Chapter 6

They pulled up around the corner from the warehouse, on checking out the building Deeks and Gregori came back and announced that the van Emma had been taken in was outside.

Callen checked his gun for the third time since arriving. Gregori walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm. "Callen, you must be careful Emma is our priority." He said carefully.

"Don't you think I know that?" Callen spat.

"I think, my brother, that you want to save your wife. However, you also want revenge on the two people who have her; I think your exact words were I'm going to end him?" Gregori said.

Callen looked askew at Gregori, "I said that in OPS?"

Gregori shrugged, "Mama has ears like a bat when her little ones are in trouble, and you my brother get in trouble a lot." He grinned.

Callen shook it off, now was not the time, but he knew that Saskia had somewhere bugged OPS and he made a mental note to sweep the place again when he got back.

"Ok Deeks, you Kensi and Sam, take the back….Gregori and I will take the front. Bring her back safe guys." He said.

They locked and loaded their weapons and headed around the back.

Inside, watching from the window Jeremy Kendall smiled.

"He's here." He said to Sharon as he watched them come, "Is she ready." He asked.

Sharon looked at Emma, tied to a chair by a rope, which hung through a ceiling beam; she walked up behind her and pushed. The chair with Emma sitting on it swung out from the balcony and hung precariously in mid air.

Emma bound and gagged could do nothing but cry, tears dripping through the gag and dropping the twenty feet to the floor. She knew if the rope gave out, she would never see her boys again.

There was a loud bang as Deeks kicked the back door down. "NCIS!" He called.

Emma wanted to scream his name….struggle anything so he would look up, but she knew the rope would snap.

She tried making a noise and he looked up.

"Oh my God! Kensi!" Deeks yelled.

Kensi, Sam and Deeks ran upstairs followed by Gregori who had entered with Callen via the front.

Callen stood rooted to the spot. He knew Kendall and he knew he had something up his sleeve.

He was right.

As the others made it upstairs and they were trying to save Emma, Kendall stepped out of the shadows and held a gun to Callen's neck.

"Quiet." He said softly and pulled Callen back into the shadows.

The only person who saw this was Emma who had a clear view from her vantage point. They locked eyes with each other in a silent plea as he was pulled away from her.

Sam reached out and pulled her to safety.

They undid the ropes and took off the gag.

"He's got G!" was the first thing Emma said.

Deeks looked around and realized he was missing.

Sam, Kensi and Gregori ran down the stairs to help find him as Deeks untied his sister.

"Hi, I'm Marty….your brother." He said tentatively.

She immediately threw her arms around him in a big hug, "I've missed you so much." She cried holding him tight.

They were still hugging as the others came back. There is no sign of him, Kensi said as Sam called Eric to look up the van on Kaleidoscope.

Eric worked away as the others helped Emma out of the warehouse.

Halfway back to the mission Emma pointed out of the car window.

"That's the Van!" She screamed as they saw the van burnt out and on it's roof near the edge of a cliff on the PCH.

They pulled over and showed their badges to the local LEOs who had secured the scene.

Deeks held Emma back as the others went to check the van.

"Didn't realize this was an NCIS case," The police officer said, The driver was female, she died of a gunshot wound to the head, she was driving which caused the van to spin and roll over.

"And the two men that were with her?" Kensi asked.

The officer looked confused. "Two men?" he said.

"She didn't shoot herself while driving!" Kensi snapped. She was about to say more as a shout came up from over the edge.

"We have another body down here, Male…Caucasian, early forties." A man called.

Emma clung onto Deeks' arm as Sam turned to them, "We don't know it's him." He said.

Sam quelled the feeling of panic he had and walked towards the edge and leant over to where the man's body was lying.

He let out a hug breath… "It's not him!" he called back relieved.

He jogged back to the others. "Deeks take Emma and Gregori back to OPS, Kensi and I will stay here, it looks like Kendall stole another car and killed the driver."

Deeks nodded and the three of them drove off.

Callen's head was throbbing his first attempt to escape had not gone so well. Kendall had punched him and they had struggled for the gun that had then gone off killing Sharon Lewis outright. Unfortunately, she had been driving the van they were in, it had flipped several times and Callen had been pulled out as the van burst into flames.

He saw the man who pulled up to help and tried to warn him as Kendall hit him again, already sporting the bruises from the fight along with now a broken arm from the accident, the blow to the head knocked him out.

The next thing he knew he was in the boot of what he presumed was the car that had stopped to help. He felt around the pain in his arm hampering his attempts to get free.

The strange thing was, this time, he was not too worried, he knew his team would be looking for him and most of all he knew his wife and son were safe. They were with Deeks and the team and he knew they would be looking for him….as soon as they knew he was missing. Right now; however, there was nothing he could do. Therefore, he allowed the pain to overtake him, drag him down into blissful oblivion and he dreamt of his family.

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