Chapter 7

It was quiet at OSP when they arrived back. Most of the day staff had gone home.

Hetty and Saskia were in Hetty office having tea and discussing their 'children'. Jay having had another feed and change was asleep in a crib that Hetty had found in a backroom in the mission. Although a few had wondered no one dared ask her why there was a crib in the building, but having sent a staff member out for a new mattress Jay had settled down quickly.

Saskia and Hetty were just chatting about their mission to Siberia where it turned out they were on the opposite sides of the same operation, both working for the CIA when the others arrived back.

Emma walked in first looking everywhere for her son.

"Emma!" Saskia called, mindful of the sleeping child.

"Mama!" she cried and ran into her arms, sobbing as she did so.

"Mrs. Callen?" Hetty said standing up and walking towards them, "Where is Mr. Callen?" she asked looking around.

Emma sobbed harder. "It was a trap, they never wanted me or Jay they just wanted to hurt G."

Saskia held her daughter and made shushing noises, just as she had to the baby earlier. Emma composed herself.

"I need to see Jay and I also need to express some milk." She said and Hetty showed her into a room so she could sort herself out and then she came back and walked over to his crib. "When that bitch threw him….he wasn't hurt?" she asked fearful of the answer.

"No, Mr. Callen has kept your son quite safe." Hetty told her.

Emma lifted Jay gently out of his crib, he cried a little then sensing his mother snuggled into her arms. She held him tight and turned to the two women.

"I need G; you have to find him for me. Kendall kept talking about how G had ruined his life….how he had wanted another boy but he had kept him away, maybe if you find that boy…we'll find G." she reasoned.

Deeks walked in and stood behind her.

"I'm here." He said flatly hoping she would understand, but she looked at him confused. "I'm the boy Kendall was after; G saved me it was when Lewis fostered Emily and me out to him." He said.

"Did….Did he kill her…Emily?" Emma asked holding tightly to her son afraid she would be separated from him again.

"I was told he did, G said he did…I was in hospital, I had just had my appendix out. I never saw her again." He said sadly. Saskia hugged her children.

"We will get him back, this I promise you." Saskia said.

Emma smiled, "Marty the one thing you should know about Mama, she never breaks a promise." She told her little brother.

Eric walked into the office; both Hetty and Deeks looked at him in surprise.

"What!" He exclaimed shocked. "You think I'd whistle with a baby in the building?" He smiled and they all followed him to OPS.

"What do you have?" Emma asked as she handed Jay to her mother.

Nell looked at Emma as if sizing her up.

Hetty came to stand beside her. "Nell Jones, Eric Beale, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Callen." She said. "Now do you have any news on Mr. Callen's whereabouts?" She asked.

Emma stared at the screen amazed as images of Kendall dragging Callen from behind a bush where he had stashed him after the accident and throwing him into the trunk of a grey ford. The man whose car it had been stood with his hands up as Kendall made him walk towards the edge of the cliff and then pushed him off.

Emma's hands flew up to her face, she had known that Kendall was evil, but she had not thought he really would have killed her until that moment. She watched horrified as Kendall opened the trunk and Callen had tried to climb out only to have Kendall hit him again and smile as he fell back unconscious into the trunk. Kendall shut the trunk and walked whistling to the drivers' side, then with a smile on his face drove off and joined the traffic.

"He's…..He's…!" Emma was furious. She looked at the OSP team and then turned to the one person she trusted, "Mama, I want my husband back," she said.

Saskia smiled, "I will have it sorted." She turned and took two steps and stopped. "That's quick!" she said, "I assume you're here because you have news for me," She said looking at the face of Owen Granger.

"Saskia Brantov…I only got your message ten minutes ago I was coming up here to get you some answers." Owen said smiling at the woman.

Deeks looked shocked. "You know Mom?"

"You're her new boy?" it was Granger's turn to look shocked.

"He is now my son, My Emma is his sister." Saskia said proudly.

"Emma married Callen!" Eric said unable to help himself.

Granger chuckled to himself. "Figures." He said. "Ok so what have we got?"

"My Emma was kidnapped by a man named Kendall, your people rescued her and this man has a past with Callen, he has taken him, the woman….Levis?" Saskia stopped.

"No Mom, Lewis." Emma corrected her.

"Ah yes, Lewis, she is dead and Kendall has Callen…He is under my protection and we need him back."

"Really?" Granger said dryly and rolled his eyes.

Emma walked up to him and slapped him, "He is the father of my son and my husband, you owe Mom and you will help." She ordered him.

Granger looked at Saskia, "Yes Sass…I do owe you…But I am helping because Callen is one of my agents. No other reason."

Saskia nodded, she was not interested in a power play right now.

Kendall pulled the car into the garage and closed the door.

Switching on the light he opened the trunk and pulled the body of Callen out of the trunk and up the stairs. He opened the door to one of the bedrooms and threw him in. Callen hit the floor and groaned.

Slowly he opened his eyes… he looked around the room and as he recognized where he was…he screamed.

"No,no,no,no,no!" he screamed in horror.

Kendall smiled as he locked the door.

Glad you remember the old place….See I kept it just as you remembered, if you look carefully, the bloodstain is still there.

"Let me go, you son of a bitch….let me go!" he begged, hugging his broken arm to him his eyes locked on a brown stain he remembered well.

"I'm so sorry…." He said caught up in the memory of the last person to die in this room.


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