Chapter 5

By the time Sam, Deeks and Callen arrived back at OPS Kensi was nowhere to be seen.

For a second panic swelled in Callen's chest as he looked for his junior agent and his son.

"Mr. Callen, never fear, your son is safe; he's asleep in my office." Hetty said gently.

Callen sighed with relief "Thank you Hetty, Where's Kensi?"

Hetty let out a wry smile, "Ms Blye is resting, and she did not cope as well as she thought she would." Callen looked at the smaller woman quizzically raising an eyebrow.

"It seems young Master Jay has a very efficient set of lungs that flustered our Ms Blye." Hetty said smiling. "He also had a small coughing fit during his last feed and she panicked thinking she was hurting him."

Callen looked guilty, "Hetty would you watch him for me please, just for a while." He asked. Hetty nodded and Callen went to find Kensi. He found her sitting with her head in her hands in a supply closet.

"Kenz?" He said quietly.

Kensi looked up with red-rimmed eyes, "I tried Callen, I didn't mean to hurt him, I made a mistake and he kept coughing. You were right to not trust me with him,"

"Kenz he's fine, it's just spit up. Babies do that, you don't have to worry I trust you with his life, mine and Em's." Kensi smiled at him and wiped a stray tear. "I'm sorry, just don't tell Deeks ok? I'll never hear the end of it." She said.

Callen nodded and they both walked back into the bullpen.

"You ok?" Deeks asked looking at his partner.

"Here you go!" Callen said with wink tossing a Twinkie from his drawer to her, "I told you I had the last one."

"You know taking the last Twinkie from the vending machine is dangerous Callen." Kensi growled good-naturedly secretly grateful for the 'out' Callen had just given her.

Callen stood up and walked to Hetty's office, he looked down at his son, "He is ok isn't he?" He asked quietly.

"He's fine, Fed burped and changed." Hetty reassured him.

"Good," He sat in the chair and took the cup of tea she offered him, "I talked to mom, Sorry I mean Saskia Brantov, They know about Em now and I'm waiting on a phone call from Arkady, Have you guys heard anything?"

"I talked to the governor of the prison that Kendall was being held in, Kendall got life for your assault and…."Hetty started but Callen cut her off.

"We know what he did, How did he get out." He snapped.

Hetty let it go; she knew Kendall was a sore subject for him, "Well Lewis only got 18 months and the day she was released she went to see Kendall. She managed to smuggle a gun in and she broke him out. They have been on the run for a month." She told him.

"AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!" Callen yelled and stopped abruptly as Jay whimpered. "I'm sorry Hetty but if I had been told I could have kept Emma and Jay safe."

"If we have known about them we would have kept them safe." Hetty chided him.

Callen was about to say something as he phone rang, "Da Mom?" he said Hetty suppressed a small grin, It was nice Callen had someone in his life he could call mom.

"Ok, thanks. We will meet there." He closed the phone and turned to Hetty, "They think they've found her."

Callen got up to go and then looked at Jay. He grabbed the sleeping baby in the car seat and took him with him.

"Mr. Callen, Are you planning on taking him on the mission?" Hetty asked.

"Nope, sent Mom the address she's coming here to get him with a bodyguard."

"Mr. Callen, this is a secure facility." Hetty looked shocked.

Callen put Jay down carefully. "How much do you know about Saskia and Sergei Brantov?" He asked lowering his voice.

Hetty showed him the file she had dug out on them.

"It's a cover; Saskia and Sergei are deep cover CIA. They were sent to infiltrate this branch of the Russian Mafia; they feed Intel on a regular basis to the CIA, They have a higher clearance than you do." Callen told his shocked boss. "And right now I need her to look after her grandson."

"Does Mr. Deeks know?" she asked.

"Yes. Saskia told him this afternoon as he was filling her in on Em, He will keep their cover intact, she has stopped more terrorist attacks with her information in a month than we do in a year," he said proudly.

"And this is why Arkady is so important to you?" She asked finally putting some of the pieces together.

"Yes, that and he regularly annoys Trent Kort, which is always a plus." Callen grinned.

Callen picked up the car seat, walked into the bullpen, and popped Jay on the desk.

"Deeks, we have an address, mom's coming for Jay and we are taking Gregori and the boys."

Deeks grinned, "Mom's coming here? Have you told Hetty?"

Sam and Kensi looked confused.

Deeks had taken to Saskia that hour in the garden and had instantly bonded. When she had told him her secret, he had hugged her, his biggest fear had been that he would like her, and then have to arrest her.

"Yep she should be here any…" Callen stopped as the tall Russian woman, flanked by armed guards walked into the mission.

"MY BOYS!" She called smiling from ear to ear with her arms spread wide as both Deeks and Callen turned to hug the blonde woman.

"MOM!" they said in unison.

She turned to Gregori, "Take this flash drive to the small woman over there, tell her it is the information she asked for, I want to see my grandson." She said placing a kiss on both Callen and Deeks' foreheads which left them both blushing and Kensi and Sam laughing she turned her attention to the little one, "OH MY!" She lowered her voice, as he was asleep.

"G he is a handsome boy and he needs his momma, so you and my youngest son go to ops and find her." Saskia ordered.

"Yes mom." Callen said and all four headed to ops.

Eric who had been leaning on the balcony spied the exchange.

"Your mom?" He asked both Deeks and Callen.

"My mom!" They chorused and smiled.

They entered ops to find Gregori sitting in a chair and getting a dressing down from Nell.

"I don't care if your clearance comes from the president himself….You do NOT TOUCH the equipment!" She said standing with her hands on her hips her eyes blazing.

"Ah! My brothers…help?" The six foot four Russian squeaked.

Deeks grinned but Callen laughed aloud, "Nope."

"Piztdabol!" Gregori snapped and Callen laughed harder as Hetty walked up to him, "Mr. Brantov….we do not use language like that around here!" she told him.

"Brother, this place is a Santa's workshop no?" He asked.

"No." Callen shook his head. "Where is it?"

"I have the flash drive Mr. Callen," Hetty said and handed it to Nell.

She put it in and pictures and pages of information flooded the large screen.

Gregori stood up and walked to the screen, "We think they are in this building here." He said pointing to a medium sized derelict warehouse, we have a few people dealing in the area that have seen these people and heard screams, and naturally they reported it to us rather than the police."

Callen smirked, "Naturally, has mom sent anyone to check it out?" He asked.

"Yes, you…. Now!" Gregori said and Callen rolled his eyes and sighed.


He turned to the others. "Deeks, you and Kensi can take the back, Sam you; I and Gregori will take the front. Greg, your men can circle around and leave us with a sealed perimeter, I don't want them getting away."

Em lifted her head, she could feel the blood from the wound on her head, she was sore, not just from the beatings that Kendall had given her; but her body hurt from just having given birth and the need she had to feed her child. More than that, the way her heart hurt from listening to Kendall describe what he had done to her husband as a child and what he would do to him when he got his hands on him again. Then Sharon said something that made her screams echo around the room.

"You know maybe Jeremy will kill you like he did your sister…..and without you and your husband in the way, your child will be an orphan and we might finally be able to get our hands on that brother of yours."

Em screamed as tears fell unabashed from her eyes. "NO! YOU DIDN'T KILL HER!" she screamed.

"I did, her and the brat kept me away from that lovely little brother of yours." He laughed at her disgust and discomfort, "Of course I never wanted him really, he had too much spirit, but my little Gee…he was perfect just the right amount of breaking in already done and he was willing to do anything to protect the boy; then what do you think he will do to protect the three of you?"

Sharon looked up, "He needs to be dealt with, and we should make him pay. Jeremy, it is his fault you were in prison and away from me. He needs to pay for that!" She said her eyes full of hate.

"He will Honey, but I intend to keep him alive…revenge is so much better if he's alive to enjoy it." Kendall and Lewis laughed as they left the room.

Leaving Emma sobbing heartbroken, afraid for her brother, her child and most of all her husband.

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