Queen of Two


Here loving one is dangerous but in Empire of two she's loving two

Erotica / Romance
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Man in tang color three piece suit walk in. He wasn't in good mood before reaching room but soon he reached room.

His mood got delighted seeing person sleeping peacefull of king size matterss.

He took off his shoes and joining the person on bed and taking person in back hug spoke lovingly

" Baby what is this? Kaka told you that you didn't have your dinner and troubled him a lot."

Man kissed baby head but still baby didn't utter a word and kept sleeping or better say pretended to be sleeping.

" Baby I am sorry. I know you are not sleeping baby pleaas at least look at me. I didn't see you whole day. I know you are angry with me but baby I got urgent call and"

" And you without informing got chance to leave baby alone Mahi bhaiyu?"

Baby at last opening his blue eyes filled with tears spoke pushing man hand away.

" No baby how can you think like that? Tujhe pata haina tu meri jaan hai aur tera sakoon meri sab se badi khush hai.

Tu so raha tha aur main teri neend kaise kharb karta aur phir agar tu uth jaata toh phir tu mujhe jaane bhi to nahi deta. Nahi Shivaay baby?"

Mahi spoke again pulling Shivaay in back hug who wriggling in hold tried to come out his hold.

" Baby stop crying aur bhaiyu ko dekho"

Mahi said trying to make Shivaay look at him but Shivaay is not listening to him.

" Baby zid nahi karte. Please I am sorry. Please don't cry"

Mahi applogizies keep on kissing Shivaay's cheek but Shivaay is turning more stubborn

" Go from here. Do your work. Ap ke liya work mujhse zyada imp hai. Go I don't want to see your face"

Shivaay shouted this hurt Mahi.

He wipe his tears and covering Shivaay properly leaves from there silently.

" Bhaiyu"

Shivaay mumbled realizing his mistake. He wiping his tears runs behind Mahi calling him bhaiyu he climbing down stairs when his foot twisted and fell on floor.

" Ahh bhaiyu"

Shivaay wailed loudly making Mahi heart stop seeing Shivaay on floor

" Baby"

Mahi shouted and running to Shivaay picked him up in arms and hugging him tightly spoke

" Show me baby ehere you got hurt? Zayada to nahi lagi mere bache ko?"

He asked taking Shivaay on sofa. Shivaay looked at Mahi laughed making Mahi more worried for him

" Baby what happened why you are laughing? Bhaiyu se pain nahi chupana. Tell kaha lagi hai chhot meri jaan ko? Main abhi doctor ko call karta hoon"

Mahi said and was about to make call to doctor but Shivaay stopping him told.

" Bhaiyu I am fine. Nothing happened to me. I was crying not for real and nor I got any wound"

" No, baby don't lie to me."

Mahi said again trying to call doctor but stop listening to Shivaay that he was doing drama

" Kya tu jhoot bol raha tha?"

Mahi asked angroly as he don't like Shivaay to lie and Shivaay well know his bhaiyu hate to lie

" Sorry bhaiyu sorry. Please no gusa"

Shivaay weepinh quickly held his ears and applozies.

Mahi looked at him angrily and then pulling him in hug spoke stroking Shivaay's hair

" Tujhe itni bar bola hai maine. Yeh nah socha kar. Aur tu aisa soch bhi kaise sakhta hai ke mere liya tujhe se baad kar koi ho sakta hai?

Maine sirf tujhe paida nahi kiya par tu mera bacha hai mera sab kuch hai sirf tujhse shuru hota hai aur sirf tujh par he khatam hota hai.

Phir kaise soch liya tune ke tujhse zyada kuch aur imp hai? Aur main kisi ke liya kam karta ho? Tere liya, tujhe duniya ki har khushi dene ke liya"

Mahi cried making Shivaay feel bad for hurting his brother.

Shivaay broke the hug and taking Mahi face in cup spoke wiping Mahi tears

" Baby's happiness is you. Aur mujhe sirf ap chahiye aur kuch bhi nahi."

" Jaanta hoon bacha. Par bohat important work tha. Is liya I have to leave you alone. But I did wrong with my baby.

Then I deserve punishment from baby. Toh tell me what punishment my baby wants to give me?"

Mahi asked pecking Shivaay's forehead.

" Switzerland le kar chalo"

Shivaay told making grumpy face. Mahi chuckled and picking Shivaay in arms said pecking Shivaay's nose

" Then lets go baby"

They live in Italy and having heli in there mansion it is nit difficult for them to reach near by countries in few hours and Swiss is 3 hours far from Italy and being soild rich Mahi owe penthouse everywhere around the world as anytime Shivaay would demand spending time with him.

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