Chapter 9

Deeks hand shook as he stood and looked into the face of the man who had killed his sister.

Kendall grinned and took a step towards him, Deeks stood rooted to the spot staring as a blood soaked Callen barreled into Kendall and knocked him off his feet.

"NO!" Callen screamed, mostly through anger and frustration and also though the pain of his smashed ankle. Not registering his team being there.

Callen started beating Kendall his fists smashing out at anything he could reach, a combination of the drugs and pain making him incoherent, Sam and Deeks pulled him off of Kendall. Then Kensi pulled him up and started to cuff him.

"You think this will stop me?" Kendall roared triumphantly as he spat blood in Callen's direction. "I'll go back to prison for a few years, that's all. Get a bit more practice in and then….when I get out, that boy of yours should be just about the right…." Kendall never got to finish the sentence as a hole appeared in the center of his forehead and his lifeless body dropped to the ground.

Deeks and Kensi turned to see Sam looking surprised at Callen who was holding Sam's gun.

"G….Give me the gun." Sam said gently holding out his hand.

"Is…is he dead?" Callen asked his voice emotionless.

"Yes." Kensi said.

"Good." Callen handed Sam the gun and then let the combination of the ketamine in his system and the pain from his ankle overtake him and he collapsed to the ground.

For a second a wind whistled around the room.

'It's over.' Were the last two words Callen heard as he lost consciousness.

Deeks looked around, "What?"

"What?" Kensi and Sam said together.

"Nothing, let's get G to hospital and get that out of here." Deeks said walking out of the room.

Sam sat with Callen as he waited for the paramedics and he looked around the basement. There were boxes and one caught his attention. An old battered box the writing was nearly faded but Callen was written on the side in faded marker pen. Sam pulled the box down and opened the box and slowly pulled out the contents.

A few report cards.

A picture Callen had drawn…no two…one obviously done when he was small a house boy alone but not far away two other stick figures holding hands and looking lovingly at the boy.

Another one of what looked to be Kendall's home a dark picture two boys and a girl and a big dark monster the girl was drawn in bright colors and so was the larger boy who was holding a sword and standing holding the monster at bay. Sam looked at the words in the bottom corner. My hero by martin.

It had obviously meant something to Callen if he had kept it.

He smiled thinking of little Deeks drawing a picture with Callen as his hero.

He wasn't thinking as he opened an envelope containing some Polaroid's as he looked his face drained of color he put them back into the envelope and he rushed over to the sink and vomited.

He put the contents of the box beside him, no one else was going to see it, and he would just hand it over to Hetty.

"They've got him!" Eric's voice rang out throughout the mission.

Emma ran up the stairs to Ops.

"Eric….is he ok?" Emma said breathlessly.

"Deeks called, Kendall is dead, Callen's alive but he's hurt they are going to take him to hospital."

Emma looked frantic, "How is he hurt…is it serious?"

Hetty and Saskia walked up to Emma. "Mrs. Callen I suggest we meet them at the hospital." Hetty said.

Emma nodded and went to get Jay.

Thirty minutes later surprisingly at the same time that Kensi and Deeks arrived; Hetty, Saskia, Emma and Jay all arrived at the hospital. They found their way to the waiting room where Sam sat with his head in his hands.

"Mr. Hanna?" Hetty said looking worried at the look on her Agents face.

"He's going to be ok, they are setting his ankle and they have him on a saline drip to flush the Ketamine out of his system." He told them, He turns to Emma and Saskia, "You two should go in, I'll watch lil G" He offered sending a look to Hetty she didn't miss.

Emma smiled and handed her son over to the man she hoped would one day be the child's godfather and she and her mother went to check on the eldest Callen.

As soon as they were gone Hetty turned to Sam, "What is it Mr. Hanna?" she asked instantly concerned.

Sam gestured to the box he had brought with him, "I found this….in the basement at Kendall's house, I didn't want it to be entered as evidence…" Sam stopped as Hetty looked from him to the box.

"Mr. Hanna removing evidence from a crime scene is prohibited," she said sternly.

Sam thrust the box at her. "Look at this…the Kendall nightmare is finally over for Callen….Does he need this out in the open?"

Hetty looked in the box and she paled, "I thought we had all of these." She said.

"You knew?" He was livid, though for the sake of the child he kept his voice down.

"It was brought up in Kendall's original trial."

"He never said, not even the first time!" Sam was incredulous that his partner had not told him.

He picked up the photo and looked at the pictures of the fifteen year old boy, the light of hope gone from his eyes. Standing, the photo showing the boy naked from the waist up, razor cuts, bruises and cigarette burns over his body and a swollen broken arm.

"I knew he went through a lot with Kendall, it must have been hell for them all." Sam said thinking of Deeks' time with him as well. Sam then smiled, "I also found this…" He showed Hetty Deeks' drawing of G saving Deeks and Emily from the monster.

Hetty smiled and looked at the drawing, "I think Mr. Deeks would like to see this again."

"I'm worried about him too Hetty, he kept hearing what he thought was Nell, but we didn't hear her, do you think the Comm's system was compromised?" he asked.

"I don't know." She answered honestly. She made a mental note to talk to Deeks at the earliest opportunity.

For now all she could do was sit with her family and wait.

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