Chapter 3

Deeks stared after the van and turned to look at Callen.

"Marty I…." Callen was at a loss for words, this was not how they had planned it.

"Who was that?" He asked his voice shaky.

"That was…" Callen was interrupted by a shrill cry from the bundle in his arms. "Shh" he said soothingly, turned, and walked inside the house.

The others followed him.

The house was homely and full of furniture and items for the baby and Photos of the woman and Callen and a new Polaroid on top of the TV of Callen and the baby.

Callen walked into a backroom and gently laid Jay on the changing mat ignoring his team members and concentrating solely on his son.

"It's ok, daddy's got ya, lets have a look at you;" he changed his diaper and checked to make sure he hadn't been hurt in any way.

He let out a sigh of relief as he realized he was unhurt. Jay started to grizzle and Callen gave him his pacifier. "It's ok peanut, we'll get mommy back." He gave his son a hug and rocked him until he started to yawn and then he placed him in his car seat.

He grabbed the car seat and diaper bag stopping at the kitchen to fill it up with milk, Emma had been breast-feeding and luckily had expressed that morning, there were six bottles in the fridge, and he packed them.

"Come on then peanut let's go find mommy shall we?" Callen said in a bright voice, Jay burped and Callen's face softened. He laughed softly "Definitely daddy's little man" He said and turned to the shocked faces of his team.

"Oh!" he said

"Oh?" Deeks said confusion and hurt poured off him. "What the hell just happened and who was that and why does she look like Emily!" Deeks yelled.

Jay started crying and Callen turned to comfort him.

"Deeks keep your voice down you're scaring him!" He hissed, "We need to get to ops, I'll explain everything but I only want to do it once." He told them.

Deeks turned on his heel and walked out. Kensi followed him.

Callen turned to Sam, "Come on."

Walking into ops Callen deposited the car seat on the table looking at his sleeping son he then turned to Eric, "Did you find them?" he asked.

"I lost them on highway one, but I'm still looking." Eric said and then he turned, "Oh...!" he said Nell looked at what Eric was looking at.

"Aww, he's cute." Nell said, "The woman's?" she asked.

Callen nodded, it was not exactly a lie. He pulled up short as Hetty walked in.

"I hear you have brought a baby here. I will contact child services to collect the little one until we find its mother." She pulled out her phone and Callen took it from her.

"Over my dead body." He snarled.

The room went quiet.

"Mr. Callen?" Hetty said angry at his actions. "Why should I not contact child services until we find this child's parents?"

"Yeah Callen tell us why?" Deeks said, "And while you're at it, tell us why that woman looked just like my sister?"

"Because she is." Callen said simply.

Deeks looked at Callen, he could not believe he had kept this a secret, "What?"

"Emma is Emily's twin, she was adopted whilst you and Emily were fostered, and social services deemed it too dangerous for Emma to go back to your father."

"And how long have you known?" Deeks asked his voice strangely quiet.

"About a year." He admitted.

"And who is that...?" Deeks asked pointing to Jay who was now awake and sucking on his pacifier as his blue eyes took in the bright flashing lights in the room.

"Your nephew, Jay." Callen said.

He started to get annoyed, "Look I told you now can we find Em, We know that Lewis and Kendall have her and I won't leave her there and I will kill them if they lay a finger on her."

"Mr. Callen is this, what you wanted to tell us this evening?" Hetty asked seeing the anger and frustration building in her lead agent.

"Yes alright, Look I hadn't planned to tell you but she insisted, just for once I wanted to have something that was mine and not mixed up in all this and now she's getting hurt and I swear to God I am going to end them." Callen snarled.

"Mr. Deeks can you please take your nephew downstairs as I want to talk to Mr. Callen." Hetty said dismissing the team.

Kensi reached out for the car seat. "NO, get your hands off my son; he's not leaving my sight!"

"Your son! You slept with my sister!"

"No I slept with my wife. She just happened to be your sister." Callen lost it.

"Right YES I'm married, yes I kept it a secret and Yes Jay is my son any other stupid questions or can I go save my wife and shoot the son of a bitch that has her!" Jay started to sniffle at the sound of his dad's voice.

Sam put a hand on Callen's shoulder. "G. Calm down your scaring your boy." He said softly, "Kens. Take Deeks downstairs." He said and watched as they left ops and Callen slumped into Nell's chair.

"I can't lose her Sam." He said looking totally lost.

"You need to get your head in the game partner. I'll see what we have on Kendall and Lewis. You need to take your son, go downstairs and make amends with his uncle. You're family now and you need each other. Deeks deserves to know why you didn't tell him."

Callen opened his mouth to argue at the same time his son let his need for food be known.

Callen's face softened "Come on peanut, lets get you some food." He took Jay downstairs and placed him on his desk Deeks sat at his desk staring at him as Callen took Jay out of his car seat and handed him to his uncle, "Here Uncle Marty, you hold him while I warm his milk." He said and walked to the kitchen.

Deeks looked at Jay holding him carefully at arms length.

As he looked at him all the anger he had, melted away in the gaze of his newborn nephew.

"He is cute." Kensi said.

Deeks had tears in his eyes, "He's really my nephew, look he has my hair." He said awestruck.

"I'm sorry Marty…" Callen said from behind him, "I didn't know how to tell you, I was scared." He took Jay, sat on the edge of his desk, and started feeding him.

The through traffic of agents picked up as scuttlebutt flew around the building that Callen had a baby and it was his. Deeks was astonished at the number of female agents he suddenly discovered worked in the building.

Deeks stroked Jay's head gently. "Tell me about my sister." He asked.

"Emma's bright, she's a lot like Emily in some ways, she makes me laugh and she calms me but in other ways she's so different, before we were married her surname was Brantov, she had been adopted by a Russian family so she speaks fluent Russian. Her adoptive mother is still alive her adoptive father died in a car accident, which she was in as well, it was how we met. She was in hospital the same time I was and we met on the roof."

"What was she doing on the roof?" Deeks asked.

"Getting some air." Callen said, "I was as well, I was surprised how much she looked like Emily. When she told me what her name was before she was adopted I knew she was your sister and I wanted her to get to know you, but she was afraid, then I fell in love with her…I've never had something special that was just mine since Emily and I didn't want to lose her, not again." Callens voice fell and he moved Jay to burp him gently rubbing his back, taking comfort in the feel of his son in his arms.

He gave Jay to Deeks and handed him the diaper bag, "He's your nephew, you change him," He grinned and walked off up to ops leaving a beaming Deeks surrounded by a dozen female support staff.

"So what have we got?" Callen asked walking back in.

Nell looked at Eric worried, "Have you cleared it with Hetty….I mean…you scare me Callen, but she's a whole different ball game."

"It's alright Mr. Beale, I think this time Mr. Callen will be careful won't you?" Hetty said walking in behind him.

"I'm good Hetty, but I want my wife back and no one will stop me from getting her and taking them down." He said the sincerity in his voice all too clear.

"No one doubts that," Sam added "And we will have your back."

Callen smiled tiredly, today had not gone the way he planned this morning and he wished Em were here.

Eric's computer pinged, "Hetty, Callen's got an email, and it's an encrypted data packet, video file." He said, they opened the file and saw Emma tied to a chair her eyes red from crying and her mouth gagged as Kendall walked around her holding a knife.

"Well, well, well…. Looks like you got yourself a look alike for little Emmy. Feisty one this and you married her!" Kendall laughed, "Did you tell her about us, you should have told her you belong to me and we're not finished yet," Kendall walked behind her and softly without breaking the skin, slid the knife along her throat.

"NO! Don't…." Callen breathed even though he knew Kendall could not hear him the terror in his heart left him cold.

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