Chapter 2

Three days later, exhausted but happy Callen walked into the bullpen.

He sat at his desk as it was still early and no one else had come in, laid his head on his desk, and slept.

Sam was the first in and was surprised to see his chronically insomniac partner asleep so left him be. Two hours later, when everyone was there he decided that his partner needed to wake up.

Kensi and Deeks were watching as Sam placed a coffee within arm's reach of Callen and he shook his shoulder.

"G?" Sam said.

Callen jolted awake, "I'll get him!" he said.

Kensi smiled, "Catching bad guys in your sleep again Callen?" she asked.

Callen quickly regained composure and nodded.

He had actually thought Jay was crying but he could not really explain that.

"Mr. Callen, A word" Hetty said and Callen followed her to her office.

He sat heavily in the chair next to the desk, "How are you?" She asked.

"Tired." He admitted.

Hetty wanted to push him, to find out why he favorite agent had been in hospital, but she had to admit any other agent would have been allowed his privacy if it did not compromise himself or the team. It was only her favoritism of him, a thing that she vehemently denied existed, that made her want to push. The fact that she still felt, she owed his mother.

"Are you well enough to work now?" she asked, this she knew was a fair question.

"Hetty, I'm sorry… I have been keeping something from you all….I…I need to tell you, but after work at my house please, I'm going to invite everyone." He looked contrite and her heart broke for him.

"Very well," She said and took the paper he gave her with his new address on it. "We do not have an active case and you still owe me some paperwork." She smiled and shooed him off to his desk.

Callen gratefully accepted the coffee from Sam and took a swig.

"So you finally ready to tell us what's been going on with you?" He asked.

"Tonight, at this address, it's my new house." Callen said and looked at Deeks, "Can you come early?" he asked him.

"Sure." Deeks said.

Callen turned to them, "Please just ask me tonight." He said seeing the questioning looks on their faces.

They agreed and turned back to their work, Callen sat back watching them he hoped that this would not break up the team and that they would understand why he hadn't told them. Although he hoped that once they saw his son, all would be forgiven.

Em stood up as the doorbell rang. She looked at Jay sleeping soundly in his crib and smiled at her son then went and answered the door. An official looking woman stood there.

"Hello, can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, my name is Sharon Lewis, I am from child services, and we've had a complaint about your baby."

Emma looked horrified, "He's only been home for two days!" she said.

"We were told you and his father were mistreating him….I've looked up your files, with you both having been in care as children we know it's harder on you to know how to parent." She said condescendingly.

"I have a court order here to take your child into care." She continued.

Emma's hand flew to her face as she held in a scream; "No, this can't be right get out of my house!" she stood between the baby and the woman.

Every instinct in Emma knew this was wrong, but with her husband being a federal agent and with the larger man outside. As Ms Lewis walked outside with her clipboard in hand to talk to him, Emma pushed the woman slammed the door and locked it. The two people started banging on the door and calling out loudly, "We are child services and we have a court order, we will call the police if you don't let us in."

Em panicked and grabbed Jay and his baby bag and locked herself in the bathroom.

Picking up the phone she called the only person she knew could save them.

Callen was looking at some after action reports he had promised to write when his phone rang.

"Da?" he said then stopped.

"Em? What's wrong?" the others stopped and looked as their team leader blanched.

"Who?" he said.

"Get the gun from behind the counter honey, don't let them in I'm coming." Callen dropped his phone in his pocket and grabbed Sam's keys off the table. Not even waiting for an explanation the others followed.

Callen peeled out of the parking lot not even noticing Sam was in the car, "Em, talk to me honey." He pleaded.

"Sam, call Eric, Possible kidnapping. Sharon Lewis and a man are at my home. Tell him to get eyes on the place there is a camera on the corner."

Sam relayed what was happening to Eric and the team.

"I have it!" Eric said as the camera's came up and he, Nell and Hetty who had joined them could now see what was going on.

A dark van was outside the house Callen had told them was his and a man and a woman where banging on the door.

"Mr. Beale, run facial recognition on those two." Hetty ordered.

"I have them!" Nell said, "Its Jeremy Kendall and Sharon Lewis. There's a warrant out for both of them, Lewis helped Kendall escape prison last week."

On hearing the news, Callen put his foot down.

The three in ops watched as the door was broken down and a woman holding a baby was dragged out. Just as the challenger shot into view with Kensi and Deeks right behind.

All four of them jumped out of the car.

Sam lifted his gun, "NCIS!" He yelled.

"NO!" Callen and Emma yelled at the same time.

Kendall threw Emma into the van as Sharon held the baby in her arms with a gun to his head.

Callen threw his gun on the ground as Sam watched stunned.

Hands outstretched he walked slowly towards them.

"Please…." He begged his voice breaking, "I know you want revenge on me, let them go."

Sharon looked at him and then Kendall.

"You can have one….you pick…times a wasting."

"Jay!" Both parents said instantly.

Sharon smiled evilly as Callen walked towards her. Then she threw the screaming baby into the air. Forgetting all about her Callen dove for his son catching him mere inches from the ground and cradling his head with his body.

Sharon used the distraction and jumped into the van and it took off.

"G!" Emma screamed from the van as the doors closed and it sped off.

"EM!" Callen yelled, "We'll find you!" he yelled. Then he looked at his son, "I'll find her." He promised his son quietly, making shushing noises to soothe his son's sobs even though he wanted to join him.

As G turned Sam and Kensi were looking curiously at Callen and the baby he now held, but Deeks was rooted to the spot his eyes staring at the spot where moments before an older version of his dead sister had been put into a van.

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