Chapter 1

Deeks was worried for Callen, after finding out about his own shared past with Callen he felt like he had had family and Cal was, in his eyes his big brother. He knew where Callen lived and after dropping Kensi home grabbed a six-pack and went over to Callen's apartment, and knocked.

Deeks looked surprised as an old woman opened the door. "Yes?" She asked.

Deeks was shocked but quickly covered it, "Er, I was looking for my brother, I thought he lived here."

"Oh Mr. Callen, yes a nice young man he moved sold me this apartment really cheap, it's such a find." She said happily.

"Do you know where to?" Deeks asked.

"I believe they brought a house in the suburbs, a nice area for families." The lady said, "Sorry I can't help you more," she closed the door as Deeks walked down the hall, it wasn't until he was outside the building that what she had said hit him.

He picked up his phone and called Sam.

"Callen's moved…..he's brought a house, with a woman in the suburbs…" Deeks rambled and Sam laughed.

"G's not gonna buy a house without telling us, you know how he got when he looked for that apartment," He said.

Deeks did remember, First the house was too small, then too big, then too quiet and then too noisy. It had only been after everyone had checked out this apartment and Deeks had arranged for him and Callen to spend the night. After the two eating copious amounts of Chinese food and drinking a whole six pack between them, Callen had admitted to Deeks he liked the apartment but had a fear of staying in the same place. The two brothers had talked through Callen's fear and in the morning, he had called the agent and put in an offer.

"Either way Sam, he's not here, an old woman lives there now." Deeks said genuinely worried.

"Look it's late and Michelle and the kids are sleeping, we'll talk to Callen tomorrow ok?" Sam offered.

"OK." Deeks agreed even though he was worried he headed home.

However, when they arrived for work the next morning Callen was not there.

Deeks slammed his bag under his desk and walked into Hetty's office,

"Mr. Deeks?" Hetty asked surprised.

"Did you know Cal had moved?" Deeks asked trying but failing to hide his worry.

"I had heard he was looking for a bigger home," Hetty said, Truth was she was as surprised as he was but there was no way she would admit that. "Now I believe you have some work to do, Mr. Callen is on leave for a few days he says he will be back soon." She told him.

"He's on leave?" Deeks asked "Again, without being forced? Come on Hetty even you must see there is something going on."

Hetty raised her eyebrow and Deeks slinked back to his desk.

Nevertheless, Hetty had to admit, he had a point.

Over the last year, Callen had been pulling away from the team. It had been just after they had found out about the connection between Callen and Deeks.

Although Callen had bonded a little more with Deeks and let him in, since the incident with the Bosnian terrorists where he had been injured with concussion and hospitalized he had pulled away from his team. It had not affected his work so Hetty had not been too concerned however, Callen taking calls on his cell phone, which he took away from his team, and his change in demeanor all added up and it did not sit right with the diminutive ninja.

Last night's phone call to her home had been unsettling to say the least, Callen had appeared slightly panicked and out of breath when he had called. He had refused to tell her where he was, all he had said was that he needed a few days off and that he'd be back soon she had heard a noise in the background which now she thought about it did sound like someone in pain, Callen had sworn and hung up on her.

Thinking on this and on the meeting she had just had with Deeks, she made a decision and walked up to ops.

She walked in and suppressed a smile, as her two tech analysts practically jumped to attention, the small bag of Oreo's Nell Jones had just swept into he handbag had not gone unnoticed.

"Miss Jones, I need you to trace Mr. Callen's phone." She said.

Nell looked concerned but moved to do as she was asked.

Typing on her keyboard, she looked up. "He's at the Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier, has he been injured?" she asked.

"Not that I know of, get him on the phone." Hetty ordered looking up to see the concerned faces of his team who had entered the room right after she did.

The phone rang twice before Callen answered and they were all surprised by the tiredness in his voice, "Da...Yes…What!" he asked snappishly.

"Mr. Callen?" Hetty said.

Callen sighed, "I'm sorry Hetty It's been a long night what can I do for you."

"I was wondering if you had been injured?" she asked her voice calm.

"Inj….why would you think I had been injured?" He asked confused.

"You are at a hospital are you not?" She poked.

Callen let out a frustrated sigh, "Yes Hetty I'm at a hospital; I asked you for a few days off, am I your pet project or don't I deserve some privacy."

"We are just concerned for you; I wanted to make sure you were well." She said gently.

"I'm fine, I'm just…." Callen stopped as a voice behind him was heard over the speaker.

"Mr. Callen…'s time." The voice said.

Callen then sounded slightly panicked, "Ok…God…I have to go." He hung up.

The others, who had come up at Eric's text message to Sam once they had realized that Callen was in a hospital, looked at Hetty waiting for the order to descend on the hospital en masse but she shook her head. "Mr. Callen had asked for his privacy, I do not know what he is doing right now; however I suggest we give him his space as he has requested."

At the hospital Callen shut the phone all thoughts of his team pushed out of his head as he gowned up to go and support his wife as his first child entered the world. An hour later, one, Jay Callen entered the world with hair as blond as his mother's and eyes as blue as his father's.

Callen looked at Emma, she looked radiant, worn out but radiant and he held his son as the doctor checked her over.

"Em, I love you, and I am so proud of you, he's beautiful." He kissed her forehead and she smiled at him.

"He is beautiful is he not," she said, "I think he looks like you." She told her husband.

"I think with all that blond hair he looks like Marty." He laughed.

"You should tell them G, at least tell your boss, I know I will have to face my brother sometime, I have put it off seeing as he had only recently found out about Emily and her losing Caleb, but I am well, your son is here and he needs his uncle. Now I am safe, maybe it's time?" she suggested.

Callen relented. "You're right, I remember how Kensi and Deeks were when they found out about Sam's family, I don't want that with us, and it's just…." He trailed off.

"I'm not going anywhere G; you don't have to keep me a secret. I've been safe with you for nearly a year now."

Callen turned and looked out of the window, eight months ago, it had been him wanting to let everyone know about her, and then the nightmares had started. Emma being taken and stabbed the same as Emily, then the baby was taken and Callen would be cornered by Kendall and he would watch as Emma and the baby in her womb were killed. He would wake up in a cold sweat. Since the first nightmare, he had guarded their secret even more. If no one knew, there was no chance of them being taken or hurt.

Callen sighed, "Your right Em, then again when aren't you right. OK, we will give it a month for you to get settled with Jay and then I'll tell the team."

Emma smiled, she knew this was the right thing to do; keeping Jay away from his uncle would not be a good thing.

Callen lay back in the chair next to Emma's bed; his eyes closed resting with his newborn son sleeping soundly on his chest feeling for the first time in his whole life totally at peace.

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