of her system, it made her feel a bit better.

Just waiting for him was nerve-wracking!

It would have been much more enjoyable had it been someone else Eve had waited for, but no, it just had to be Sasuke Uchiha! The man who could kill her and actually get away with it.

Sad thing was that no one else would care either.

No one even knew that she ever existed.

It wasn’t long before he showed up, not that Eve knew he was there; Tsunade and Shizune knew, but just hadn’t said anything just yet. He could kill her at any possible moment and she wouldn’t even be able to sense or defend herself against him.

How lovely....

“Welcome back, Sasuke. I’m assuming the mission went well?”

Tsunade spoke out, calling out to someone Eve couldn’t see. Eve was just about to ask the woman if she was talking to herself when someone suddenly appeared in front of the three women. In just the blink of an eye, clad in his ANBU uniform with a hawk mask over his face, there stood Sasuke.


It was the only response the Senju had gotten. Eve knew that he just wasn’t much of a talker, nor was he really much of a people person. Could anyone really blame him for that?

“Good. This is Eve, she will be staying with you and posing as your wife.”

The blonde haired Senju had motioned over to Eve with a smile on her face; her limbs felt heavy as iron as she stiffly made her way over to Tsunade. Eve felt the world around her freeze and crumble around her as his gaze, as well as the gazes of the others, shifted to her. She never did like being the center of attention. Not at home or school, hell she even hated it when she was standing next to someone who was the center of attention.

“H-Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you Sasuke… I’m Eve, I’ll be your wife starting from tonight...”

Eve mentally scolded herself for not having more to say, she must have sounded so stupid! With her current situation, Eve felt like she was doing the best she could. He stared at her for a moment, and during that time she felt her stomach start acting up even more. His eyes felt cold; maybe she should have expected it but it made it hard to stay in character.


She was sure that Tsunade wasn’t going to let her slip out of this now, not when they were standing face to face with him.

Eve would be stuck with him forever!

Forever meant until she had somehow found a way to get home, that or he killed her. For some reason, the latter seemed more realistic.


If Eve could sweat drop she was pretty sure that she would be.

The world-famous hn of the Uchiha clan...great…

Eve couldn’t have been more...ecstatic

“I want to go home…”

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