Chapter 4

Eric turned and started tracing the email. After a few moments he shook his head sadly, "I'm sorry Callen, I lost it."

Callen gulped "Ok, I need help. I'm calling her mother," he sighed.

Saskia Brantov was not a woman you crossed. Of all the things Deeks was going to learn, telling him about his sister's adoptive mother and telling her mother her daughter's biological brother was a cop was not high on his list of 'happy' things to do.

The others looked at Callen quizzically as he turned to Hetty, "Emma's adoptive parents are Sergei and Saskia Brantov, and Saskia is…"

"Arkady Kolchak's sister." Hetty finished

Callen nodded, "Yeah." He said abashed.

"Oh, Mr. Callen this just gets better and better." Hetty sighed.

Sam looked confused.

"Emma's adoptive family is the Russian Mafia. Arkady worked for Sergei before he died he works for Saskia now."

"I think Mr. Callen this should be a face to face meeting, handle it as you see fit." Hetty said, "If I don't know…Then director Vance doesn't need to know." She continued as she left the room. "That boy!" she exclaimed to herself shaking her head.

"Sam, I want Deeks to come with us…He can't be left out anymore and I need to see Kensi." Callen told his partner.

Sam nodded and they walked down the stairs.

"Kensi?" Callen said as he walked into the bullpen.

Deeks was sitting at his desk talking softly to his nephew Kensi was over the other side of the bullpen as far from the baby as she could get, casting glances in his direction.

"I never touched him!" she exclaimed the hurt rolling off her in waves.

"Kensi, I'm sorry, it wasn't meant at you, I just needed to be near him." Callen explained.

Kensi let out a breath happy that Callen had not meant her specifically.

"Will you stay with him for me, just for a while?" Callen asked.

Kensi looked at the three-day-old baby, what do I know about babies? She thought to herself. "Erm."

Callen smiled he'd had the same look on his face two days ago.

"It's ok come here." He walked up to Deeks who handed him back to Callen.

Smelling his dad, Jay let out a small whimper and tried suckling his cheek, Callen laughed, "You hungry peanut?" he said he handed Jay to Kensi, "support his head." He instructed as he grabbed a bottle from the diaper bag and walked to the kettle in the kitchen, Kensi carefully followed him.

Callen dropped the bottle in the kettle and switched it on allowing the water to warm up the milk.

He gently stroked his son's face and smiled as he turned to try to suckle his father's finger. "Soon peanut, momma's busy so it's a bottle right now." His smile slipped as he thought about Emma and hoped she would be back before he ran out of pre-bottled milk.

He tested it and handed it to Kensi, "It's simple, feed him, burp him and change him, like I did earlier." Callen said.

Kensi nodded, she was a federal agent she could handle this.

Callen kissed his son's head and walked out with Sam and Deeks.

They sat in the car and finally Deeks asked. "Have we found her?"

"No, we got an email; I need help so we are going to see her mother." Callen said.

"My mother's…..somewhere, but not here, I haven't seen her since I was eleven," Deeks admitted.

"No, Sorry, I meant her adoptive mother, her name is Saskia Brantov, she's Arkady Kolchak's sister, her husband, Sergei was the head of the LA branch of the Russian Mafia."

"Great!" Deeks said sarcastically. "And I'm going why?" he asked, "So I can arrest my sister's mother?"

"No Deeks, we kept you out and I know you want into this investigation, you need to help. I get that she's your sister but I thought you might like to get to know her."

They pulled up outside a large house and a man with a gun walked up to the car, his threatening demeanor vanishing when he saw Callen.

"Callen!" He exclaimed and grabbed the lead agent in a huge bear hug.

"Gregori!" Callen smiled at his brother in law.

"Where are Emma and our newest addition?" He asked.

Callens face dropped, "I need to see Saskia, now." He said.

Gregori, noticing the change in his demeanor stopped laughing and let them in. "Mother, Callen is here." He called.

Saskia a beautiful woman once, now older and wiser walked towards her son in law, "G! I have missed you, how is my nephew do you have pictures?" She asked smiling.

"Mama, I do, but I have to talk to you…." Callen sat at the kitchen table and gladly took the tea she placed in front of him. "G, who are your friends?"

"Agent Sam Hanna, my Partner and Agent Marty Deeks…..He's on my team and Em's…." He started. Saskia stood up and looked Deeks in the eye, "He does not look like Gordon…more like his mother. Are you like him boy?" She asked seriously.

"God, I hope not." Deeks breathed.

"Good…Good….Sergei, had to deal with him, I would not like to do that again." She admitted.

Deeks sat stunned the woman had just told him her dead husband killed his father. Callen looked at Deeks not sure what he would do.

Deeks looked up his eyes full of tears, "Thank you." He said straight and honestly.

"Ah so much like my Emma." Saskia said smiling. "How is she?"

Callen for the first time Deeks could remember looked nervous, "A man, a bad man from my past has her, and a woman, I need help to get her back." He admitted.

"I will call my boys….Marty come sit with mama, you can peel these potatoes." She handed him a knife.

Deeks was amazed by the trust the woman showed him, "Mrs. Brantov?" he started.

She looked at him reproachfully, "Marty Deeks, Emma is my daughter and your sister, and I know your family situation." She stopped as he looked down he had never talked about his own mother with the team.

"Do not feel ashamed, your father... we took care of, because of what he did to you and our Emma. Your mother…..I am sorry, we found her too late, she died a few years ago of an overdose, drugs are nasty things." She said and hugged him, "You are now my son." She told him. "So you call me mama, like our G here."

Deeks smiled. "While we are waiting can you tell me about Emma?" he asked.

Saskia smiled and the pair of them started chatting away.

Callen and Sam walked into the garden, "They need time Sam," Callen said and called Hetty to let her know Saskia was going to help.

Back at ops, Kensi looked at a crying Jay and gave up.

"Hetty!" She called in defeat across the bullpen.

Kensi Blye, Federal Agent could NOT handle one tiny crying Callen!

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